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This page is about the Warhammer Fantasy Battle End Times. For the the WH40K fanfic by Wat, see End Times (Warhammer 40,000).

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The End Times was a series of supplements for the 8th edition of Warhammer Fantasy (although in many ways it's like a new edition). It combined a whole bunch of armies together, introduced new characters and units, and added a whole bunch of supplementary rules. Oh, and it destroyed the Warhammer World. Just, like, the whole fucking thing.

Basically, Nagash rises again (fun times for the undead factions), the Elven Civil War finally ends (with surprising results), the Lady of the Lake is finally revealed to be Lileath (but we knew that all along, didn't we?) who has all kinds of schemes in play (just like everybody else), Skaven rise up and destroy Lustria (by blowing up Morrslieb the Chaos Moon) and much of the rest of the world, Archaon goes Storm of Chaos on the Empire and gives it a thorough thrashing; and then everything's swallowed up by Chaos and destroyed (and a whole bunch more besides!).

But, to make a really damn long story short, everybody's dead. Except the Lizardmen, the Skaven and Sigmar (yes, Sigmar returns, big surprise). This leads into Age of Sigmar™®©, available now in a Games Workshop store near you!

With the release of the End Times, both Storm of Chaos and Warhammer Online are now officially non-canon.

The End Times also expanded upon the general design of the Warhammer universes, and created a sort of canon Warhammer Meta-Setting, which defines both universes as parts of eternal cycles of destruction, rebirth and so on.

And, in case you can't tell, the End Times is skubtastic as shit.


A precedent: Storm of Chaos[edit]

The last time an event such as this happened, Storm of Chaos, the "Forces of Chaos" were set to trump everything in the setting and usher in unending darkness/oblivion. Games Workshop set up fan games to decide how the story was set to go, which were meant to enforce the status quo by both sides winning and losing equally... except Chaos lost horribly time after time regardless of who they were matched against (in fact, the only faction in the "Forces of Chaos" that made meaningful gains was the Tomb Kings who were attached for a very flimsy fluff reason). To try and keep up the narrative and let Chaos gain some ground GW decided to write their own version where Archaon somehow managed to appear outside the gates of Middenheim despite having not been able to break out of his starting area while the Tomb Kings apparently just screwed off back to Nehekhara. Even THIS battle he lost. Rather than have the Empire triumph over the Warriors of Chaos, GW wrote a story in which a single Orc warboss sneak attacked Archaon with a headbutt to the dick and thereby defeated the entire chaos army.

Setting the stage[edit]

For End Times GW selected more characters as movers and shakers while in Storm each faction was more or less represented only by a few characters (some like the High Elf leader Sea Lord Aislinn just being an excuse to get the army into the event) and every faction was fully involved in at least one book ALMOST down to the last named character (many most nearly ALL of whom die). The primary players are Nagash (a THE lich who plans to make all life into unlife, then invade the Warp and become a THE Chaos God) who represents the Undead along with Vlad von Carstein as his second in command and only serving so Nagash will resurrect Isabella von Carstein, Chaos led by Archaon who plans to bring about the end of all things (including Chaos) to escape his fate with Be'lakor as the plotter and architect of everything happening (or so he says, and because he has a mega-boner for the apocalypse), Malekith in charge of all Elves united in one army (we Eldar now) and Alarielle who has merged with Ariel and Isha to become one supreme queen of the Elves (thanks to the manipulations of Lileath, the only surviving Elf god who is creating a new universe (more on that below)), Gilles de Breton and Karl Franz having both ascended as God King and God Emperor of Bretonnia and Empire respectively (although the entire former faction was wiped out offscreen in a spectacular show of "They died on their way back to their home planet" storytelling), Grimgor Ironhide and Skarsnik as the champions/avatars of Gork and Mork (or possibly Mork and Gork) respectively, and Ungrim Ironfist as the only surviving Dwarf King (as well as a Dwarf so badass, rather than become the only non-Chaos Dwarf Wizard he became a whole Lore of Magic itself, Fire, at least temporarily).

Major characters were killed every other page,while others were resurrected or brought back into modern fluff for the event just to die again. Butthurt and excitement was known throughout the land at each reveal. On the chopping block was every special character from 8th edition who did not have a model and even some who did right up until the finale where rocks fell and everyone died.

One of the biggest lore bombs dropped in the event was the fact that the Warhammer Fantasy universe is not the first universe of Warhammer Fantasy that has existed; rather, Games Workshop applied the "Crisis On Infinite Earths" (google it if you aren't a /co/ type) with some Elder Scrolls elements and said that the gods of this universe were the survivors of the universe that came before it, which was consumed by Chaos and that this cycle of death and rebirth has been going on for awhile. Asuryan, Isha, Kurnous, Lileath, Khaine, and others (those being the only confirmed ones) escaped the destruction of the last world, and in their own ways sought to protect this one. Where the Old Ones fit into the whole thing is unknown, as are deities like Morr and Shallya. After the death of literally every other Elf god (a few by her design), Lileath sets her plan in motion to create the next world by sending her favorite mortal (and lover) Araloth to become the new Asuryan as well as their children to be the rest of the pantheon as well as Eldyra (who may or may not be an Elf Vampire now) who begins by establishing a proper Elf afterlife (with souls of Elves from this universe) to keep the next world safe from Slaanesh to a degree (we NOT Eldar), and sent all the Bretonnians she showed favor on (because-SURPRISE-Lileath is the Lady of the Lake) to become the next human pantheon. She then shacks up with the former king of Bretonnia (love CAN bloom, but only in the face of death) and prepares to rip Slaanesh's throat out on the way down...although there's implications this world's gods (or at least Khaine) will resurrect in the next world too. This world however may have been destroyed, as Lileath loses contact with it before the final battle of the old world.

The books add new stuff to the game, from special scenarios to new rules, even new units or completely new armies.

  • Nagash provides the Undead Legion, a combination of Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings (plus some unique options and mechanics) that harkens back to older editions, before the two Undead forces were split in the first place. Weaknesses were removed, and very high-point characters were added (at the cost of a few like Kemmler and Settra).
  • Glottkin gives us the Legions of Chaos, another editional throwback that merges Warriors of Chaos, Daemons, and Beastmen into a singular force, with some more unique options, mechanics, and new Nurgle focused units and characters.
  • Khaine gives us three different armies, each based on some merging of the forces of the Asur, Druchii, and Asrai armies into one. Though this is of a similar theme to the Undead Legion and the Legions of Chaos, this is actually not possessed of historical precedence. The three specific forces are the Aestyrion (defiant High Elf and Khaine-worshipping Dark Elf forces under Tyrion and Morathi), the Host of the Phoenix King (High Elves and Wood Elves who have submitted to the new dark Phoenix King with loyalist Dark Elf forces under Malekith) and the Host of the Eternity King (all three armies united). Only Eternity King is believed to carry into core, as it is the combined force of the survivors of the prior two.
  • Thanquol lacks armies entirely but does give new unit formations for several armies, a bundle of new Skaven models, and a new version of a Dwarf special character, Ungrim Ironfist.
  • Archaon is about the final battle for the world, with the Incarnates uniting and seeking to beat the forces of Chaos or harm them on the way out. The final rulebook, Archaon, states it overrides the core rules with a new set of rules, when using End Times rules and/or End Times Army Lists (To represent the final, desperate battle against Chaos): there are no longer limits on how many points can be spent in any category, and removes core requirements of 25%. Armies can have as many duplicate models as they want, and can even have Battle Standards in the plural. Army Generals no longer need be a Lord or Hero if you have none, a Unit Champion, and if you have none of those you just elect a redshirt model to become General (so your General can be "Private Johndoe McScarlettunic, water-fetcher for the cook" if nobody with a bigger hat is around). Any merged army from End Times is core, and any Storm of Magic Bound Monsters can be fielded. Keep in mind, the End Times rules state that End Times rules only are used if one of the players own them and wants to use them - This is optional. If you have a friend that wants it and you don't, just refuse to play him. It expands the Legions of Chaos to the Grand Legion of the Everchosen, which is basically Legions + Skaven.

Apocalypse Now[edit]

On October 22, 2014 Games Workshop officially made End Times: Nagash a part of vanilla Warhammer Fantasy, making the combo armies and all new rules and rule updates legitimate. End Times: Khaine also included the detail that any player in possession of a copy of End Times: Khaine may force the players to use the magic rules from the book, making you hate people with dosh to throw around even more. Archaon, as previously stated, made the rules a complete free-for-all in terms of what models you can afford.

Warhammer Fantasy, as it has been known since being published, ended in the fluffbook for Archaon where a third Warp Gate was activated beneath Middenheim causing the world to destabilize and be pulled into the Warp, with Sigmar (not Valten, SIGMAR HIMSELF) and Archaon wrestling for Ghal Maraz into the darkness while Khalida and Neferata held hands as their armies defended the last of Humanity and the Halflings for as long as they could. The Chaos Gods ravaged the world until they became bored and focused on other Warhammer worlds, and the Warhammer Fantasy setting ended with a "mysterious figure" taking hold of the last speck of light and finding the core of a new world. With that on the very last page, every army in Warhammer Fantasy at once was squatted until further notice. Armies immediately went for sale on eBay, and "Warhammer Fantasy General" threads quickly devolved into "Muh waifu/husbando! NO!" and discussions about what other tabletop games are worth getting into.

Playing The End Times[edit]

Each End Times release made sweeping changes to both the lore and rules of the game. The competitive scene were particularly divided at the time of release: the official Games Workshop stance was that the vanilla rules were acceptable although if a player was in possession of any End Times book, the changed rules took precedent. It was assumed that official GW events would use the End Times rules (though that was barely the case, as a new setting and game soon replaced it). Non-official events shrugged and kept using the basic rules for the most part - the End Times books were expensive and unwieldy, and, if you ask some people, filled with issues and inconsistencies.

Many players simply shrugged and used simple rules like "50% Lords and Heroes" which didn’t require the purchase of anything and waited until 9th edition... Which, as you probably know, never happened.

If you got beaten over the head with a mallet and suddenly got the idea to play End Times nowadays... Well good luck at least. Most people have moved on to either Age of Sigmar or to one of the several fanmade Warhammer Fantasy rulesets, with none of them wishing to look back to these rules.

The Fluff[edit]

End Times fluff was thought to be the last that "Ward Save" had ever written for Games Workshop prior to his departure, though he has since returned. In particular the bulk of End Times: Khaine was written by him, using the 8th Edition buildup in the new trinity of Elf Army Books he wrote. As one would expect, Skub has been flying non-stop. Also, going by White Dwarf, Phil had a hand in the End Times: Nagash book, arguably the best received and least skubtastic of the set.

Note that there are many contradictions between the novels and the core events in the army books. The Black Library books were meant to cover another side or other plots from the army book, and thus it's difficult to know what is canon and what is not; for example, the writer of the Khaine novel assumed that Eldyra had become a Vampire and had Mannfred refer to her as his kin, when in actuality she had become the avatar of Ereth Khial, the Elf goddess of death. Gav Thorpe said in interviews that the Black Library writers are given bare bones summary of the events of the army book and expected to make up the rest. When further pressed about why Elves, a race on the verge of extinction, can lose what amounts to millions of lives while still having a sizable army he revealed that Games Workshop lore does not utilize number logic (explaining the constant "all the Dark Elves deplete their forces against the High Elves but are ready to attack again one generation later at full strength" lore); there is as many casualties as the story needs to sound impressive, and do not reflect any concrete lore about population. "Elves are a dying race, there's as many as the story needs there to be."

The following summaries assume that, as Games Workshop has stated in the past, "Everything Is Canon (Not Everything Is True)".


  • Malagor had been told by the Gods to stop Nagash's ascension. He did an admirable job of trolling Skeletor's flunkies to prevent his resurrection but ultimately failed (obviously). This was probably due to the vast power difference between the Undead and Beastmen lists, but he still deserves credit for trying.
  • The Beastmen are revealed to have overrun most of Athel Loren to the point that most of the forest died and rotted, while the Tree of Life is revealed to be full of maggots.
  • Taurox The Brass Bull gets put down like a rabid animal by Huntsmarshal Markus Wulfhart after he puts a shot square in Taurox's still-fleshy throat.
  • A bunch of Beastmen participate in the Battle of Altdorf as grunts, led by The Harbinger and Gutrot Spume. During the final battle, the Beastmen chase Martak into the Empire Menagerie, then get roasted by the Imperial Dragon like the redshirts they are.
  • After Ulthuan sinks and Malekith moves his court there (more on that below), the united Elf race (mostly the Dark Elves, bored because Elf on Elf violence is prohibited) purge Athel Loren of most of the Beastmen while Alarielle rezzes the forest mostly as it was before. So basically Beastmen have accomplished nothing but killing nameless mooks, causing Beastmen players to once again consider making like their army and burning Games Workshop stores to the ground after smearing the walls with shit-drawings in the likeness of Sagittarius.
  • Khazrak is killed by Boris Todbringer in the battle for Middenheim, before Boris is torn apart by other Beastmen. So they achieved at least one thing, but that's the equivalent of a drop in the ocean. However...
  • In a move that's as if GW actively hates Beastmen and decided to cancel out their ONE achievement, Malagor the Dark Omen later gets killed by Gregor Martak, the new Supreme Patriarch.
  • According to the epilogue many champions of Chaos were uplifted to Daemonhood. This may include Beastmen, but it is stated no one made any records of those final days.


  • The Lady of the Lake was revealed to have been Lileath all along (no shit Sherlock).
  • Thanks to the machinations of Nagash's servants, a large chunk of the Bretonnian nobility had gone the way of Sylvanian nobility, with vampirism spreading in the ranks and Zombies wandering the countryside in packs.
  • Mallobaude, bastard son of the king, (aka "Not-Mordred") led Bretonnia into a clusterfuck civil war. He was supported by Arkhan the Black while the dukes of Carcassonne, Lyonesse, and Artois rose up in his support.
  • King Louen Leoncoeur fought Mallobaude in battle, and it was initially believed he was killed. He then conquered every Bretonnian city he attacked and killed every opponent who he fought without so much as a scratch.
  • The Green Knight was revealed to be Gilles Le Breton, founder of Bretonnia. Le Breton is functionally immortal, having become the demigod servant of the Lady. He has retaken his place as True (God) King of Bretonnia, and in an uncharacteristic display of things going well for Bretonnia he killed Mallobaude, beat (most of) the undead out of his nation, and prepared to declare Errantry War against the enemies of Bretonnia.
  • Half the peasant population of Bretonnia was wiped out by the war and an ensuing plague, causing Nurgle to become more powerful.
  • Morgiana le Fay, the Fay Enchantress and daughter of the Lady, was led to a sacrificial altar and bled out over a cauldron alongside Aliathra and Volkmar to summon Nagash's spirit.
  • Louen Leoncoeur was informed by the Lady that the Germans are the key to the safety of the world, so he dutifully led a fuckhuge army of Bretonnian Knights Errant (including his own personal RAF of Pegasus Knights) through Athel Loren (slaughtering more Beastmen along the way and paving a way for the newly united Elves to settle) and against the forces of Chaos, saving the Empire (for now).
  • Louen himself died in the temple of Shallya at the hands of Festus the Leechlord, after killing Ku'Gath Plaguefather. Although the blessing of Shallya was unable to so much as harm the Nurglite, holy water/Louen's blood blessed by the Lady melted him into a puddle. Louen died on Shallya's altar, and ascended to godhood after death to become another of the Lady's consorts.
  • Lady Lileath reveals that in the cycle of rebirth, she has planned for her daughter with Araloth to become a mother goddess in the new world, as well as Araloth himself to become the next Asuryan, while the souls of every great Bretonnian who drank from her chalice and her Damsels dwell there to become the next human Pantheon.
  • A giant knight with an unfamiliar accent assists Araloth in establishing the new world and saving Shallya from Nurgle. This is most likely Kaldor Draigo but could possibly a Bretonnian raised Ogre Firebelly with a speech impedime-aw fuck it, it's Draigo. More or less confirmed in a later Age of Sigmar book to be a Stormcast Eternal.
  • After all the Elves moved in next door, the Dark Elf portion began raiding Bretonnia since they aren't allowed to murderrapetorture the High Elves anymore. Though since Orion is no longer raiding Bretonnia (due to now being dead) this works out to about even.
  • With the release of End Times: Thanquol, Bretonnia is stated to has mostly succumbed to the Skavenblight. The knights that participated in the battle of Altdorf are in Averheim with Karl Franz, but leave Athel Loren and the Council after learning the truth about Lileath. Duke Jerrod reveals to Be'lakor the existence of her backup world, possibly ending all remaining hope for the future of the setting.
  • Vlad tells Jerrod as he leaves that Gilles and Abhorash are leading the last of the (loyal) Blood Knights and Grail Knights in a last stand. The Red Duke and a couple of von Carstein underlings are sent with the Bretonnian knights to aid them in whatever way they can. Of course, we get no mention of the absolute ass kicking that Gilles and Abhorash teaming up would deliver.

Chaos Dwarves[edit]

  • Mentioned in one sentence on page 69 of Glottkin. The Craterblades of Talabheim apparently fucked up some K'daii and a Sorcerer Prophet awhile back earning them some street cred. As a result, we know they're at least still canon as having ever existed at all.
  • The Chaos Dwarves breached the Great Bastion of Cathay and had been destroying it along with the Hung marauders and Skaven. They turn portions of it into a fortress that allows them to raid into Cathay without any resistance. They conquer most of the northern provinces before the dragon emperor starts pushing them back. The Fortress at the bastion is destroyed by Grimgor and the hobgoblins and the chaos held territories are taken over by orcs.
  • Grimgor sacked the Dark Lands and most of the Chaos Dwarfs holdings, as revenge for his time as a slave under their cruel lash. He and the ogres free most of the slaves, topple the cities, and win over the loyalty of the dark land tribes. Grimgor, Golgfag and an army of Grimgor's trusted advisers cast down the statue of Hashut and raze Zhar-Naggrund to the ground, squatting the Chaos Dwarfs.
  • Hashut finally meets his match when he faces both Gork and Mork at the same time. He is defeated before the final battle, stripping the sorcerers of their power.
  • When Chaos destroys the world, it is mentioned that many champions of Chaos were uplifted to Daemonhood. This may include some Chaos Dwarfs, however, consider most of them have been wiped out by the greenskins!.

Daemons of Chaos[edit]

  • The Changeling takes the form of one of Balthazar Gelt's apprentices and gives him the means to cage Sylvania. This locks Volkmar in where Mannfred proceeds to capture him, but it does delay Mannfred's plans to bring back Nagash until Arkhan's intervention.
  • Khorne sent Valkia to lead an army of Warriors of Chaos to invade Naggaroth. Skarbrand led a vast army of Daemons to Naggaroth and intercepted Malekith on a trip to see his Mother, he was then killed by Malekith when their forces met and his army was defeated.
  • Nurgle, whose power waxes to become the strongest Chaos God and wanes to the weakest depending on the state of the mortal world, is supercharged right now thanks to the happenings (mainly all the rotting zombies and plague victims about). His greatest plagues and secretions are delivered to mortal servants, who use them to wipe out most of the Empire.
  • Valkia was defeated, and the Dark Elves partially took everything of value then salted the Earth so the Hung would end up taking nothing for their efforts, then they fled to Athel Loren. Naggaroth is now lifeless and occupied only by Chaos marauders picking over ruins.
  • Tzeentch has been severely weakened after the Elves undid the Vortex, which shoots magic back into the Warp. The eight Winds of Magic have been bound to mortals (with the exception of (most of) Death, which is bound to Sylvania).
  • Slaanesh sent N'kari and his armies to take Ulthuan. With so many Elves killing each other Slaanesh received a rich banquet. In the end, the Elves undid the Vortex and Slaanesh got Caledor the Dragontamer and Morathi for himself. But with the sinking of Ulthuan and the drowning of a HUGE chunk of the Elf race, as well as the loss of all the souls of the High Elves bound to Waystones, Slaanesh received more souls at once than he could consume and Eldyra, empowered by the Lore of Death, traveled to the new world with the souls left on Slaanesh's plate where she established an afterlife to keep the next world safe from Slaanesh's vore fetish.
  • Chaos Gods of Order are doing all of jack and shit, with Jack having left town. Be'lakor said in the Archaon novel that they never existed, but it's anyone's guess as to whether or not he's lying.
  • Ku'gath Plaguefather plays an integral role in weakening Altdorf by helping Festus brew the plague that will allow Nurgle's Garden to spill right into the center of Altdorf. He is defeated by Leoun Leoncoeur during the Battle of Altdorf.
  • Epidemius shows up to Talabheim with one of the super plagues that Archaon gave him, causing a massive storm of pus and jizz (it's described as milky white... Eeeewwwwww) to flood the city and force everyone out. Most of the Talabheim army escapes to Altdorf, but Talabheim falls to the Plaguebearers. Epidimeus takes a cannonball to the chest during the Battle of Altdorf and dies.
  • Nurgle infects Taal with a plague that cripples him, but with the onset of winter, Shallya, the Lady of the Lake and Ulfric are able to purge the god of nature of Nurgle's plagues.
  • The largest force of Daemons ever to appear in the material plane, surpassing even the fall of the Warp Gates, appeared in the Chaos Wastes. Pledged entirely to Archaon (rather than any of the Chaos Gods or their various champions), began their march at the end of Glottkin.
  • Kairos Fateweaver trolled Archaon with the hint that he will be inconvenienced or killed somehow by someone who is "not a mortal man", and is then sent to kill Valten. He fails and Archaon cuts his heads off and uses his blood to summon Ka'bandha.
  • The Chaos Gods send a council of their Champions to assist Archaon. Slaanesh, very fond of the Warhammer World and the wonderful delights all of the Elf factions gave him particularly, did not want the End Times to occur and thus sent his least-effective champion to aid him. Yes, you read that right. Slaanesh, the Chaos God of torture and excess, was the voice of reason and moderation.
  • Dechala was sent to run amok in the final days. She taunted Malekith with the fate of his mother by bringing him her staff. Malekith, the sociopathic dickwad he is, probably didn't care for the abusive bitch at all.
  • Be'lakor is captured in Athel Loren. His gambit fails when he is bound to the Chaos-repelling ruby in Alarielle's tiara, which is stated to be capable of surviving the End Times although it's unknown if he manages to escape after that.
  • A third Warp Gate is opened in Middenheim, destabilizing the world and drawing it into the Warp. The Chaos Gods themselves set foot on the world and destroy it to the last tree until boredom overtakes them and they leave to continue the Great Game in other realities.
  • Daemons being daemons, they don't really die as much as are banished, we may assume they will be rewarded or punished by the gods accordingly to how well they managed to get their part done.


