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The fair use The 9th Age expy of the Wood Elves of Warhammer Fantasy.


The tactics are current as of version second edition

Army Rules[edit]

The Forest Follows You get a free forest. After picking sides, before deployment, place one forest entirely on your half of the table and all forests are dangerous terrain (1). This rule is an army rule and not on any model or spell, if you're playing Sylvan Elves, you get a forest.

Emboldening Boughs If a unit is mostly models with this rule and the unit is more than half in a forest the whole unit gains stubborn.

Forest Walker The model gains forest strider (durr) and if more than half the unit is in a forest all models in the unit reroll to-wound rolls of 1 in melee.

Sylvan Spirit The model gains fearless and magical attacks. Models with Sylvan Spirit cannot join or be joined by models without Sylvan Spirit.

Tree Singing A model with tree singing may discard a veil token to move a forest up to 6 inches in a straight line, but not into units or other terrain.

Master Archer When shooting, you can choose to gain +2 AP or +2 to-hit.


Elven Cloak +1 armor. This is what you get instead of heavy armor.

Impaling Roots short range, random number of shots, decent strength, but is quick to fire, march and shoot, and ignores to-hit modifiers from cover. Comes on your big tanky trees so being short range isn't too much of a downside. If the target is in contact with a forest the strength and AP is increased.

Sylvan Longbow Normal longbows with 1 AP and quick to fire attached. If the target is in close range it gains +1 strength. So good, its capped at 55 models per army.

Sylvan Blades Paired weapons with +1 AP.

Sylvan Lance Light lance with +1 AP.

Hereditary Spell[edit]

Forest Embrace (CV 4/7) The target friendly unit is in a forest for one turn. Read all those special rules again, now you get to have them anytime you want wherever you want. If boosted enemy units in base contact have to re-roll to-hit rolls of 6.


Can be repeated in an army, they go on your elf characters.

Shapeshifter 90pts. On foot only, the model gains incredible speed and a slight survivability boost but can't join units. If you want to trick out an assassin and run him into your opponents backline, this is where to look.

Wild Hunter 90pts. Mounted on horse or elk only. The model gains more attacks and scary charges at the cost of a slight decrease in defensive skill. Elves outclass most others in defensive skill anyway so go for it.

Pathfinder 55pts. on foot only, not BSB, max 2 per army. The model gains Master Archer, Scout, and shots 3 (4 if prince).

Blade Dancer 45pts. on foot only. Gains Aegis (6+), Dances of Cenyrn, and fearless. The bearer's unit gains swiftstride. The model may only join units of dancers, cannot use shooting weapons, and cannot benefit from armor.

Forest Guardian 35pts. on foot only. +1 attack and armor. A great choice unless your planning on something specific with your Lil guy.

Aspects of Nature[edit]

All aspects are one of a kind and go on your tree people.

Scarred Bark 75pts. All dryads in the bearer's unit gain hatred. Handy for making your treaples do work.

Toxic Spores 65pts. The bearer's unit gains Lethal Strike. A decent-sized unit of tree people put out a lot of attacks and now all those 6s are doing a lot more work.

Entangling Vines 60pts. In a duel, opponents reroll successful to-hit rolls against the bearer.

Oaken Crown 20pts. The bearer's unit gains swift reform. Makes a heavy-hitting unit a lot more mobile in the face of danger.

Unit Analysis[edit]


Forest Prince 215pts. Incredible stats, but you have to pay for any armor on him (it only costs 20 points to get 4+). Always give him a bow, it only costs 5 points and he has the highest possible to-hit in the game with Accurate.

Chieftain 140pts. Same as the prince above but with slight decreases in most stats. You'll probably be taking one for BSB.

Druid 140pts. Your spellcaster and he knows what he's doing. Cosmology, Druidism, and Shamanism are great paths and you'll be doing a lot of work no matter what magic you go with. Has the option for a longbow, which is hilarious as your mage pings off wounds in the shooting phase from his mage bunker in the back.

Treefather Ancient 460pts. max 1 per army. If you take him, it's to have a tanky wizard. If you don't give him any wizard levels, he is just a worse Treefather with an option for an Aspect of Nature.

Avatar of Nature 610pts. max 1 per army. Angry grandpa treeman. This is the tree you want to take if you want it up close and personal.

Dryad Ancient 105pts. A dryad with the options for wizarding. It only has a meh Aegis save, so be careful where you put it.

Thicket Shepard 260pts. Bigger than a dryad, smaller than a treeman, can be your BSB. Comes with a 4+/5++ and Res 5 so he can hold his own.

Character Mounts[edit]

Elven Horse Very fast and +1 armor. If you need fast, this is the way to go.

Great Elk Slightly slower than the horse, but with Res 5 and better attacks. A great choice if you want a character in your opponents face.

Sylvan Unicorn Faster than a horse, better attacks than the elk, and an Aegis to boot. Sounds great right? Well it is only available for the druid. So you can't go ham with a prince, but run a Shamanism druid into melee and see what happens.

Eagle King Good attacks and defense, the only issue is your character can be sniped unless you run them with kestrel knights.

