The Brazen Beasts

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The Brazen Beasts
Brazen Beasts Icon.png
Battle Cry Panzer Vor! probably
Origin Golden Blades
Base of Operations Oblivion Shadow (Space Hulk)
Specialty Berzerker assaults supplemented by Daemon Engines
Allegiance Khorne, The Caged God
Colours Maroon with brass trim, with crimson helmets and pauldrons

The Brazen Beasts are a Chaos Space Marine warband dedicated to Khorne, serving as the obligatory Khornate example of a renegade chapter that's not one of the traitor legions. Rather than the typical horde of blood-crazed madmen rushing headlong into the enemy and getting cut down by anything vaguely gun-shaped before they can get into melee range, the Brazen Beasts adopt the rather reasonable tactic of mechanized assaults. Utilizing daemon engines as the spearhead of their assault, the actual marines of the Brazen Beasts ride up behind their engines in transports, as proper mechanized infantry should, and jump out to assault targets that have been sufficiently softened up by the heavy weaponry of their daemon engines. The warband's reliance on these daemonic vessels has resulted in them becoming something of an object of worship, chiefly among them is a Lord of Skulls called the Caged God, which the Brazen Beasts Warpsmiths communicate with for guidance on who they should be killing currently. Also unusual for Khornate marines is the Brazen Beasts do maintain a degree of organization beyond just whoever is best at killing being listened to, the warband are effectively lead by the Warpsmiths who create their daemon engines and act on the will of the Caged God, and individual marines are still organized into properly numbered squads. Squad numbers are given as tally marks on individual marines' helmets, these tallies are made either by carving the lines directly into the ceramite plate, or are painted on using powdered bone as pigment.

As with all Chaos warbands, they were once loyal to the Imperium, in this case the Brazen Beasts used to be a garrison of Space Marines from a chapter known as the Golden Blades. At some point during M37, a Golden Blades garrison force on the planet Ghahalla came under attack by a daemonic incursion. Someone had the bright idea to try and use blood runes to contain the daemons inside their own vehicles, stopping the daemonic incursion, but simultaneously resulting in the marines resorting to chaos magic and acquiring a sizable arsenal of daemon engines. It's unknown if any Golden Blades were not involved in this Khornate blood orgy, how they might feel about this whole affair, and what the official status of the chapter is nowadays.

Their legion trait and stratagem suck, and are only good at herohammering their warlord. Play at your own risk.

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