  • Dwarfs, with their massive fuckhuge army of technologically advanced sturdy and stubborn fuckers, debate retreating to their Holds and retaking everything from the Goblins and Skaven once and for all then hiding like Wood Elves thus becoming irrelevant (Tolkien's Curse) or suicidally using that army to fuck up Chaos/Nagash and save the Keebs and Humans (remember the Dwarfish word for "Human" is also Dwarfish for "suck"). Thorgrim, the bro-tier High King of the Dwarfs, says they should help the world, but most of the other Dwarf lords dismiss his ideas and bicker over their plans.
  • Thorek Ironbrow died when he overcharged his anvil and blew up with force of a nuke (to be fair, the anvil was already cracked and so blowing up was the only thing it could do, and he was already fatally wounded). The result was massive destruction of the Undead of Nagash, forcing them out of the Dwarf Holds. However Neferata still escaped with a relic snack for Naggy. Thorek also opened Valaya's Gate, doing so is supposed to lead them to another golden age but Nagash went through instead and drained the sleeping Valaya of her stored up magic. Presumably the gate's still open and she isn't dead (since it never specifically says Nagash ate her, just her magic, and it also says he only reached divinity when he ate Usirian) and presumably there's still another Dwarf God just inside of it.
  • Ungrim Ironfist has the Wind of Fire bound to him and becomes the Incarnate of Fire. Thorgrim becomes the Incarnate of Metal. If you wonder why they are not turned to stone...
  • King Belegar is killed by Queek Headtaker at the Eight Peeks. In turn, Queek is killed by Thorgrim Grudgebearer himself via necksnap.
  • The victory is short lived, however. Thorgrim loses the Lore of Metal and falls to the assassins blade (due to one of the dumbest fucking mistakes) when none other than Deathmaster Snikch slays the High King of the Dwarfs and removes his head for a trophy. (BECAUSE HE LEFT A FUCKING SECRET DOOR OPEN!)
  • Dwarfs, unwilling to let the Skaven take the Peaks, collapse the bulk of it. The survivors flee to the fortress of the Slayers under the only remaining king, Ungrim.
  • Gotrek gives Be'lakor a nasty chopping, and takes Grimnir's place within the Warp fighting Chaos and is immediately faced with a fuckhuge Daemon army to kill by himself. Felix is teleported to the Slayer Fortress alone, and may have suffocated.
  • Ungrim and his army are in Averheim with Karl Franz and pretty much whats left of the Empire during the final days. The city is hard pressed by the army of Vilitch, but between Karl Franz and Ungrim, so much ass is kicked that the forces of Destruction can't get shit done.
  • Grombrindal bails his boi Malekith out of some shit by throwing an axe and saving his life (apparently having forgiven him for inciting the War of Vengeance with the Elgi or still being oblivious as to what really transpired), then leads the vengeful ghosts of every Dwarf who ever lived out to make a last stand and avenge all Grudges alongside their remaining living kin before the end of everything. In the battle, he stands on top of a shield, held up by Gotrek and Josef Bugman just like the beloved anniversary model.

Host of the Eternity King (formerly High Elves, Dark Elves, and Wood Elves)[edit]

  • A fuckhuge army of Warriors of Chaos, led by Valkia the Bloody, launch an invasion of Naggaroth. The populace of Har Ganeth were excited as fuck. Valkia is defeated but it is unclear whether she is dead. Malekith kills Skarbrand.
  • Drycha sells the Fey Enchantress out to Mannfred, who then attempts to kill her and fails.
  • Alarielle travels to Athel Loren, and in exchange for attempting to heal Ariel (who was injured during the Bretonnian civil war) and the Oak of Ages (which is rotting and full of maggots, caused by Lileath unbeknownst to anyone else) a Wood Elf force led by Araloth is dispatched to help save Aliathra.
  • Finubar the Seafarer locks himself in a tower to figure shit out, and came to the revelation that he and all the phoenix Kings are cursed by Asuryan for being impostors who cheated their way through the flames via magical protection. Malekith projects his spirit form into Finubar's observatory and taunts him about everything that has come to pass. He then summons a Bloodletter and locks Finubar in the room, and Finubar lets the Bloodletter kill him as he sees suicide as the only option.
  • Eltharion the Grim and Araloth fail to save Aliathra. Araloth escapes, Eltharion goes out like the grim hero he was by being aged to dust by Arkhan the Black.
  • Aliathra is revealed to be Tyrion's daughter, not Finubar's. She's used as the last sacrifice to resurrect Nagash, who is then afflicted with the Curse of Aenarion. Thanks to her behavior and composure during the ordeal however, Arkhan now thinks mortal Elves may be more badass than all his asshole coworkers (except Nef).
  • After several of the Northern Watchtowers, Karond Kar, Clar Karond, and Har Ganeth [Har Garneth is still populated, but the blood mad populace don't bother to repair the damage and keep slaughtering chaos warriors] have been destroyed the Druchii take everything of value from Naggaroth (leaving the slaves to die), destroy the remaining cities, salt the earth to leave no plunder for the forces of Chaos, and head to Ulthuan.
  • Malekith turns his back on his mother, leaving her in her tower at Ghrond to pine after her long lost love Aenarion (a retcon, as in original fluff she was only manipulating him) in isolation awaiting the hordes of Chaos to come for her.
  • End Times retcons the Cult of Pleasure to have never been Slaaneshi, but instead simply behaved Slaaneshi and worshiped Atharti instead.
  • An army of Slaaneshi Daemons led by N'kari invade from the Annuli.
  • Tyrion is still an emo brooding prick. But now he's an emo brooding prick that not only sired an illegitimate heir to Everqueen, but he also failed to rescue his daughter. Though pissed over Tyrion's literal fuck-up, Teclis arranges for him to lead the the High Elf armies in Finubar's absence.
  • Teclis is revealed to be manipulating everyone like a mortal Be'lakor, all on the vague instructions left by the only remaining living god Lileath.
  • Ariel, revealed to be the avatar of Isha herself, is revealed to be dying while Isha herself lies in a state of dementia. Lileath has one last conversation with her before Alarielle absorbs the remainder of Isha into herself, the personality of the goddess being entirely lost in the process. The Wood Elves swear loyalty to Alarielle.
  • Lileath confirms that the Warhammer World gods are NOT aspects of Chaos as Vetok originally wrote ages ago, but in fact are the last survivors of the last universe. Warhammer Fantasy is in a permanent cycle of death and rebirth, as each time Chaos destroys one world survivors from the last escape and form a new one as the new reigning gods.
  • Malekith and Teclis reveal that Malekith was the chosen Eternity King of Asuryan, destined to take the throne after his father. By allowing a vote for king he defied Asuryan's will, and the corruption of the Chaos Gods made them not choose the half-brother of the queen to sire her heir (seriously not making this shit up). Malekith was supposed to kill Bel-Shanaar and test himself in the Pyre. But he was unable to withstand the pain, and failed Asuryan's test. Asuryan cursed every Phoenix King (a position not intended to have ever existed) with madness, and used what little remained of his strength to undo each of them and bring their achievements to woe. He then awaited the true chosen king to return to Ulthuan and test himself again.
    • It should be noted that this particular tidbit has been retconned in AoS of all places; in Broken Realms: Morathi, the titular elf finds the souls of the past Phoenix Kings in the bowels of Slaanesh’s tummy, and they all still contained portions of Asuryan’s power/blessing...which Morathi then consumed to become a goddess but that’s not important.
  • Imrik consults the spirit of Caledor the Dragontamer, who verifies Malekith's story. The majority of the High Elves say 'Oh, that's alright then' and don't ask further questions. Caledor pledges its loyalty to Malekith, having set itself aside as neutral after Finubar died and Tyrion dissed Imrik. With the help of the Caledorian Dragons attacking the defenseless guardians from behind, the Eagle Gate is breached and a Dark Elf/High Elf force march into Ulthuan.
  • Malekith walks through the Pyre of Asuryan a second time. The last of Asuryan's strength enters him. The Shrine of Asuryan sinks beneath the waves, Asuryan dies forever, and Malekith awakens a demigod.
  • Tullaris accepts death at Tyrion's hands, being told by Khaine that his death would set Tyrion down the path to draw the Widowmaker.
  • Alarielle returns to Ulthuan via the magical "world root" transportation system of the Wood Elves and pledges her loyalty to Malekith as the one true king, and arranges a wedding between the two (guess she forgave him for the whole 'I crashed your wedding and sent a Keeper of Secrets to rape you' thing). Tyrion, in an understandable rage at literally all of his friends, family and lover betraying him for the person who had been tormenting them for their entire lives, draws the Widowmaker and becomes the avatar of Khaine. The Dark, Wood, and High Elves divide between which they support; Phoenix King Malekith, or the Aestyrion. The former is joined by the former loyal servants of the Phoenix King, the latter by the Cult of Khaine.
  • Morathi leaves her tower in disguise and betrays Malekith to fight alongside Tyrion (who in her madness she really does think is Aenarion reborn) as his bride. Morathi is revealed to be the avatar of the goddess Hekarti.
  • Imrik captures Tiranoc and Eataine, and sets the Eternity King fleet sail inside the Sea of Dreams where the Aestyrion fleet led by Sea Lord Aislinn is trapped. Aislinn's survival tendencies are revealed to be because he is the avatar of Mathlann.
  • Aislinn, realizing his mistake in allegiance, later wreaks Tyrion's fleet by summoning a tidal wave on the moment of his death.
  • Nagarythe stays neutral, and becomes a site for refugees. Alith Anar kills any from any side who attempt to march through, including Kouran who is stabbed through the chest after a short and very one-sided fight.
  • Korhil leads the armies of Tyrion. As the two sides battle, most of western Ulthuan remains in Malekith's hands while eastern Ulthuan belongs to Tyrion. Saphery is destroyed, Yvresse becomes wholly depopulated without Eltharion to defend it.
  • Imrik damages Tyrion's armor, but is defeated after suffering non-fatal injuries.
  • Tyrion marches against Avelorn, burning it to the ground. Morathi and Alarielle duel while Tyrion fights Orion. Orion, and thus Kurnous, is killed by Tyrion/Khaine but not before he stabs Tyrion in the rent Imrik created to keep the wound open. Alarielle gets tired of being called a tree-hugging sissy and shows everyone up by painfully turning the invading elves into trees.
  • Korhil attempts to steal the Widowmaker from Tyrion with the help of a Sorceress and Shadowblade in order to get it to Hellebron. Korhil and the White Lions, who have resisted the Curse of the Widowmaker in the past, travel to meet up with the Khainite host. Korhil kills an Elvish Prince who happens to be the Sorceress' brother. Before the ritual can be completed, Morathi hunts down Korhil and defeats Hellebron, bringing Korhil back to Tyrion. For a full night Tyrion tortures him with his bare hands, gouging out his eyes and smashing his legs into splinters. After much torment, Korhil is beheaded by the brother of the Prince he killed, his own axe used to cut his head from his shoulders (messily, at Morathi's request).
  • Malus's luck finally runs out as with the increase in the power of Chaos T'zarkan grew stronger, eventually destroying Malus's soul, killing Spite and almost immediately fighting and getting killed by Tyrion.
  • Eltharion's spirit returns to grant his trademark necklace and sword to his niece and nephew.
  • Malekith and Tyrion finally enter into a duel to the death on the Isle of the Dead while the spirits of dead Elven heroes battle around them on behalf of one or the other of the fighters (including Eltharion, whose spirit sides against Tyrion, Korhil who gets revenge, and the Phoenix Kings; their skeletons fight for Tyrion but their spirits fight for Malekith and are only granted reprieve from their damnation if they fight for him). Tyrion defeats Malekith, but before he's able to deal the final blow Alith Anar pulls a Grimgor and shoots him in the back through the hole that Imrik created like he's fucking Smaug. Alith Anar then shoots Malekith with a second arrow, landing next to his heart. Alith Anar claims if Malekith does not rule justly, the next arrow would go through. As a Nagarythe arrow, thorns sprout from it and cause immense pain to his Dark Elf body. In the Black Library novel Alarielle completely removes it, in the army book she only removes the threat to his life it causes and he must live with the excruciating pain which is worse than his original burns (Though the latter may be the case of an Unreliable Narrator).
  • Malekith sends the united Elf race through the World Roots to Athel Loren while he sends Teclis to free the Winds of Magic. Caledor the Dragontamer and Morathi are lost in the Warp as Teclis undoes the Vortex. Morathi's madness reaches full and she attempts to reason with Slaanesh as an equal and he drags her into his realm. As 8th edition retconned Morathi from being his high priestess to being a worshiper of an Elf god who was himself in every way but name, he's unlikely to be merciful.
  • The Wind of Light is bound to Teclis's magic staff, he intended to bind the Wind of Fire to Malekith but since it had escaped earlier he only able to bind Shadow to him. Alarielle is made the embodiment of the Wind of Life, the other Winds escape. Nagash has already bound the Wind of Death to Sylvania, and the Wind of Heavens resides within Karl Franz. The wind of fire binds itself the the dwarf slayer king Ungrim Ironfist.
  • Without the Vortex keeping it afloat, Ulthuan sinks (many Elves refuse and stay to perish or don't make it to the World Roots time).
  • Malekith sets up court in Athel Loren and is crowned "Eternity King". Princes constantly grumble and plot against him, and only because it would cost him the loyalty of Imrik does he stay his hand from most. Any he DOES decide to kill, he wipes out their entire family as is his way.
  • The three races of Elves are forbidden from fighting each other. To satiate their murder-lust (which is lessened since most of the Khainites are now dead or were disappeared shortly after Malekith took the throne) the Dark Elves have taken to raiding Bretonnia. We are not going to elaborate on how skubby this sounds considering Elves are at least supposed to act remotely decent as somehow Dark Elves can enslave, murder and save the world in the name of a magical king.
  • All three races of Elves all but wipe out Beastmen in Athel Loren, mostly at the direction of the Sisters of Twilight.
  • After Tyrion slays Malus Darkblade at the battle of Reaver's Mark, and Nagash is reborn, Lileath sends Araloth and Kalara on a dangerous journey; deep into the Realm of Chaos, to seek out Nurgle's mansion and rescue Shallya who says she is as vital to the survival of humanity as Isha is to the Elves. During their travels, they form an alliance with a somewhat crazed human scholar who has evidently been given free reign to roam the Realms of Chaos unmolested - possibly Richter Kless, author of the Liber Chaotica. With his assistance, Araloth makes a brief foray into the Crystal Maze of Tzeentch and rescues an imprisoned sorcerer, who lends his sorcerous powers to their journey. Their group completes itself with the addition of a strangely accented giant-statured human, a knight in brilliant silver armor who can shoot blue fire from one of his hands and cannot be harmed by the forces of Chaos - this may be Kaldor Draigo. Together, they finally reach Nurgle's mansion, where the knight sacrifices himself by shouting for all to hear that "Nurgle is the paragon of cleanliness!" to distract the guardian daemons so that the others can sneak into Nurgle's pox-kitchen. There, they rescue Shallya, but only with a sacrifice; Kalara has to remain behind and serve as the Poxfulcrum, the daemon tester of Nurgle's plagues, or else Nurgle will realize that the goddess has been stolen from him. As the quartet leave, the sorcerer betrays Araloth, only to be swallowed whole by a beast of Nurgle that Araloth took pity on during their initial travels. The scholar deceives the daemonic beast into leaving without accidentally killing "its friend Araloth", bids the Wood Elf and the weakened deity adieu, then happily wanders off into the Realms of Chaos again, even as Araloth returns to Lileath's side. So Alice in Wonderland, Warhammer style.
  • Araloth then learns from Lileath that the world is doomed and she has other plans for him; to travel through a portal to a world untouched by Chaos, where he and their daughter together will eventually coax life into being again as part of the eternal cycle. Though initially outraged and seeing this as a betrayal, Araloth's familial loyalty wins out and he steps through, to be the Asuryan of that world. They will be accompanied by the Bretonnians that Lileath uplifted in her time as the Lady.
  • From the fall of the Vortex, Slaanesh received more souls than he could take and Eldyra (who had become a Vampire) received some essence of Death making her a candidate to be the new Elf god of the afterlife in the next world. Lileath tutored her on godhood, and sent her to create an afterlife made of darkness to house the lucky Elf souls. One day Araloth will bring light to this afterlife, making it a pleasant place to be.
  • In End Times: Thanquol, Skaven fucking with an ancient device of the Old Ones accidentally contact Eldar (or some "Elvish-sounding alien voice"), though they promptly freak out and destroy it..
  • Teclis steals the Flame of Ulric, and uses it to bind the Lore of Light to Tyrion's near-lifeless body, resurrecting him (causing the fall of Middenheim, something Teclis agonizes over). Tyrion no longer trusts Alarielle or Teclis, but is free of Khaine's influence.
  • Lileath is reduced to a mortal body, and without the immensity of her power feels mortal emotions again, primarily the soul-crushing guilt of how she fucked over the Bretonnians. This later comes back in a karmic way as the bulk of the surviving Bretonnians abandon the final battle, and sell out her newly created world and children to Chaos. She ominously loses contact with it before the world ends.
  • Malekith is ambushed by Chaos, but a whirling axe out of the darkness saves him. A voice comments "You never did learn to watch your back, boy." and the speaker leaves. Malekith is left realizing that the White Dwarf has forgiven him of causing all (or at least 99% of) the Dwarf/Elf conflict.
  • Dechala appears and throws Morathi's staff at Malekith's feet, taunting him about her fate. It isn't explicitly stated that Morathi is dead, although it's unlikely she'll be coming back for 9e (not like anyone else is either though).
  • Drycha joins Chaos, and is defeated.
  • Hellebron and the remainder of the Cult of Khaine swear allegiance to Khorne, and are defeated.
  • Be'lakor is captured in Athel Loren. His gambit fails when he is bound to the Chaos-repelling ruby in Alarielle's tiara, which is stated to be capable of surviving the End Times although it's unknown if he manages to escape after that. During the binding, Alarielle snubs Malekith with hesitation at calling him her husband.
  • After Gelt and Caradryan are slain, Teclis absorbs their Winds of Magic which causes him to explode.
  • During the final battle, Malekith stares into the Warp and swears that although defeat is inevitable, he will make the forces of Chaos suffer as mortals suffer, and promises that he will make sure they never forget the Warhammer World.
  • As the world ends, Alarielle and Tyrion stay side, with a crippled Malekith lying behind them, as the three last living Elves helplessly watch as the Warp consumes the world.


  • Just as the end times are beginning, the Slann are deliberating the plan of the Old Ones. Then Lord Mazdamundi abruptly wakes up and has a huge announcement for all Lizardmen; The Great Plan has failed and they have to leave the planet in a plan called The Exodus.
  • Warpstone meteors plunge toward Lustria. Although they don't realize it, this is because Morrslieb has been pulled closer to the planet by the Skaven which interferes greatly with their prediction abilities. The Slann stop most of the meteors, but are all rendered unconscious by the effort. This allows Clan Pestilens to launch a full scale invasion of Lustria. Xlanhuapec, long reliant on its mists for protection, is left woefully undermanned.
  • Slann foresee a massive Daemon invasion, and pool most of their energies into anti-Daemon measures. The spawning pools are running non-stop to get reinforcements to contain the fuckhuge daemon swarm, and even then the best they can do is contain, not defeat. This war alone severely drains their military strength, allowing the Skaven to come in unimpeded.
  • Once the Skaven figure out how to get through the mists, they easily crush the resistance as they are unhindered by the repurposed Slann wards, defile the Old One relics and kill some of the Slann. Kroq-Gar shows up with a huge army and the Skaven are driven out.
  • Chakax gets his own scene, in which he completely fucks up a large group of Skaven assassins sent in to kill the high priest. He gets stabbed right in the chest with a weeping blade, but this does nothing. He picks up the last assassin and bats him across the room with his mace. Awesome.
  • Tlaxlan is badly mauled, and without the Slann to direct them, command falls to Tettoekko. After seeing several Slann die shameful deaths, he orders an Exodus. More Slann are killed thanks to the Skink attendants not knowing what the fuck to do without direct orders, delaying the Exodus with petty concerns like the Slann's favourite foods or hats, also heavily breaking character since this sort of thing never happened or was ever mentioned in any previous book. After the city is evacuated, the astromancer nukes the city with a meteor (a REAL one, not a mere Comet of Cassandora).
  • Itza is bombarded by plague and poison gas, and eventually the city is evacuated. Tehenauin shows up with his army and drives the Skaven off, for now.
  • The Skaven regroup and continue their attack on Lustria. Hexoatl is the last city to stand undefiled and is the next target in the Skaven invasion. The outcome of that battle is unknown, as Mazdamundi transports half of his army to Itza where he will be able to draw in the full power of the geomantic web. He plans on wiping out the Skaven in Lustria, which he could have done easily, and then the destruction of Skavenblight. He senses the Skaven have BLOWN UP THE FUCKING CHAOS MOON, and orders the Exodus to happen RIGHT FUCKING NOW.
  • A special spawning of golden-crested Skinks is led into a massive chamber under the temple cities. Here, they instinctively work with holographic projectors and advanced controls for devices known as "Exodus Engines." These Exodus Engines are said to be the last gift of the Old Ones, and are the Lizardmen's last resort plan if the world really is ending.
  • Grimloq is killed by Lord Skrolk, who is in turn killed by A FUCKING PISSED Kroq-Gar.
  • Overwhelmed by Skaven, and realising too late their mad plans to blow Morrslieb apart, the Slann board their Exodus Engines and flee for the stars, taking only their Temple Guard, Skink attendants, and whoever else happened to be in the pyramids at the time. Everyone else is left behind as the temples lift off into space. Kroq-Gar is ordered to one of these sites, suggesting he survived. Mazdamundi and some of the Slann attempt to stop the falling meteors, but all of the other Slann are burned out in the attempt. Mazdamundi alone crushes continent sized chunks of pure Warpstone using only MIND BULLETS! He crushes most of them, but the strain is too much for even him and there are still enough to destroy the world several times over. Lord Kroak senses Mazdamundi's death, and decides that being a mummy isn't so cool so he wills himself back to life. He contains all of the explosions and tidal waves to the south lands and Lustria, and surrounds several pieces of Lustria in protective domes then sends them into space, presumably to save the remaining lizardmen and dinosaurs. Only the heroic sacrifices of Mazdamundi and Kroak keep the entire planet from being destroyed, and even then, Lustria and the Southlands both are enveloped in such destruction that nothing survives. With this, it seemed as if the Lizardmen have either been Squatted or have swapped Aztec dinosaurs for astronaut dinosaurs. However, with the complete destruction of the Warhammer World in End Times: Archaon, it seemed the Lizardmen are the only ones confirmed to have survived, but in "The Lord of the End Times" it states that Chaos consumes the heavens and stars flicker out one by one leaving only a void. Age of Sigmar confirmed that they were still able to survive- maybe those Exodus Engines had Geller Fields?
  • Gor-rok, the baddest lizard right after Kroq-gar, the one who refuses to die, the ultimate badass that is practically the Hulk of the lizardmen? Yeah, doesn't even get a fucking mention in the main book, along with Nakai the Wanderer. Even Oxyotl gets his own passage. Fortunately, Josh Reynolds comes to the rescue once again: Gor-rok was at Itza, holding the line against the Skaven time and time again. During the final battle he continues to be an unmovable rock that the Skaven break upon, so they send in Stormfiends to deal with him. Nakai the Wanderer bursts from the jungles just as Gor-rok's forces look to be getting overwhelmed and slaughters the Stormfiends. Fighting back to back, the two reptilian warriors keep the Skaven at bay until they are buried in a mountain of corpses. The last we see of Gor-rok is his slicked body bursting out of a mountain of Skaven corpses, roaring to the heavens as he finally meets the one enemy he can't defend against: Giant fucking meteors.

