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The fair use The 9th Age expy of Daemons of Chaos of Warhammer Fantasy, AKA the exact same Chaos as in Warhammer 40000.

Why play Daemon Legions[edit]


The tactics are current as of 2.1bata


By the designers own admission, each Daemon units was designed to do a specific job, though they are not completely married to their role. This army is SQUISHY. Remember how fragile Slaanesh was in 8th edition? Well, even the Dark Gods based off Nurgle aren’t too far from it. You have very little armor, relying instead on your Aegis (Ward) Saves to take the brunt of the damage for you, although Magic Attacks (fittingly called “Divine Attacks) fuck your day even harder than they did before. They lost their dakka, now only having one ranged option that’s only short range but unable to move and shoot on the same turn. While that sounds pretty bad, the reports of their death (in the tier rankings) have been greatly exaggerated. The army is killy as fuck, split between hard-hitters you want to get into melee ASAP, hard-hitters that you want to position correctly in melee ASAP, and scalpels you want to be cutting into their specialization ASAP. Dear (Dark) God are the scalpels effective, although there is an interesting problem in list building them. Given access to enemy army lists, you can build your own to be all but unstoppable barring Nuffle bringing you very unlucky dice rolls, but making one list against any foe will probably leave you with at least one scalpel trying to do the job of a steak knife. Losing the ability to strike from afar via Daemon artillery or flaming bombing runs isn’t as bad as it sounds since the magic prowess of the army got turned WAAAAAY the fuck up and there is no Dark God pouting in the corner because they hate wizards. Rather than uber spells, you should be flinging cheap spells nonstop which effectively can work almost as well as a gunline and cannon. Your magic has a reduced Miscast chance and buff to spell success, so the cheaper buffs to your troops and debuffs to enemies can be reliably pulled off.

Daemons have become what a finesse army should be, made both in the list building and your adaptability on the battlefield, but not one that is broken in either. With at least journeyman understanding of both, any player can pick up the army. While some cheese strategies do exist, they do rely on investing so heavily on your strategy that they can be described as Shrödinger’s Cheese; either you will have a big loss or a big win, and you won’t know which until you actually get to the end of a very shortened game.

Army Rules[edit]

  • Immortal Denizens: Bonus 2 Veil Tokens (Magic Dice) during the Siphon The Veil phase, any spell made with one or two die have a +1 modifier but fail on a roll of a '1' or '2'. This is an army made to throw a lot of magic out there rather than pushing out one or two big spells, and as a result, is not prone to Miscast risks.
  • Aegis: A Daemon-specific stat which is the same as Personal Protection Aegis (AKA Ward Saves), but not having one doesn't prevent the model from gaining an Aegis modifier like it normally would. This does come at the cost of most units not having armor, and divine weapons make you reroll it.
  • Greater Dominion: Your Gerater demon Generals that have a Dominion rule may confer to a single friendly unit of your choice within their Commanding Presence range until the next turn. May factor heavily into your army composition.
  • Dark Fire: A special Daemon attack, an 18 inch ranged weapon at Strength 4 and 2 shots as well as the Accurate rule. Armor Save rolls of '1', '2', and '3' are fails against Dark Fire.
  • Beast: not a rule but a good reminder that no one in this army is A Standard type, So remember everyone on foot also has Swiftstride.


Daemons don't actually get to equip any magic items, and instead only get their own Manifestations. You'll appreciate them much, MUCH more though.

Upgrades come in two kinds, Guiding and Non-Guiding versions. Guiding can only be taken by Characters, and most Guiding Manifestations can be granted to the Rank & File of the entire Unit. Did we mention that Characters can join any Unit regardless of base size? So...basically your VIPs are partially there just to buff the redshirts by hanging out with them.

They don't stack unless stated, so you can't take a Non-guiding and then be buffed by a Guiding version on top of it. But on the plus side, they aren't limited to one per army unless there's a limit put on that one specifically.

Note that many of these have the word "Dominant". This has nothing to do with the Dominion rule, it follows the same rule as special items in the core rules where you can never have more than one thing that says Dominant (so your buff-distributing Daemon can't give more than one of these by themselves). Basically, anything that is Guiding is also Dominant, with some exceptions.

