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The Beastmen army of The 9th Age.

Why Play Beast Herds[edit]

Are you a Warhammer Fantasy player? Congratulations, these are the Beastmen.

Special Rules[edit]

Primal Instinct: At the start of each Combat Round, units with this rule must take a Leadership test. If it succeeds, they must reroll failed to hit during that round. Can situationally be useful during Combat, but won't do anything more often than not due to your units poor Leadership.

Drunken: Units with this rule get to either be Sober (gains Vanguard and Light Troops but loses Scoring) or Drunk (Gains Immune to Psychology and Thunderous Charge but cannot Ambush).

Pack Tactics: When rolling for Charge range, if a unit has at least one model with this rule, and more than half it's frontage in the Charged units flank or rear arc, then that unit gains Swiftstride for this Charge Roll. This does not apply to pursuit.

Hunting Call: An upgrade to Beast Lords And Chieftains. THis allows you to bring a Pack Tactics unit form ambush by the second player turn and lets you reroll ambush rolls of 1s and 2s.


Beast Axe Always strikes at initiative 0, +1 str/ap and +2 defensive skill as long as the model is not wielding another weapon. Cannot be enchanted with common weapon enchantments from the core rulebook. Can be used along side a shield.

Unit Analysis[edit]


  • Beast Lord
  • Beast Chieftain
  • Soothsayer
  • Minotaur Chieftain
  • Centaur Chieftain


  • Raiding Chariot
  • Razortusk Chariot


  • Wildhorn Herd
  • Mongrel Herd
  • Mongrel Raiders
  • Feral Hounds


  • Feral Hounds
  • Longhorn Herd
  • Minotaurs
  • Centaurs
  • Raiding Chariot
  • Razortusk Herd
  • Razortusk Chariot
  • Briar Beast
  • Gargoyles

Terrors of the Wild[edit]

  • Cyclops
  • Gortach
  • Jabberwock
  • Beast Giant

Ambush Predators[edit]

Magic Items[edit]

Army Upgrades[edit]

The biggest difference for players switching from Beastmen to Beast Herds is that to compensate for no Chaos stuff, they now have a wide array of Shamanic Totems. These are upgrades that certain BH characters can purchase. Each contains a Bound Spell (Power Level 3) that last one turn, which can be cast be the bearer.

Build Your Army[edit]