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In Spheres of Power, Thaumaturges are a High Caster like Incanter (and their casting level is counted as even higher for the sake of certain spell effects) but have an incredibly slow talent progression (getting their first bonus talent at level 2 and then getting them every other level). They're also medium or 3/4 BAB; the combination of these two traits makes them strangely comparable to the Spheres Cleric, which also advances in this regard. However, Thaumaturges use their Forbidden Lore and Invocation abilities to enhance their abilities and can even be relatively survivable in combat encounters. Also helpful is that they have extra feats every four levels, which they can spend for either more talents or to supplement their abilities.


  • Pact Master effectively robs the Thaumaturge of any casting... but gives them a Conjuration sphere companion that they can ritualistically summon who can restore that casting just by being around their companion. This companion can also suffer some Constitution damage in order to boost their magical power.
  • Pactmage replaces Occult Knowledge (their crafting and general knowledge boost) with a pact with a certain higher power (celestial, infernal, or eldritch abomination) that provides them boosts to certain spells or invocations.
  • Martial Thaumaturge: The Champions of the Spheres version, sacrificing the Thaumaturge's bonus feats in order to gain a martial talent every two levels after the first. They're otherwise pretty ripe to cross with other archetypes.
  • Savant was introduced with Spheres of Might, radically alters the Thaumaturge, transforming them into full-BAB warriors with very limited but variable talents. Alongside their various non-magical Invocations, they can also use Strain to boost their BAB even higher but doing so makes them either fatigued on a hit or potentially dazed on a hit.

Pathfinder 2nd[edit]

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Coming out of Dark Archives, the Thaumaturge is the spiritual successor to the Occultist with some Slayer and Inquisitor elements mixed in. You're the guy who hunts monsters and the supernatural of all flavors, using every scrap of obscure mystical lore and paraphernalia you have scrounged together to do so. If Sherlock Homes is an investigator, then Van Helsing is a Thaumaturge.

Your training makes you proficient with all the magic traditional skills and lore about every kind of creature, in addition to almost as many additional skills as the rogue. All this knowledge, collected from years of reading forbidden books and listening to the designated village madman, manifests in combat in two ways: first is finding or creating a creature's weakness, letting your stikes automatically deal extra weakness damage, making the Thaumaturge one of the most consistent Damage dealers of the Martial classes. The second, inspired by the Occultist, is your implements, mystical knickknacks that do things while you hold them. You start with 1, then gain an additional one at lv5 and a third one at 18th (though the third one will never reach the other two's level of power).

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