Ogre Kingdoms[edit]

  • The Mountains of Mourn have been lost to the eruption of the volcano the Firebellies worship as a war god sibling to the Great Maw, and taking it as a sign the fleeing Ogre tribes are rushing to join other (as in all) factions in this World War. This has led to the biggest mass migration as the entire Ogre race starts to leave (evacuate) the Mountains of Mourn.
  • Greasus Goldtooth has taken advantage of the situation to declare himself leader of all Ogres.
  • Golgfag Maneater is hired by King Belegar to fight against the Skaven. The Ogres turn the tide, but then betray their Dwarf contractors since the greenskins promised them more gold. After the battle gets out of hand, Golgfag decides he's got more than enough gold, and leaves.
  • Some ogre tribes join the big party going on in the Badlands and became the leaders of some Orc WAAAAGHs. Many of the ogre tribes join Grimgor once he becomes the incarnate of beasts. Greasus Goldtooth challenges Grimgor for control of the Ogres, but loses and has his skull bashed in with his own club. This is mentioned in the novel but not the main book, and even then only in passing.
  • Bragg the Gutsman is present during the siege of Zhar Naggurund, where he kills Zhatan the Black in single combat.
  • Skrag the Slaughterer attempts to butcher Wurrzag but is stopped by Grimgor, who refuses to acknowledge him as an avatar of the Great Maw. After a brutal fight, he is drowned in his own cauldron of blood and fed to the gorgers that followed him.
  • When Chaos destroys the world, it is mentioned that many champions of Chaos were uplifted to Daemonhood. This may include Ogres who served Chaos, though they were made to be resistant to it (but not immune) so we'll have to wait for a canonical example.

Orcs & Goblins[edit]

  • Wurrzag Da Great Green Prophet realizes that Gork and Mork (or Mork and Gork?) would have TWO avatars, not share one, and has decided they are Grimgor Ironhide and Skarsnik (or Skarsnik and Grimgor?) respectively. He then goes on a mighty quest to inform them of the fact.
  • Skarsnik battles the Skaven led by Queek Head Taker for control of the Eight Peaks. Gobbla is killed after a Skaven Beastmaster he had previously eaten cuts its way out of him, causing him to deflate and his brains to leak out of his head. Skarsnik is completely heartbroken and remains so (interestingly proving Greenskins can feel emotional attachment and sadness lasting between battles), and after the Dwarfs collapse their halls to prevent Skaven or greenskins from taking it his army leaves the mountains for parts unknown.
  • Grimgor Ironhide starts battling an endless tide of Skaven, and gets pissed when they all leave for their surface invasion. He goes east, and encounters the empire of the necksnapper. He breaks his back and takes control of his WAAAGH, then goes on to crump the Hobgoblin Khan. With his army bulked up by the eastern greenskins, Grimgor attacks the Chaos Dwarf held Great bastion and plows through the provinces formerly held by Chaos. He rampages through Cathay for a bit before coming to the capital and fighting in a 3 way war between Chaos, Orcs and the forces of the Dragon Emperor. Eventually the Orcs take Weijin and the Emperor leads the survivors out. The greenskins battle the remnants of the Chaos forces while Gork and Mork challenge the Chaos Gods for dominion of the east. Gork and Mork win, and the chaos gods turn away from the east in frustration.
  • Wanting to fight the Dragon Emperor to prove he is da best, Grimgor follows the Cathayans to the coast where they find a fleet of freebooters. The Orcs accidentally sail to Nippon instead of after the treasure fleets, and find no organized resistance. They burn the fleets of Nippon and devastate most of Clan Skryre before Gork tells Grimgor to start heading back west.
  • Despite conquering all of the east, Grimgor is told to head back west for the greater battles. Golgfag joins up with him, as do several Ogre tribes. During a battle against a large Ogre army, Grimgor becomes the Incarnate of Beasts. The remaining Ogres swear loyalty to him, and eventually the Ogre kingdoms are absorbed into the great WAAAGH!. Greasus Goldtooth tries to fight back, but is defeated by Grimgor.
  • With the combined might of the greenskin and ogre races, Grimgor leads his forces into the darklands. Many slaves hear the prophecies of the avatars of Gork and Mork, and slave revolts happen all over the Chaos Dwarf empire. Eventually, the WAAAGH sets millions of Orc and Ogre slaves free, and they are more than happy to help tear down the ziggurats of their masters. In the end, the Chaos Dwarf empire is shattered.
  • As Grimgor is teleported to Middenheim alongside the other Incarnates, the Skaven attempt to bait the Elves and greenskins into fighting. Malekith stops him from attacking by conceding that Grimgor is Da Best, then tells him that there's a guy named Archaon who thinks that HE'S Da Best and is in serious need of Krumping (he literally says this, providing an awesome understanding of greenskin psychology). Grimgor then leads the Greenskins against Archaon's forces.
  • In the final duel, Grimgor and Archaon fight to the last of their energy. Grimgor headbutts Archaon and breaks his helmet and third eye to break the stalemate, and in a last ditch effort Archaon calls on the Daemon in his sword to empower him allowing him to behead Grimgor.
  • Grimgor's Immortulz participate in the final battle, fighting alongside the other races against Chaos as the world is consumed.
  • Oddly enough, Skarsnik/Mork are not even mentioned in the final battle. It's possible they painted themselves purple and survived the End Times, as it would be a cunningly brutal thing to do. Or brutally cunning? (apparently, the real world reason was just that the writer forgot about him, and didn't have the time to research every character still alive. He does go on to say that Skarsnik is meant to be at the final battle, and leads the rest of Grimgor's army to fight the fleeing Chaos armies).


  • The Horned Rat grows tired of the current chief Grey Seer, Lord Kritislik, and obliterates him. After this the remaining Council of Thirteen makes an unanimous decision to take the Grey Seers off the council. Each plans to have their best lieutenant take the now vacant spot, but the invasion of the surface world is more important. Ultimately, the Horned Rat chooses Thanquol of all people to be the new Seerlord.
  • Clan Skryre find a device in a Lizardmen ruin that reminds them of their Farsqueaker. With it, Lizardmen can communicate with each other anywhere in the world. Upon punching random buttons they accidentally call "alien voices who sound like Elves" and panic, filling the device with dakka.
  • Skaven invade the world, and take most of Lustria and large chunks of the Old World. Tilea and Estalia are all but overrun, with the Border Princes and Araby (which has taken in pretty much every living being in the Warhammer Middle East) next on the menu. Skaven even end up in Naggaroth, taking one of the cities and driving off the Dark Elves. They do so on command from the Horned Rat, showing he may be making his move to become the rat inside Chaos God Nagash's ribcage after he eats Nurgle.
  • Clan Skryre planned to blow up the Chaos Moon so that Warpstone meteors will fall to the earth and they would have a near limitless supply of the stuff for their machines. They also wanted to beat the Grey Seers in this space race, who instead planned on moving the moon closer. To do this they try to build a super scaled up version of the Doom Rocket called the Moonstriker. After several failures, the device is ready but the Grey Seers had already pulled the moon closer to the planet.
  • Verminlords (Greater Daemons of Horned Rat) are becoming a common sight, with 4 new types that each represent an aspect of the Horned Rat (the Deceiver, the Corruptor, the Warbringer, and the Warpseer).
  • The Skaven have become the Tyranids of the setting in terms of squatting armies. They wipe out Estalia and Tilea, and most likely wiped out Cathay and Nippon as well. Araby is stated to be on the chopping block.
  • Warlord Queek Headtaker finally kills his Dwarfish rival, King Belegar Ironhammer. He is then killed by Thorgrim Grudgebearer in return.
  • Deathmaster Snikch assassinates Thorgrim and claims his head, skull and all (BECAUSE OF A STUPID FUCKING DOOR FFS).
  • The Skaven have taken Karak Azul, and are fighting the Night Goblins for control of Karak Eight Peaks. After a Beastmaster is eaten by Gobbla and cuts his way out, killing the Squig by causing its brain to leak out of it, Skarsnik becomes heartbroken and leaves the Peaks.
  • Thanquol and Skreech Verminking destroy Nuln.
  • The Skaven attack Middenheim around the same time Altdorf is being attacked by Chaos. Valten leads the Imperial forces in the final battle. A Vermin Lord Deceiver kills Valten during his duel with Archaon, beheading him from behind in true Skaven fashion.
  • All of Clan Pestilens invades Lustria. The attack starts when the Chaos Moon is pulled closer by the Seers, and all of the Slann are rendered unconscious in the effort to stop the Warpstone meteor showers and the flood of pure Chaos energy spilling into the world. Since the Slann were expecting a Daemon incursion and because their foresight abilities were being blocked by Morrsleib, they were caught almost unawares by the Skaven. All of the magical defenses around the city were made specifically to fight Daemons, so they do nothing to Skaven.
  • Skaven forces maul Xlanhuapec and Tlaxtlan badly, while Itza is too infected to live in. During the final battle, Lord Skrolk kills Grimloq but is defeated by Kroq-Gar. He is only saved by the timely intervention of a Vermin Lord. The Skaven of Clan Pestilens are wiped out when Morrsleib destroys Lustria, although it's not stated it all of Pestilens were present or not.
  • The Skaven construct a doomsday device, the Morskittar Engine, and blow Morrslieb to pieces, nearly destroying the entire world in the process and managing to horrify even the Daemons of Chaos. Only the sacrifice of Mazdamundi and Kroak prevents their foolishness from killing everyone.
  • The Skaven allied themselves with Archaon, likely because they see Nagash as the larger threat, and want to deal with him first. They plan on betraying him later, while Archaon is only using them as fodder.
  • During the final days, Skaven attempt to bait the Order factions into fighting each other and fail. In fact, in true Skaven fashion, they achieve the opposite when they nuke Nagash's flying Black Pyramid which forces him to...parley...with the other Incarnates.
  • It is hinted in an official battle report the Skaven managed to move Skavenblight into the Horned Rat's realm, some Skaven leaders may have been lifted to Verminlordhood, YES-YES they are like daemon-things now! Thanquol has since been confirmed to be one of the survivors.

The Empire[edit]

  • Some time ago, a minion of Queen Neferata gave Balthazar Gelt, head of the Colleges of Magic and the Gold Order, a scroll containing information that Gelt used to create a magical set of uber anti-chaos wards; using ritual circles all around the countryside fueled by both arcane and divine magics, he created a FUCKHUGE stone wall (which contained a Great Unclean One), too high for any Chaos monstrosity to fly over and capable of healing any damage inflicted to it. This wall surrounded the borders of (what was once) Kislev and kept the hordes of Chaos out, but was constantly in danger of being breached. Seeing this, Vlad secretly gave Gelt a copy of one of Nagash's books, and Gelt was tempted to reading it. At one climatic battle where Chaos managed to breach the wall and kill all of Gelt's mystic allies, he was left with the choice between raising the dead and having a breach he could not stop. Thinking it was for the good of the Empire, he chose the former option. Having switched to Necromancy from Metal magic, he started playing with corpses and being pretty outspoken about using the undead in place of regular soldiers. After being outed publicly, he was confronted by Aldebrand Ludenhof, the local Elector Count, whom he killed after the count tried to kill him after refusing to see things his way. The wards failed as a result of Gelt's actions (the Sigmarites refused to have anything to do with him, including helping with the wards, which as mentioned need their faith to work), the Gold Order dissolved in the wake of Witch Hunter inquisitions while the Colleges of Magic appointed a new head. Regardless, Necromancy has begun to spread through the Empire.
  • Even though Storm of Chaos never happened, Volkmar the Grim was still killed by Archaon and then resurrected to serve Be'lakor as his personal standard. He managed to free himself and strike down his captors with his chains before returning to the Empire. A year later, he went off to have it out with Mannfred von Carstein over the latter's leaving the Empire (a strongly-worded letter would have been just as effective). Clearly that didn't go as well as Volkmar (and only Volkmar) expected, and he was captured. In captivity he was constantly plagued with nightmares of Nagash and was brutally beaten to an inch of his life, only kept alive through magic. After putting him through the worst shit you can imagine (GW must HATE this guy), he finally was sacrificed along with Aliathra and the Fey Enchantress. During their ritual to resurrect Nagash, Volkmar's hand was chopped off and replaced by Nagash's, all Vecna-style, allowing Nagash to (very painfully) takes possession of his body, and mutating it to become the new Nagash we all know and love. Being a daemon's flag doesn't sound so bad after all...
  • The new head of the Colleges of Magic is Martak of the Amber Order, meaning one of the wizards of the Lore of Beasts is, ironically, fighting to preserve civilisation.
  • The Reik is strangled by grave moss, which creeped inland during the Glotts' invasion. Strangely, no one in Altdorf thinks to attempt to burn it clear.
  • Archaon immediately ordered an invasion after that to help out the recently freed Great Unclean One, led by Aekold Helbrass. Aekold, lacking the patience to follow instructions, destroyed Kislev instead sending refugees running to the Empire. Crom was sent off to a fight he'd probably die in. He also sent a very large chunk of Nurgle's champions, including three great Warrior lords and the fucking Glottkin, to cut down south and destroy Altdorf.
  • As the combined forces of the Empire waited to make a stand against Crom's force, they were joined by Gelt and Vlad's massive Undead army (and his PR campaign looking for recruits) who are now keeping Archaon and the combined forces of Chaos at bay (despite some Blood Dragons having other ideas).
  • Karl Franz and Deathclaw were bested by the leader of the Blood Dragons that broke from Vlad's relief forces (who turned to Khorne worship, of all the vampires they were probably the worst ones to send up north) in solo combat against him and his dragon. After taking a sword through the chest and falling hundreds of feet to the ground and somehow surviving, he crawled his way to a Chaos camp where Deathclaw was awaiting slaughter. The two managed to make their way through the massive hordes of Chaos back to Altdorf, where he took command of the defense forces. After Louen Leoncoeur's men broke through the Chaos lines, Karl was left dying by Otto Glott on the Altar of Sigmar. Sigmar made him the host of the Wind of Heaven. His power then burned away all Undead, all Chaos, and even the dirt, dust, oil, weeds, the remnants of the plague victims in the quarantined districts that have been rotting away for decades, and so forth until Altdorf (what remained) was a city of light. Deathclaw fought a Chaos Spawn during the battle and has not been seen since. Since Karl Ascended has him on Deathclaw however, he likely survived.
  • During the battle, the forces of Chaos directed most of their efforts against the various temples of the human pantheon. Barring the powers of Sigmar in Valten/Karl Franz and the powers of Morr that were stolen by Nagash, the human pantheon is too diminished to be a factor now.
  • Kurt Helborg was killed by Otto Glott in the battle as well.
  • Vlad was officially made an Elector Count again after he kicked some ass initially, and his forces mopped up all the Chaos troops left outside the city. Festus was personally killed by Vlad, who then stabbed Otto with his sword which put Otto's blood into Vlad automatically, and since Otto was a champion of Nurgle it, forced him to fuck off while vomiting every minute or so. Fortunately for him, this meant that he escaped being incinerated after Franz ascended.
  • Schwarzhelm and Luthor Huss, plus Valten and Ghal Maraz, are MIA from the battle in Altdorf.
  • Marienburg, Talabheim, and Altdorf are the three cities destroyed by Nurgle's forces. Altdorf is still in human hands, and although it has been partially destroyed and suffered a fair amount of population loss, it's also blessed and radiating Heavens magic.
  • Genevieve Sandrine du Pointe du Lac Dieudonné is now canon, thanks to Drachy being canon again. Somewhere in the Empire, a Wuxia French Lahmian/Blood Dragon Vampire blessed by Sigmar and her epic level Bard hubby are waiting to fuck up the first Chaos or Nagashi minions who try to leave her inn without leaving a tip. She likely survived despite being Undead, as in her book series she became the champion of Sigmar temporarily and glowed in a similar manner to the way Karl did but on a one-room scale which burned away Drach's body resulting in his present bodiless state. What happened to her after Altdorf is destroyed by the Skaven is unknown.
  • After the Altdorf battle, Emperor Franz gives a cryptic line saying the "rules have changed". Likely, this references the loss of Morr's afterlife, but it could mean something else entirely. End Times: Khaine reveals that Sigmar guided the Wind of Heaven to the Empire and used it to clean Nurgle's taint and Emperor Karl Franz. Seeing as the Vortex collapsed just as the battle of Altdorf was ending, he was probably talking about the rules of magic.
  • Skaven led by Thanquol and Skreech Verminking undermine Nuln, stealing its supplies of blackpowder and killing most of the population.
  • Altdorf later falls to combined depredations of Beastmen and Skaven. Karl Franz and Schwarzhelm lead the Bretonnians, the knightly orders and the bulk of the empire forces to Averheim, while Valten and Gregor Martak lead a diversionary force up north.
  • Boris Todbringer goes mad with obsession towards Khazrak One-eye that he abandons the defense of Middenheim to go after him, believing that his rival was the reason for the End times. They both get into a duel where Boris wins but gets ripped to shreds by the beastmen around him.
  • Archaon has taken Middenheim and killed several of the Empire's defenders. Valten, Martak and company are killed there while fighting the Skaven. Valten manages however to deliver an awesome "I pity you" speech to Archaon beforehand however. Ulric also dies after Teclis takes the flame, but he has just enough juice left to empower Martak.
  • The Incarnates manage to retake Middenheim, and together with Teclis attempt to reverse the destruction to the world. Balthasar Gelt is stabbed by Mannfred however, causing Teclis to explode, which then causes the world to end.
  • Karl Franz is revealed to have become Sigmar himself during the final battle. He bonds with Deathclaw, who is killed in the final battle, and explains that when he wandered and became a god Tzeentch trapped him within the Wind of Heavens (interestingly making it possible for Vampires before End Times to utilize the powers of Sigmar himself). Sigmar also gives a speech to Archaon, lecturing him, and the two vanish into the Warp as the world ends wrestling for Ghal Maraz.
  • The Halflings of the Moot, who did nothing for End Times, flee to Sylvania along with the last of the Human race. As a giant wall of nothingness draws closer, Neferata and Khalida hold hands as their combined Old World and Nehekharan Undead armies defend the last living beings for as long as possible.

Undead Legion (Formerly Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings)[edit]

