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For when you wanted to play Warriors of the Dark Gods but wished they had more vikings. The 9th Age has you covered with the Asklanders.

Why Play Åsklanders[edit]

do you want to play the Marauders in WODG but not liking the Warriors part? Do you like vikings and longships?


The tactics are current as of second edition (Beta version 2.2.1). Asklanders are one of the few armies not in Gold yet, so some more changes can be expected.

Army Rules[edit]

Asklander Battle Fever: Replaces WotDG Battle Fever with your own version. While not flanked, an infantry unit of 10+ models gains +1 armour when using a shield or fight an extra rank in combat when using a two-handed weapon. While the rules of two-handers and shields don't exactly preclude double-dipping, you can't really use both in close combat but will save your Greatweapons and Paired Weapons from arrows.

Hereditary Spell[edit]

Frostbite: Gives a friendly unit +1 armor or an enemy unit -1 armor for one turn. On Overcast, you can target an additional unit. A wizard master can reasonably 1 dice this spell, so go ham.

Unit Analysis[edit]


Asklander Chief: 110pts. An incredibly cheap character for his power. His main downside is his mediocre offensive/defensive skill, good luck trying to duel any other race's character, but he is quick and strong. He will reliably wound enemy troops and his great weapon choices make him very flexible. Jarl is a cheap upgrade that will boost his attacks and special equipment allowance but can be safely passed if all you need is a babysitter. Take the Longship Raiders, being able to ambush in on turn 2 with no randomness with 60 models to boot will make your opponent shit their pants.

Seidkennar 135pts. Your spellcaster and he is cheap, the same cost as a naked chief but it is more plausible to run a naked mage. Even kitted out, your seidkennar will be under 400 points. Vikings have the best magics: Shamanism, Thaumaturgy, and Witchcraft.

Character Mounts[edit]

Black Steed Good armor, speed, and is a strong Viking horse. A strong choice.

Shadow Chaser You take this for the fast. 10" advance is amazing and gives your chief a huge threat range. Be careful with the low armor.

War Dais now just an Upgrade that gives more HP, arm, attacks, and can't be stomped. Its meant for chiefs standing among the lesser footmen but makes them easier to snipe.

Dark Chariot Take all the good parts about the horse, boost your HP, Res, and take some impact hits while you're at it. Be aware that you can't hide your character on these, expect a lot of focus fire. The only mount available to the Seidkennar.

Chimera A great fast monster. Go hard and stomp fast. Will not help you with living except for +1 hp.

Wasteland Behemoth Your option for a big monster mount. It has decent speed and lots of hp and attacks. Be careful where you put him, you're enemy will want to shoot at him from turn one.


Asklanders: 135pts for 15 + 7ppm. Buff Viking men. Keep them above 10 models, they will win fights. They can be tricked out as melee fighters or be given bows for ranged support. You can give them throwing weapons and bows if you want to make them scarier at close range. Changes to Battle fever also makes 3 ranks of Great or Paired Weapons viable.

Warhounds 95pts for 5 + 8ppm. A bit expensive for what they are, which is meat shields. Drop a few units to dominate deployment, but don't expect them to do anything in the game.


Huskarls: 180pts for 15 + 16ppm. Professional Viking Bricks. They are Åsklanders with +1 armor and Def 5. The best part is they have bodyguard for chiefs, so take at least one unit for your general. They are more consistent with their throwing weapons, so if you want to it won't hurt. They live longer than Åsklanders, so they can hold a flank or be a hero bunker.

Berserkers: 155pts for 8 + 16ppm. A great switcheroo unit. Has 5+ armor, swiftstride and Unstable, but once you get close, make them get naked and mad to maximize the RIP AND TEAR in melee.

Wargs 180pts for 2 + 60ppm. What warhounds wish they were. Faster than a horse with Vanguard and 4 attacks per base makes them scary flank chargers.

Warriors 210pts for 10 + 24ppm. WDG warriors who returned home to visit mom. They are a welcome brick in an otherwise low armor army. You can't trick them out with favours, but 3+ infantry is all you need from them.

Trolls 180pts for 3 + 70ppm.Chunky monstrous infantry that can slap some medium infantry or barf on stronger units to make them cry. Keep your general nearby, they will just be stupid if not. may take basic Common Trolls or upgrade Ice for +2 armor and for re-roll successful Flaming attacks wounds, a common weapon used against Regenerators.

Åsklander Horsemen: 130pts for 5 + 18ppm. Has the stats of a Åsklander riding another Åsklander with a shield. Take paired weapons for stacked infantry or great weapons to open up elite infantry or heavy cavalry. Up to 2 units of at least 8 models may count towards the core.

Åsklander Flayers: 145pts for 5 + 16ppm. Incredibly fast Ambush Calvary but will drop dead if anything looks at them funny. They have options for Light lances, ranged support and skinning lash, which utilizes their speed to avoid and damage enemies.

Legendary Beasts[edit]

Kraken 390pts. A big scary monster with pretty good defenses for what it is. Poisoned attacks won't do too much with only 4 attacks, but those multiple wounds (d3) is amazing.

Marauding Giant 260pts. It's a giant with a Shield that can join a unit of Åsklander or Huskarl. Has an option for monstrous familiar, giving your army some much needed magical support. Tribal Spear makes your giant a decent monster hunter and force multiplier for a unit of Åsklander or Huskarls.

Jotunn 475pts. The giant's big brother. Has only 3 attacks, but at str 7!! That's not why you take him though. Freezing Mist, enemy units in base contact suffer -3 agility, -1 armor, and -1 AP. Support charge with your Åsklanders and watch as they shatter your enemies.

Special Equipment[edit]

Weapon Enchantments[edit]

Bjargfylli 60pts. Take a spear, make it awesome. Divine attacks, lethal strikes, and lightning reflexes are scary on anything, and on your chief, it makes him a duel monster.

Eyratoki 35pts. hand weapon of Åsklander chief only, make two Crushing Attacks. useful for hitting hard instead of normally attacking, especially if you are dueling speedsters like elves and vampires.

Symbol of Slaughter 35pts. +2 attacks and agility, but +1 to be hit by enemies. If you're planning on winning first anyways, double down.

Armor Enchantments[edit]

Gunagr's Armor 45pts. the bearer is fearless and cannot be wounded on rolls better than 4+. Your high resilience chief just got that much harder to open up.


Raven Banner 60pts. Gain Fearless, Frenzy, and Battle focus. Turns any of your Vikings and rider blocks into Berserkers.


Norn's Bones 60pts. wizard only. Can select any spell it wants from the chosen path, instead of like how an adept or apprentice normally would. Usually pass, your low wizards don't want spell 6 anyways and high wizards get to do what they want.

Harp of Bragi 45pts. The bearer's commanding presence or rally around the flag distance is always 18". Makes your Jarl bubble huge, great for any army.

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