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The fair use The 9th Age expy of the Ogre Kingdoms of Warhammer Fantasy.

Why play Ogre Khans[edit]

You like an easy and straight forward army with a low model count. Get to play an army of giants.


The tactics are current as of version second edition. Every single ogre, some monsters, most items and big names got a pretty big price drop in this version, making ogres a very good value army.

Army Rules[edit]

Scrapling Lookout must have a standard bearer to take effect. The unit must have fewer than 3 R&F models before hits can be distributed to characters. Makes your character bunkers very effective meatshields.

Mountain Hide when the model takes wounds from an attack with multiple wounds, halve the amount of wounds (round up). On your big monsters, effectively counters monster hunters so they have to slowly grind on your big boys.

Sons of the Avalanche model has Impact hits (1), up to 2 if there are 2 or more full ranks. Characters have Impact hits (1d3), up to (1d3+1) if 2 or more full ranks. also immune to fear. All of your ogres have this, it allows them to throw hits onto enemy units before they can react.

Army Weapons[edit]

Iron Fists +1 attack, armor, and gains parry if on foot. Always take this on all models available.

Brace of Ogre Pistols decent range, 2 shots, str 4 ap 2, quick to fire, and counts as paired weapons in close combat. A very good option if you don't know what to put on a khan, can deal with any situation.

Ogre Crossbow it's a mini bolt thrower. decent range, good str/ap on the first hit and meh after that. good for threatening large groups of weak infantry.

Hunting Spear Str/AP as user +1, quick to fire, and multiple wounds (D3 vs gigantic). this is your monster hunting weapon.

Hereditary Spell[edit]

Children of Umi All melee attacks against the target are at -1 to wound. Those enemy units will be going from 5s to wound to 6s. Can make your little group of 6 tribesmen tank most core units from any army book. When boosted makes any shamans in the unit gain resilience as well, if your Shaman is running touchdowns it can't hurt.

Unit Analysis[edit]

Before we dig into all the units, a few things to note: All Ogres have Sons of the Avalanche and are Large Infantry. This means 3 things, your units get 3 support attacks, impact hits and stomps, never forget that. Impact hits can win you combats before the enemy has a chance to hit back and stomps help you grind down tarpits. Always be the one charging with ogres, shouldn't be too hard as ogres have a 6" advance, making them almost slow cavalry instead of infantry. They do take 2 rolls for dangerous terrain so be careful of forests, ruins, and some units and spells.


Great Khan 280pts. The chunkiest guy on the block. Has off/def skill on par with an EoS Knight Commander, but makes up for it with 5s in HP, Res, Attacks, and Strength. With mundane equipment he can only get to 4+ armor, so dip into his special equipment to keep him alive, Res 5 isn't that great. If you're thinking of taking paired weapons, just take the Brace of Ogre pistols for double the cost and get a shooting attack out of it as well. Only bother with a great weapon if you really need the str 7 ap 4, Agi 4 isn't much but it will go before most other armies on a charge.

Khan 190pts. Not as great but still big and flabby but cost 33% less. Only has 4 HP and attacks, but retains the 5s in Res and Strength. The same issues apply to him as from the Great version. Great Khans are your superhero, Khans are cheap enough for orgies to be outfitted for particular jobs.

Shaman 195pts. Flabby spell slinger. Still, have Res 5 and options for armor and the Iron Fist, so he can still be a CC beast. Shamanism is great for buffing your guys, Thaumaturgy has a great blend of buffs and damage, Pyromancy is fireball slinging goodness.

Mammoth Hunter 220pts. The weird middle child of Ogre Characters. He is the only one that can be mounted, but cannot join any units when mounted and can only join tigers and yetis when on foot. Has a Commanding presence for Sabretooth Tigers. He does bring some fire support in the means of the hunter's spear or ogre crossbow at 2+ to hit. He has niches, but can usually be passed when on foot.

Character Mounts[edit]

Mammoth Hunter only

Tusker: put more killing power and protection on your hunter.

Rock Aurochs: get a discount when paying for your Chained Beasts allowance. Is more of an Upgrade for a Rock Aurochs as it's now ridden by a Hunter with all its upgrades


Tribesmen 155pts for 3 + 48ppm. Your jam and jiggles. Res 4 core with 4 attacks/model plus impact hits and stomp is nothing to sneeze at. Give them the Iron Fists unless you really can't afford the 10/model cost. The armor will help them survive to combat and parry will offset their mediocre Def skill.

Bruisers 185pts for 3 + 76ppm. has the same armor as Tribesmen+Iron Fists but use a great weapon for about the same price. You're trading 4 attacks for3 str 6 ap 3. Situational, but Ogres have good strength already and tend to favor more attacks over stronger ones. Be more optimal to only take one or two min size units of 3 with no upgrades just to be hard nuts and to break them.

