The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

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The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion is the fourth game in the Elder Scrolls main series. It follows the Hero of Kvatch, who has the distinction of, along with the Hero of Daggerfall, as being a normal person rather than the chosen one of the god(s). As all main titles go, the game starts out with you being released from prison, but rather than being saved by divine fortune or fate, you just happen to be seen by the Emperor who happens to think you were somebody he saw in a dream once, maybe.

Oblivion might be most the most and the least skubtastic game of the Elder Scrolls franchise. On one hand, despite spawning many memes and being the first game for many devout players, it is largely deemed as a forgettable and unimportant title in comparison to the epic world building and nostalgia of Morrowind and the cultural mainstream of Skyrim. Despite this, it is largely regarded as the best TES game in terms of quests, with the factions being far more moving than any of main series game and the main adventure being just as cosmic as Morrowind, while both streamlining the experience (without diluting it like Skyrim), and making it seem, all the way until the end, that you are just the middle man; you aren't the savior or the chosen one, the guy you're guarding and helping, Martin Septim, the last of a legendary line of Emperors with the blood of the God of Akatosh himself, is.

Tl;dr Might or might not be your favorite TES game. If it's not, you're either lost in nostalgia or are 12.