Dragon It's a dragon. Does what you would expect.


Forest Guard: 170pts for 15 + 14ppm. Better than average stats and Lightning Reflexes means they can stomp other core infantry hardcore. They have good potential for buffing from their rules and forest synergy. You can replace spears with Sylvan Blades, functionally you get the same amount of attacks, the main difference is ignoring parry from paired weapons. If you are going small units Sylvan blades will get more bang for your buck, spears are more consistent for bigger units.

Sylvan Archers 255pts for 10 + 23ppm. Take longbow archers from any other army, give them 3+ to-hit and crossbow strength and damage, prepare a vial for your opponents tears. They are expensive though, on par with elite infantry from other armies.

Heath Riders 180pts for 5 + 29ppm. Your shock cavalry, but only a 4+ save, be careful with them. You can change them into pew-pew avoidance cavalry if you want but then they also count towards unseen arrows.

Dryads Wood laddies with Aegis(5+) saves in core, kickass. At Base 150 for 8 + 17 per model, go ham and spam.


Forest Rangers 200pts for 10 + 18ppm. Great weapon infantry with 2 attacks at Agility 5. Sound nice? Now give them vanguard and 6" advance. That's right, you can be in your opponents deployment zone with your heavy-hitting elite infantry.

Thicket Beasts 365pts for 4 + 115ppm. Take a troll, take away its barf and give it an Aegis save and flammable. 4+/5++ is pretty nice for how many you can get onto the table. Fill the role of Large Tank and killers.

Forest Eagle 100pts for 1 + 30ppm. Fast chaff. Cheap in this army, if you need a unit to take shots and die instead of your dryads, take them.

Blade Dancers 220pts for 7 + 31ppm. They can tarpit or dump truck in melee, but they are nearly defenseless out on the table. Get them in melee and keep them there and they will make their points.

Treefather 435pts. A pretty good monster will do a lot of work and takes a lot of focus to take down. 3+/5++ keeps it up and running far longer than it otherwise would and druidism or shamanism keep it going. With the right list, you can get a Treefather Ancient, Avatar of Nature, and a Treefather into your army. Treeman mash party time.

Wild Huntsman 290pts for 5 + 40ppm. 15 attacks on the charge is what you get out of them. Don't expect them to survive to the end of the game, but one or two charges is all you need out of them.

Kestrel Knight 305pts for 3 + 72ppm. They are your avoidance flank charges. You can give them sylvan bows as well to get the run around on enemy units.

Unseen Arrows[edit]

Briar Maidens 195pts for 5 + 30ppm. Savage shooting cavalry with Wizard Conclave and Aegis (4+). Expensive, but will make their points back.

Sylvan Sentinels 155pts for 5 + 38ppm. Archers with poison attacks. Meh.

Pathfinders 200pts for 5 + 49ppm. Here we go. Better archers with Accurate, Master Archer, and Scout. These are the archers to solve the problems your archers can't solve.

Magic Items[edit]

Weapon Enchantments[edit]

Lifeseed Feathers 80pts. Reverses your Sylvan Longbow bonuses to deal nutty damage at long range. Capped at 1 shot though, so don't waste it on your pathfinder kindred.

Hunter's Honour 75pts. Spear only, +1 Str/AP. If the wielder inflicts an unsaved wound, all models in the wielder's unit gain distracting until the end of the phase. Makes your fighty bunkers extremely durable.

Bough of Wyscan 50pts. Gives the Sylvan longbow a +1 on to-wound rolls when the target is in close range.

Spirit of the Whirlwind 40pts. Sylvan Blades only. +1 attack, +1 strength, and lethal strike. A great weapon. Use it for your unicorn druid and go nuts.

Armor Enchantments[edit]

Shielding Bark 60pts. infantry only, light armor only. +1 armor, Aegis 5+, fearless, and flammable. A great armor option with good survivability, pick up the dragonbane gem if you're worried.

Curse of the Black Stag 40pts. light armor only. Devastating charge +1 attack +1 strength. Neat, but not worth it.


Banner of Deception 60pts. after deployment is complete, you may redeploy the bearer's unit. Drop your army for the first turn then move this unit to throw off your opponent.

Predator Pennant 45pts. the unit gains devastating charge (distracting). Increases the survivability of your fragile cavalry.

Banner of the Silent Mist 40pts. the unit is in softcover. Makes your huge archer units harder to retaliate against.


Mist Walker's Mirror 70pts.If the bearer's unit is in a forest and unengaged, they can "march" and teleport to any other forest on the table.

Hail Shot 70pts. use once to throw 3d6 shots at something. only useable by a prince or chieftain.

Sacred Seeds 60pts. Use once to plant a forest when you need one, but not in contact with enemy units or other terrain.

Horn of the Wild Hunt 50pts. one use only, may reroll a failed charge.

Glyph of Amryl 35pts. not sylvan spirits. The bearer gains cannot be stomped and +3 defensive skill when fighting in a duel.

Drums of Cenyrn 30pts. one use only. when the bearer's unit charges, the target of the charge must hold.

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