The Daghdha

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The Daghdha
2E: Celtic shield
5E: Bubbling cauldron or shield
Alignment Chaotic Good
Divine Rank Greater God
Pantheon Celtic
Portfolio Crops, weather
Domains Nature, Trickery
Home Plane Mag Mell (Outlands, Tir na Nog)
Worshippers Druids, farmers
Favoured Weapon Club

The Daghdha, also known as Eochaid Ollathair and The Dozen King, is the leader of the Celtic pantheon and the oldest child of the goddess Danu.


The Dozen King is a trickster and generally happy-go-lucky. He enjoys being comical, but can become stern when needed. He keeps watch over both the Celtic people as well the gods and their followers, regardless of their alignment, and will act protect their well-being.

The Daghdha's Priesthood[edit]

The Daghdha's priests were all druids, who dressed in an unusual manner to draw attention to themselves but generally kept to themselves, gathering in large numbers only when important ceremonies were held. Their main duty was the creation of new standing stones with which to track the seasons and exercise their magical powers.

Mechanics-wise, The Daghdha's speciality priests were the same as druids in 2nd edition, having the same prerequisites and restrictions, but gained the ability to accurately predict the weather on week in advance at 1st level, and at 8th level the ability to cast Heroes Feast once per day.

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Ravenloft Daghda[edit]

Alignment Chaotic Good
Divine Rank Unknown
Pantheon Ravenloft
Portfolio Fertility
Domains Good, Plant, Trickery
Home Plane Unknown
Worshippers Forfarians, Tepestani
Favoured Weapon Club

Daghda, as The Daghdha is known as in the Demiplane of Dread, is worshipped differently depending on where exactly you are.

In the realm of Forlorn, Daghda is the god of fertility and the chieftain of the gods, and is one of the two gods the druids worship. He's often associated with the oak faction, who believe that balnce can be restored to the land by bringing in more good-aligned creatures.

In the realm of Tepest, Daghda is the goddess of fertility, the mistress of untamed wilderness, consort to the god Lugh, and one of three creators of the fey. Daghda is seen as being a dark and simple-minded reflection of Brigantia, though not an evil one, merely a misguided one.

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