  • Queen Neferata sent a vampire woman (possibly Genevieve) to Balthazar Gelt, giving him the blueprints to build the Auric Bastion (giant, anti-Chaos magic wall). It works for a time.
  • Vlad gave a Book of necromancy to Balthazar Gelt, resulting in a massive spread of Necromancy throughout the Human world as well as the fall of a magic wall protecting Kislev.
  • Mannfred von Carstein "reveals" himself as a servant of Nagash. Him, Arkhan the Black, Kemmler and Krell gather relics of Nagash including his crown, staff, and his books. Mannfred also spreads vampirism throughout the Border Princes, and his minions support not-Mordred in his bid to claim the throne of Bretonnia. He also comes to an agreement with Drycha to hand over the Fey Enchantress to him, as well as a large number of Bretonnians.
  • To appease Nagash while she decides whether to serve him, Neferata's army invades a Dwarf hold alongside Krell's forces to steal a relic of Valaya containing her magic, during which Thorek Ironbrow blows himself up using his anvil to protect Valaya's Gate. It is implied another Dwarf God was within the Gate.
  • Arkhan later curbstomps an uppity Kemmler who thinks that the Chaos Gods have his back, and it's revealed in the fight that Krell was never mindless; he was the vessel through which Nagash controlled Kemmler's actions, and his personality is intact (his personality mainly being "FUCK KHORNE, DAT ASSHOLE AIN'T GOT SHIT ON MUH BOY NAGASH").
  • A large force of Elves, Dwarfs, and Empire soldiers attack the ritual site where Nagash is being resurrected. The invaders are crushed, with Eltharion being disintigrated via an empowered Curse of Years when he attempts to snap Arkhan's neck.
  • With the sacrifice of Aliathra, the vampirified Fey Enchantress, and Volkmar, Nagash returns to the world, further empowered with energies stolen from minor gods and ancient relics from all over the world by Neferata, Arkhan, and Mannfred. He expected to become a demigod by becoming the Everking from Aliathra, but as she is Tyrion's daughter rather than Finubar's he inherited the Curse of Aenarion as well as the power of the Elves. During the ritual, Arkhan is impressed by Aliathra's regal and conservative demeanor to the very end, which humiliates Mannfred as he attempts to make her afraid and beg for her life unsuccesfully.
  • Nagash immediately crowns his followers, making them "Mortarchs". Mannfred is made the Mortarch of Night, Neferata Mortarch of Blood, and Arkhan the Mortarch of Sacrament. Although Mannfred originally planned on betraying Nagash and consuming him for personal power, he is now terrified of him and sees him as a living god. Krell is made Mortarch of Despair, and he cuts a swathe of death through the Badlands destroying huge numbers of greenskins to prepare a path for Nagash's forces to travel. Meanwhile, Arkan for the first time in his life has second thoughts about serving Nagash. After all, how in a world of clattering bones and foppish Vampire minion hissyfits will he ever get a good night's sleep? He's also got a boner ("What?") for Neferata as well.
  • Luthor Harkon was offered Mortarchship (no pun intended). He leads a fuckhuge zombie pirate fleet into the river of Nehekara and blows up most of Zandri's fleet thanks to the Tomb Kings bringing catapults to a cannon fight.
  • Seeking to warn Settra of Nagash's return and suggest to Settra about wielding the Destroyer of Eternities to kill him, Khatep violated the terms of his exile and entered Khemri to do so. Though Settra listened, this went about as well as you'd expect for old Khatep, this is Settra we're talking about.
  • Ramhotep, Undead architect extraordinare, immediately built a giant awesome wall around Khemri.
  • Nagash consumed one of the gods of Nehekhara (specifically Usirian, the god of the underworld) as a pre-Chaos God snack, becoming not only an embodiment of Shyish the Amethyst (Death) Wind but also the force through which all Tomb Kings reincarnate. The Priesthood now have no choice but to join him. The Chaos Gods (including Tzeentch) have become fearful of him now as they believed what he did was impossible, realizing they're playing with an equal now. Only Bel'akor thinks it's according to plan.
  • Settra the Imperishable led the Tomb Kings against the newly resurrected Nagash. Nagash won, held Settra in his hand and offered him position as a Mortarch. Settra replied "SETTRA DOES NOT SERVE! SETTRA RULES!" so Nagash blew apart his body and chucked the head into the desert to watch as Nagash destroyed Khemri down to the very last stone. The rest of the Tomb Kings either joined Nagash immediately or were destroyed. Ramhotep is MIA after the fighting ended. Settra's herald, Nekaph, was destroyed by Arkhan during the battle. Prince Apophas was knocked the fuck out during the fighting, and his soul now belongs to Nagash since Naggy ate Usirian, who Apophas made his original deal with in the first place. Queen Khalida, being of calm demeanor and level mind, thought about resisting but realized what a stupid idea that would be. She joined and shelved her revenge on Neferata since it was the only way she would survive long enough to do so. King Phar however decided to stand up to Nagash with full knowledge that he would get his ass kicked; he would rather go out like a boss than be another one of Nagash's underlings. Predictably, he was crushed but went out swinging.
  • Nagash commands all Tomb Kings to gather their forces and belongings and follow him north. He then levitated his Black Pyramid, making it a MASSIVE mobile base (it's one of the largest structures in the entire Warhammer World, second in known canon only to the Tower of Hoeth) and used it as the beacon for the endless procession of skeletons to follow. Inside, he began research on a way to purge the Curse of Aenarion from his soul.
  • Days after Nagash left him in the desert, Settra was still fuming about his loss and without any warning his body was fully restored. He then heard four voices laughing in his head who told him the battle was only over if he wanted it to be. He says nothing to them in return.
  • Thanks to the Curse of Aenarion, Nagash finds he's unable to bind the Death Wind to himself directly. Instead, he binds it to the ground of Sylvania itself and settles his now MASSIVE BEYOND COUNT Undead army there. By doing so, control of the afterlife has been usurped from Morr and the other gods of death. Dead souls from mortals now reside in Sylvania in a Greek underworld shade kind of way. While the good news is everyone is still safe from Chaos unless they are killed by a servant of Chaos, the bad news is that now you're stuck hanging out with literally everyone else who ever lived and died as a (likely bodiless) peasant of Nagash's new empire for all eternity. The Elf God of Death, Ereth Khial, was also destroyed and pieces of her went into Eldyra (who somehow became a Vampire) and she fled this world into Lileath's new one to carve out a new afterlife for Elves using the bulk of the Elf souls left that Slaanesh didn't consume, becoming new elf God of Death in the process. Between her and Slaanesh, Nagash doesn't get any Elf souls. What this means for the afterlives of the Dwarves, greenskins, and other races is unknown.
  • Nagash gifts the Dread Abyssals, formerly a pack of ghost skeleton dragon-things which guarded the afterlife like Cerberus, to his trinity of spellcasting Mortarchs Neferata, Mannfred, and Arkhan, and gave all of his trusted underlings command over undead angel-equivalents, the Morghasts
  • Nagash resurrects Vlad von Carstein from the dead using ash and blood from Mannfred, and made him the Mortarch of Shadow as well as the commander of the bulk of his forces. Mannfred was butthurt over this, especially when Nagash dubbed Vlad "The Greatest Vampire" (what about Neferata, first of their kind?). Vlad isn't too happy either, but Isabella von Carstein didn't come back with Vlad and since his sole motivation in life other than becoming Emprah is acting like a teenage couple with Issy, the promise of Nagash to return her to life secured Vlad's total loyalty (unless he feels Naggy has it on the bottom of the To Do list anyway). Vlad immediately set out being Nagash's Cult Attendant by converting key minions from human kingdoms, and beating the shit out of anything bearing Chaos icon like a giant army-sized game of wack-a-mole.
  • Drachenfels has returned to canon as a Mortarch, as he has lost his memories and has been offered to have them returned to him if he fights for Nagash (so he's still basically evil Tom Bombadil). He's only referred to vaguely though, as the "Great Enchanter From The Grey Mountains" or "The Nameless". He joined Mannfred and Vlad in their constant battle against the Warriors of Chaos (if anyone can come up with tortures Slaaneshi can't enjoy, it's him). Vlad has been enjoying trolling him by saying "I know what I know boy. But I'm not telling it".
  • After refusing to bow to Nagash, Zacharias The Everliving is blasted to pieces for suggesting he was Nagash's equal.
  • Abhorash, although not a Mortarch, sends some of his Blood Dragons to assist Vlad in saving the Empire slapping Archaon's shit to be declared da best. Unknown to him however, many of the Blood Dragons had started worshipping Khorne and turned on the other vampires due to the fact that if Nagash rules everything, there's nobody left to fight and drink blood from. Their leader Walach Harkon beats Karl Franz and Vlad, but gets killed because he's too busy monologuing to realize Vlad was taking control of his skeleton dragon (who then rips Walach in half). There's no word on what Abhorash or the rest of his bloodline is doing now though. Abhorash is mentioned in End Times: Archaon. Vlad stops Jerrod before he leaves Athel Loren in a hissy fit and tells him that Gilles le Breton is still alive and making a last stand at a Monastary. Asking Vlad how he knows this, Vlad replies one of his kind is fighting with Gilles le Breton, called Abhorash, who made a pledge to Gilles le Breton ages ago. Vlad then gives Jerrod some Vampire guides, including the two from Return of Nagash novel, to show him the way. Before he leaves, Vlad asks Jerrod to tell Abhorash "He was right", we do not know what this means, and I have asked Josh Reynolds what he meant and he replied it's something that would have been included in a book, but will not be written, so he's keeping it a secret, the git.
  • Vlad participated in the battle of Altdorf, killing a shitload of Nurgle worshippers and Daemons and earning back official Elector Counthood. After somehow ingesting the blood of a Nurgle champion (the novelization and splatbooks disagree on whether he dramatically licked his sword after stabbing him, or if the sword he uses (which absorbs blood so he doesn't have to do something undignified like drinking it) backfired on him, he flees the battle puking constantly (just in time to avoid being burned to ash by Karl's ascension).
  • After Khaine, who was sharing a body with Tyrion, dies in the final battle of the Elf civil war, Nagash is automatically freed from the Curse of Aenarion (which was apparently contamination with a shattered fragment of Khaine).
  • After Skaven nuke Nagash's flying Black Pyramid, he is forced to...parley...with the Council of Incarnates (much to the amusement of Arkhan). He becomes the Wind of Death proper, but becoming a Chaos God is no longer something he can do in the short term and he pledges his forces to stave off the end of the world.
  • Settra confronts Nagash during the final battle. He points his khopesh (his awesome sword) at Nagash, and calls him a usurper then explains the Chaos Gods resurrected him to kill him. Settra then performs a flip and beheads a Chaos Daemon that was about to attack Nagash, points his khopesh at him again informs him that NOBODY COMMANDS SETTRA. He tells Nagash he will claim his skull eventually, but only after killing the Chaos Gods for DARING to offer him immortality and the chance to conquer all realities in exchange for servitude. He then charges into battle against Chaos by himself. For those keeping score at home, that makes Settra the ONLY being in any Warhammer who was offered literally everything there is to be offered, and give Chaos the middle finger in response. Settra the Imperishable, Settra the Incorruptable, Settra Da Best.
  • Mannfred, tired of being second best, betrays the world and stabs Gelt during the ritual to save the world, causing Teclis to explode as Gelt's Wind went to him. Mannfred monologued before and after, and was cut short when Tyrion stabbed him and utilized the power of the sun within his sword to incinerate him.
  • As magic was sucked back into the Warp, Nagash turns to dust. The Chaos Gods laugh at the idea he could have ever beaten them.
  • Vlad faces off against a resurrected Isabella in the final battle. Having been raised by Nurgle, she is convinced by a Daemon possessing her that Vlad had mind-controlled her upon their first meeting making their love rape. Vlad, willing to enter oblivion rather than have Isabella as Nurgle's bride, removed his self-resurrecting ring and placed it on her finger, then dove from the ramparts where the dueled just like their first deaths. Vlad was impaled on the stakes below, dying one last time. Isabella perished as well and was resurrected free from Nurgle's taint.
  • Neferata, seeing a massive wall of darkness destroying the land, is told by Arkhan to flee while she still has the chance while he attempts to buy her time. Continuing the romance plot established in her solo novel (which retconned old lore), she kissed his hand and grabbed the unconscious body of Isabella then mounted her Abyssal then flew for Sylvania with the sounds of Arkhan's last fight behind her causing her to weep for the only man she ever loved. Reaching the center of the Undead Legion just as her Abyssal collapsed into bones, she found that the last of the Human race and the Halflings of the Moot (brewing a hotpot) had fled there to take shelter. Neferata found Khalida calmly awaiting the end with dignity while the last of the Undead defended the last of the living. Neferata kissed Isabella's forehead and apologized for being unable to save her, then took Khalida's hand and watched the armies of the Old World and Nehekhara fight against Chaos to the last.
  • There may be a chance some traitor Undead achieve daemonhood, but we still have to wait for a canonical example.
  • There could also be a small chance that Giles le Breton and Abhorash are still alive after the end times. Because there is no mention of their deaths. Yes thats right, THEY COULD BE STILL ALIVE SLAUGHTERING CHAOS SERVANTS NON-STOP.

Warriors of Chaos[edit]

  • Archaon is on the warpath again. He seeks to end all life everywhere as a "fuck you" to the Chaos Gods, and Be'lakor can't stop him. But the von Carsteins allied with the Empire have his men stalled just in the Empire's borders with neither side making meaningful gains against the other. Archaon has not actually gone with his troops, waiting instead with his FUCKHUGE army of Daemons.
  • Vardek Crom the Conqueror gets himself dead when Archaon decides he's outlived his usefulness and sends him to a doomed battle.
  • Valkia the Bloody is leading the large Khornate army that's attacking Naggaroth. Maybe Khorne finally got tired of being compared to Khaine. During this time she also fought Malus Darkblade, resulting in a stalemate. She assaulted Naggarond with predictable consequences and got defeated by Malekith.
  • Aekold Helbrass fucked Kislev, rather than wait for Archaon's orders to march. According to the Gotrek & Felix novel "Kinslayer", he's also fighting a personal crusade against Throgg, since the Troll King enslaved him to try and make him mutate other trolls to be intelligent like himself.
  • Archaon decides to weaken the Empire by sending in a great three-fold horde of Nurgle worshippers, figuring that even if they don't win, their plagues will weaken the Empire. To this end, he gives them three vials containing contagions brewed by Nurgle himself.
  • As this is happening, Festus the Leechlord and Ku'gath Plaguefather are preparing a daemonic ritual to open rifts leading between the mortal world and Nurgle's own garden in the Realm of Chaos.
  • Archaon chooses the Glottkin to lead his Nurgle hoard. They ally themselves with the Maggoth Riders of Icehorn Peak, Orghotts Daemonspew, Bloab Rotspawned, and Morbidex Twiceborn, and with Gutrot Spume.
  • Marienburg is destroyed by the invasion of the Glottkin, whilst the Maggoth Riders and Gutrot Spume go their seperate ways.
  • Gutrot Spume gathers a horde of beastmen and battles against the forest goblins and savage orcs of the forest.
  • The Maggoth Riders join up with a force led by Epidemius and destroy Talabheim.
  • All three Nurgle armies besiege Altdorf as Festus completes his ritual.
  • Festus becomes a daemon prince of Nurgle, killing Louen Leoncoeur before getting stomped by Vlad von Carstein, who skewers him with a piece of wood and lets Festus' own aura turn it into a massive tree inside his body, which rips him apart.
  • The Glottkin nearly get butchered by the empowered Karl Franz, but Ethrac manages to spit out a spell that lets them turn into fly swarms and buzz off. Not that it does them any good; an enraged Nurgle drags them into his mansion and imprisons them in jars.
  • Gutrot Spume and the Maggoth Riders lead a retreat after the daemonic rifts are closed.
  • Kairos Fateweaver taunts Archaon about his plans, but the Everchosen feels now is the time to move himself against the Empire. Fateweaver grins and tells Archaon he has nothing to fear from a mortal man and trails off mysteriously. Half the characters in the game left alive are either the avatars of gods, undead, female, embodiments of Winds, or some combination of the above currently...
  • Archaon destroys Middenheim, killing the new Supreme Patriarch and dueling Valten, although to his fury a Skaven Verminlord kill-steals Valten in the middle of their fight. In wake of this, he decides to throw Vilitch the Curseling to the south to capture Franz so (hopefully) he can finally kill the Emperor. Of course, Vilitch is a champion of Tzeentch, so of course he fails miserably.
  • Archaon ends the final battle of the world wrestling with Sigmar for Ghal Maraz.
  • When Chaos destroys the world, it is mentioned that many champions of Chaos were uplifted to Daemonhood. This may include any Warriors, but it is stated there was no record made in the final days, still, you can safely bet more money on them than in the beastmen. Everyone else would have been wiped out and consumed.

Armyless Factions[edit]

  • Kislev was destroyed by the forces of Aekold Hellbrass, Throgg, and Sigvald. Refugees flooded the Empire. The Tzarina led what was left of her forces in a final last stand alongside the Vampires to buy the Empire some time, and ended it freezing the land of Vodka in ice. Sigvald shacks up in the ruins of Kislev, transforming the city into his own pleasure den where he feasts on the flesh of prisoners and probably rapes them too.
  • Tilea was destroyed by Skaven, refugees flooded the Empire.
  • Estalia shared the same fate as Tilea and is in even worse shape as the Skaven conquered the entire country.
  • Gotrek & Felix are at an end. The novel Slayer, featuring Be'lakor as big bad, finishes the series. Be'lakor tries to steal Grimnir's power and become the fifth Chaos God and fails when Gotrek hits him in the face with a Bloodthirster, forcing him to go spend the rest of the End Times doing a bunch of stuff that's way less awesome than becoming the fifth Chaos God. Be'lakor winds up trapped in the Phantom Zone Alarielle's magic crown for eternity - one true Everchosen my ass. Gotrek takes Grimnir's place slaughtering daemons forever in the Realm of Chaos (a happy ending!), though he took a quick break to go hold up the White Dwarf himself in the final battle. Felix got trapped in a buried temple to write the last of their saga in his journal, hopefully before his air runs out.
  • No word regarding the Amazons of Lustria/Pygmies in the Southlands, though unless the Slann or Skinks rescued them off-screen both have been completely destroyed. Josh Reynolds say they died when Lustria was hit by chunks of the Chaos Moon. He didn't mention if any survived in Kroak's shield domes.
  • Half of the Border Princes lands were overrun by Skaven, though some princes join Mannfred and become Vampires to save their kingdoms.
  • Cathay was invaded by Chaos dwarfs, who broke the Great Bastion and turned it into a fortress that allows the forces of Chaos to raid into Cathay. Resistance fails to materialize thanks to all the Tzeentch worshipers in court, but eventually the Dragon Emperor crushes the rebellion and whips his forces into shape. The Skaven start assassinating officials so that the war effort stalls, but the emperor leads his forces straight into their warrens and clears Cathay of Skaven. He then pushes back the forces of Chaos from the capital again and again, achieving much more than any of the Old World humans did. As the forces of Chaos wait for the Chaos dwarfs to show up, Grimgor arrives and tears down the Great Bastion. Weijin falls to the Orcs, and the Dragon Emperor leads the survivors to a vast fleet that carries them to unknown parts. Gork and Mork laugh triumphantly as the Chaos gods turn their eyes from the east and back to Middenheim.
  • Nippon gets isolated from everyone else by Clan Skryre. They assassinate all traders, diplomats, sailors and leaders, leaving the individual cities in Nippon cut off from each other. As a result, no organized resistance can be formed, and the famed dragon fleet sits in the harbor. The fleet was burned by Grimgor's Orcs and Hobgoblins after they sailed in unopposed. They then go on to raze most of Clan Skryre's settlements, though they lost 7 out of every 10 Orcs who made landfall. The Humans take advantage of the situation to drive the remaining Skaven out, but its too late to make any meaningful gains.
  • The Kingdoms of Ind are invaded by the Skaven, who isolate the individual kingdoms the same way they did in Tilea. At the same time, hordes of Beastmen pour out of the jungles while Chaos forces join the party. Dechala leads a mass uprising of Indic pleasure cults in the southern kingdoms, while Arbaal the Undefeated piles mountains of skulls. Gulrach is mentioned to have been in Ind, along with Wulfrik the Wanderer and many other champions.
  • After Estalia and Tilea fell, Araby was on the Skaven's list. They held out longer than their neighbors, putting up so good a resistance that the Skaven plans to invade the Empire and Bretonnia had to be put on hold. Eventually the Skaven gain access to the ancient underground waterways, poison the water supply and pour out from the sewers to slaughter the remaining Arabyans.
  • Halflings in The Moot did absolutely nothing during the entire event until the very last battle, where they and the last living humans fled to Sylvania to seek refuge with Queen Khalida and her forces. As an approaching giant wall of darkness consumes the land, Neferata brings the unconscious Isabella to the bastion and joins hands with Khalida, the combined Undead forces of the Old World and Nehekhara making a last stand defending the living Halflings and Humans. With that, Halflings were wiped out. Should be noted that they weren't ever mentioned by name, just citizens of the moot, and even then only in the tie in novel.

End Times Characters Complete Death Toll[edit]

Deaths in the books of the End Times. Those with an asterisk are only introduced in the books, so don't worry too much about them. Some are explained by new GW author Josh Reynolds. However Games Workshop, displaying their usual tact, grace and regard for the fans, have declared everything Josh says outside the novels and armybooks non-canon and made him shut up. Regardless, in lieu of other answers, consider what Josh says canon until proven otherwise.

Note that sometimes, very rarely, Josh gave a fate to a character who already had one in source books (Sceolan, Snagga Grobspit) or shouldn't have been alive by the IC 2520's (The Bretonnian characters from the Circle of Blood campaign.) However, as the fates he gave them were often more interesting and added to the greater story, all have been included below.

Bretonnians Butchered:[edit]

  • Louen Leoncour - Beheaded by Festus after killing Ku'gath Plaguefather. Later Raised to Godhood by Lileath, but his eventual fate is unknown.
  • Fay Enchantress - Sacrificed by Arkhan in the ritual to resurrect Nagash after being turned into a vampire by Mannfred (though her being turned into said vampire was in the novels only).
  • Duke Tancred - Beheaded by Krell during Arkhan's invasion of Bretonnia.
  • Roland the Marshal - Died fighting the monstrous Nurgle champion known as the Pox-Knight, during the Glottkin's invasion of the Wasteland and the surrounding regions. The Pox-Knight would later be slain by Archaon for attempting to usurp his authority, as mentioned in the book, 'Lord of the End Times'.
  • Bertrand the Brigand - Died during the siege of Parravon, after putting a blessed arrow through the eye of Amin'Hrith, the Soulflayer. The Keeper of Secrets shattered the ramparts of the walled city and Bertrand was crushed beneath the debris. As the daemon capered towards him, he dragged himself from the rubble, past the broken bodies of his loyal friends and companions, and readied his remaining arrow. With his final shot, he pierced the sinful brain of the daemon and freed the trapped souls of the dwarfs of Karak Vlag, who rampaged among the Slaaneshi host before fading away.
  • Armand d'Aquitain - Died when Amin'Hrith shattered the walls of Parravon. He was crushed by the falling stones.
  • Reynar the Hunter - Another casualty when Amin'Hrith destroyed the walls of Parravon.
  • The Knight of the Perilous Lance - Fell in battle during the Siege of Parravon, cut down by Sigvald the Magnificent.
  • Tristan the Troubadour & Jules the Jongleur - Tristan died in Bastonne, when his heroic voice was silenced forever by a slash from a beastman's crude axe. Jules managed to survive, though he was never the same, as he and the other survivors took shelter in the Grey Mountains.
  • Jasperre the Fair - Killed by Beastmen in Bastonne when they dragged him off his pegasus and tore him apart.
  • Sir Amalric of Gaudaron - The Grail Knight was able to lead Gaudaron Keep into holding out against the Skaven for several weeks, but eventually the numbers overwhelmed the defenders. Amalric retreated towards Brionne, but was cut off by assassins of Clan Eshin and killed.
  • Gilon - Fell defending Aquitaine against the advancing hosts of Styrkaar of the Sortsvinaer. As the latter stormed ashore, he and his bodyguard engaged Duke Gilon and his knights, and the aging Gilon fell to Styrkaar's blade.
  • Sir Richemont - Met Vandred in single combat as Aquitaine burned. Though he managed to kill the Chaos Lord, his heart was still pierced by his sword.
  • Iselda - Initially captured by Vandred the Cruel, she was rescued from his newly erected pleasure pavilions by Sir Richemont. She used her magic to fortify the town of Aquitain as best she could, but was eventually overcome and killed by the Keeper of Secrets Amin'Hrith.
  • Gravain the Fair - Died during the siege of Aquitain. When three specially trained Chaos Giants known as the Red Three tore down the walls Gravain led his men in a counterattack, and managed to kill two of the beasts. Unfortunately, the third one managed to crush him.
  • Guillamume of Grenoullie - The Castellan of Quenelles was killed by Sigvald in single combat.
  • Aloys of Montjoie - The Baron of Quenelles was killed by the opportunistic sword-eunuchs of Sigvald.
  • The Holy Knight - Sadly, the Holy Knight fell early in the End Times, slain by Krell at the behest of Heinrich Kemmler, during the razing of Mercal, prior to Kemmler joining Arkhan's forces in the Vaults. The Knight fought valiantly against Krell, but was no match for the murderous wight. His armored husk was raised to join the Doomed Legion, in service to his killer. He was finally laid to rest in the battle of La Maisontaal Abbey, by Abbot Bagrain.
  • Calard d'Garamont - one of the Companions of Quenelles, Calard fought through the Bretonnian Civil War, Arkhan's invasion, the crusade to relieve Altdorf and the siege of Averheim where he finally fell defending the walls.

Note: a number of the characters listed above were originally from the Circle of Blood campaign and the later novel The Red Duke, which were both set approximately 500 years before The End Times.

Beastmen Bashed:[edit]

  • Taurox the Brass Bull - Shot in his vulnerable throat by Markus the Huntsmarshal.
  • The Harbinger - Roasted by the Imperial Dragon.
  • Khazrak One-Eye - Beaten down and stabbed through the face by Boris Todbringer in a final, fatal duel.
  • Malagor the Dark Omen - Slain by a spell cast by the Ulric-empowered Gregor Martak.
  • Ungol Four-Horn - present in Kislev in the army of The Outcast chasing the Tzarina. Killed by Malagor during his unification and mobilization of the herds.

Chaos Dwarfs Cut Down and Hobgoblins Humbled:[edit]

  • Drazoath the Ashen One - Was one of the first of the Dawi'Zharr to get krumped by Grimgor, soon after the Black Orc was bound to the Wind of Beasts. His mount, Cinderbreath, gets his head split open by Grimgor, while Drazoath was thrown from the Bale Taurus and got overwhelmed by the Beast-Waaagh!!!
  • Astragoth Ironhand - Betrayed by Ghorth the Cruel, the Ironhand's mechanical suit was sabotaged and the Sorceror's curse overwhelmed him, turning him into a statue, which was shattered after the Temple of Hashut was destroyed.
  • Ghorth the Cruel - Took command of the defenders of the Tower of Zharr. Got his face beat in by Borgut Facebeater and his corpse was tossed around by Golgfag Maneater and an ocean of newly freed slaves.
  • Rykarth the Unbreakable - Rykarth led the charge against the Great Bastion of Cathay, slaughtering everyone in sight, only for the Beast-Waaagh!!! to show up. Rykarth dueled Grimgor for many hours, ultimately being defeated by the Incarnate of Beasts, and having his body hung over the walls of the Bastion.
  • Zhatan the Black - Racked up an impressive kill count of named characters during the siege of Zharr Naggrund before being gutted by Bragg the Gutsman and left to be torn apart by Gnoblars and Goblins for many, many unpleasant hours.
  • Gorduz Backstabber - Unsurprisingly, the sneakiest git among the Hobgoblins betrayed the Dawi'Zhaar and opened the Eastern Gate of Zharr Naggrund, allowing the Beast-Waaagh!!! to enter and start smashing everything in site. He then led the Hobgoblins to attack their former employers, only to get crushed by Zhatan the Black.
  • Hashut - Apparently destroyed by Gork and Mork while Grimgor's Beast-Waaagh blew up the Chaos Dwarfs.

