The Consortium (Warhammer 40,000)

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The Consortium
Battle Cry Unknown
Origin Emperor's Children and other traitor legions
Warband Leader Fabius Bile
Base of Operations Urum
Strength Unknown
Specialty Apothecaries and general sickfuckery.
Allegiance Themselves
Colours Various
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The Consortium is Fabulous Bill's warband of apothecaries and "scientists", that was created after a certain swell guy was given a flamer and a certain less swell guy crashed a ship into the Emperor's Children's party planet. Safe to say that these ladies and gentlemen are the sickest fucks to be found this side of Commoragh and Slaanesh's Palace.

His Merry Mengele Brigade[edit]

Bile spends most of his time trolling around the galaxy with his crew of fellow chaos apothecaries and hangers-on aboard his own bio-hybrid Gladius Frigate Vesalius.

  • Arrian Zorzi - former World Eater and Fabius' right hand man. Eerily calm for one of Angron's gene-sons, which he maintains via a combination of meditation, chemical treatments, and occasional murder sprees to let some pressure off. As with all World Eater apothecaries, he's an extremely good melee fighter.
  • Honourable Tzimiskes Flay - A rare Iron Warrior apothecary and amateur Techmarine. Doesn't talk. Ever. As he took an oath of silence. Specializes in cybernetic enhancement and integrating biological components into robots. Got killed during the battle of Craftworld Lugganeth
  • Oleander Koh - Emperor's Children Apothecary and a former personal pupil of Fabius. Tries to scheme his way into getting Fabius to rejoin the full legion. Did this by trying to make deals with Harlequins, like a fool. He eventually told Fabius about his grand plan, and his master reciprocated this by disowning and marooning him on Craftworld Lungganeth as Fabius' forces escaped. His fate is unknown, although its more than likely he was super-murdered by the craftworld's forces or the clown goblins he was making a deal with.
  • Skalagrim Phar - Former Sons of Horus Apothecary and majorly unpopular in both the Consortium and Black Legion. Prefers doing surgery Cthonian style. With a chainaxe. Fabius keeps him around because he still has connections to the Black Legion and Abaddon.
  • Khorag Sinj - Former Gravewarden and one of the very few Death Guard apothecaries. Is rather jolly and convivial for a Death Guard, let alone a traitor marine. Specializes in, obviously, plagues and diseases. Manages to do his work whilst in Cataphractii plate. Also has a pet beast of Nurgle called Pazuuz that he treats like a fucking labrador. Surprisingly, he and Fabius are on particularly lukewarm terms; their relationship is about as casual as two office workers who occasionally does small talk with each other over the water cooler.
  • Saqqara Ur-Damak Thresh - Word Bearer Diabolist. Not an apothecary or a member of Fabius's Consortium. Was the leader of a Dark Council sanctioned assassination party that tried to kill Fabius (according to Josh, he was sent out to die). Saqqara was the only survivor and Fabius forced him into service by lacing his body with hundreds of creatively nasty deathtraps that depend on Fabius to keep from going off. As such, he's used as an extremely reluctant occult expert and verbal sparring partner for Fabius.
  • Savona - A mortal champion of Chaos and former planetary governor's daughter. Managed to rise high in the narcissistic ranks of the Emperor's Children, which is quite an achievement considering she started as a mere mortal. Wears adapted power armour and has hooves. She had a rough start with Fabius due to conflicted loyalties but now sticks with him because his line of work is a lot more interesting than anything else going on.
  • Igori - Matriarch of Fabius's gland hounds and substitute daughter to him after Melusine fucked off into the Warp. He seems to have a genuine soft spot for her as she represents the first stages of his goals to help humanity survive the galaxy. She's tough as nails too, seeing as Gland Hounds operate on a pack mentality and Igori has defeated all challengers for at least a few centuries.
  • Cesare - Another former apothecary pupil of Fabius's. Specialises in combat drugs, which prompted him to hook up with Lucius's warband and be their live-in chem cook. Has a weirdly unscarred, handsome face, which is somehow more off-putting nowadays since the Emperors Children decided that scar tissue was the hot look. Fabius also uses him to keep an eye on Lucius.


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