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The fair use The 9th Age expy of the Chaos Dwarfs of Warhammer Fantasy.

Why play Infernal Dwarves[edit]

like dwarfs but don't think their hold cousins had enough slaves, demonic artillery, or fire. You feel like your playing WWI while everyone else is still pre-renaissance. Also Lots of oil and fire.


The tactics are current as of second edition.

Army Rules[edit]

Universal Rules[edit]

Fires of Industry (X): the total number of models with this rule in your army can't be more than 6.

Infernal Brand: the mark you are a Dwarf. consider all non-Dwarfs as Insignificant, can only join other Dwarfs.

Bound or Broken: Slaves. Can't take Special Items from this Army Book or cast the Hereditary Spell. Your non-dwarf units within 6" of a non-Fleeing Infernal Brand unit gains Battle Focus and reroll failed charges.

Incendiary: The unit is doused with kerosene. A unit given instances of Incendiary are Flammable until hit with a Flaming ranged or melee attack.

  • note You don't lose one instance of Incendiary from melee attacks until after a Round of Combat, while you expend one every time it suffers a wound from a volley of ranged attacks. makes you Consider how many Oil Skins you should throw on a unit.
  • fire from Spell attack currently don't expend Incendiary
  • if the target already had Flammable from another source, it also suffers D3 S3 Ap1 Flaming hits at the end of the Round of Combat when hit in melee with fire.

Taurukh Ritual: 0-2 models/army. instead of riding a horse, your character turns into a bull centaur (Details listed under mounts).

Attack Attributes[edit]

Modifier Attributes for your artillery weapons.

  • Cluster Munitions: if you make a hit against a unit, make D3+1 S4 Ap1 hits against another enemy within 6" of the first.
  • Ether Cloud if course a panic test through 25% casualties, the unit takes -1 Discipline. if a Channeler, the enemy loses a veil token.
  • Kadim Manifestation: gain Flaming and Magical Attacks, and again Divine Attacks if ready have Flaming Attacks.

Oil Skins on your Vassel units. when they make a shooting or melee attack, they cover the enemy in oil instead, they lose 6" of range and attack strength is set to 1, but the enemy gains one instance of Incendiary if any hit.

March and Shoot: A common rule your dwarfs with guns have, letting them March 9" into short-range and shoot their guns. Because of your Dwarves in Plate Armour, it's a good idea to bodyblock an enemy with a unit with a 2+ save and a Blunderbuss.

Special Attacks[edit]

Volcanic Embrace (x) all attacks gain Kadim Manifestation(Magical Attacks and Flaming Attacks + Divine Attacks if ready Flaming Attacks). Also, gain Grind Attacks (X).


Infernal Armor It's Plate Armour with a built-in Aegis 5+ vs flaming.

0–50 R&F Models with Flintlock Axe, Blunderbuss, or Pistols per Army.

Blunderbuss Range 18" Shot 1, Str3, Ap1, Area attack (2x1), Quick to Fire, and reroll 1s to hit at short ranges. Adept at clearing out and discourage charges from enemies, especially at close range.

Flintlock Axe Shoots like a handgun but only 18" range, but no unwieldy and does not suffer any penalties to-hit during a stand-and-shoot reaction. In melee, it's a 2 handed weapon that gives +1 str. So it's a shorter ranged handgun with more flexibility and a slightly worse halberd in melee. A good all-around weapon to give a unit the tools to do anything.

Naphtha Thrower: A flamethrower. a no brainer to clear the enemy's from close combat, especially how flammable enemy is. they can also take down those big elite units at closer rage when it gains its Multiple wounds(D3)

Rocket Battery: the big gun, 4 shots of Str 6 Ap3 Multiple wounds (D3). they suffer the same easy to misfire problem multishot, but effective at shooting monsters out of the air.

Titan Mortar: a big (4x4) splash zone with a big cannonball landing on one person's head. the Mortar is veristial like a cannon, able to deleting goblines along with their hero leader or take a dragon.

Infernal Weapon Special melee weapon, Gets +1 Str and Ap while can still wear a shield.

Hereditary Spell[edit]

Curse of Nezibkesh (Cv +4/6) Hex, Target suffers -1 Offensive and Defensive Skill and suffers an additional -1 for every Incendiary marker(max -3). Nutters most threats and make them very easy to hit in melee.

Unit Analysis[edit]


Overlord 285pts. The same stats as his King counterpart, but with better options for offense. Instead of grudges, the overlord has Hatred and can grab any weapon and put any enchantment on it for free. lets your Overlord adapted to what your opponents bring. The blunderbuss is now worth taking for Poking at a distance. Currently using "Keys to the Citadel" for a Great Weapon is not a good idea compared to other enchanted weapons.