Chaos Warriors Crushed:[edit]

  • Crom the Conqueror - Killed by Valten smashing his head in with Ghal Maraz.
  • Festak Cram, Champion of the Rotting Horde* - Has his chest sliced open, realizing that wounds caused by Runefangs don't heal.
  • Egrimm Van Horstman - Burnt to death by the wind of Aqshy after unsuccessfully trying to bind it to himself.
  • Throgg - defeated by Gotrek in the second last Gotrek and Felix book. He was summoned to Middenheim for the final battle, where he faced Nagash and Arkhan's forces. After killing Sigvald, he is in turn killed by Nagash who stabs him and turns him to dust.
  • Aekold Helbrass - Killed by Felix Jaeger in the second-to-last Gotrek and Felix book.
  • Valkia the Bloody* - Gets a mutual kill against Ludwig Schwarzhelm when she, in an uncharacteristic lack of skill, falls for his ploy and impales herself on the Imperial Standard's banner pole. Before this she was arguably killed by Malekith in the novel 'The Siege of Naggarond', but if so Khorne restored her once again inbetween the Naggaroth battles and the final battle.
  • Sigvald - Gets his head smashed in by Throgg's club shortly after finishing off Krell. Then, to add insult to injury, Throgg pissed on his corpse.
  • Skarr Bloodwrath* - He dies three times. Hacked down from behind by Duke Jerrod's sword but he gets brought back via his blood regeneration ability. The second time he gets turned to gold by Balthazar's magic, but Khorne himself undoes the enchantment. He later duels Caradryan, killing Ashtari, where he gets impaled by Caradryan's halberd and incinerated, killing him for the final time (before Age of Sigmar).
  • Valnir the Reaper - Killed in a duel with Wulfrik the Wanderer.
  • Harry the Hammer - Slain by Vlad Von Carstein in the final battle.
  • Arbaal the Undefeated - Fails to live up to his name by getting killed by Caradryan, incarnate of fire.
  • Wulfrik the Wanderer - Killed by Valten, though he puts up the best fight against him.
  • Dechala the Denied One - Loses to Tyrion Incarnate of light during the final battle.
  • Scyla Anfingrimm - Killed by Ungrim when he gets beaten and thrown off a cliff.
  • Galrauch, Master of Dragon - According to Josh Reynolds, he was as far away from Middenheim as the Chaos Gods could get him. The dragon was too unpredictable, even for the forces of entropy. He took part in battles at Ind and Cathay, where his shifting allegiances would prove no threat to Chaos' ultimate aims. As the End Times progressed, his Chaos Half grew stronger and stronger BUT, in those final days as the influence of Tzeentch waned, the two halves would have been more evenly matched. In the end, Galrauch tore himself apart as the world died.
  • Kholek Suneater - According to Josh Reynolds, he was ultimately killed by Settra, as a test to prove his worth to Archaon--the dragon ogre was uncontrollable, and thus of no use to the Three Eyed King. The battle lasted for four days, and flattened most of the forest around Middenheim, before Settra managed to remove the Mountain Lord's head with his khopesh, and drag it to the temple of Ulric and deposit it at Archaon's feet.
  • Sayl the Faithless - Up to his old tricks, but got his head lopped off by Canto Unsworn after the fall of Middenheim.
  • Orghotts Daemonspew* - According to Josh Reynolds, Orghotts was killed in the aftermath of Karl Franz's ascension, his semi-demonic frame burnt to ash by the magics of the Incarnate of the Heavens.
  • Bloab Rotspawned * - According to Josh Reynolds, he was hunted down by Elspeth Von Draken and the Sons of Shallya, an order of knights devoted to the goddess of healing, not long after the Glottkin's armies were shattered. The knights perished to a man, in the ensuing battle, but Elspeth's magics, greatly strengthened by the Wind of Death, proved more than a match for Bloab and his monstrous steed.
  • Morbidex Twiceborn* - According to Josh Reynolds, Morbidex perished at the hands of Vilitch the Curseling, after an ill-advised attempt to kill the two-headed champion of Tzeentch, prior to the latter's march to Averheim. Morbidex's infamous hatred of Tzeentch, and Vilitch's mocking tongue combined to drive the Maggoth Lord into a fury, and both he and Triple-Tongue were annihilated by the Curseling's magics.
  • Egil Styrbjorn - According to Josh Reynolds, He was one of the warlords who attacked Middenheim. He was one of the champions gathered to defend the city during the attack of the Incarnates. He is killed by Gelt, who transfigured his body into a golden statue.
  • Beorg Bearstruck & The Bearmen of Urslo - According to Josh Reynolds, Beorg and his Bearmen were among Archaon's followers at Middenheim, and Beorg was one of those champions who pursued the Ulric-empowered Wendel Volker when the latter escaped Middenheim. Volker killed Beorg in the ruins of Wallengertz, and the knights and state troops who fought alongside him scattered the surviving Bearmen.
  • Styrkaar - Since Storm of Chaos never happened, he gets a brand new story! He was second-in-command to Sigvald at the Siege of Parravon, where he crossed swords with Abhorash and paid the price.
  • Feytor the Tainted - Since Storm of Chaos never happened, he gets a brand new story! Feytor the Tainted was among the warlords in service to the Glottkin, and perished at the hands of Karl Franz Ascendant.
  • Haagoth the Bloodied One - Since Storm of Chaos never happened, he gets a brand new story! Haagoth led the sacking of Karond Kar, in Naggaroth and fell in battle with Mengil Manhide, who was subsequently torn apart by Haagoth's pack of skinwolves.
  • Melekh the Changer - Since Storm of Chaos never happened, he gets a brand new story! Melekh fell at Averheim, to the axe of Ungrim, Incarnate of Fire.
  • Count Mordrek the Damned - Killed by Valten during the Battle of Middenheim. This is after he manages to completely decimate the Griffon Legion. Of course, given how he is cursed to a mutative eternal life, it didn't take and he got back up after the World blew up. Poor bastard.
  • Many of the minor chaos champions and special characters from old books who get mentioned in the novel are either killed by Archaon after trying to usurp him, Or were slain by valten during the first battle of Middenheim. Of course, after the world ended, there are bound to be countless more deaths from those whom the Dark Gods deem unworthy of Daemonhood.
  • Dorghar* - Head smashed by reborn Sigmar's Ghal Maraz in the final battle.

Daemons Dismissed:[edit]

Note it's unclear how "permanent" death is for these ones, since the usual fluff is "kill a daemon in the mortal realm, they get thrown back to the Realm of Chaos", hence banishment is a more appropriate word.

  • Festus - Staked by Vlad after initially killing Vlad with sorcery; his own perverse life-giving aura means the wooden stake grows into a huge tree, ripping him apart from the inside out. After killing Louen Leoncour, that is.
  • Ku'gath Plaguefather - Killed by Leoncour's holy blood.
  • Azazel - According to Josh Reynolds The Prince of Damnation was in the Empire, hunting down the remnants of those knightly orders pledged to Sigmar not at Middenheim or Averheim, and killing them one by one (or corrupting them), just to twist the screws to his old sparring partner a bit. He tries to stop Sigmar from reclaiming Ghal Maraz at Middenheim but fails and gets his head crushed by the newly-reborn Sigmar. Unless mentioned otherwise (which isn't likely) Azazel is pretty safely in the dead for good category as his perma death would be the last sever between Sigmar's godhood and mortality, nicely capping off that story.
  • Epidimeus - Takes a cannonball to the chest during the battle of Altdorf.
  • Skarbrand - Defeated by Malekith after taking a sword to the face.
  • Kairos Fateweaver - Beheaded by Archaon for failing to capture Averheim, and then dumped into a pool of blood and used to summon Ka'Bandha.
  • Ka'bandha - Killed by Sigmar himself when the Emperor was reunited with Ghal Maraz. This is after taking on 6 of the incarnates by himself, and having the wind of fire scorch him for a long time

Dogs of War Wasted:[edit]

  • The Birdmen of Catrazza - Attempted to escape Tobaro during the Skaven's incursion, only for most of them to get cut down by the Skaven's ranged units.
  • Marksmen of Miragliano - Perished at Tobaro soon after the Skaven invaded the city.
  • Lucrezzia Belladona - Perished during the fall of Pavona. How she died is unclear: either by suicide via poisoned stilleto or dying during the siege of her palace.
  • The Cursed Company of Richter Kruger - Richter himself refused to become a Mortarch, so his soul was torn from his body and bound to Nagash, with the rest of the Company joining him in being destroyed by the Great Necromancer.
  • The Alcanti Fellowship - Rather than running away or dying at the behest of the Tilean Princes, Rodrigo Delmonte and his pikemen did as they always do: they thought of the common people first. So he gathered as many mercenary bands as he could and led them to Sartosa, where they sacrificed themselves to allow as many refugees to escape to the sea.
  • Braganza's Besiegers - joined the Alcanti Fellowship and many other mercenary bands in attempting to save as many refugees as possible. They most likely died at the hands of the Skaven as their overwhelmed them during the invasion of Sartosa.
  • Bronzino's Galloper Guns - They were amongst the various mercenary groups that joined the Alcanti Fellowship in getting as many people out of Tilea as possible. Made their final stand alongside the remaining Dogs of War at Sartosa.
  • Long Drong's Slayers - Slaughtered to a Dorf by the Skaven after the ratmen invade Sartosa.
  • Pirazzo's Lost Legion - Fell during the Battle of Luccini Plain, holding off the Skaven for 3 days.
  • Leopold's Leopard Company - Fell with their commander Leopold di Lucci at the Battle of Luccini Plain.
  • Ricco's Republican Guard - Fell during the Battle of Luccini Plain, fending off the Skaven for 3 entire days.
  • Lorenzo Lupo - Died laughing at the Battle of Luccini Plain, carrying the corpse of his rival Leopold di Lucci across his shoulders and leading the Leopard Company to certain death against a phalanx of Stormvermin.
  • Mydas the Mean - Died during the retreat to Sartosa, but his gold managed to make it there with Sheikh Yadosh.
  • Mengil Manhide's Manflayers- Ripped apart by Skinwolves and other followers of Khorne during the Fall of Karond Kar.
  • Tichi Huichi's Raiders - the Original Horned One Riders, they were obliterated when the Southlands were ripped apart by the Destruction of Morrslieb.
  • Asarnil the Dragonlord - Exiled dragon prince of Caledor with his own dragon named Deathfang, turned mercenary. He joined the Alcanti Fellowship and the rest of the mercenaries as they held off the Skaven invasion of Sartosa. He and Deathfang were the last to fall, with the Dragon being gunned down by Stormfiends. Asarnil was last seen wielding his lance against the swarm.
  • Voland's Ventors - perished during the Fall of Middenheim.
  • Vespero's Duelists - Last seen in Pavona, chasing after some Gutter Runners.
  • Lumpin Croop's Fighting Cocks - Attemped to make their way to the Moot, harried by the Skaven. Last seen at Averheim, either barely made it to Sylvania and witnessed the world end or were wiped to the last on the way.
  • Mannan's Blades - perished during the fall of Middenheim.

Dwarfs Dorked:[edit]

  • Thorek Ironbrow - Run through by Neferata, but died from blowing up his own anvil in a suicide attack to stop the undead.
  • King Kazador - Killed by Krell via decapitation.
  • King Belegar - Killed by Queek Headtaker in a final, fatal duel.
  • Ungrim Ironfist - Stays behind with the remaining slayers to fight Thomin and Archaon's forces and buy time for Karl Franz's forces and the dwarves of Zhufbar to retreat. Unknown who or what killed him, though Lord of the End Times says he was consumed by the wind of fire after giving into its rage.
  • Thorgrim Grudgebearer - Assassinated by Deathmaster Snikch after the Skaven battle for Everpeak is lost (cause he leaves a piddling little secret door, that's the only entrance to his secret hideaway, open by accident; just fucking slipped his mind I guess).
  • Gotri Hammerson* - Stayed behind to hold the line with the Dryads against Isabella's daemon horde while Gelt retreated.
  • Grimm Burlokson - after Zhufbar is deemed lost, he activates the device which floods the hold so that the Skaven can't get their hands on all the awesome technology.

Elves Eviscerated:[edit]

  • Teclis - Turned to dust after failing to bind the wind of metal to himself after Gelt is murdered by Manfred. Somehow brought back in Age of Sigmar.
  • Adranna* - killed by Morathi's sorcery.
  • Aislinn/Mathlann - killed by Tyrion, but not before he reveals himself as Mathlann and creates a massive sea storm that shreds the Aestyrion fleet and severely reduces their number before the final battle.
  • Aliathra - Sacrificed by Arkhan as part of the ritual to summon Nagash.
  • Anaran & Anarelle* - killed by Kouran and Malekith respectively.
  • Eltharion the Grim - Killed by Arkhan the Black, who ages him to dust. His soul made it to Age of Sigmar, but Arkhan's curse meant he couldn't regain a physical body and had to animate a suit of armor.
  • Finubar the Seafarer - Killed by a Bloodletter summoned into his personal chambers by Malekith.
  • Korhil - Executed with his own axe after stealing the Widowmaker.
  • Lileath - Sacrifices herself by ordering Teclis to stab her so he can use the last of her godly power to teleport the Incarnates and their armies to Middenheim.
  • Tyrion/Khaine - Killed by Alith Anar, who shoots him through the rent in his armor. As of book 5 Tyrion gets resurrected by his brother as the Incarnate of Light, though Khaine remains dead. Tyrion manages to survive just long enough to see the end of the world alongside Alarielle and Malekith, and makes it to Age of Sigmar.
  • Drane Blackblood* - Executed at Malekith's order for raiding High Elves after Malekith's ascension to Phoenix King.
  • Kouran Darkhand - defeated and killed by Alith Anar.
  • Malus Darkblade - Killed when Tz'arkan completely took over his body. Tz'arkan was then killed by Tyrion just to make sure.
  • Tullaris Dreadbringer - Killed by Tyrion.
  • Daith/Vaul - Killed by a Sister of Slaughter. (Who was pretending to be dead after he killed the rest of her unit, so it's not as much of a jobbing death as it seems.)
  • Orion/Kurnous - Killed by Tyrion after kicking his ass pretty badly. He was already dying and had no way to rebirth himself, but looked to fulfill his destiny.
  • Shadowblade - Killed by Malekith. He tried to assassinate Malekith, but Malekith used shadow magic to give him an advantage, stabbed him and threw him off the back of a flying dragon.
  • Drycha - Decapitated by Malekith after trying to kill him but just before trying to stop Be'lakor attacking the Oak of Ages. A seed containing her soul was preserved into Age of Sigmar, and while Alarielle was initially reluctant to bring her back she was eventually revived (re-planted?).
  • Durthu - Sacrifices himself to give Alarielle the energy to invoke a large banishment spell. Somehow brought back in Age of Sigmar. Actually just a namesake for Alarielle's favourite Treelords. Very dead.
  • Hellebron - Killed by Alarielle when the incarnates arrived at the former city of Middenheim.
  • Caradryan - Killed by Ka'bandha after the Bloodthirster kills his phoenix.
    • Ashtari - Caradryan's phoenix, see above.
  • Rakarth - Rakarth the Beastlord fell during the invasion of Naggaroth. He and his black dragon were among the tally of Wulfrik the Wanderer in those savage days. Wulfrik pierced Bracchus' heart with the bowsprint of his flying vessel Seafang and killed Rakarth as dragon and ship fell from the sky to the icy wastes below.
  • Mengil Manhide and the Manflayers - Mengil and his followers died during the conflagration which consumed Karond Kar, fighting against the bloodmad followers of Khorne. Mengil himself fell to a pack of slavering skinwolves, which tore the sadistic warrior apart and devoured him.
  • Kaldor the Cruel - Kaldor fell in battle with his kinsman Calaidan, during Malekith's invasion of Ulthuan.
  • Malida (Hag Queen of Karond Kar) - Malida fell in battle during the razing of Karond Kar, by the forces of Haargoth the Blooded One. She was cut down by the daemon-prince Kastragar, even as she tried to banish the beast.
  • Mortharor (Captain of the Harbinger of Pain) - Mortharor's black ark was sunk by the Chaos merwyrm Orgalyx the Vast during the evacuation of Naggaroth. The merwyrm trapped the ark in its glistening coils and dragged the vessel, and its captain, to the bottom of the Sea of Malice.
  • Thalandor - Thalandor and his great eagle Gwandor were struck from the sky by a bloodthirster of the Blood Hunt, who smashed them to the ground with its brazen flail. As Gwandor twitched in his death-throes, a bloodied Thalandor drove his spear through the daemon's skull, before collapsing.
  • Gwercus the Treeman - Killed during the Blood Hunt's assault. He was torn asunder by Ka'Bandha.
  • Amadri Ironbark - Was among those treekin summoned by Alarielle during the battle with the Bloodhunt. He fell there, defending the council of Incarnates.
  • Wychwethyl the Wild - Wychwethyl fell in battle with the beastmen as they assaulted Athel Loren early in the End Times. He was slain by Morghur, Lord of Skulls, at the burning of Tyr Edrell.
  • Scaw the Falconer - Scaw died defending the Sylamel Tree from a pack of armored minotaurs, after the coronation of the Eternity King. His was a lonely death, unwitnessed and forgotten in the madness which followed.
  • Yolath the Terrible - Yolath fell during the attack on the King's Glade by Ka'Bandha and the Blood Hunt. He was killed by a pack of bloodletters after a bloodthirster smashed his great eagle from the sky.
  • Gruath the Beastmaster - Gruath died during the Blood Hunt's assault on the King's Glade. He and his pack fell defending the Glade from the bloodthirster, Skul'gath the Huntsman and his flesh hounds.
  • Naieth the Prophetess - She was captured by Be'lakor, who murdered her and used her remains in a monstrous haruspicy in order to predict the ebb and flow of those events his schemes required. Naieth's body was mutated by Archaon into a Chaos portal after she tried to scry him, leading to a daemonic invasion of Athel Loren until the elves found her and killed her, destroying the portal putting her out of her misery.
  • Lothlann the Brave - Lothlann fell as Alith Anar rallied the remaining Glade Riders. Hacked by daemon blades, Lothlann nonetheless held the sacred banner of Athel Loren upright, even in death.
  • Sceolan - two known fates. In the Khaine sourcebook he leads a rearguard as Malakith's forces are attempting to disembark for the Isle of the Dead. Dies with Tiranoc spears through his eye and heart.

Imperials Incinerated:[edit]

  • Balthazar Gelt - Stabbed in the back by Mannfred von Carstein during the final battle. Later reincarnated in Age of Sigmar as a Stormcast Eternal.
  • Kurt Helborg - Killed by Otto Glott during the battle of Altdorf, stabbed through the eye.
  • Volkmar the Grim - Sacrificed to serve as the vessel of Nagash.
  • Karl Franz - Technically killed by Otto Glott but resurrected by the power of Sigmar/becoming the embodiment of the Lore of Heavens. Archaon revealed that Karl Franz Ascendant is actually Sigmar, who was bound to the wind of heavens at some point and thrown into the great vortex by Tzeentch. When Teclis unbound the vortex, Sigmar used the emperor's body and Ghal Maraz as vessels. Once reunited, Sigmar truly became whole again. Sigmar was last seen wrestling Archaon for Ghal Maraz and and becomes the creator of the new world (you know, if his name being in the title wasn't enough to tip you off). Karl himself is probably the soul of the unknown ancient king forged into the Celestant Prime. If it's not him, he is resting in well earned peace.
  • Ludwig Schwarzhem - Gets a mutual kill against Valkia the Bloody when she stabs him through the heart with Slaupnir by impaling her on the Imperial Battle Standard.
  • Valten - cheaply Murdered by a Verminlord Deceiver with its throwing weapon as he dueled Archaon. Personally insults every prominent bad guy and shows genuine compassion and pity to Archaon (who was damned by forces out of his control before his birth) in possibly the greatest last words uttered in Warhammer.
  • Supreme Patriarch Gregor Martak - Cut down by Archaon in single combat.
  • Elector Count Boris Todbringer - Ripped apart by crazed Beastmen after slaying Khazrak One-Eye.
  • Elector Count Wolfram Hertwig - killed by a Nurgle champion while defending a breach in Auric Bastion.
  • Elector Count Aldebrand Ludenhof - Torn apart by undead summoned by Balthasar Gelt.
  • Ulric - Severely weakened when Teclis steals his flame. The last of his essence empowers Martak, and is in turn destroyed when Martak is cut down by Archaon. The last of his essence goes into the knight Volker, who is also killed by Archaon in the final duel.
  • Morr - Destroyed when Nagash defeated Usirian, making it possible Morr and Usirian were the same god by different names.
  • Luthor Huss - Possessed by the Nameless, then frees himself with Vlad's help and they fight together before Isabella slits his throat.
  • Volker - Cut down by Archaon in the final battle saving Sigmar.
  • J‪ohan and Wilhelm - Killed by Manfred during his purge of Sylvania to keep them from interfering with his plans.
  • Elspeth von Draken - Sadly was an amethyst wizard and suffered the same fate as the rest of her lot, when Nagash freed the Wind of Death. She was already well along that path, according to her background, and was already beginning to succumb to the unholy changes Nagash's actions wrought. That said, given her raw power, she was able to weather it better than most, and was one of the few remaining Empire wizards of any real ability when Archaon came knocking on Averheim's walls. Elspeth, like Ungrim Ironfist and Mathias Thulmann died in the ensuing battle. Whether she stayed dead, well...that's another matter.
  • Brunner - gets to the Middenheim in time to defend it, killed in duel with Archaon. Almost lands a killing shot with a warpdust bullet. Still puts up more of the fight that certain failure. Badass.
  • Deathclaw - killed by Archaon's horse Dorghar in the final battle.
  • Hans Leitdorf - Killed by Mannfred von Carstein after he charges the Vampire ranks at Templehof.

Kislevites Killed[edit]

  • Katarina the Ice Queen - Led a last charge of the Gospodar at the ruins of Erengrad, where she bought time for a single Imperial ship to carry the survivors of Kislev away.
  • Tordrimir Lubovasyn - the Grand Master of the Gryphon Legion was ripped apart by his steed Seraphrima after Count Mordrek the Damned decapitated her, his Sword of Change causing a Chaos Spawn to spring from the neck stump. His legion survived until the Siege of Middenheim, with a new Grand Master (Nicolai Dostov).
  • Stepan Rasin - the leader of the Ungols was speared by a random chaos knight as the Ungols made their last charge in a desperate attempt to escape.
  • Ilja of Murova - the Great Bear fell to Throgg and his monstrous horde during the fall of Praag.