Scraplings 115pts for 20 + 5ppm. the lil' guys in the big guy army. You can get 11 of them for 1 tribesman. They have simply laughable stats, although they are slightly faster than the average bear (humans). They exist to tarpit and annoy enemy units. Take shields if you want them to survive slightly better, the other upgrades are pointless on such weak models, maybe a unit or two of bows for a cheap block of 20 archers. The Foreman is a blessing to tarpits acting as a BSB for 25 points.


Scrapling Trappers 80pts for 5 + 8ppm. dirt cheap scrappings, same stats as core but with scout, skirmisher, and Vanguard. Their secondary purpose is to run around the table trapping all-terrain features, forcing enemy units to take dangerous terrain tests when moving through it. Situational because you can only trap terrain, not open ground, but can make the difference against chariot lists or other ogres. After rigging the field their primary purpose is dieing to intercept a charge. This will often be a minimum of 80pt well spent.

Sabertooth Tigers 80pts for 1 + 24ppm. Essentially Giant warhounds being cheap tribesmen that lose their Three extra attacks + impact but are insignificant pets that move Faster than their masters on the field and in fights. Take them in small units because Discipline 5 will make them flee if they lose combat. Units of 8 or more count towards Core, but you're often better off with tribesmen for about 50 more points for longevity. Taking a Mammoth Hunter with Leader of the Pack can make them a forward screen with them Dis 9, Swifstride and Vanguard. They hold a niche role of chasing down, skirmishers

Yetis 175pts for 2 + 60ppm. slightly stronger and faster Tribesman with vanguard movement and Swiftstride. They have a nifty rule where they reduce the agility of enemy units in base contact, which can be all the difference for your agility 3 yetis and agility 2 ogres, but a Frost Mammoth is a generally better value if not a bigger target. It could be fun in a themed army.

Kin-Eater 175pts. a solo ogre with unbreakable, ambush, and hatred. Its only defenses are Res 5 and Fortitude (5+), so hope it lives long enough to kill the Warmachine or wizard in the back.

Tusker Cavalry 390pts for 3 + 110ppm. Stats-wise, it's essentially a Tribesman riding a Khan. Follow the same idea as normal ogres, but they move slightly faster and heavily armoured.

Mercenary Veterans 240pts for 3 + 95ppm. Generally better than the Core ogres and with a slew of special rules options and equipment. Each unit of Veterans must take 2 of the following: Accurate, Devastating Charge (+1 Str/AP, this does not apply to Impact Hits and Stomps), Lethal Strike, Magic Resistance (2), Plate Armor, Poison Attacks, Swiftstride, and Vanguard. Each upgrade may only be taken by a single unit of Veterans. Veterans are simply hilarious and can fill any role you build them for.

Example builds:
  • Range: Accurate + Poison Attacks +Brace of Ogre Pistols.
  • speed: Swifstride + Vanguard + any weapon
  • Defence: Magic Resistance (2) + Plate Armour + Iron Fist
  • Leathal: Lethal Strike + Poison Attacks + Paired Weapons
  • Slay the monster: Devastating Charge + Poison Attacks or Lethal Strike + Great Weapon or Halberd

Powder Keg[edit]

Thunder Cannon 320pts. It's a big ol' cannon on a chariot. It will do all the basic cannon things, sniping monsters, blowing up dragons, and can get things done on a charge if you feel like it. The mediocre to hit and lack of an engineer among ogres hampers its usability, but thats what the Volley Gun mode is for.

Scratapult 245pts. A catapult chariot. It has lethal strike so can be hilariously good against elite infantry. Suffers from a meh to hit.

Bombardiers 185pts for 3 + 80ppm. they carry their own cannons. with range 24" and quick to fire they have a solid 30" threat range. They each have 1d6 shots so be ready to throw dice everywhere.

Chained Beasts[edit]

Rock Aurochs 490pts. Your big scary monster. 3d3 str 7 AP 4 impact hits is enough to make anything cry and Res 6 with mountain hide mean it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The rider has a ranged weapon, keeps the crossbow or takes a lance. If something is within 12", why aren't you charging it?

Frost Mammoth 385pts. Where the Auroch is the Murder Charger, the Frost Mammoth is for Support. 2 Ogres with ranged weapons and only 1d3 impact hits, but enemy units within 9" suffer -3 agility, meaning your agility 2 ogres are hitting before almost anything. Also, have the Bound spell Chilling Howl to provide some protection from ranged attacks.

Slave Giant 265pts. It's a giant, same as the others but gain D3 impact hits. He can be given an Iron Fist, which gives him parry, which is hilarious. He has worse stats than a Khan while coming out of a category that is more restricted than characters. Slave Giant do have in their favor getting more attacks from Stomps and Giants Rage, but that is if you can get into combat.