Prophet: Comes in 4 flavors. He starts very defensive with Infernal Armour and can get wizard levels up to the master level with the same path selections of Alchemy, Occultism, and Pyromancy.

  • Prophet of Lugar: 190pts. Turns into a Slayer Wizard. This Trickster, Loses Infernal Armour for a more reliable Aegis 4+, speedster, and Volcanic Embrace (1). He wants to be a battlemage, moving with Disciples with their Feigned Flight and 12" march to get close safely, cast some augments and hex, then do some slaying with his enchanted weapon.
  • Prophet of Nezibkesh: 205pts. Your Engineers and they take up a Fires of Industry. They would prefer to take a ranged weapon and support your Artillery weapons from the back.
  • Prophet of Shamut: 195pts. Your mounted battle wizards, either turned into a Taurukh or ride a Bull of Shamut. He is better protected then a Vassal Conjurer when going solo but will need an enchanted weapon to justify taking a mount.
  • Prophet of Ashuruk: 215pts. He is devoted to spell casting with no additional upgrades. He is strong because he can always cast the Blaze (Pyromancy) or Alchemical Fire (Alchemy) instead of his paths normal A spell.

Vizier: 115pts. Your cheapest dwarf character and a good BSB choice. He has 150 points for special equipment making him a great BSB option as his vanilla equipment is pretty great.

Taurukh Commissioner: 265pts. Your bigger bull centaur man, often leading your Taurukh Anointed. A 3+ standard armour, he barely even needs equipment. Give him paired weapons to slam out more attacks or a great weapon if you need a can opener. The infernal weapon is good, but expensive, buy a shield with it if you need a beefier tank option. He can be the BSB as well but he will often outpace your dwarf bricks.

Vassal Conjurer: 115pts. Your cheapest wizard, only go up Adept and knows Pyromancy for a cheap blaster or Witchcraft makes Dwarfs fast and indestructible bricks. Most lists should be able to afford a Conjurer.

Character Mounts[edit]

Taurukh Ritual: Dwarf becomes a Bulltar. Gain all the characteristics of being Calvery (Cannot be Stomped, Impact Hits (1), Tall, Adv 7", Mar 14", 25x50mm base), gain +1 armor, but are a beast type and lose March & Shoot.

Seat of Authority: Vizier only. Gives a Vizier more attacks, Armour, expands his units footprint. While seated he can join Vassal Levies letting them reroll charges and all Oil Skins units near him gain +2" on Marchs.

Vassal Steed (Wizard Adept only) A dirty dog for your dirty hobgoblin Vassal. Will make him very fast, give him a little armor, and more attacks than a horse. A Conjurer will use him to get close to the enemy to cast his spell first turn and will roll with the Vassal Cavalry for protection.

Kadim Chariot: Prophet of Lugar only.

Bull of Shamut Overlord, Vizier, and Prophet of Shamut only. It will make your character fast but won't boost their defenses at all besides +1 to HP and Aegis (5+). His offense is great though, 4 strong Divine, flaming attacks make him scary to be in combat with.

Great Bull of Shamut: Overlord and Prophet of Shamut only. instead of a dragon, you get a bigger winged bull. 6 HP and res, only 5+ armor but an Aegis 5+ as well. He has the same number of attacks as the little bull but is stronger and has a breath attack. A good choice, but be careful as you don't have a good means of sustaining your big monster

Infernal Bastion: Prophet of Nezibkesh only. Buy it out of your character allowance but cost 60pts less.


Infernal Warriors 165pts for 12 + 12ppm. Your cheapest dwarf boys but don't let that fool you, you will be dumping more points into them. They have the baseline character of an Infernal Dwarves, slow to advance but one inch faster then most infantry when marching + has March & Shoot, and veery defensive with their 4s in Def and Res + Infernal Armour. Shields are never not good, great weapons help them crack elite units while attacking with 3 ranks, and blunderbusses are scary to be close to.

  • Min size unit of blunderbusses are can early shoot with their March and Shoot and 9" movement.

Citadel Guard 300pts for 15 + 21ppm. A step up from Infernal Warriors being the primary bricks your build your army around. Str4 can always have a gun choosing between pistols or Flintlock Axes. What makes Citadel Guard better then Warriors is their Let Them Come! rule. The ability to shoot with 3 ranks is an excellent reward for doing the normal defense dwarf strategy.

Vassal Levies 140pts for 20 + 5ppm. Your cheapest trashcan, They gain battle focused and can stand further away from leadership bastions. They are your chaff waiting on your Dwarfs' flanks, filling in the line, and pincering anything that sticks to the shield wall. With a shield, they could also block things intended to destroy your expensive Dwarfs. Bows let you shoot over your frontlines with mass fire. Besides meat shields, making the enemy flammable is their main role. using Oil Skins don't inflict much damage, that's for the artillery.