Lizardmen Lacerated:[edit]

  • Grimloq - killed by Skrolk, whose plague censer instantly decays him.
  • Assorted Slann - Heads explode trying to stop Skaven from bringing down Morrslieb, or were eaten alive by Skaven as they lay in a stupor from the effort of keeping them from puling the moon too close.
  • Mazdamundi - Heart bursts after single-handedly destroying something like 90% of the falling Morrslieb.
  • Lord Kroak - Incinerated after making a heroic sacrifice to ensure that the destruction of the falling moon fragments is restricted to Lustria and the Southlands. Somehow survives into Age of Sigmar, though it was probably just a minor inconvenience to him honestly.
  • Nakai the Wanderer - Killed either by contracting the Yellow Death virus from the Skaven Morbus Sanguis or from the meteor shower of Morrsleib pieces.
  • Gor-Rok - Though unmentioned in the books proper, Gor-Rok is stated to have died in Itza; killing Skaven up until Morrsleib's remnants crushed him and his temple-city.

Orcs Obliterated & Goblins Guillotined:[edit]

  • Grimgor Ironhide - Beheaded by Archaon during the final confrontation. At the very least, he gets to headbutt Archie again and break the Eye of Sheerian, enraging the guy enough to release U'zhul.
  • Morglum Necksnapper - Gets his back broken by Grimgor.
  • Borgut Facebeater - After helping Grimgor topple the statue of Hashut atop the zigzurat at Zharr Naggrund, Borgut challanged Grimgor to try and make himself boss. Apparently he made enough of an impression to make Grimgor miss the poor bastard.
  • Gobbla - Killed by a Moulder Beastmaster. Skarsnik, however, managed to live long enough to... do something, he's not mentioned in the last book.
  • Gork and Mork - Not exactly die, but fuse into one greenskin god, Gorkamorka.
  • Snagla - two known fates. Last seen leading a charge in the Battle of the Great Vale at Karak Eight Peaks. Soon after, his spider riders are massacred by a skipperleaping Verminlord Deciever (Lurklox) Alternatively, Snagla died in battle with the beastmen, as Malagor incited the herds to converge on the Empire. He and his giant spider became a meal for Taurox the Brass Bull.
  • Grotfang - Was killed by Grimgor, during the latter's initial march west. Grotfang challenged Grimgor, and paid the price.
  • Snagga - The Iron Fist orcs, now led by Grotfang's lieutenant, Snagga, were subsumed into Grimgor's growing horde. Snagga was among those orc warriors felled by Zhatan the Black, in the battle for Zharr Naggrund.
  • Oglok the Orrible - Joined Grimgor's Waaagh, after Morglum's death. Oglok was among those orc champions who fell to the axe of the Chaos Dwarf, Rykarth the Unbreakable, at the Great Bastion.
  • Badruk 'Eadsplitta - Joined Grimgor's Waaagh in the east, and fought his way around the world with the Ironhide. He was among those orc champions killed by Zhatan the Black in Zharr Naggrund, before Bragg the Gutsman ended the Chaos Dwarf's life.
  • Grabnatz Sourbelly & Gulag - Grabnatz blew both himself and poor Gulag up, in an attempt to impress Grimgor with his magical might.
  • Durkol Eye-Gouger - Died in Nippon, battling the Red Ronin. While he managed to kill the warrior, he was himself slain in the process.
  • Uzguz - Joined Grimgor willingly after Grotfang's death. Uzguz and his boarboyz were at the forefront of every battle, until the invasion of the Dark Lands, when they charged the massed artillery of the Black Fortress and were blown to pieces.
  • Nazgob - Joined Grimgor willingly after Grotfang's death. Also died in the battle for the Black Fortress, when his magics proved no match for those of Drazhoath the Ashen.
  • Oddgit - Despite his power, was killed by Grimgor for being mouthy; the night goblin had his head twisted off, and his body fed to the squigs.

Skaven Slain-Killed:[edit]

  • Queek Headtaker- Killed by Thorgrim, who snaps his neck with one hand then beheaded him with Grimnir's axe.
  • Seerlord Kritislik - Obliterated by the Great Horned Rat.
  • Lord Skrolk - Killed by Kroq-gar, but resurrected by local Verminlord Vermalanx.
  • Morbus Sanguis - Died in Lustria, at the claws of Nakai the Wanderer. The sacred kroxigor succumbed to Sanguis' yellow death in the process.
  • Ghoritch - Died during the razing of the Hell Pit by Prince Apophas. The castellan of Clan Moulder was stripped of flesh by the beetles which compose Apophas' form, as the latter hunted for any sign of Ikit Claw.
  • Klawmunkast and his Rat Tank - Klawmunkast died at Apophas' hands as well, though his death bought Ikit Claw the precious moments he needed to trap Apophas in one of Skavenblight's lower levels, and jettison it into the Realm of Chaos, as the city traversed realities.
  • Clan Pestilens - Most if not all of the clan and its vassals are wiped out when Lustria and the Southlands are enveloped in a warpfire storm, due to the destruction of Morrslieb. Even if this didn't happen, they would have been obliterated once Mazdamundi reached the great pyramid of Itza.

Tomb Kings (Re)Terminated:[edit]

  • Nagash - The rift that eventually consumes the world takes all of Nagash's magic when it touches him, and he is last seen panicking as his body crumbles to dust. Though he can live without a body, magic was integral to that. Still managed to return in Age of Sigmar.
  • Arkhan - Though cut in half by Settra during the battle of Khemri, his first death came from Isabella the Accursed, who used anti-undead Nurglite power and vampiric magic to kill him. He gets resurrected by Nagash, and dies the second and final time at Middenheim after the Incarnates fall. He used up all of his magic, including the Everchild's spell and the magic animating him, to hold back the forces of Chaos long enough for Neferata to escape. Nagash brought him back in Age of Sigmar.
  • Khatep - beheaded by Settra during the battle of Khemri after he breaks his exile to warn Settra about the Destroyer of Eternities.
  • Nekaph - killed by Arkhan's sorcery.
  • Usirian - Defeated when Nagash entered the Underworld and fought him. Nagash couldn't win on his own so he got Dieter Helsnicht to use necromancy to puppet every soul in the Underworld against Usirian, then beat him down and devoured him.
  • King Phar - defeated by Krell's legions then killed by Nagash for fighting him.
  • Assorted Tomb Kings - Killed by Nagash because they were clever enough for him to consider them a threat.
  • King Pharak* - Beheaded by Krell for trying to disobey Arkhan's orders in the battle for the Black Pyramid.
  • Settra - Last seen charging hordes of daemons, presumably overwhelmed or died his final death as the world was destroyed.

Vampire Counts Vaporised:[edit]

  • Mannfred von Carstein - Stabbed by Tyrion after killing Gelt, the former using Sunfang's fire to burn Mannfred from the inside out. But now he is back in Age of Sigmar.
  • Zacharias The Everliving - Brain burned out by Nagash after claiming he was his equal. He wasn't.
  • Walach Harkon - Ripped in half by zombie dragon controlled by Vlad.
  • Heinrich Kemmler - Killed by Arkhan in a magical duel, gets vaporized.
  • Vlad von Carstein - Killed and resurrected thrice in the End Times. After being brought back by Nagash, his first death in the End Times is at Festus' hands in the battle for Altdorf, but his ring resurrects him and he kills Festus. The second time he is dissolved by Isabella the Accursed because he was unwilling to fight her. After the Carstein Ring brought him back again, he met Isabella, put the Carstein ring on her and impaled them both, hoping death and rebirth would exorcise the daemon.
  • Isabella von Carstein - Gets brought back by Nurgle, bound to a Nurgle daemon and attacks the undead. Killed by Vlad, who puts his immortality granting ring on her, when he impales them on a stake to free her from Nurgle's clutches. In the novels Neferata finds her in a coma and took her to Sylvania as the world ended.
  • Luthor Harkon - According to Josh Reynolds, in a bit of story that almost was, Luthor was going to engage in a three way duel with Long Drong's slayer pirates and Glutrot Spume's plague-ship. The Pirate King was dueled to a standstill with Spume even as the vessel they're on sinks beneath the waves. What ended up happening was he made it to Sylvania after Nagash conquered the Tomb Kings. He fought the forces of Isabella the Accursed and the Nameless alongside Vlad and Mannfred, but was abandoned by Mannfred. Isabella the Accursed uses her power to disintegrate him. On a side note, take a shot for every named character Mannfred backstabs. You will be flat on your ass by the time we are done.
  • Krell - Killed thrice in the End Times, and brought back by Nagash after the first two. First he gets killed when a Tomb Scorpion cuts off his head in the battle for Khemri. Second he gets swallowed whole by a Great Unclean One in the battle for the Black Pyramid, but when Nagash banishes it his remains are left behind. His third death is from Sigvald stabbing him in the eye socket with the broken Sliverslash and crushing Krell's skull with his fists.
  • The Nameless/Drachenfels - Consumed by the fires of Luthor Huss' faith after he regains control of his body thanks to Vlad.
  • Sethep the Merciless - According to Josh Reynolds, he perished when he attempted to usurp control of the Wind of Death. While he was able to control it for a few moments, Nagash's will was too strong. The Undying King ripped the Wind from Sethep's withered grasp, and Sethep's malign spirit with it. Now the Merciless One's spirit is bound to Nagash's staff, alongside those of Zacharias the Everliving and Richter Kreugar...
  • The Dark Knight & The Banshee - Fell during the Bretonnian civil war, when the Red Duke attempted to take advantage of the chaos for his own ends. The Red Duke's interference was not appreciated by Arkhan the Black, and the lich reduced the vampire nobleman's undead retinue to ash and dust, and put the maddened vampire to flight. The Dark Knight was among those dead things laid permanently to rest by Arkhan's sorceries.
  • Mallobaude - Decapitated by The Green Knight AKA Giles Le Breton himself at the very end of his rebellion.
  • Anark von Carstein - Slain by Arkhan the Black during an attempt to betray him.
  • Markos von Carstein - Killed by Mannfred von Carstein after his betrayal.

Places Destroyed (Alphabetical Order):[edit]

  • Albion - As a major lynchpin in the geomantic web, the lizardmen were forced to abandon Albion when it got swarmed by demons. This killed most of the population. More died when Albion was torn apart by earthquakes and mostly sunk during the first Skaven moon mission. Whatever and whoever was left perished in the tidal waves from Ulthuan's destruction.
  • Araby - Attacked by the Skaven. They held out well enough that the Skaven were forced to use tunnel warfare and poisoning all the water sources before sending their troops in.
  • Athel Loren - Nearly destroyed by Beastmen, but Alarielle Incarnate of Life hits nature's reset button and undoes all the damage. Athel Loren suffers damage from further Beastmen incursions and Khorne's blood hunt. When Chaos destroys the world, Athel Loren is the last place to be destroyed except probably whatever plot of land Archaon and Sigmar were wrestling over Ghal Maraz.
  • Bretonnia - Between the war with the undead, the civil war, the chaos storms, the plagues, and having most of their knights leave to aid the empire, they didn't stand a chance when the Skaven invaded.
    • Borderleaux - Turned into a brass keep during chaos storm.
  • Border Princes - Overrun by either Skaven or Undead. Half of them decided to join Mannfred to help deal with the former. Mannfred (of course) backstabbed them before going to Athel Loren.
  • Cathay - Overrun by Chaos Dwarves, Skaven and Chaos, who have breached the Great Bastion and spilled into the heartlands. During this time the Tzeentch cults throughout Cathay rose up, but the Dragon Emperor escaped and formed a resistance against them. The Cathayans stalemated the forces of Chaos and defeated the Skaven, but were finally finished when Grimgor's WAAAGH invaded and turned the place into a 3 way battlefield. In the novel, the Chaos held Great Bastion itself was breached by Grimgor.
  • The Empire - Destroyed by Chaos, Skaven and the Undead.
    • Averheim - Besieged by a Tzeentchian host under Vitlich/Thomin. Destroyed by Archaon's Khornate forces.
    • Carroburg - Destroyed by the forces of the Glottkin.
    • Helmgart - Since the Vermintide series is considered canon it gets a notable mention. Was badly raided and damaged by the combine forces of Clan Fester and the Nurgle favored Norscan tribe Rotblood. Rasknitt planned to construct some kind of human-sacrifices powered portal devices called the Skittergate to transport the seemly endless Rotblood warriors over from the Norsca. They failed of course thanks to Uberisk five's shadow gate hit-and-run tactic where they weakened the forces of disorder enough for them to destroy the devices, along with killing off Rasknitt. The destruction of the device also left sunk the land masses of Helmart even further down below.
    • Marienberg - Gets hit with one of Nurgle's super plagues: a Nurgle blessed seaweed with extremely fast growing speed. After planting it in the sea, the plant grow so fast that it overwhelms the walls of Marienberg and its cannon towers, stripped of its defenses for the Nurgle army to take over the city in one night.
    • Middenheim - taken by Archaon with the aid of Thanquol.
    • Nuln - Completely destroyed by Thanquol and Skreech Verminking.
    • Sylvania - Seceded from the Empire by Mannfred, then claimed by Nagash. He gives rulership to Neferata as he fights alongside the other Incarnates. Sylvania is the last province to be destroyed, the undead legions holding out until the Chaos Gods themselves arrive.
    • Talabheim - Gets hit with the second uber plague, which causes a deluge of pus and bile to flood the city and force the inhabitants out. Most escape the destruction.
  • Estalia - Becomes a blasted wasteland inhabited by millions of Skaven. Most likely Clan Skryre used Estalia as ground zero for their newest weapons.
  • Kingdoms of Ind - Khorne sends the bulk of his daemonic legions, led by Arbaal, Karnak and Skulltaker, into Ind to claim the skulls of the many gods. Wulfrik was there as well.
  • Karak Azul - Taken by the Skaven.
  • Karak Eight-peaks - One peak blown up by Queek. After the Night Goblins join the war, the Dwarfs collapse the ancestor hall rather than let it be fouled by Skaven and Greenskins.
  • Karak Kadrin - contaminated by poisoned wind in an attack by Ikit Claw after Ungrim Ironfist and his Slayer army are tricked into leaving the city
  • Lileath's Haven - Be'lakor overheard Duke Jerrod rage at Lileath being a manipulative bitch and talking about the safe haven she sent Araloth before getting trapped in the ruby. More likely than not, the Chaos Gods heard about it and then decided to blow it up alongisde everything else, considering how horrified she felt when she told Teclis she couldn't sense her daughter anymore.
  • Lustria and the Southlands - completely smashed apart when Morrslieb falls, though lord Kroak preserves some chunks of the jungle in protective force domes. It is unknown how big these are, or how many surviving Lizardmen they contain, but they are sent off into space.
    • Itza - contaminated with so much plague that the Lizardmen have to evacuate. eventually devastated by warpstone meteors.
    • Xlanhuapec - badly damaged by the Skaven despite having its mist protection. Turns out the mist was coming from the mouth of a Slann known as Hua-Hua (who was known for won a 500 years debate on what to do with the warm blood but was met with other Slann's protest with silent treatment for the next 500 years) and his death bought to an end to the magical mist.
  • Naggaroth- Malekith deserts Naggaroth to the near endless Khornate forces and Skaven, salting the earth, slaughtering slaves by the millions and razing the cities to leave no plunder.
    • Clar Karond - Destroyed by Khornate forces.
    • Karond Kar - Under siege by warriors of Chaos. Manages to endure until an earthquake occurs and Skaven enter the city from underground. Most of the Dark Elves and their monsters were evacuated while the slaves were left to die.
  • Nehekhara - Khemri is destroyed completely by Nagash' magic before he and his armies do the same to the rest of Nehekhara's cities.
    • Zandri - Caught between Mannfred's army and Luthor Harkon's fleet their remaining forces are decimated. Luthor Harkon and his forces stayed to pillage Zandri before bringing his forces up the River Mortis.
    • Lahmia - Abandoned after a stalemate between Neferata's army, Khalida's army and the ghosts that haunt Lahmia.
    • Mahrak - Several Tomb Kings turn traitor and fight the loyalist Tomb Kings before opening the gates for Nagash's armies.
    • Quatar - Implied to have been destroyed by Nagash's magic and Arkhan's army.
  • Nippon - Destroyed by Clan Skryre. Its fleets have been burned by Grimgor and his WAAAGH, since there was no one left to man the ships.
  • The Entire World, in a nutshell.
  • The Ogre Kingdoms - All volcanoes erupted at once, forcing the Ogres and all their monsters on an exodus towards the old world and setting up the stage for Grimgor's super WAAAGH after he defeats Greasus Goldtooth.
  • Tilea - Completely overrun by Skaven, most of the mercenaries die and survivors die on Sartosa. Civilian refugees and presumably any soldiers escorting them escape to the Empire and die during the battles there.
  • Ulthuan - Sinks after the Vortex is undone.


  • Thyrus Gormann - Bright wizard and former Supreme Patriarch before Balthazar. Disappears after bringing word to Karl Franz about the fall of Heldenhame. Possibly ressurected as a Stormcast Eternal in Age of Sigmar.
  • Araloth - Possibly dead; escaped the Warhammer world to a new one beyond Chaos's current reach at Lileath's behest. Lileath lost contact with her haven and believes it was destroyed by the Chaos Gods, making it possible Araloth is dead.
  • Eldyra - Defeated by Manfred, turned into a vampire by an unknown, but absorbed Erith Khial's power and became the new elf god of Death. As a new goddess, part of her essence separated and became the vampire as a way to atone for her failure. this is Mercy-killed at her own request by Tyrion in the novel.
  • Morathi and Caledor Dragontamer - grabbed by Slaanesh and dragged into the realm of Chaos. The former managed to reappear in Age of Sigmar.
  • Malekith - Crippled by falling rocks after saving Alarielle from suffering the same fate. Actual death is unknown as no one stuck around though Sigmar had intended to get him out of the rubble before Archaon intervened. End Times: Archaon has his last bit of fluff him talking with Tyrion and Alarielle as they watch the rift, with Nagash disintegrating nearby. When the rift touches him it eats away at his mind until he forgets his own name and then destroys his body. Revived in Age of Sigmar as Malerion.
  • Lokhir Fellhart - Wounded on the isle of the dead, last seen being carried from the field.
  • Vitlich the Curseling - Unknowingly enters Tzeentch's crystal maze in the realm of Chaos then a mysterious being (hint to be Tzeentch) makes him Thomin's slave as Thomin had been his, a request that came from the long silent Thomin himself.
  • Isabella von Carstein - Killed by Vlad in an attempt to exorcise the daemon in her after being given the Carstein ring. Later Neferata finds her lying comatose in the ruins of Middenheim, finally free of the Nurglite demon.
  • Ariel - Poisoned by Lileath then merged with Alarielle.
  • Kalara* - Replaced Shallya as the poxfulcrum.
  • Glottkin* - Curb stomped by Karl Franz Ascendant. Smashes open Ghurk with one hit, lightning blasts Otto, and is about to pulp Ethrac when he completes a spell that turns the Glottkin into swarms of flies. Currently being held in Nurgle's mansion in giant jars.
  • Settra - Humiliated by Nagash who blows him up and leaves him immobile in the sands. Gets put back together by the Chaos Gods. Proves his worth to fight alongside Archaon by killing Kholek Suneater in single combat after a four day battle. Betrays them in the last battle for daring to offer him power in exchange for servitude, charging off alone to slay Giants, Trolls and Dragon Ogres by the score. Last seen fighting the monsters that followed Throgg as the world is consumed.
  • Apophas - Defeated by Nagash after the Destroyer of Eternities does nothing. He is enslaved by Nagash and sent to terrorize the Skaven as revenge for what they did thousands of years ago. Last that is heard of him is that Nagash sent him after Ikit Claw. Unfortunately, though he did manage to kill a multitude of vermin as he swarmed through Skavenblight, Ikit managed to trap him in part of the city and blast that part into the Chaos Realm.
  • Ramhotep - MIA after the battle of Khemri. Wanders the desert for a while with his statue army before Neferata lures him to Sylvannia and puts him in charge of land beautification and statue maintenance.
  • Dieter Helsnicht - After helping Nagash overthrow the god of the Underworld, Dieter was warped by Nagash into a near-mindless, multi-headed monster to guard the entrance of the Underworld and ensure only Nagash could access it unchallenged.
  • Ar-Ulric Emil Valgeir - While he shows in Nagash, it is actually Changeling impersonating him. The real Emil was assassinated by the changeling before this.
  • Kroq-Gar - Ordered to head to the nearest evacuation point as soon as the Exodus began. Kroq-Gar summoned a Carnosaur and headed there but the lore doesn't state whether he reached it in time.
  • Be'lakor - Alarielle seals him away in the ruby from her tiara. The ruby was noted as being able to survive the end of everything meaning that he'll be floating in that ruby for the rest of eternity. Perhaps he'll replace the Eye of Sheerian now that Grimgor broke it.
  • Grimnir - Gives power to Gotrek, and fights in the final battle.
  • Sigmar and Archaon - As the world ends, they're last seen fighting over Ghal-Maraz and then vanish without a trace into the Warp. Obviously, both of them survived int Age of Sigmar, if you somehow didn't notice Sigmar has his name in the title.
  • Ghorros Warhoof - According to Josh Reynolds, the 'Sire of a Thousand Young' was partying it up in the various ruins of the Empire's cities all the way up until the world ended.
  • Moonclaw - According to Josh Reynolds, Archaon gave Moonclaw control over the ruins of Averheim, to do with as he willed. And what Moonclaw willed was that the various herds of Beastmen under his control seek out the fallen chunks of his mother moon and bring them to him, for purposes which will, unfortunately remain a mystery.
  • Slugtongue - According to Josh Reynolds, he was drawn into the service of the Glottkin and was near the back of the battlefield doing his thing when Karl Franz purified Altdorf. Though badly burned he was far enough away to survive the purification of the city. He retreated, and was last seen licking his wounds in the ruins of Marienburg. And then the world blew up.
  • The Corrupted One - Still harassing the Wood Elves to the very end.
  • Duke Bohemond - The Beastslayer's keep in Bastonne was viciously attacked by Chaos, but he was one of the few who managed to get away alive. He led the survivors up into the Grey Mountains.
  • Elanor of Quenelles - The Damsel of the Lady was one of the few who survived the sacking of Quenelles by Sigvald, and led her people to sanctuary in the mountains. Though occasionally beset by beastmen, she and those under her protection lasted until the world ended.
  • Bagrain - The Abbot of la Maisontaal set about rebuilding in the aftermath of Arkhan's assault, and was just about finished when Bretonnia's remaining defenders sought shelter being the crumbling walls. He remained with them until the end.
  • The Blue Scribes - As the world blew up, they cannot possibly finish their mission. Oh they tried, and are trying still. They were at most of the major conflicts but rarely participated, instead choosing to watch and record the strange new magics unleashed by the Incarnates. And though the world died, there are other worlds yet, where they continue their task.
  • The Masque of Slaanesh - According to Josh Reynolds, The Masque was set loose upon the world to dance and destroy as was her wont. Like Azazel and the Changeling, she wasn't interested in fighting so much as wreaking havoc wherever her whims took her. She was still dancing through the ruined streets of Wurtbad when the world came apart...
  • Sehenesmet - Sehenesmet, Grand Vizier of Quatar, was among those who bowed to Nagash. He traveled to Sylvania, where he was put to work strengthening the defenses of that blighted land. It was Sehenesmet who defeated the great shaggoth Hashek the Red, and tore apart the Chaos giant Bloodbelly at the Battle of Corpse Run.
  • Ushoran - I asked Reynolds about this, and he said it was a tough case. It depends on whether you think he's actually alive or not. If he died during the fall of Mourkain, then the question is moot. If he's alive then I think he would have sought out somewhere isolated, where he could rally his folk without interference from either Nagash or the Skaven. Sylvania and the ruins of Mourkain are right out. So Ushoran goes to Mousillon. The ghoul-tribes which lurk beneath the city rise up at his call, and the debased knights who rule there join him in return for the Dark Kiss. The Strygany migrate west, over the Grey Mountains, and with them come the survivors of lost Strigos, including Gashnag, the infamous Black Prince. A new kingdom, smaller than Strigos, rises, even as Bretonnia crumbles beneath the assaults of Chaos. Ushoran, eager to protect his new kingdom, sends word to King Gilles, via his old ally, Abhorash, proposing an alliance, even as the armies of Skaven sweep north from Estalia, and the forces of Sigvald the Magnificent invade Parravon...
  • Caldath the Black - Killed the Daemon-Prince Kastragar after it killed Malida. The assassin survived the fall of Karond Kar, but what happened to him after that is unknown…
  • Sceolan - He and his kindred of the Oak Glades threw back the Bloodletters of the Blood Hunt, allowing Alith Anar to retreat from the King's Glade. Sceolan was last seen fighting alongside the Shadow King in defense of the Oak of Ages, as were Athelwyn and Elthryn. (Actually has two known fates, so inclusion here is not a contradiction).
  • Athelwyn of Athel of Loren - Was among the defenders of Athel Loren rallied by Alith Anar after the Incarnates were transported to Middenheim. Athelwyn was last seen fighting against the demonic hordes in defense of the Oak of Ages.
  • Elthryn - Was among the defenders of Athel Loren rallied by Alith Anar after the Incarnates were transported to Middenheim. Elthyrn was last seen fighting against the demonic hordes in defense of the Oak of Ages.
  • Alith Anar, the Shadow King - He fought off the last of the Blood Hunt and then led the remnants of the elves left behind in Athel Loren deeper into the forests as the world came apart.
  • Glutrot Spume - Engaged in a three way battle with Luthor Harkon's vampire pirates and Long Drong's Slayer Pirates. Though he'd take Drong's cutlass to his heart, he'd still be fit enough to duel the Pirate King to a standstill even as the vessel they're on sinks beneath the waves.
  • Gitilla da Hunter - He was with Skarsnik, when the latter disappeared. The wolf-rider and lupine coterie were acting as scouts for Skarsnik's forces, as they departed the mountains.
  • Grotsnag - Was forced into servitude by Grimgor, and made a scout for the Waaagh, He and his wolfboyz were among those greenskins left in Nippon, when Grimgor departed. What fate befell them after that is unknown.
  • Abhorash - During the destruction of the world at the End Times, Abhorash was last seen fighting alongside the returned Gilles le Breton in Bretonnia. His ultimate fate following the end of the world is unknown.
  • The Red Duke - Rumours of his continued existence persisted for many centuries but the last confirmed sighting was towards the closing days of the End Times. When Duke Jerrod, leader of the Bretonnian contingent at the Council of Incarnates was exposed to a horrific truth about the Lady of the Lake he was determined to take his troops and marched back into the ruined and devastated remains of Bretonnia to see-out the end of the world there. The vampire count Vlad von Carstein told Jerrod that a small group of warriors, led by Gilles le Breton and an immortal warrior implied to be Abhorash, still fought in Bretonnia. He sent the Red Duke to act as a guide and escort Jerrod's knights to the abbey where they were making their great last stand.
  • Grombrindal - turned up doing his usual thing; killing bad guys before disappearing mysteriously. Showed up again to save Malekith's life, revealing himself to indeed by his old friend, Snorri Whitebeard whom he vowed to that dwarfs and elves would always be friends. Last seen leading all the Dwarfs, living and dead, atop his shieldbearers, Joseph Bugman and Gotrek Gurnisson, in the Dwarf's last glorious battle.
  • Malhandir - Before Malekith and Tyrion's final duel, Tyrion's fine steed was last seen throwing Tyrion off his back after sensing the evil presence of Khaine on him. Teclis rescued him with magic, taking him and Tyrion's gear and body to bring his brother back to life. Malhandir served as the mount for Tyrion when he was reborn as the Incarnate of Light. He went with Tyrion to Middenheim, where he received an injury that lamed him. Unable to run and too loyal to flee, he stayed with Tyrion, Alarielle and Malekith and died when the rift that destroyed the Warhammer world consumed him.
  • Sulephet - Morathi's beloved Dark Pegasus was killed when Morathi charged straight into the vortex after witnessing the death of her beloved Khaine possessed Tyrion and her only son Malekith. The vortex's magical stormed aged the Pegasus so much that it turned to dust, but not Morathi of course since she turned immortal a long time ago.
  • Krakanrok the Black - It was foreshadowed that Krakanrok would wake up and wreak havoc during the End Times where he will be awoken by a large and loud thunderstorm, except there wasn't any mentioned of it. However, his son Kholek did awaken only to be jobbed by Settra the Imperishable, meaning Krakanrok and other dragon ogres might have woken up, which also means there WAS a thunderstorm going on during the end times. Age of Sigmar reveals that he survived The End Times and is back to snoozing until his apocalyptic thunderstrom alarm clock goes off again.
  • Helman Ghorst - While originally only having a small bit of lore in the Sigmar's Blood campaign he gained elevated status as a Legendary Lord in Total War: Warhammer. Basically he's a Necromancer who serves Mannfred von Carstein and has a Corpse Cart pulled by his own dead brothers. Though a servant of Mannfred, we have no idea what happened to him, if he survived to the End of the World or was killed along the way.
  • Markus Wulfhart - Last seen on the ramparts above the gate at the battle of Altdorf.