For the sake of keeping the word count low on this page, just assume that anything Guiding grants the ability to the R&F of its entire unit and is Dominant unless otherwise noted.

Non-character units may only gain one Manifestation from a preset list but can be different prices and affect all the R&F models in the unit.

Father Chaos[edit]

  • Dexterous Tentacles: 55p Guiding, 15p Non-Guiding. +1 Agility.
  • Living Shield: 55p. Guiding, 25p. non-Guiding. gains Parry.
  • Chitinous Scales: 30p. gains +2 Armour, to a maximum of 3. The only way to give your Demons an Armor save.
  • Centipede Legs: 40p. Guiding , 25p. non-Guiding. give a unit +1″ Advance Rate.
  • Unnatural Roots: 25p. The side with Unnatural roots gets +1 to Combat score.
  • Sorcerous Antennae: 40p. Max 2 per Army. Gains another Veil token During the Siphon the Veil phase for each unit with an Antennae.
  • Mark Of The Eternal Champion: 45p. Taken only by a single model unit or an Imp Champion. Makes the model a Wizard if it was not and It learns Spear of Infinity.
  • Charged Tendrils: 25p. allows for the storage of an addition Veil Token at the end of the Siphon the Veil phase for each time this manifestation is taken to a max of 6 Veil Token. useful if you want to save up for while your wizards are getting into a better position, improves Miser of Sugulag's armor, or maximize the Hope Harvester's volleys. only Characters can take them.
  • Mirrored Scales: 70 points for Guiding, 45 for Non-guiding. reflect attacks that rolled '1' to hit back at the user's Heath Pool.
  • Darkhide: 25p. Gains the rules of Scout but must be deployed fully inside your Deployment Zone. The uses for this is to Allow your opponent to finish setting up their army, so yours match dependent units have an easy time getting to their query.
  • Hammer Hands: 40p. Models gains +1 attack, which is confirmed to affect all model parts.
  • Iron Husk: 60p. sets a hero's Resilience to 6.
  • Brimstone Secretions: 55 points for Guiding, 30 for Non-guiding. Negates Divine Attacks (Magic Attacks). This removes the most direct rock to your Slaaneshi Cibareshi scissors. Almost mandatory for a deathstar of anything.
  • Third Eye: 20p. draw a flux card during your charge phase instead of Magic phase, letting you know if you should move in closer and be in position for magic spamming.
  • Cloven Hooves: 30p. gain Impact Hits(D3) S5 AP2.
  • Withering Vapour: 45p. gains Breath Attack (Str 3, AP 2).
  • Kaleidoscopic Flesh: 65p. Guiding, 45p. non-Guiding. Gain Hard Target(1).


  • Venom Sacs: 75 point Guiding, 25 points Non-guiding. Grants Poison Attacks, but if they already had it then it stacks to give automatic Wounds on 5+ instead of 6+. In other words, if you have Poison Attacks you absolutely must take this unless you REALLY need those points somewhere else.
  • Greenfire Eyes: 25p. Reroll the first failed charge once per game for the entire unit. All models in the unit with Greenfire Eyes must expand their use of this ability to gain the reroll (The second use of Greenfire Eyes can be achieved by having the unit joined by a new Character).
  • Piercing Strike: 60 point Guiding, 25 points Non-guiding. now just gives a flat +1 Ap that can be used against anything.


  • Unhinging Jaw: 55p. Guiding, 40p. Non-guiding. Reroll failed To-wound Close Combat against Large or Gigantic models. This is a scalpel against monster mash lists, or certain entire armies (Ogres).
  • Digestive Vomit: 60p Guiding, 45p Non-guiding. gains +1 Strength and +1 Armour Penetration until the end of the game when they perform a Post-Combat Pivot or a Post-Combat Reform for the first time.
  • Broodmother: 80p for Guiding, 60p for Non-guiding. This one always acts like its Dominant whether your Character has Dominion or not, but cannot be taken by Gigantic models. At the end of each Round where the model's unit was Engaged in Combat, you roll a D6 and add the if 3 unsaved Wounds were inflicted on the enemy by the Broodmother or if actually Dominant by anything in her Unit, and if the result is a 7 or higher you Raise D3 HP. The core rules point out that you cannot Raise beyond your starting Wounds, so you'll want to take this in a big Unit so you can soak up casualties and send it against things that are about its own strength (enemies that are too weak won't hurt you much anyway, enemies that are too strong or durable will kill more than you can damage to get Wounds back). Damn good, but you need to be aware of the way to use it and not assume it'll get you out of any situation.