Shackled Slaves: 125pts for 20 + 5ppm. Your menial servant, a first though would use them as meat shields as they can take shields, Discipline set equal to a nearby dwarf, and have a large footprint of 25x25 for their price. "Forced Compliance" rule better defines them, helper monkeys. Each player turns if they pass a Discipline Test, they can either grant Battle Focus to a unit shooting Blunderbuss, Flintlock Axe, or Pistol, or let their overlord use their body to not step in puddles. either way, Slaves will die if you roll a 1 to hit or sacrifice them sleeve to save their master from a Dangerous Terrain Test. Slaves should be hanging back away from the enemy's range with your gunline to feed them ammunition, using Sacrificial Wretches if you foresee your units having to climb a hill or survive an earthquake that turns.


Immortals 345pts for 15 + 27ppm. What they do is in the title. Citadel guard with better off/def skill, bodyguard, and S5 or higher attacks suffers -1 to wound. They will not die so it is hard to grind through them. Other then a Hero bunker, place them on an objective and the game is yours.

Disciples of Lugar 335pts for 15 + 21ppm. Your Slayer equivalent but devoted to a Trickster god. They are your speedy DPS Flanking infantry, faster than normal Dwarves, getting around with their 12" March and avoid unfavorable matchups with Feigned Flight. No armor but a built-in Aegis 5+ and 2+ agent fire. Once in combat, unleash your Pact of Fire to get Fearless and Volcanic Embrace in exchange Off and Ap, but only use it to destroy mass infantry.

Kadim Incarnates 280pts for 3 + 80ppm. Your fun lava demons Slaves. They Ghost Step through the ground when charging, They have good attacks (3 Str 5 Ap1 attacks + Volcanic Embrace (D3)) and 5+/5++(2+ agent fire) but watch out for supernal. If they whiff combat they could kill themselves with combat resolution.

Kadim Chariot: 215pts. Slow for a chariot. a viscous Kadim pulls two Acolyte of Lugar into battle. There is no point marching it and it will fall behind your marching line. its meant to run interception, Drawing missiles against hits high defense, then smash in with all its attacks.

Taurukh Enforcers: 200pts for 5 + 24ppm. Half Dwarf, Half Bull, Your "cavalry" and they are great. Good 3+ armor and 2 attacks per base and plenty of weapon options to kit them out to deal with whatever you want. Watch out for agility 2.

  • they lack March & shoot and its 6ppm, but the range of the Blunderbuss let them deal more damage when they are not charging

Taurukh Anointed 280pts for 3 + 86ppm. Take the above and make them large cavalry. One less armour but better Res, Str, 3 HP, stomp, and attacks per base. It's up to you which one you take.

Lamassu Scholar: 300pts Though a mounted monster, He is more of a defensive flying wizard with a dwarf on his back. He knows 2 spells (pick from Word of Iron (Alchemy), Breath of Corruption (Occultism), Flaming Swords (Pyromancy), and The Wheel Turns (Witchcraft)). You can't boost but you secretly pick one of the two spells and roll for it. If you can mind games, you can goad your enemy to waste dispels dice or overlook game-changing spells.

Vassal Cavalry 180pts for 5 + 14ppm. Your light avoidance cavalry. Take a few small units to cover the flanks of your main blocks, do some flanking, and cover the enemy in oil.

Vassal Slingshot: 120 pts. Take up a Fires of Industry and week to fire. It doubles as a Bolt Thrower to shoot through blocks and monsters or throw Oil Flasks to give them an Incendiary Marker.

Gunnery Team Your baby war machine, Fires of Industry (1), They an only Pivot or Wheel during a March and weaker than your other options but they have quick to fire and march & shoot, abuse it. Comes in 3 flavors:

  • Naphtha Thrower: 150 pts. benefits the most when marching closer to the enemy. They do have the defense to distract the enemy.
  • Titan Mortar: 150 pts.
  • Rocket Battery: 185 pts.

Infernal Artillery Your War machine proper, taking up 2 Fires of Industry slots. They don't have mobility or a train chassis but granted longer ranges.

  • Naphtha Thrower: 160 pts.
  • Titan Mortar: 235 pts.
  • Rocket Battery: 275 pts.

Instruments of Destruction[edit]

Infernal Engine 415pts. Choo choo. A big steam-powered chariot with drill or gun. Makes the artillery much more survivable with a 3+ and res 7. Its crew has Quick to Fire for the artillery and Has a crazy number of attacks for a war machine with its impacting and Grinding. The downside to all of this is its Fires of Industry (2), it can only change facing when marching, and a misfire could put it into a melee only frenzy all game. watch out for your war machine sometimes trying to punch those flame wardens instead of shooting them with its gun.