By book V everyone dies aside from those who have fled the world or ascended to daemonhood, except for one single being who was once a man (i.e. Sigmar), who manages to come to a new world and performs a miracle of some sort.

And this story shall also be told...

Warhammer In Memoriam (Death Toll of those who are gone for good and won't be coming back)[edit]

  • Crom the Conqueror
  • Galrauch
  • Heinrich Kemmler
  • Isabella von Carstein
  • Luthor Harkon and his zombie pirates
  • Kharzak One-Eye
  • Kholek Suneater
  • Krell
  • Malagor
  • Morigana Le Fay, the Fey Enchantress
  • Taurox the Brass Bull
  • The entire Tomb Kings faction.
  • Vlad von Carstein
  • Volkmar the Grim
  • Malus Darkblade
  • Thorgrim (The door leaver opener)
  • Basically any named character (Failcast or otherwise) that isn't a "big" model, a Vampire, or an Elf.


With 3 of the incarnates as confirmed survivors despite having their magic ripped away, it is revealed that the others survived as well and became gods in the new realm. They were just sucked into the realm of Chaos, and that miracle Sigmar performed was that he reached into the Realm of Chaos with his godly powers and pulled the Winds of Magic (along with the Incarnates) BACK OUT OF THE REALM OF CHAOS.

(feel free to add to this list; it's here to say which characters from Warhammer Fantasy made it to Warhammer Age of Sigmar).

  • Sigmar - Grips onto the metal core of the world that was and becomes a true god in the new world. Creates the Stormcast Eternals as a force to oppose chaos. Come on, his name is in the title, of course he survived!
  • Karl Franz - Implied to be the Celestant-Prime, albeit suffering from some memory loss.
  • Balthazar Gelt- Reborn as a powerful Stormcast Eternal; the Lord-Arcanum Balthas Arum. He even named his new winged steed Quicksilver like his old pegasus.
  • Be'lakor - Bound to the Chaos-repelling ruby in Alarielle's tiara, later escaped.
  • Tyrion- Deified in the new world, He joins Sigmar in building the new civilizations. He goes against Sigmar's orders and leads his forces alongside Malerion's to capture Slaanesh but otherwise works with Sigmar more often than not.
  • Teclis - Survived, and acts as Tyrion's guide while the latter is blind. He also tried to re-create the Elves, which didn't go fully as planned due to some lingering aftereffects of Slaanesh's corruption in their souls; they ended up becoming the Idoneth Deepkin. His second attempt, the Lumineth, succeeded.
  • Eltharion - His soul survived, and was put into a hollow suit of armour, becoming known as the Light of Eltharion.
  • Malekith - Comes back as a shadow creature fused with his dragon and calls himself Malerion; looks like Games Workshop backed down in the "whose Malekith came first?" spat with Marvel. What's also interesting, if Malekith fused with his dragon, and his dragon was female...
  • Morathi - The bitch is back. Not only escaped Slaanesh, but appeared by herself in the Realm of Shadow with Daemonette servants until her son found her. She's a bit changed after being stuck with/in Slaanesh and/or Slaanesh stuck with/in her for so long. Found Khaine's heart and revived his religion in an attempt to siphon his power and reach godhood herself.
  • Nagash - Surprise! The great necromancer survives, and joins Sigmar for a while. He gets pissed that now he's just one god in a huge pantheon, but begrudgingly puts up with it. When several groups start taking souls (which he considers rightfully his) he rebels and this leads to open war between the living and the dead. Has a stupid looking MAGNIFICENT hat.
  • Alarielle - Survived and took some seeds from the Warhammer world and planted them in her life realm. Went into hiding and tried to get over her PTSD brought on by the End Times through gardening which created the race of plant people called the Sylvaneth. Nurgle had his eye on her, and attacked her realm to make her his, only to be fended off by the Sylvaneth and the Stormcasts.
  • Drycha - Her pod was taken from the old world. Alarielle refused to plant it, given Drycha's insane and violent nature. Things got so bad that at her lowest point Alarielle replanted Drycha and she was reborn.
  • Durthu - Lives on in a sense as a group of "Spirit of Durthu" type Treelords.
  • Grimnir - Joins Sigmar's alliance for a bit. He goes to fight the mother of all salamanders, and both end up destroyed in the fight.
  • Grungi - Helps Sigmar forge the Stormcast Eternals.
  • Gotrek Gurnisson - He's not sure how it happened either, but he's not the kind of person to question it. Realmslayer confirms he made it to Age of Sigmar.
  • Gork & Mork - Now known as Gorkamorka, he joined Sigmar's alliance initially, but just wanted to fight and ended up leading the savage elements of the alliance away. Sometimes they're one being, sometimes they're two.
  • The Skaven - One of only two races to maintain their identity from the old world, they are still allied with Chaos. They brought Skavenblight into the Realm of Chaos following the Great Horned Rat's ascension to true godhood, which they have somehow managed to partly collapse back into the material realm.
  • Lizardmen - The other race to maintain their identity. Escaped on their temple-ships, got themselves infused with Azyr to become daemon-like entities of Order, and have formed a new Great Plan that will succeed where the old one failed. Also, five Slann Mage-Priests from the previous setting are still alive since the status of the other Lizardmen is uncertain.
  • Mannfred - Shown in the promotional art for WD leading the undead. In lore, he was introduced as a charred, fanged walking skeleton, banished by Nagash to a place where everything keeps decaying but can't die as punishment for his role in the Warhammer World's destruction. Since being brought back into the new world he's been on a cycle of getting into, and falling out of, Nagash's good graces.
  • Arkhan - shown alongside Nagash leading the undead against the warriors of Khorne. He retrieved Nagash's body after the latter was killed by Archaon and thwarted Prince Vhordai's attempt to ensure Nagash's death. Still loves Neferata.
  • Neferata - She's ruling a part of the realm of Shyish called Nulahmia. She's forced to defend it against chaos armies of Slaanesh but has to eventually get rescued by the Stormcast Eternals, then later destroys it and rebuilds it to stop a Khornate invasion. Also manages to build a spy network of vampire capable enough to rival followers of Tzeentch in scheming.
  • Settra - Remade as Settras, Lord Celestant of the Imperishables stormhost and sworn enemy of Nagash. Regrettably, he had to be reforged a few times to remove that bit that demanded that he may never serve, only rule.
  • The Glottkin - Nurgle gave them another chance after imprisoning them in jars in his mansion during The End Times.
  • The Maggoth riders.
  • Archaon - Now known as the Destroyer of Worlds, is once again the big bad during the reign of Chaos and has even gotten a promotion. All those rumors about him being the new hero are complete shit. One wonders why he still serves Chaos since the Warhammer world has been destroyed and Sigmar has been irrefutably proven to be real and a god. GW seems to have trouble with consistent writing. He even got to keep his steed Dorghar, although Dorghar has changed dramatically.
  • Skarr Bloodwrath - Somehow brought back and serves the Khornate Bloodborn. Not bad for a new guy.
  • Valkia the Bloody - Khorne really does care about her it seems.
  • Scyla Anfingrimm - Surviving a fall of a high tower and an apocalypse confirms him as the most badass you-know-what ever.
  • Grombrindal the White Dwarf.
  • Every daemon special character - Including the Skaven Verminlords.
  • Thanquol and his latest version of Boneripper - He and Skreech warped Skavenblight into the realm of Chaos.
  • Morghur, the Master of Skulls - According to Josh Reynolds, he got fried during the battle of Altdorf, but since he perpetually reincarnates, it wasn't permanent. By Age of Sigmar, he had become a minor Chaos God worshipped by the Beastmen calling themselves the Gavespawn.
  • Sigvald - After his humiliating defeat, his soul wound up getting stuffed into a piece of shadeglass and dumped into Shadespire by Nagash, who was then careless enough to drop the city near where Slaanesh had been imprisoned, allowing him to regain his memories, escape, and become a full Daemon Prince.
  • Dechala - Also became a Daemon Prince, powerful enough to be worshipped even.

The fluff also mentions many deities, so some of the old gods may have survived as well. For further details, go to the character pages or the Age of Sigmar faction pages.

A List of Irony/Bad Writing[edit]

In case you haven't already notice, The End Time has a pretty big collection of character's irony as well as the usual irony. In fact, this entire event might as well be a lulzy dark comedy play directed by Cegorach.

  • Grimgor Ironhide is the avatar of the Great Maw despite being an Orc who only worships Gork and Mork, as well as an incarnate of Beast magic despite being an Orc
  • Malekith is the true heir of the Phoenix King despite being the third most evil and murderous non-daemonic (playable) character to ever exist (after his mother Morathi and Nagash).
  • Krell becomes so independent he makes Heinrich looks like his servant despite Heinrich being the one who raised him.
  • Heinrich the "lichemaster" gets killed by a liche (Arkhan the Black).
  • Heinrich being the first special character in Warhammer Fantasy is also the first to be killed off at the End Times.
  • Skaven went from cowardly failure to competent killing machines and destroy 75% of the world.
  • Gobbla gets killed by a Skaven beastmaster from inside out despite being a squig, a creature with large appetite, huge sharp teeth and strong stomach acid, and whose description stated he does not stop chewing until his meal is staying down.
  • Valten gets beheaded by a Skaven Vermin Lord and not Archaon (A Skaven assassin, heavily implied to be Snikch, killed him in the now non-Canon Storm of Chaos. Now an Eshin Verminlord kills him).
  • All two metal wind incarnate (Thorgrim and Gelt) gets backstabbed despite having the power of invincibility granted by the winds itself (Thorgrim in particular is supposed to have runes on his armour that prevent this exact scenario from happening).
  • Despite being contained by Gelt's wall of faith and being the most hostile land of the Empire, Sylvania became the safest place near the end of the End Times.
  • Neferata and Khalida end up fighting together in the end despite hating each other's guts before.
  • Despite Settra's announcement to expend Nehekhara's border before the end times, Nagash came and nuked the place to ashes.
  • The fact that Nagash ate Usirian prior to his duel with Settra has made him the new god of death, meaning Settra was fighting the god of death he had so faithfully worshiped in the past.
  • Gregor Martak, new Supreme Patriarch and head of the Amber College, was fighting to preserve civilization.
  • Instead of killing Nagash, his most hated enemy, in the final battle, Settra decided to go after the Chaos Gods instead for ordering him around (he did say that Nagash is next).
  • Nagash's black pyramid gets destroyed first try by the Skaven while the Tomb Kings' attempts to damage it failed for millennia.
  • Luthor Huss got possessed by a spirit (The Nameless) despite being the most strong-willed warrior priest. What's more, as a Sigmarite he's opposed to undead but needed the help of a pretty cool vampire to break free of The Nameless.
  • Tyrion goes from honorable defenders of Ulthuan to a bloodthirsty murder-crazed asshole that ruined his homeland after unsheathing the Widowmaker. After he died and was resurrected by Teclis, every elf hates him for what he did, a contrast to his reputation before all this. Even his horse Malhandir knew how he was fucked up by Khaine's power that he ditched him before his final duel with Malekith.
  • Volkmar was tortured to the brink of despair by Mannfred despite having endured both Chaos rituals and Nagash's necromancy before.
  • Sigvald, the most beautiful asshole ever adored by Slaanesh, suffered a death that ruined his handsome face.
    • Throgg pissed on Sigvald's corpse after killing him. This means a follower of Slaanesh with "Geld" in his title and wearing golden armor was covered in a shower of urine by his killer. Do the math.
  • Festus killed by his own regeneration power, where the stake planted by Vlad on Festus grow into a huge tree and basically torn him apart.
  • The dinosaur-inhabited realms of the Lizardmen were wiped out by meteors.
  • Zacharias The Everliving was killed by Nagash in a swift of a finger movement despite called "The Everliving".
  • Valkia's weapon of choice is a spear and she died via impalement on a banner pole. She also impaled her killer with her spear at the same time.
  • Caledor and Morathi, two bitter rivals, were pulled into the warp by Slaanesh's hand as if they were made for each other.....yeah, we don't even want to imaging what kinky shit Slaanesh made them both do.
  • Skrag the Slaughterer was drowned in his own cauldron full of his own blood by Grimgor and fed to his Gorgers that follow him.
  • Morathi tried to stop Teclis undoing the Vortex even through Morathi had tried that in the past with Caledor being the one that stopped her shit.
  • Greasus Goldtooth squeezed a Black Orc Warboss to death in the battle that secured his rulership of all Ogre Kingdoms. Greasus' rule ended when he tried to re-enact this with Grimgor, and Grimgor killed Greasus. What's more, Grimgor killed him with Greasus' own club. He also stupidly decided to re-enact this finishing move despite winning the fight without it, and he's supposed to be the smartest of Ogres.
  • Greenskins, the species that is universally hated by every other race, including the Old Ones (just some space virus on their space ship lol) succeeded where the Old Ones failed and led the Ogres to fight chaos (In all honesty, Malekith played a small part in this by manipulating Grimgor into joining forces with them through the act of sucking up).
  • The destruction of Mengil Manhide's Manflayers; They were destroyed by Skin Wolves (aka werewolves who had their former human skins hanging from their body) and Mengil Manhide had a sadistic habit of wearing his victim's skin. He also ate people and the skinwolves ate him after killing him.
  • Zhatan the Black gets a taste of his own cruelty from his Goblin slaves.
  • Shadowblade, Malekith's personal assassin, tried to kill him and ended up killed by him. Also, his name was Shadowblade and he got killed with shadow magic and a blade - Malekith's sword.
  • Malekith ends up married to Alarielle even though he tried to have her assassinated during her wedding to Finubar.
    • Malekith ended up saving her life by risking his just before the world ends, even though he tried to have her killed three times (in addition to the wedding, he had a group of assassins hunt her then sent a Keeper of Secrets after her when they failed).
  • Morathi, the setting's second biggest vamp and one of its most evil characters, ends up falling in love with a noble High Elf hero and is almost completely under his control (Then again, Morathi has been retcon'ed to hell where it went from her being the manipulator to the lover of aenarion with a talent for dark magic, so it is really hard to consider it as an irony.)
  • Hellebron, a woman who dedicated her life to killing and worshiped a god of murder... is killed by Alarielle, a woman who dedicated her life to healing and worships a goddess of life and fertility.
  • Caradryan, post-Phoenix Guard, is reserved and lacking in initiative, but he is bound to the Wind of Fire often associated with impulsiveness and passion (since magic in Warhammer tends to make, or be drawn to, people of a similar temperament to itself).
  • When Mannfred, a vampire, is given to the Incarnates as a gift from Nagash, he is locked in a prison that slowly leeches his life essence.
  • In the battle for Middenheim, Slaanesh sent his most incompetent Greater Daemon because he doesn't want the Chaos Gods to succeed in destroying the world, as that would mean the pleasures of the world end. The Chaos God of hedonism and excess has a moment of restraint and moderation.
  • Thanquol the most incompetent of all the Skaven was made the seer lord.
    • Thanquol also finally get shit done by summoning Skreech Verminking (not a khornate rape train like the last time) and destroyed Nuln. He also gets a new boneripper that didn't die the first 3 seconds he got his hands on.
  • Arbaal the Undefeated is....... defeated.
  • Expert undead-slayer Harry the Hammer is killed by an undead being.
  • Kairos Fateweaver, a Tzeentch demon, is killed to summon Ka'Bandha, a Khornate demon.
  • Despite being an fierce warrior wolf god, Ulric was so weakened by the lack of power (thank you again Teclis) that he had to fight like a coward (running around, hiding, back stabbing Archaon in the final battle, etc...)
  • Thorgrim, after spending rivers of blood holding a doorway, leaves one open that lets an assassin to come in, backstab him and take the city anyway.
  • The Last Remnants of Tribe Unberogen. Despite Sigmar killing Nagash himself thousands of years ago, it was the great necromancer's power that reawakened his ancient companions as part of the final defense line during the battle of Altdorf. The irony is pleasing enough to be felt by Vlad himself.
  • Sayl the Faithless, a Chaos Sorcerer known for his endless dealing and betrayals with daemons and gods was beheaded by Canto the Unsworn, a man who is true to himself, had sworn to no gods and betrayed no one.

A close-up of the Material[edit]

The End Times was released over time as a set of ten books. The odd-numbered books are the plot ones, explaining the narrative and the campaigns involved as the world progressively goes further to hell. The even-numbered books have rules for new environments, new characters, new armies, and missions based on events in the story.

Nagash Book 1[edit]


The first of the End Times saga, it lays down the general basis of how bad it's going. Archaon's making another push and plowed Kislev, the Fire Mouth and every other volcano in the Ogre Kingdoms erupted at once, Skaven stopped backstabbing (mostly) to start gathering, and Arkhan and Mannfred are busy gathering ancient relics and sacrifices of divine personage to resurrect Nagash while battling both each other over Mannfred's attempts at manipulation and Gelt's Wall of Faith. Kemmler tries early on to convince Arkhan to join Chaos so he can actually take control of his destiny, but Arkhan's loyalty literally transcends death, so Kemmler gets blown to bits.

