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For when you wanted to play Warriors of the Dark Gods but wished they had more Mongolians and starting turns with a bow point blank in the enemies faces. The 9th Age has you covered with the Makhar.

Why Play Makhar[edit]

  • Able to make list entirely made of vanguarding cavalry and skirmish archers.
  • Have Rhinos and Mammoths.


A recently made Auxiliary army of WotDG, currently in Beta 2.2

Universal Rules[edit]

Makhar Battle Fever: has the old Battle Fever + more. Re-roll natural rolls of 1 for charge range and Gains Devastating charge (Fearless, Hard Target 1). These let them be better at committing to charges regardless of distance, fear, or overwatch fire.

Parting Shot: exclusive to Makhar Bowmen on mounts, models with this rule can shoot and then flee as a charge reaction but their flee distance roll is Minimised. Also, enemies shooting at non-Gigantic models with this rule suffer the long-range penalty (-1 to hit).

Vanguard: through not an exclusive rule, almost all units can have Vanguard letting them move up the board before the first turn but can't charge turn 1 if used. With their special bows, this allows for a strong first turn close-range shooting.


Recurve Bow: a bow that is Quick to fire and adds +1 to hit and Ap at close range. Your always moving in the 12" of enemies and hitting with the power of a crossbow without penalty.

Makhar Lance: a two-handed Lances that gives another rank of Support attacks. Make 3 rank deep calvary work outside of the Kindom of Equitaine, but models can't use Shield during melee.

Lamellar Barding: Give your hoarse +1 Armour (to the max of 4) but has -2" to March rate. Trade Running speed for protection, Still a good trade as your 8" Adv is not affected

Hereditary Spell[edit]

Breath of the Steppe: makes a small Tornado on the ground that creates cover and causes Dangerous Terrain even to Striders.

Unit Analysis[edit]

All non-Character units with bows count towards Raining Death (Max. 40%)


Makhar Gyula: 110pts. Barbarian Chief, Granting Battle Focus, and Hatred while riding with his mates. As a General a Gyula can take one of two upgrades, each increasing their attack and Item Allowance by 50pts. Mare’s Shelter lets his unit share his Battle focus while Stallion’s Tempest gives +6" to his Commanding Presence range. An incredibly cheap character for his power. he is quick and strong but His main downside is his mediocre offensive/defensive skill, good luck trying to duel any other race's big character, will have to use your generals 250 allowances to bring him up. He will reliably wound enemy troops and his great weapon choices make him very flexible.

Táltos: 130pts. Your spellcaster and he is cheap, the same cost 20 more than a naked chief but it is more plausible to run a naked mage then a fighter. Táltos do need at least a horse to keep pace with a mobile army, least be taken out by ambushing beastmen or artillery. can take Pyromance, Shamanism, and Thaumaturgy, to bust your lance charges and take out your enemy’s Anti-hoarse weapons.


War Dais: now an Upgrade that give your Gyula +1 HP, +2 Arm, +4 attacks, and can't be stomped. Its meant for rolling up with Vassals but it also makes it easier to get sniped out.

Black Steed: The same horse most other armies have, but he has bigger muscles, mandatory for a Mongolian Hero.

Shadow Chaser: When you need fast Horse, accept no substitutes. 10" advance, 20" March is what you take this for.

Dark Chariot: Ups the character's HP to 4 and res to 5, a great value mount. lest you ride with the Makhar Chariots.

Great Elk: Even Dark worshipers can befriend nature. Elks are twice the width and have Less armor than Black Steed but better attacks and improve the rider Resistance to 5. It also has Strider(Forest) if your solo Wizard needs to run through some trees without problems. Great Elks is the most offensive of the Standard Cavalry mounts and offer your lancers a larger footprint.

Chimera: 5 attacks with str 5 and an impressive 20" march + optional wings. Riden by a cheap Gyula that makes it tougher then a Turul and tieing up units Turn 2 is where this guy at.

Wasteland Behemoth: another big monster to ride on. Like the Chimera but more.


Steppe Wolfhound: 95 pts for 5 + 8ppm. Warhound, used for cheap harasser with vanguard. They have no survivability, low damage but can make it ok for one turn. Take them to bait and block your enemy during deployment, but don't expect them to do anything but distract during the game.

Tamyir Vassals: 135 pts for 15 + 7ppm. Foot Barbarians, can take bows and the old and improved Battle Fever let them make better charges. They can be tricked out as melee fighters or be given bows for ranged support. You can give them throwing weapons if you want to make them scarier at close range. Do have a hard limit on them but this won't be a problem unless you take blobs of them.

