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Look at his golden smarmy smug-ass face.
Hello there my little puppet!
- The Deceiver being the Dickhead like usual

I am not saying anything, I am SCREAMING! In the midst of this GALACTICAL SHIT-CACOPHONY that these spoiled, entitled planet-spawns have wrung out, I am the only one SCREAMING OUT against the fate this galaxy is encroaching upon!
- The Deceiver, lying... or maybe not?

"Lies cannot succeed without some perception of honesty"

– Aniekee Tochukwu


Mephet'ran; more commonly known by such nicknames as The Deceiver, the Jackal God, the Golden One*, the almighty Golden Six Pack, straight-up an IDIOT, Todd Howard and the Master of Trolling is the Necron's answer to Tzeentch, and Cegorach's best drinking buddy as well as something of an expy of Nyarlathotep. He is one of the main C'tan gods with some relevance alongside the Nightbringer and the Void Dragon. He is known as one of the greatest Trolls of Warhammer and is actively competing with Tzeentch and Cegorach on who can pull off the greatest lulz. He alongside the aforementioned two are some of the key players of the Emprah's super psychic cosmic eternal strip poker and has been at this game since the days before even the stars had formed and all the other players were little more than scattered high energy particles in the first epochs of the universe after the big bang.

During the War in Heaven he alongside Cegorach made a deal with each other on creating a plan so dickish and so trollish that it would help break the universe itself. The plan was to convince the Nightbringer and the Outsider as well as the other C'tan gods that if they ate each other due to their immense powers, they would stand on top as the greatest beings in the galaxy. Of course being the idiots that they are, the other C'tan gods completely fell for it. With the old ones essentially beaten at this point and the C'tan squabbling for the spoils, the Necrons, with Szarekh tired of all the horror of the galaxy's greatest war, ashamed that he sold his people's souls, and seeing that reality was splitting at the seams as the C'tan and Old Ones tore apart the Materium and the Warp decided he had to do something if they were to have a future beyond being the slaves of lovecraftian gods. As the C'tan were busy eating each other and the armies of the old ones cowered and hid, Szarekh went "Fuck this" and shattered the remaining C'tan into pieces with an unknown weapon that was said to cause damage to the very fabric of reality itself after slaughtering the remaining old ones, ridding the galaxy of the influence of both factions of gods.

The Deceiver, is claimed by some to be shattered alongside his C'tan brothers which he possibly did not intend and possibly spends the remaining of his life being mocked by the giant blue bird and the laughing clown. On the other hand he may have pulled of a dastardly move that possibly fooled everyone into thinking that he was turned into a glorified Pokemon if the various contacts/shenanigans between him and the IoM, Eldar, Blackstone Fortresses, Failbaddon and others are reported as truth. The last possibility is that getting sharded was intentional because it now means that he can be in a billion places at once. Battlefleet Gothic: Armada seems to hint that his sharding was actually a deception and that he's very much fully functional. Deception from the Deceiver? Who would have guessed! Though to be fair, what better way to have a free hand to manipulate the galaxy than for everyone to be convinced you're no longer a factor at play? A significantly powerful shard pretended to be one of the missing Alpha Legion primarchs but it's deception was rumbled by an equally sneaky exiled Necron and everything went tits up.

He also plays Paradox-Billiards-Vostroyan-Roulette-Fourth Dimensional-Hypercube-Chess-Strip Poker with The Emperor, Tzeentch, Cegorach, and Creed.


  • Magnificent golden six pack.
  • Convinced his brother C'tan to eat each other
  • Spearheaded the Necrontyr being roboticized into Necrons
  • Manipulated a society (though there was no mention of its species) called the Silvae into worshiping him so that they could be turned into Necrons. They ended up getting purged but such was of little consequential loss to him.
  • Has been secretly manipulating the Imperium of Man's hierarchy through shape shifting. A Callidus assassin was sent to kill him (in his guise as a governor after committing a fair deal of heresy) but failed as she stabbed him, only to find to her horror that he simply absorbed her C'tan phase sword as if it were a lost part of him returning home. To add insult to injury, the Deceiver commented on how the Callidus polymorphine drug "gives human essence such a delicate flavouring" and sent her soul in shame to the afterlife.
  • Gives Abby an awesome demon stick so that not only it will be even harder to Sindri him, he will continue to be manipulated by the Deceiver.
  • Possibly started the Gothic War/12th Black crusade by telling Abby about the Blackstone fortresses while disguised as a crone (or the old crone was Moriana and she was informed about the fortresses by the deceiver). This was done to take the powerful warp weapons out of the picture so that they could not be used against the C'tan (like him) in the future while also weakening the Imperium of Man at the same time by having the traitor legions and Imperium bleed each other dry. Further supported by the ending of the Battlefleet Gothic: Armada game, which also gave him his first ever bit of voice acting.
  • With the Void Dragon sealed in Mars, the Deceiver is now the most powerful C'tan despite being shattered into pieces. Despite this should even a few shards combined together...
  • The "Deceiver"
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On the Tabletop[edit]

The Deceiver got rules for 9th edition. He's still got 9 wounds and Necrodermis, meaning he gets a 4++ and can lose only three wounds a phase. Just like Aza'gorod has Drain Life and Mag'ladroth has Matter Absorption, Mephet'ran is no different. He gets Misdirection, which is just -1 to hit against him. He's also the only C'tan to get a deep-striking pass. He also has Grand Illusion- which allows you to take three Necrons units off the board in turn 1 and put them into Strategic Reserves for free. As for powers of the C'tan- he knows one of the standard 6, and he knows Cosmic Insanity- roll a d6 and add that to 10 (the C'tan's Ld). Your opponent rolls a d6 and adds that to their Ld- the target suffers the difference in mortal wounds. This is really fun when Flayed Ones are involved- they have a -2 Ld aura around them, so that's an additional 2 MWs on top of the difference. Aside from his powers, he attacks by literally punching his opponents. His only weapon is his golden fists, which are S6 Ap-3 D3. Of course, you can pay the 2 CP to give your opponent the middle finger and say "No invulns today."

DoW Soulstorm[edit]

Similar to the Nightbringer, the Necron Lord in Soulstorm can turn into a manifestation of the Deceiver. It couldn't dish out nearly as much damage as the Nightbringer, but was still invincible and could do a bunch of decieve-y stuff like temporarily take control of an enemy squad or create a fake monolith. The ability shared cooldown timers with the Nightbringer ability, but was considered overpowered regardless.

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