  • With Steel Juggernaut, This train can tank. ups the normal engine Chassis's offense instead of being a mobile shooting should be given Rock Crusher, trading the gun and Fires of Industry for parry and upping its grind attacks from 1d3 to 3d3. Difficult to maneuver, but will trash whatever is straight ahead.

Infernal Bastion: 275pts. Bring along a large stage tower into battle. a War Platform with Impact Hits and Crush Attacks. The Dwarfs pushing it gain softcover and up to 20 models gain an improved line of sight as if Gigantic. A use full thing to have in a large unit of Infernal Warriors or Citadel Guard with Blunderbuss or Flintlock Axes.

Kadim Titan 475pts. Giant Lava monster Slave. 7 HP, 6 Res, and 5 attacks at str 6 AP 2 and Volcanic Embrace (2D3) that are +1 to wound and cause enemies to lose -1 armour. Sounds great, but be careful with it. It has the same 5+/5++ as normal Kadim, and supernal makes it so it can lose health through bad combats.

Citizen Giant 300pts. A giant with a 3+ armor saves this a scary beast. has Infernal Brand to help vessels. Big Brother is +1 health for a bigger base, which can be good or bad. Club for Fighting monsters, Shield to make them a longer-lasting threat, or Maul to support units by giving them Flaming and Magical Attacks.

Magic Items[edit]

Weapon Enchantments[edit]

Triple Speed: 75pts Flintlock Axe only. Get out 3 shots and +3 melee attacks and never hit worse than 3+. A good pick if you want more DPS from your Prophet of Nezibkesh(especially with is low off Skill) and Viziers.

Onyx Core 65pts. Infernal Weapon only, gain Kadim Manifestation and also adds multiple wounds 1d3 but only against models with flammable. Given the tools your army has, that should be easy enough to consistently pull off. On an Overlord, it's a dedicated weapon that rerolls everything to kill heroes especially if you can stack flaming to get divine attacks.

Flame of the East: 55pts. Gain Volcanic Embrace (2D3) or +2D3 to an existing Volcanic Embrace. and those roll can be used when performing Impact Hits. You wished to solo wipe chaff your self, Mount on a Bull of Shamut or Kadim Chariot.

Armor Enchantments[edit]

Mask of Ages: 75pts. Cannot be taken by Gigantic models. Gain Whispers of the Mask(S5 or higher attacks suffer -1 to wound) and +1 armour if Infantry.

Blaze of Protection: 40pts Shield only. fearless, +1 armour, and enemies in Btb contact that don't attack your character suffer an Str 4 Flaming attack.

Kadim Bindings 30pts. Shield only. +1 Aegis against Flaming attacks, and can be used and gives Parry even if the user has a non-hand weapon that is two-handed. Great defensive when combined with a Great weapon or enchanted Paired Weapons while still getting the defenses of a shield.


Pride of Zalaman Tekash: 50pts. It cannot be taken by units that count towards Core. one use only. Used at the end of a movement phase, place an 8x1" wall in front of the unit. Grants more defense for Immortals, or defend your Disciples of Lugar or Taurukhs if they can't make it into melee.

Trial of Ashuruk: 30pts. 0–2 per Army. unit and any unit in Base contact gain an unstack-able Magic Resistance (2) which also applies to friendly spells. Can't be reliably buffed by wizards, but also so your enemies.


Breath of the Brass Bull: 70pts. It cannot be taken by models with Towering Presence. Gain +1HP and Breath Attack (Toxic Attacks). Can pump health on some of your squishy models and will help you open tanky units.

Tablet of Vezodinezh 65pts. Dominant. Wizard only, when bearer attempts to cast a non-bound spell using 3+ dice, "1s" are treated as "3". If you suffer Witchfire, you suffer Magical Inferno instead.

Ring of Desiccation 60pts. At the start of every Round of Combat, every enemy unit in base contact gains one Incendiary marker. Quick and easy, combos with most of your army.

Unflame: 50pts. One use only. At the start of a Round of Combat, enemies in contact loss -3 Agility but all flaming attacks against are put out.

Golden Idol of Shamut: 45pts. Adv 4", Mar12", and gains Glory of Gold (Alchemy) as a Bound Spell.

Lugar's Dice 40pts. The bearer can reroll any to-hit, to-wound, or armour save roll per player turn. A very powerful buff upping your consistency. don't affect crush attacks.

Gauntlets of Madzhab 25pts. Infantry models only +1 str/AP but melee to-hit rolls of 1 hit his own unit. Your units are pretty tanky anyways and can probably take the hit, a quick and easy pump to your damage output.

The 9th Age Tactics