Makhar Lancers: 184 pts for 8 + 18ppm. Barbarian hoard of Horsemen. They may have a minimum size of 8 models but they are cheap at 184pts +18ppm. They like to be fielded in large units of event 15+. They charge and hit units. take Recurve Bows for minor shooting. And some can take Vanguard. Take paired weapons for stacked infantry or great weapons to open up elite infantry or heavy cavalry. Makhar Lances for a block of shock troopers.

Horse Archers: 260 pts for 8 + 20ppm. A defining unit for this faction, being good at peppering-keeping away and Vanguard. They also have light lances for flank charges.


Makhar Flayers: 175 pts for 5 + 22ppm. Incredibly fast monster and knight hunters, but will drop dead if anything looks at them funny. Fastest horsemen with the options for Rear charges, ranged support and skinning lash, all of which utilize their speed to avoid and damage enemies. Have Lethal strike on all their attacks vs Beasts and Cavalry, letting the slay Knights, monsters, and Daemons if you throw enough dice at them.

Makhar Chariot: 150 pts for 1 + 135ppm. Four Barbarians on a maneuverable Chariot. Has a choice between being a heavy armored charger or Bow platform. Very maneuverable and impact Hits hurt (D6 S4 + 4 Barbarian Lances).

Warrior Knights: 255 pts for 5 + 40ppm. Heavier Cavalry. can't take Favour, but they're still tank-tastic as all hell.

Turul: 230pts. a Winged Chimera. Decent survivability, a good number of strong attacks, and good speed. Any dedicated monster hunter will laugh at them, but use them carefully and you can get good work out of it. It can take ambush that lets it also enter the field from Impassable Terrain edges.

Karkadan Herd: 160 pts for 3 + 50ppm. A herd of Frenzied Rhinos and they hit like Ogre Tuskers that have character Sons of the Avalanche. take a unit of 2 ranks of 3 and let them run over things.

Nomadic Giant: 260pts. The ability to reroll 1's on charges is very helpful for Giants that need to make it into CC before they die. The ability to join infantry is not that useful in a Calv army, but dealing more damage against monsters and lowering enemy agility can be worth +10 more points over the Giant Club. He could instead become a very mobile Bolt Thrower for monster hunting and impaling a unit through its flank.

Raining Death[edit]

All non-Character units with bows count towards Raining Death(Max. 40%)

Steppe Mammoth: 420pts. A Mammoth with 6 Recurve Bow and Makhar Lancers, hitting very hard. They can replace half the crew for a Catapult.

Special Items[edit]

Weapon Enchantments[edit]

Wildfire Burst: 70pts. a magic 4 shot super fire bow that always hit on 3+ and reduces a units cover by one step for the player turn. Effective at softening a target before the downpour.

Hawthorne Curse: 70pts. non-Ambush model with a hand weapon. A Magic lance can be taken on foot and It can also be a bolt thrower that ignores negative hit modifiers. Something for your calvary and for a hero to deal with monsters at range and line impaling.

Armour Enchantments[edit]

Mammoth-Hide Cloak: 70pts. Gain +1 Arm and attacks agest the wearer can Never have more than Strength 5. Limits to wound rolls against your Chiefs to 3+.


Wasteland Torch: 30pts. gains Strider (ruins) and Flaming attacks on the first cc round. during deployment, you can also turn a Field or Forest into a Ruins, which is pretty nifty for protecting your mobs.


Endless Plain: 70pts. Create a new Field Terrain on the board, giving your units soft cover to hide in.

Spirit of the Herd: 50pts. Unharnessed Bearer's unit gains Devastating Charge (Lightning Reflexes), giving a charging pack an extra layer of attacks or make greatweapons strike at init.

Turul Radiant Headdress: 20pts. Gains Distracting and Terror.


Skeleton List[edit]

cheap list and extra things can be added Overall this list provides 60 bow shots that hit on 2s, and with Smite the Unbeliever/Flaming Swords can wound units pretty easily as well. Keep in mind that this is very fiddly and difficult to use.


  • Taltos, Master, Pyromancy, Vanguard, Black Stallion
  • Taltos, Adept, Thaumaturgy, Vanguard, Black Stallion


  • 1x8 Makhar Lancers; Recurve Bows, Vanguard, Lamellar Barding, Vanguard, Musician
  • 3x20 Horse Archers


  • 10 Makhar Flayers; Skinning Lashes, Shields
  • 5 Makhar Flayers; Skinning Lashes, Shields

The 9th Age Tactics