The Adeptus Estates

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Adeptus Estates
Adeptus Estatus Heraldry.jpg
Number Unknown
Founding 39th Millenium
Successors of Salamanders
Successor Chapters None
Chapter Master Unknown
Primarch Slash Gordon
Homeworld Fleet-Based
Strength Lots
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Bright Blue and Gold

A fa/tg/uy somehow finds a giant blow-up Space Marine hocking mobile homes within driving distance of his house. Pictures are taken and posted, and an entire thread goes nuts over the fact that one of the Emperor's Finest is being used as an advertising prop. A few calls of heresy were made, but most everyone else embraced the sheer amount of awesome that Slash Gordon brought.

Slash Gordon[edit]

The Man Himself

Central to the appeal of the Adeptus Estates is the inherent silliness COOLNESS of its primarch, Slash Gordon. Most of the rest of the chapter is based on his apparent figure of smiting Heretics and Chaos, venerating the Emperor, and selling Imperial citizens affordable homes with guaranteed financing at low rates.

It is also assumed that the Proto-Imperial Psyker known as Freddie Mercury had heralded Slash's coming, as | he did with the Imperium itself.

Crunchy Bits[edit]

Chapter History 
39th Millenium
Chapter Progenitor 
Slash Gordon
Chapter Purpose 
Strategic Prognostication
Gene Seed Purity 
Chapter Demeanor 
Suffer Not the Work of Heretics/estate agents
Figure of legend 
A Battle-Brother seconded from a previous generation
Deed of legend 
Slew the Daemon Lord of Paperwork infesting the Administratum after three solid days of fighting with nothing but a pen-knife and a busted typewriter
Codex Chapter 
Divergent Chapter (Codex Estatus)
Chapter Special Equipment
Special Mount (either a massive burd or legions of turtles, following the example of carrying one's home with them)
Chapter Homeworld 
Chapter Rule 
Chapter Friendship 
Sisters of Battle
Chapter Enemy 
Specific Chaos Daemon (Daemon Lord of Paperwork, Nurgle-Type)
Combat Doctrine 
Chapter Belief 
Emperor Above All
Chapter Status 


As TG is incapable of leaving anything unstated here he is for use on the tabletop:

Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Slash Gordon: 119 5 5 4 5 3 3 5 10 2+


  • Power Sword: See Codex: Space Marines. Can be swapped for a Master Crafted Power Sword for 20pts.
  • Double-wide Discount Bolter: As Twinlinked Stormbolters in Codex: Space Marines
  • Artificer Armour: Armour save included in profile above. This cannot be replaced.
  • Iron Halo: For +34pts, Slash Gordon may be equipped with an Iron Halo wargear, which grants him a 3++ invulnerable save.

Special Rules[edit]

And They Shall Know No Fear, Independent Character, Counter-attack, Furious Charge.

The Discounter[edit]

All units, models, wargear, ect, in the same army cost 1 point less to purchase.

We're Slashing![edit]

Slash Gordon and any unit of Broker Brothers he joins ignore all armor saves, as none can withstand the might of Slash when he's on a roll.


External Links[edit]

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