The Carlisian Shock Troops

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ExirusGuardsman.jpgThis article is about an Imperial Army formation from the /tg/ Heresy project, a fan re-working of the Warhammer 40k universe.

Carlisian Shock Troops
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Homeworld Carlisar IV
Doctrine Airland Battle
Signature Equipment Solid Projectile Weapons, Drop Ships, Assault Gunships, Grav-Chutes, Heavy Stubbers
Colors Pale and Dark Blue, Silver and Dark Metallics

The Carlisian Shock Troops were an Imperial Army force, notable for being the first Auxilia raised outside of the Solar System to join the Great Crusade. They were justly renowned for their strictly drilled infantry and tank formations, elite drop troop squads, and deadly aircraft.


Carlisian regiments come from a proud and time honored military background. They focus on combined-arms tactics that have stood the test of history. Infantry and armor are supported by gunship strafing runs and bombings. Drop squads perform a particularly important role, carrying out raids behind enemy lines, defensive drops to prop up crumbling battle lines and flanking maneuvers.

The bulk of a Carlisian fighting force is infantry. Their formations are mostly autogun riflemen supported by infantry-borne heavy weapons such as heavy stubber machine guns and man-portable missile launchers. The infantry take the brunt of the enemy assault, and are used to dig in positions or smash enemy formations. Each regiment has one or more tank squadrons that act as mobile armored support. Carlisian officers are generally intelligent with their armor, not merely throwing the tanks at obvious threats but using these mobile forces to turn flanks and exploit their opponents' weaknesses. The final and most crucial part of the Carlisian order of battle is the air component, which includes both drop troops and assault craft.

Carlisian dropships can carry an absolute maximum of 25 soldiers and their gear. These craft are equipped with support weapons such as heavy bolters and frag missile launchers, and are designed with maneuverability and survivability as a priority. Dropships that have delivered their payload are capable of providing tactical fire support roles to cover the landing troops and have the ability to perform battlefield extractions. Carlisian drop troopers rightfully claim to be the best of the best, as they recruit from among the veterans of their regiments. These elite fighting men are deployed from low altitude into the areas where they can have the most impact. The nature of warfare imposes high attrition rates on drop troopers, but this is taken as a point of pride among Carlisian soldiers. Being transferred to the drop companies is a great honor.

The assault component contains a variety of aircraft. Some are dedicated dog-fighting craft armed with lascannons and guided missile systems. Specialised bombers a variety of explosive payloads and automatic weapons to pepper enemy ground formations. Carlisian pilots are a force to be reckoned with and increase the fighting potential of the regiment massively. Without their air element, Carlisian regiments are dependable but relatively static. Integral air support is what makes them into some of the best fighting forces in the Imperial Army. In addition to their role in planetary conflicts, the skill of Carlisian pilots has often been a difference-maker in void combat.

Homeworld and History[edit]

Carlisar IV
Future industrial city by silberius-d4j3d8w.jpg

Hive World

Orbital radius

4.06AU ± 0.23AU




120 billion





Sub Sector




The Carlisar system lies in the Segmentum Solar, not so very far from ancient Terra. Carlisar IV is the primary habitable world of the Carlisar system. The date of its colonization is now lost to history, but humans have dwelt in its hives for many centuries, protected from occasional radioactive outbursts from Carlisar's mighty star. It is popular among Carlisians to blame their sun for the wretched state of the lands between Carlisar IV's hives, but in truth the ecological devastation was wrought by human hands. Although Carlisar IV was not devastated by the outbreak of the Age of Strife, the breakdown of interstellar trade threatened the hivers with mass starvation. A desperate program of agricultural colonization on Carlisar III ultimately resolved the food situation, but billions died as a result of famine - and on the new colony itself. Prior to the Age of Strife, Carlisar III had been considered too inhospitable for human settlement due to its vicious local flora and fauna, but in hard times hard decisions were made. At great cost of life, the death world was broken to the plow and in theory the Carlisar system was nearly self sufficient.

Unfortunately, the shortages on Carlisar IV had destabilized its once-popular government. Those who controlled subterranean farms leveraged their assets into aristocratic privilege, and then fell to fighting among themselves over who would reign the planet as monarch. Over the centuries, tyrants would arise and then fall victim to the squabbling nobles, but neither tyranny nor anarchy held any good for the common people. The only constant on Carlisar IV was that the poor lived close to the surface and suffered, while the rich dwelt safe below. Ironically, salvation from human-inflicted misery would come along with invasion by Xenos.

Late in M28, WAAAGH! Blackgut swept into the Carlisar system. Blackgut's forces were not immense, as the long cold of Old Night had chilled the flames of war across the Galaxy - and with them, the Ork race. But Mork and Gork still called out to the hearts of their savage children to go forth across the void and bring violence to other peoples. Blackgut certainly delivered a great tribute to his gods on Carlisar IV. Although the nobles of the planet first attempted to draw their soldiers back from the surface, leaving commoners to be slaughtered by greenskins, this cowardly act provoked a coup. The common soldiers and junior officers of the armies were mainly drawn from the lower classes and they refused to abandon their kin. Senior officers attempting to enforce order were frequently shot and once the bloody coup began the army ran riot through the noble districts, carrying out a slaughter hardly less ferocious than that the Orks promised.