  • Horns Of Hubris: Guiding: 35p., non-Guiding: 25p. Gives Vanguard (6″).
  • Stiff Upper Lip: 35p. Minimize the Discipline Test roll if the unit has at least one model with this rule.
  • Bronze Backbone: Guiding: 70p., non-Guiding: 30p. Gives Hatred.


  • Grasping Proboscis: 25p Guiding, 20p Non-guiding. (This may literally be a Happy Merchant). At the end of each Round of combat, if the modles caused an enemy to lose 3 Hp from CC attacs, gain d3 Veil Token.
  • Divining Snout: 30p Guiding, 15p Non-guiding. When charging a unit with special Item(s), Reroll failed charges and add 2" to the charge roll.
  • Smothering Coils: 50 points for Guiding, 20 for Non-guiding. +1 To-wound against models with the Scoring rule. Generally, Scoring models are cheap or flimsy ones designed to take and hold objectives, but some are fairly tough or can evenly match your own models in the same role, so this can give you a boost to take them out.


  • Hot Blood: 25 point Guiding, 10 point Non-guiding. Get Devastating Charge (+2 Agility), providing a total of +3 Agility on the Charge. Pulling off a successful Charge against even Elves will allow you to go faster in almost all cases, letting you get your damage in and even wipe out small units like cavalry.
  • Mesmerizing Plumage: 40p. This only has a Non-guiding version, which is Dominant. enemies in B2B contact with a Holder(s) suffer -1 Offense and Defence.
  • Roaming Hands: 40p Guiding, 40 Non-guiding. When attacking an enemy Unit from any angle but the Front (meaning Flank or Rear) your Unit gets +1 Strength and +1 Armor Penetration. You can surprise buttsecks your opponents.


  • Segmented Shell: 35p Guiding, 30p Non-guiding. When the model suffers a Wound from an Attack with Multiple Wounds, you reduce that Multiple Wounds value by 1 to a minimum of 1. Holy shit, this can be absolutely amazing against certain armies and shuts down many preferred spells in the game.
  • Aura Of Despair: 50p. -2" Advance Rate to units charging its unit, increasing the chance of Charge Failer. Put this on units that prefer not being the ones getting Charged.
  • Chilling Yawn: 75p Non-guiding version, but is Dominant. Enemy Units in base contact have -2 Agility. This is fairly expensive for requiring the model to be in melee, and this specific model has to be in base contact so unless you wipe the enemy unit or aren't afraid of getting hit back by them, then its too expensive just for the lulz that comes from turning Elves into sloths (as in the animal).


  • Incendiary Ichor: 30p Guiding, 10p Non-guiding. The model has Aegis 2+ against Flaming Attacks, and all their Attacks (melee, special, shooting) become Flaming Attacks, but auto fails any Fortitude saves if you find a way to get one? Good to build lists to take out specific things, and in particular is good for a duelist so you can negate Regeneration.
  • Whipcrack Tail: Play the best song in the world, or she'll eat your soul. 80p Guiding, 50p Non-guiding. Grants Lightning Reflexes, although in T9A this translates to +1 To-hit (or on a Great Weapon it allows the weapon to strike at Initiative although since none of the models in the army even have weapons its a moot point).
  • Red Haze: 80p Guiding, 40p Non-guiding. Activate it at the start of any Round of Combat, and all the models of the Unit use it if any of them do. Close Combat Attacks have +1 Strength and Armor Penetration, but Attacks with an unmodified To-hit roll of '1' are dealt against the Unit itself. Do NOT take this on anything where models have more than 1 Attack or Wound. Make your Daemons into good old squabbling Orcs that hurt themselves when there's no Black Orc around to keep the gits moving.

