The Dangers of Google

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This is a companion fluff story for the /tg/ homebrew game Server Crash.

It was one of the smaller webforts, known as TvTropes, that made the breakthrough discovery: One of their external links turned out to lead straight into Google. It was the only website that had the power to reliably and safely open entirely new links to the web, allowing people to travel across the Internet in previously unknown speeds, instantly saving days or even weeks worth of journey.Theoretically. It turned out, in fact, that Google had become a dark, twisted, constantly changing void, and a hive to some of the most terrible beasts imaginable. When TvTropes first opened the link, they were assaulted by unknown horrors, resulting in death of thousands. Since then, this link became possibly the most well-guarded in the entire web: No one could pass without a specific permission from the Webmaster of TvTropes. But no one could deny that Google was a decisive breakthrough, and if its powers could ever be harnessed safely, people everywhere could finally unite into the great dominant force they once were. Therefore, they mounted an expedition force: A large group of well-armed, well-disciplined, highly experienced veteran explorers.

Only one of them ever reached Wikipedia, and he was almost driven insane by the experience. But thanks to his efforts, and the sacrifices made by his comrades, a permanent link was opened between Wikipedia and TvTropes, the first and even today the only time two webforts were directly linked to each other.

Since then, several more links have been discovered around the web that lead straight to Google. They are extremely dangerous, and many smaller settlements are utterly annihilated following the discovery (and of course, they can't see it coming, since external links are still random). Regardless, Google attracts adventurers to this day, but few who wander there ever come back.