Captain Valmir Aschen, backed by the leaders of rebel forces across Carlisar IV, declared himself President for the Duration of the Emergency. Under his dictatorship, Carlisar's soldiers fought a desperate holding action while the full resources of the Hive World were mobilised for war against the invading Orks. Subterranean palaces and estates were converted into shelters for the population, while the ramshackle of the surface structures were converted into fortresses and barracks. Civilian industry beyond the bare necessities for life ceased to be, but Aschen was never seen to live above his people. The President's clothes were patched when cloth became scarce, and his cheeks were hollow during lean harvests. But his eyes were ever-bright with a fierce will to triumph over the invaders. According to Carlisar IV's histories, the war against the Orks lasted for eight long years before Warlord Blackgut was finally slain. The huge Ork's trukk was bombed to pieces, his body was crushed by a Carlisian tank, and finally infantrymen stabbed him to death with their bayonets. Blackgut's bleached skull was hung as a trophy in the office of the president, the only luxury that Aschen ever permitted himself.

With the WAAAGH! broken by loss of its leader, it was thought that Carlisar IV could find a new normal. The Emergency's duration seemed to have come to an end, and many wondered if Valmir Aschen would step down. The emergence of Savage Orks in the polluted badlands of Carlisar IV put an end to such speculation. Nothing would ever put a final end to the Greenskin menace, and when Aschen's will to victory could no longer keep his body alive the military appointed another President - for the Duration of the Emergency. Never the less, the defeat of Blackgut brought about some improvement in the conditions of life. Civilian goods reappeared and if rationing remained in force, hunger was banished from the world.

By the time Rogue Trader Militant Vuthros Khan rediscovered the Carlisar system in 808.M30, even conscription had been abolished, though a powerful volunteer military remained. Then-President for the Duration of the Emergency Clinton Adams welcomed the Emperor's reluctant herald and received the news of a war for the unification of the Galaxy with rapture. Adams declared that generations of Carlisians had died for that same goal, that sacrifice for the future of mankind was in the blood and bones of every Carlisian, and that those alive today would gladly put themselves at the service of the Great Crusade. The Rogue Trader's report back to the War Council was greeted with incredulous surprise and several months later the First Expedition Fleet, led by the Emperor of Mankind himself and accompanied by the master of the Imperial Army Gufarnus Altmakar, arrived at Carlisar IV to secure its compliance. The spot where Clinton Adams surrendered rule of the planet to the Emperor was preserved for future generations, and the master of the Imperium was so impressed by the martial valor of Carlisar that he claimed the first six regiments of its Shock Troops for his own. Since being graced by the Imperial person, Carlisar IV has made a point of delivering as many regiments as the world can sustain, always exceeding its tithe obligations.

Notable Regiments and Shock Troopers[edit]

Notable Regiments

  • 1st Carlisian Shock Troops, "Big Blue One" The 1st Carlisian were the first men from beyond the Solar System to serve in the Emperor's armies, and for two centuries they justified that honor with their martial prowess and selfless valor. Though at first they were deployed in reserve and security roles, as the Great Crusade went on and ordinary men shouldered more of the burden of the fighting the 1st saw action under the Emperor's own command in battles across the Galaxy. When humanity's master retired from the Great Crusade to ancient Terra, Big Blue One went with him and stood guard at humanity's birthplace. The regiment was utterly destroyed in the final battle against Hektor Cincinnatus, but its standard has flown from the Imperial Palace ever since.
  • 2nd Carlisian Shock Troops, "The Sigilite's Own" Like their brothers from the 1st Carlisian, the 2nd served in the Emperor's own First Expedition Fleet. However, when the Hektor Heresy erupted, they did not remain on watch on Terra. Instead, the 2nd accompanied Malcador the Sigilite in his quest for a cadre of men and Astartes who could be entrusted with humanity's future. It is generally accepted - among those few who know even this much - that the 2nd Carlisian gave their lives so that Malcador's mission could succeed, but through the ages it has been speculated that one of the first Inquisitors came from among this heroic regiment.

Notable Shock Troopers

Corporal Stewie Parker
  • Corporal Stewart "Stewie" Parker, b. 969.M30 (Carlisar IV), d. 044.M31 (Carlisar IV). Enlisted men rarely rise to fame. Enlisted men who work in signals are even less likely to become prominent. Understanding that, it would be fair to say that unlikeliness was Stewie Parker's strong suit. He was born four weeks premature and given poor odds to survive, scraped his way through Carlisar IV's public education system and found himself with military service as his only prospect of any real value to society. The enlistment officer predicted that he'd drop out within a day, one week tops. Instead, Parker served in the Shock Troops throughout the last two decades of the Great Crusade, the seven years of the Hektor Heresy, and the seven years of the Scouring, before accepting retirement at the age of 52. He was decorated several times for exemplary conduct, but rarely had to use his sidearm. Once back on Carlisar IV, he published his memoirs and helped to produce engaging vid-narratives based on his books. The humour and liveliness of Parker's experiences, combined with his ability to make the immense, galaxy-spanning events of the period immediately understandable to people, made him a sector-wide celebrity. Parker served several terms as a minor municipal figure on his homeworld and was awarded several honorary degrees from the universities of Carlisar. After Parker's death, time and the rigours of Imperial censorship slowly reduced the amount of his work available to the public. Nonetheless, even in the forty-first millenium it is not uncommon to find Imperial Guardsmen or Navymen spending their idle hours being entertained by the recollections of the irrepressible Corporal Parker.

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