Hereditary Spell[edit]

  • Spear Of Infinity, a 4+ cast 24 inch range Missile. Only deals one hit at Strength 2, Armor Penetration 2, and Area Attack of 1x5 (with one model of your choice in the Area Attack getting hit at Strength 5 with Multiple Wounds 2), but every spell other than Attribute spells you cast in the same Magic Phase boost the Strength by 1 point. So while this spell won't mulch entire units, it gives you a concentrated nuke for single models or small units that you can cast with only one die (remember that Immortal Denizens lets you cast at +1, and from a Master Wizard you're already at +1, meaning unless you use three die on this spell then you would be casting it 66% of the time no matter what).

Unit Analysis[edit]


  • Harbinger of Father Chaos: your cheapest hero and can be Battle Standard Bearer(no banner enchantments, have Manifestation for that, also reduces Demon crumbling when they fail break tests). It can take Manifestations of Father Chaos and those available to your General, and can also pick up any school demons can learn. Harbingers are best used to give another unit in your army a Guiding Manifestation.
  • Omen of Savar: A dedicated solitary Dualist with stats of a monster. have weak Aeg expect against Magic attack(An attribute most melee Characters have), giving a 4+. It has a quirk that its Att and Off are random with an average of Att 5.5 and Off 8.5. It also must issue a Duel whenever possible but Gain Lethal Strike and Multiple Wounds (2) while dueling. its Dominion Grants a Reroll to failed Discipline Tests.
  • Kuulima’s Deceiver: Your the cheapest base cost of greater demons. More of a Generalist compared to the Omen of Savar. it knows one spell from each Deamon School + Attribute. Its special ability Know Thyself allows it to add the highest attack value on each model it is in base contact with and add their Attack value to its own, making it more of an Anti-Elite-Unit Character. Its Dominion Grants +2 Off against models that are armed with a CC Weapon other than a hand weapon.
  • Miser of Sugulag: although he has a move of 7/14", He is a tank, being the only demon that wears Plate armor, lowers Ap based on Veil tokes and also halves Multiple Wounds. The Miser Is Going to last as long as the dice don't conspire against him. His Dominion Gives a unit +2 Def if they are fighting a Scoring unit.
  • Courtesan of Cibaresh: Not as armored as a Miser, but hard to hit and Faster than a horse, and has an aura that lowers enemy Discipline when taking Combat Reform tests. When attacking the Flank or Rear Facing its attacks become Area(1x5) but its strength and Ap decreases to 3 and 2 respectively. Dominion grants Strider and the affected unit also Rerolls failed flanking charges. Courtesan favored pray would likely be Infantry because of their lower protection and their bigger R&Fs.
  • Maw of Akaan: Less protected than a Miser, but has more Health, attack, and healing abilities. They have Fortitude save, and an Aegis against magic and his Dominion gives a reroll to melee wound rolls of 1. Maws require a balancing act of killing models to keep its health up, but not enough for it to explode into toxic attacks (at least not when you don't want it to, especially if you placed heavy point investment into it).
  • Sentinel of Nukuja: A Master Wizard with a crush attack. Although they must be given a chariot or wing, its preferable to find an Ideal parking spot so they can spend the rest of the game giving you discount Magic Dice then Siphoning the veil and throw out spells. Their Dominion Gives an Aegis against Special Attacks, granting near immunity to ogre attacks.
  • Vanadra’s Scourge: A melee blender with aegis against melee weapons. they basically have a Great weapon with high Off, Str, and App with Battle Focus and Giant's Rage. their Dominion causes a unit and what it attacks to lose Parry. Scourges may be restricted to preset spells(not anymore), but they do well at putting an ax into a giant's head

Character Mounts[edit]

  • Great Beast of Prophecy: A scary Harbinger monster mount with Resistance 5 and strong attacks. it can also take flying.
  • Pale Horse: a give Harbingers the same steed that Sirens ride, letting them ride with them, or just give the Harbingers more mobility.
  • Burning Wheel: gives A flying Platform and +1Hp to Harbingers.
  • Dark Pulpit: in exchange for an increased base size and Tall, Harbingers gains +1 HP and Arm plus 4 Mageblight Gremlins attacks without Attack Attribute.
  • Throne of Overwhelming Splendour: Gives the Omen of Savar a flying chariot and lets it increase its sides Combat score by +1 for each Dualist it has killed. Good Idea to kit them out with attack and defensive manifestations to make them a super dualist.


