The Auruntaur

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A Daemon Engine so powerful that not even Tzeentch would have a proper control over it.

The Auruntaur is a massive and unique Daemon Engine that appears exclusively in the Tome of Fate sourcebook for Black Crusade. Born of a catastrophic mishap within the forges of Tarnor during the last ruinous wars, the Auruntaur literally stands above any war engine produced on Q’Sal. Thus far, only one has been created; its designer and binder, R’Suleir the Grand, sacrificed himself and his life’s work to bind the daemonic monstrosity to his construct. When he realized the power of the daemon he had entreated, he sacrificed the entire slave pool and all his apprentices to control the daemon.

Due to not having a proper model, conversion kits of combining a Lord of Change with a Soul Grinder usually act as a proxy for the Auruntaur, which fits given that it resembles a cyclopean variant of the latter.

The Auruntaur is a golden four-legged creature of destruction, standing slightly smaller in height than a Reaver Battle Titan built largely of ensorcelled materials and housing a Daemon of immense power. The Auruntaur has no head: instead, mounted firmly in the chest of the torso are a single red cyclopean eye, and a ringed platform with spikes jutting out from the mid-abdomen, suggesting a fanged under-bite. However like all Daemons of Tzeentch, the Auruntaur can changes its appearance at will, sometimes appearing with the head of a Soul Grinder or that of the Lord of Change.


The weaponry that the Auruntaur possesses is immense and destructive: The right arm is mechanical, covered in spines that almost appear alive, but are made of hardened brass. It is tipped with a huge, rune-etched blade of capable of slicing vehicles in half. The left arm is akin to that from a gargantuan Flamer of Tzeentch, fleshy and mutable. It vomits forth great gouts of warp flame, and creatures and vehicles alike are either altered or destroyed under these iridescent fires.

As well as the fact that it shares similar properties of the Soul Grinder, the Auruntaur also posses the giant claws but on a immense scale. Due to the very nature of Tzeentch, the Auruntaur can swap out its weapons with the normal giant claw of a Soul Grinder.


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