Big Names[edit]

Each character can take one big name with no price restriction.

Trolleater 95pts. Bearer gains Fortitude (4+) and multiple wounds (2, vs large infantry). Your access to a special save is this. For 5 points more just get the Deathcheater, +1 armor and Fortitude (4+). This big name does make your character better at fighting monsters, heroes, and other ogres.

Hoardmaster 55pts. Great Khans and Khans only. Gains Weapon Master, Plate Armor, Iron Fist, Great Weapon, Paired Weapons, and a Halberd, but cannot take any weapon enchantments. Gives your khan flexibility as well as better armor. Weapon Enchantments are usually excessive on your high str, high attack khans anyways.

Gut Roarer 505pts. Shamans only. Gains fear and Channel (1).

Cult Leader 45pts. General or BSB only. Increases range of Commanding Presence or Rally around the Flag to 18". Handy for those spread out gunlines as you can't take mounts on your Khans.

Firebrand 35pts. Shamans with pyromancy only. Gains flaming attacks, Aegis 2+ (vs flaming), and a breath attack. It also knows fireball in addition to its other known spells. cannot benefit from fortitude. Handy for making your shaman scarier and giving them some more spells to sling about.

Headhunter 30pts. at the end of any melee phase where this character killed any models and is not fleeing, roll a d6. On 3+ it regains 1 HP. Makes your characters sustainable on top of their innate tankiness but is situational in its trigger conditions. Better armor/special save is arguably better.

Spinesplitter 35pts. Model gains devastating charge +1 Attack/str/ap. Those devastating charge bonuses also apply to Impact hits and Stomps.

Rottenjaw 30pts. The bearer gains poisoned attacks and is immune to poison attacks. Kin-Eaters may reroll their ambush rolls.

Wildheart 30pts. Mammoth Hunters only, one of a kind. Allows your Mammoth Hunters to be general and BSB. Lowers minimum core requirement, but can't take any of the fun Gunpowder stuff. More if you want to run an ogre monster list than an ogre list.

Magic Items[edit]

Weapon Enchantments[edit]

Khagadai's Legacy 100pts. attacks with the weapon gain multiple wounds (1D3). So a third of the time it does nothing and a third of the time it will one-shot characters. It can only be taken on great weapons, so take into account always going last in combat as well. Will help in duels and against big scary things, but a bit random for the point cost.

Heart Ripper 50pts. Iron fist or paired weapons only. Gains Lethal Strike, Magical attacks, +1 AP, and can never hit on worse than 3+. More consistent than Khagadai's Legacy for half the points.

Viper's Curse 40pts. Ogre Pistols or Crossbow. Weapon gains shots 4, Str 4, AP 2, Poisoned attacks, Magical attacks and ALWAYS hits on 4+ when shooting. The melee attacks from the pistol gain poisoned/magical attacks too. The crossbow is cheaper than the pistols and has a longer range, but it can't be used in melee, though this can be a good thing if you wanted another close combat weapon other than paired weapons.

Ritual Bloodletter 20pts. Shamans only, Hand weapon, Paired weapon, or Iron Fists only. +1 offensive skill and +1 attacks. Each unsaved wound caused by this weapon adds 1 veil token to your token pool. Great all-around weapon.

Armor Enchantments[edit]

Wrestler's Belt: 75pts. Light armor only, +2 armor and +1 str.

Mammoth-Hide Cloak: 50pts. +1 armor, attacks against the wearer can never have strength above 5. Limits to wound rolls against your khans to 4+.

Karkadan's Resistance: 40pts. +1 resilience but fails all special saves.

Yeti Furs: 40pts. +1 armor and enemy models in base contact suffer -1 agility. Better than actual yetis.


Banner of Gyengget: 75pts. Cannot be taken by Core. Reroll natural hit, wound, and armor rolls of 1 during the first round of combat this INCLUDES your impact hits and stomps. Get the charge off with a unit of 6 ogres with a Khan in there and they will insta-mulch anything under them.

Pennant of the Great Grass Sky: 50pts. the bearer's unit gains swiftstride.

Skull of Qenghet: 10pts. I don't know how to say it either. The Bearer's unit gains fear and auto-passes panic tests from terror.


Lygur's Tongue: 70pts. Enemy units in base contact suffer -1 attack (min 1). Helps your duel khans.

Aurochs Charm: 35pts. the bearer gains Mountain Hide. They can eat cannonballs and keep walking.

Rampager's Chain: 25pts. The bearer gains stomp (1D3+1) and all models in the bearer's unit rerolls failed wound rolls for stomps. This allows you to outgrind any standard infantry.


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