  • Imps: your core gunline and Magic pelters. core. Weaker than goblins but come with a shooting weapon with similar strength to a crossbow unit with no Ap and half the range, and an improved aegis against shooting. can take a banner to let them cast a bound Hand of Heaven or Spear of Infinity spell. For magic Production, Take Sorcerous Antennae to increase token production.
  • Succubi: an anti-infantry unit and has essentially paired weapons and gain a bonus to hit when fighting Standard and large Infantry. Likes to fights shield chaff.
  • Lemures: your Core Tarpit unit. has a Resistance of 5 and parry. They are most likely the last one to attack but they will live. giving them Stiff Upper Lip or Unnatural Roots keeps them in the fight, Mesmerising Plumage or Chilling Yawn to help to flank units, and Smothering Coils or Venom Sacs it improves their attacks.
  • Myrmidons: A anti-tough line unit. If it gets the charge, Battle Focus with its base str 5. They hit hard and can fight in 3 ranks. If facing Goblins take Succubi, for sword masters and ogres, take Myrmidons.


  • Eidolons: has a similar role as Imps. They shoot Dark Fire and are a Wizard Conclave and can know up to 2 damage spells.
  • Hellhounds: An Upgraded Warhound. Has better Offence, Lethal Strike, and a makes enemies its fighting make a pseudo Fear test that lowers their strength and reroll failed wound rolls against them on a fail.
  • Threshing Engine: a anti-infantry Chariot. It can also be upgraded to be able to fly or be scaled up by up to two sizes bigger. Likely to be the first thing to ram the enemy with its 10" speed.
  • Titanslayer Chariot: An Anti-giant Chariot that advances 2" farther and Impacts Hits deal more damage when charging giants, wheeled carts and monsteras mounts (beware bubble wraps, though this unit can still do work against other unit types).
  • Clawed Fiends: Speedy Orgre like bodies. Can Hit infantry and Smother lets it hit and wound Larger entry. more of an all-rounder that would run up towards a group of knights and Hug their horses to death.
  • Mageblight Gremlins:An ambushing roadblock with poison attacks. Its Gimic is the ability to Ambush within 6" of a model with Channel. When engaged with a Channeler, it gains Combat score equal to the number of non-bound or -Attribute spell it knows. Spellcasters are either by them selfs making them earlier to pick off, or with an elite bodyguard which, the Gremlins will keep them tied down.
  • Hoarders: A tougher and more offensive Roadblock. The longer it is in combat, the more Grind Attacks they can make. they are also unique in that they can take two Manifestations, unlike other R&F units that can only have one.
  • Sirens: The Light cavalry. Having Vanguard and Feigned Flight. They would maneuver around the main lines to reach the unprotected rears, archers and cannon. Centipede legs increase board movement, Hammerhands gives the rider (and maybe also the mount?) +1 attack and Roaming Hands improves its flanking attacks.
  • Blazing Glories: a Discount Greater Demon that can take wings, they even can participate in duels and gains stubborn if in one. They have 5 Ap and starts with 10 Def and Off, but those stats decrease by 2 as it takes damage. As a lone unit with use it like any other solo beast like help others with flanks or going after weak units (watch them struggle to get over a 6+ def). Try to utilize them as quickly a possible before they get widdled down to unusable.
  • Hope Harvester: A Volly Gun on a melee War platform. can make (2d6) * 2 shots with the ability to spend a vail token for more shots. you can spend more points to make it Gigantic.
  • Brazen Beasts: a shock Cavalry with all parts having Battle focus, but its limited amount of attacks make it prefer elites.
  • Furies: a Harassing flying unit.
  • Veil Serpents: a Flying Wizard conclave support Calvary. They can lean a mix of Debuff spells. At the start of the battle, they must pick a Manifestation, giving them some flexibility in roles. Chilling Yawn lowers enemy Agility, Mesmerising Plumage debuffs enemy, and Mirrored Scales punishes enemies that try to swat them down.
  • Bloat Flies: A flying HP sponge. It does decent offense and Fortitude, but its likely use is tieing down a far away unit, and as the Flies fails Fortitude saves the enemy also dies as it takes 1 Toxic attacks for each point it inflicted in combat.

Army List[edit]