Several parties (Eltharion and the High Elves, Araloth and the Wood Elves, Ungrim and his Dwarfs, Hans Leitdorf (Brother to everyone's favorite insane Elector Count) and some Empire Knights, and Beastmen under Malagor the Dark Omen) try to break into Sylvania to foil the resurrection and/or rescue the hostages. They all fail, for various reasons, except for Eltharion's party. They put the hurt on Mannfred's forces but just arrive too late and Eltharion gets turned to dust by Arkhan right before the latter offs Aliathra. Nagash himself returns to the world and rips the Wind of Death from the vortex to bind it to himself, but fails and binds it to Sylvania with the side effect of raising the dead across the world and giving everyone the ability to use Necromancy. Mannfred realizes he underestimated Nagash and reluctantly bends the knee. When Nagash returns, he realizes that he has the Curse of Aenarion on him (Since Aliathra isn't really Finubar's daughter but Tyrion's), and thus can't be a god...yet. He still has enough power to resurrect Vlad and grant his Mortarchs the Dread Abyssals and Morghasts.

While this is happening, Neferata takes a leaf from Lara Croft and decides to go robbing a Dwarf stronghold to get something to keep her hide out of the fire when Nagash comes calling. It doesn't end well as the Goblins who are also robbing the place prove to be real sneaky and Neferata's gotten rusty as a front-line commander. Her underestimating them and a rogue chimera attack leads to her almost getting killed. She only gets saved thanks to Nagash's resurrection releasing a massive shockwave of dark magic that heals all her injuries and Krell arrives with an army to keep an eye on her so that she doesn't go traitor. They eventually get through to the loot and only retrieve it after Thorek Ironbrow overloads his anvil and blows up the entire stronghold. Neferata and Krell survive but much of their armies are destroyed.

Meanwhile, Balthazar Gelt has been getting shafted by lady luck, first by everyone's suspicions about the Wall of Faith, then the upkeep of the Auric Bastion faltering (One of these faults leading to the rise of Valten) and his own suspicions on the Changeling being inside the Empire (Which he coordinated with Ar-Ulric Emil Valgeir). Somewhere during the maintenance, he meets with Vlad, who gives him a book on Necromancy. Gelt tries to resist, but the possibility of sparing living people by using the dead to defend the Empire proves too beneficial to resist and slides down the slippery slope. Elector Count Ludenhof tries to put a stop to the blasphemy, but ends up enraging Gelt's undead more and dies. Desperate, he starts believing that Valten is the Changeling and charges to at least salvage his reputation by foiling the assassination attempt on Karl Franz. Though he and Valten stop the assassination attempt, revealing Valegeir to have been the Changeling, Gelt exposes his new necromancy to everyone and gets booted out. This results in the Auric Bastion and the Gold Collage being dismantled out of fear of further corruption and Amber Wizard Gregor Martak takes his place as Supreme Patriarch.

This collapse leads to a massive battle with Crom's legion, which is routed by Valten's presence, and later a band of Chaos Blood Dragons, who strike down the Emperor and Deathclaw. The Blood Dragons are revealed to have become Khorne worshipers and Walach Harkon himself gets eaten alive by his own zombie dragon when Vlad takes control of it with his magic.

This all wraps up when the various Vampires armies enter Nehekara. Settra knew they were coming so he consolidates the best of Nehekhara's troops around Khemri, leaving the other cities with token defences. Krell and Dieter Helsnicht smack up King Phar's forces, pushing through the blockade of Numas. Arkhan takes all the dead from Nagashizzar and uses them to wreck Mahrak and Quatar (with the help of some Tomb King traitors). Khalida forces Neferata into a stalemate at Lahmia's ruins, causing both to retreat. Luthor Harkon's pirate ships wreck the Nehekharan fleet and join forces with Mannfred's army to push through Zandri. Prince Apophas is told of the Destroyer of Eternities by a Skaven and then uses it to try (and fail) to kill Nagash. The last battle involves Nagash taking the battle to Settra. After a lengthy battle he enters the Underworld, beats down the Nehekharan god of the underworld Usirian with the help of Dieter and the souls there, consumes him and replaces him before returning to Nehekhara and smashing Settra's army to bits. The necromancer offers Settra his life as a Mortarch, but Settra's to proud to accept and refuses, causing Nagash rips him to pieces without killing him (comes with being undead). Nagash takes command of the surviving Tomb Kings forces, single-handedly destroyed Khemri as an example before the undead destroy Nehekhara's other cities before heading back to Sylvania with the Black Pyramid (it can fly now).

Back in the ruins of Khemri, Setrra is stuck as a head in the sand trying to scare away hungry vultures... OR IS HE? (DUN DUN DUNNN)

Nagash Book 2[edit]

This is the first End Times book with actual crunch in it. It contains:

  • Darkest Depths battlefield rules (for fighting underground in the Warhammer world).
  • Haunted Battlegrounds (a selection of new special rules and modified terrain features - specifically the Haunted Forests and Haunted Gardens of Morr).
  • The Lore of Undeath (a new lore of magic, representing necromancy, that can be used by any spellcaster in the game).
  • Rules for using a new Vampire Counts/Tomb Kings combined force, known as Undead Legion.
  • Rules for Nagash
  • Rules (or updated rules) for five of the Mortarchs of Nagash:
  • Rules for the new Morghast models, which come in Archai and Harbinger flavors.
  • 8th Edition rules for Valten and Vardek Crom.

Glottkin Book 1[edit]

And on three fronts, the Empire gets fucked.
The last hope for Warhammer fantasy... Sigmar Archaon Nagash whoever.

The second of the fluff books, it shows the first big probe by the forces of Chaos out of the Chaos Wastes. Archaon sends Nurgle's current favorite champions, the Glottkin, to ally with the Pox-maggoth Riders and the Plague Fleet of Gutrot Spume to launch a threefold naval invasion. While the Glotts flatten Marienburg and topple its structures and even a local Vampire under Vlad's command, Spume goes off to the west and teams up with some Beastmen under the Bray-Shaman known as the Harbinger and the Maggoth Lords go to the East and eventually get accompanied by Epidemius. All while this is happening, Karl Franz is still trying to get back home and gets discovered by the new Supreme Patriarch of the Colleges of Magic, Amber Wizard Gregor Martak, and his two-headed griffon.

The raids are made easier because Nurgle has waxed greatly in power, even poisoning Taal and allowing him to fuck the Old World over harder than he ever has before. The Nurglite forces nearly best the Old World by simply being fat sacks of shit. Pestilence and plague devastate the land, whilst Festus the Leechlord hides out in Altdorf and starts cooking up a plague with the aid of Ku'gath Plaguefather that he hopes will rip open the fabric of reality and let the Garden of Nurgle devour the city. The Nurgle forces cause a hell of a lot of damage, including destroying several cities. In the end, they cause so much damage that the Empire actually makes Vlad von Carstein the legitimate Elector Count of Sylvania in exchange for his help. Altdorf is devastated by Festus's plan, but Karl Franz ascends to demigod power (actually imbued with the Wind of the Heavens) and kicks their ass, though not before Louen Leoncoeur gets killed by Festus Empowered, an act which turns him into a Daemon Prince.

Karl Franz gets killed by Otto Glott, but then the Wind of Heavens enters his body and Chaos is temporarily purged from the city. The newly-empowered Karl Franz only cryptically states that "rules have changed"...

Glottkin Book 2[edit]

The second End Times book about crunch. It contains:

  • Rules for street fighting
  • Rules to field a Legions of Chaos army.
    • The Glottkin: 3 brothers that serve as a single super-character! (Otto, the oldest, scoops up a vampire lord with his scythe, holds him up long enough for middle brother Ethrac to blast him with warpfire, and then hands him to Ghurk, the youngest (not that you'd notice considering he's the fucking mount), who then lobs the vampire out to sea far far away, thus making all nearby undead crumble to dust).
    • Orghotts Daemonspew: A Chaos Lord who was apparently born from sex between a witch and a Great Unclean One (smut guys get to work here!) who wants to be a real daemon.
    • Bloab Rotspawned: Used to torture all small creepy crawlies until Nurgle got fed up with his shit and shoved a whole swarm of daemonflies down his throat, thus making him into a walking nest of the things.
    • Morbidex Twiceborn: Was out of a frying pan and into a fire, then when he grew up he decided to go ask Nurgle for help to beat the hell out of Tzeentch. He got drowned in nurglings and got reborn again as a big fat papa nurgling.
    • Gutrot Spume: Chaos Lord with tentacles sticking out of his left flank (I've seen enough heresy to know where this is going...). His hobby is fishing for giant sea monsters.
    • Putrid Blightkings: All of them warriors gifted by Nurgle to become fat and also kick ass.
    • Festus Empowered: Our crazy doctor is back! and this time he is stronger and even more annoying to deal with!
  • Karl motherfuckin Franz ascended!: Emperor of Not-Germany gets gifted by the gods to become the most badass man on the planet, this guy can take anything on!

Khaine Book 1[edit]

No Tyrion, you are the daemons now.

The third book settles the Elven civil war and is where the Skub really hits the fan. Finubar is dead. Daemons are ravaging northern Ulthuan. After trying to fight back agaisnt the forces of Chaos, Malekith orders the Druchii to salt the earth and abandon Naggaroth and leads one last push for the phoenix crown, resolving that the Dark Elves now have no choices left but victory or death.

Surprisingly, it is revealed that no Phoenix King since Aenerion has withstood the Flames of Asuryan without a team of Mages warding and healing him. When Malekith tried he was burned, but it was only Asuryan's test- if Malekith had been able to hold out for a few more seconds the full power of the Creator would have been his and his burns would've been healed; Malekith WAS the rightful successor of Aenarion the whole time (though one wonders why it wasn't Aenarion's firstborn son, Morelion). Asuryan was disappointed, but decided that if Malekith could prove himself worthy he could still win the Phoenix Throne. All the false Phoenix Kings who cheated the Flames were cursed by Asuryan with overwhelming pride and paranoia so they would eventually fall to ennui or insanity. This is why Finubar killed himself- he realized that he too was cursed and that the only way to escape its effects was to die. Or, Finubar was killed during his conversation with Malekith over the Pheonix Throne: by a bloodletter Malekith 'let in' by opening "a window" through a "breach Teclis had made in the wards."(Khaine, Book I, pgs. 202-203). Malekith probably struck the 'deal' with Khorne during the Khornate deamon invasion of (Khaine, Book I, pgs. 5, 35-38). You, know, "Clue"-like and all.

Caledor joins with Malekith in his newest invasion and Tyrion takes this badly to say the least, and then it turns out Teclis is helping Malekith at the behest of Lileath. Faced with the the death of his daughter, the world falling apart, the apparent betrayal of his brother and lover and forced to serve his oldest enemy, he goes mad. After he and Alith Anar put the hurt on Malekith, Tyrion steals the Widowmaker, and becomes an Avatar of Khaine. He now leads a force called the Aestyrion, composed of the High Elves willing to defy Asuryan's will in refusing to serve Malekith and a handful of Dark Elves who feel obliged to serve Khaine by fighting alongside his Avatar.

Araloth is meanwhile tasked with leading a rescue mission into the Realm of Chaos where he meets up with who might probably be the author of the Liber Chaotica (Richter Kleiss) and Kaldor Draigo (or maybe a Stormcast Eternal).

The most epic battle in Warhammer history is about to take place on the isle of the dead. Magic is about to change dramatically, with a bunch of new storm of chaos level spells coming out. In the end, Teclis revealed his master plan for magic - by binding each of the winds of magic to mortals (thus creating an equal and opposite force to the Chaos Gods), the vortex could be closed and the threat of Chaos would be stopped for good. So far, Nagash has the wind of Death, Alarielle (now the leader of the Wood Elves and harnessing the full power of Isha after merging with Ariel) has claimed the wind of Life, Karl Franz has gotten the wind of heavens, light was bound into Teclis's staff (to give to someone else later) and Malekith was meant to get the wind of Fire, but ended up receiving the wind of Shadow instead. Of course, getting the winds meant undoing the Vortex, and that caused Ulthuan to sink to the bottom of the ocean. But the Winds of Beasts, Fire and Metal broke free and went to people Teclis didn't know. Before that happened Morathi tried to interfere with the Vortex and got dragged into the Realm of Chaos by Slaanesh himself/herself for her troubles.

The names of the changed up lords are Malekith, the Eternity King, Tyrion, Avatar of Khaine, Alarielle, Incarnate of Life, and Imrik, The Prince of Caledor. Naturally, these revelations were quite a shock to all three flavors of Elf players.

Khaine Book 2[edit]

In addition to the usual narrative scenarios, this book contains the following crunchy deliciousness:

  • New rules for casting spells.
  • New rules for Magical Lodestones and Arcane Fulcrums
  • End Times Spells, specialised uber-spells that all level 3+ casters know; Conjure Arcane Fulcrum (summons an arcane fulcrum within 6") and one based on their magic lore.
  • Three new mixed-Elf armies; the Aestyrion, the Host of the Phoenix King and the Host of the Eternity King.
  • An array of new special characters:
    • Malekith as the Phoenix King and Eternity King.
    • Tyrion as the Avatar of Khaine.
    • An updated version of Imrik, Crown Prince of Caledor.
    • Alarielle as the Avatar of Isha and the Incarnate of Life.
  • Perhaps most notably, all elves get both Murderous AND Martial Prowess in the Eternity King list... like they weren't already powerful enough...

Thanquol Book 1[edit]

Say hello to the new cheese of the world: Stormfiends.
It's as if GW has no sympathy for the non-Chaos factions

Basically, this book is about the Skaven fucking shit up both for everyone else and for themselves. Verminlords start openly manipulating the Council of Thirteen and individual clans. They head to the surface and start making a serious effort to conquer the Warhammer World. First on their list is all the non-playable human factions. Getting tired of the stalemate, the Skaven ally with Skarsnik and make a serious push to conquer Karak Eight Peaks. Being forced onto the ropes, the Dwarves accept the aid of Ogre mercenaries, including Golgfang Maneater. They breifly turn the tide until Skarsnik reveals his ultimate trump card; Golgfang and his ogres. They had been paid by Skarsnik to act as double-agents and turn on the Dwarves at his signal. But between the traitorous Skaven and Night Goblins, Golgfang takes one look at the clusterfuck the battle is becoming, takes the pay he'd already been given and led his ogres to greener (meaning prosperous) pastures. Karak Eight Peaks is finally conquered by the Skaven, but the Dwarves decide on a posthumous vengeance and decide to blow it up rather than let the Skaven have it.

Knowing that the Lizardmen are the greatest threat to them outside of Chaos (either ignoring or forgetting about Nagash and the undead; do I mean the Skaven or GW's writers? Take your pick). Clan Pestilens decides to gear-up, ally with Clan Skryre and take on the Lizardmen in round 2. However, this time plot armor is on the villains side, as Skaven technology is unprecedentedly reliable and the Skaven manage to destroy several Lizardmen cities, even ravaging the previously unassailable Itza. The biggest event is the Skaven fucking blow up Morrslieb. The gigantic fragments of warpstone fall on the world, with only the heroic sacrifice of many Slann, including Mazdamundi and Lord Kroak, ensuring that the destruction is confined to Lustria and the Southlands; which are incinerated along with all of Clan Pestilents in an expy of the popular theory on why the dinosaurs died out. Kroak and the remaining Slann used their magic to send the Lizardmen temples (now magitek spaceships) and chunks of the jungle into outer space to escape the fiery holocaust.

The Skaven attack the Empire and Thanquol finally starts to get shit done by unintentionally summoning the super Vermin Lord, Skreech Verminking. Together they sink Nuln into the ground, send Snikch to successfully murder High King Thorgrim of the Dwarves, and Thanquol gets onto the Council of Thirteen at last. Oh, and Ungrim Ironfist becomes the only dwarf wizard (not counting Chaos Dwarfs) ever by becoming the Incarnate for the Wind of Fire. At the end, Skreech Verminking sends Thanquol to formally ally the Skaven forces with Archaon, thus creating the Grand Legion of the Everchosen.

Thanquol Book 2[edit]

In addition to the usual narrative scenarios, this book contains the following crunchy deliciousness:

  • New rules for Verminlords and for the Verminlord Special Character Skreech Verminking.
  • Rules for the End Times version of Thanquol and Boneripper.
  • The new Skaven unit, "Stormfiends", which are basically Rat Ogres with heavy armor and guns. And a variety of extra special armaments to boot. Already earning the nickname of cheesefiends as their rules make them one of the best units in the game. Rat ogres without frenzy but with an extra attack... with guns that don't suffer moving or shooting, multiple shot or long range penalties...
  • "Terrain rules" for fighting in a Lustrian Jungle or a Lizardman temple-city.
  • Lords of Battle campaign rules and a Dwarf focused campaign, The Doom of Belegar.
  • A Dwarf special character; Ungrim Ironfist as the Incarnate of Fire.
  • New army formations:
    • Thanquol's Uprising - Thanquol and Skreech have a unit of 3-13 Warlock Engineers (Only one with Warp Lightning and a Condenser), a pack of Clanrats, Stormfiends, Gutter Runners, and Giant Rats, as well as 3 Rat Swarms. Models within 6" of Thanquol or Skreech are Unbreakable, and the Warlocks add +1 to casting and damage. If a 1 is rolled for damage, one of the Warlocks dies.
    • First Clawpack of Clan Mors - Queek, a pack of Stormvermin, Warplock Jezzails, Poisoned Wind Globadiers, and 2 packs of Clanrats. Anyone within 12" of Queek re-rolls to charge and once per game, the Globadiers and Jezzails within 12" of Queek can take two successive shots.
    • The Dwarf Throng of Karaz-a-Karak - Thorgrim, Incarnate Ungrim, Bugman and his Rangers, a squad of Hammerers and Irondrakes and 3 squads of Slayers. Deathblows can re-roll to hit when within 12" of Ungrim. Core units can re-roll to-wound and armour rolls of 1.
    • The Red Host - Tehenhauin leads a Skink Chief (who must join a Skink Cohort without Kroxigor to give them +1 WS), a Salamander pack, a Chameleon Skink pack, 2 stock Bastilodons, and a pack of Ripperdactyls. They gain Hatred (Skaven) and the Arks of Sotek inflict 3d6 hits.
    • The Defenders of Middenheim - Valten, a footslogging Amber Wizard Lord (With a special spell), a Grand Master with Inner Circle Knights (All with Greatweapons), a Halberdier Company with 2 Crossbowmen Detachments, a squad of Free Company, and a squad of Swordsmen. All units within 6" of Valten gain Unbreakable, and while Valten's in play, all models gain Stubborn.

Archaon Book 1[edit]

Abaddon wishes he was this cool.
Copy-pasted from DOTA 2 Chaos Knight who in turn was copy-pasted from Warhammer Fantasy, wait, what?
Chaos wins. GAME OVER

Vilitch fails to kill Karl Franz, dull surprise there. Archaon decides to kill Fateweaver and uses his blood to summon Ka'Bandha and so Khorne begins taking hold of the world. After the destruction of the Empire's last province, Averland(by then Nagash and the Undead Legions have taken over Sylvania), the survivors of the Empire evacuate to Athel Loren. Meanwhile Nagash gets his Black Pyramid destroyed by a Skaven team led by Ikit Claw while busy fighting a horde of Nurglite daemons and undead (the latter under the command of Isabella von Carstein, who was revived and brainwashed by Nurgle, much to Vlad's distress). Now realizing that he can't fight Chaos on his own terms, he hesitantly decides to join the other Incarnates as his broken monolith no longer allows him to spam Reanimation Protocols (he also depleted too much power in a magical nuke he unleashed while chucking a tantrum over the Black Pyramid's destruction, which could have been far better used in the final battle) Unsurprisingly, the other Incarnates don't want to ally with the sociopathic, omnicidal bag of bones. Naggy gives them Mannfred as a scapegoat for some of his crimes and they accept his help, though no-one trusts him as far as they can throw him and keep him under heavy guard.

Archaon starts the ritual to end the world by opening a new Chaos rift through what seems to be an Old-One device, most probably a warp-gate generator or a warp drive left over there, although it may also be a vortex warhead, in other words, Archie tried to pull the same trick used by the Dominus Astra to destroy Hive Fleet Behemoth. Ka'bandha calls Archaon out on camping in Middenheim rather than attacking and trying to cheese his way to victory with the artifact. Archaon tells Ka'bandha if he wants slaughter to seek them himself, so he does.

Meanwhile the Warhammer Avengers, (called "Incarnates" to avoid copyright infringement), are stuck debating. This distraction allows Be'lakor to sneak in and strike a deal with Mannfred, exchanging the latter's freedom for the chance to claim Lileath. Once free, Mannfred decides to switch sides and ally with Archaon, but not before he trolls the forces of order by telling the Brets who the Lady of the Lake really is and leaves her to Be'lakor's clutches. This nearly works, but Jerrod, Tyrion and Malekith manage to save Lileath and capture Be'lakor. They interrogate Be'lakor, which involves threatening to give him to Nagash as a test subject, to learn what was Chaos plan all along and try to storm Middenheim, which is the place of the ritual (of course, as we all know Chaos needs rituals and blood sacrifice for anything more complex than boiling water, go figure). After sealing away Be'lakor they start to make a plan but they get held up by an endless horde of Khornate daemons.

After some sacrifice they managed to get teleported to Middenheim (even Grimgor, who was busy squatting the factions on the other side of the world that GW couldn't bother to give army lists) and nearly halted the ritual but with their numbers diminished they couldn't make it before the ritual was completed. To their credit they did quite a job, killing more daemons than an entire Grey Knight company in an entire campaign, punching through the ritual defenses. Ka'bandha kicks the Incarnates collective asses, but gets fought to a stalemate when he takes on Nagash. Franz reunites with Ghal-Maraz and reveals that he is none other than Sigmar himself. Nagash backs off and Sigmar defeats Ka'bandha. In Grimgor vs Archaon round 2, Grimgor destroys the Eye of Sheerian, causing Archaon to unleash the daemon in his sword and kill Grimgor. The two forces clash, with Sigmar finally beating Archaon and throwing him into the rift.

The Incarnates combine their powers to try to stop the rift, with Teclis filling in for Fire and Beasts. Then Mannfred pops up, goes full-retard noob and ruins the world by using an interrupt on the Incarnates when they where performing their counterspell. This causes rocks to start falling; Teclis and Nagash suffer critical existence failure from power overload and power drain respectively, Balthazar was the one 'interrupted' - by Mannfred's sword - through his chest, Malekith gets his legs crushed saving Alarielle, Sigmar and Tyrion take a magical kick in the balls, with the latter entering RAEG-mode and killing Mannfred. Sigmar gets up just to get a rematch after Abaddon-wishes-he-was-cool-as-me comes back and making both him and Sigmar fall into the vortex while wrestling for Ghal-Maraz. Seriously, they should have replaced Sigmar for Gotrek so the emperor could have somehow used his plot armor to save the setting. Tyrion, Alarielle and Malekith pull up a seat and talk about what could have been until the rift gets them.

In the end, Chaos pours through the new rift and the Warhammer world is destroyed with Athel Loren being the last to go, aside from the characters who fled there is one entity which was once human who manages to survive the final destruction of the world, and space, and time (never invest all your saving into a single Oak of Ages kids) and is plummeted into a new one where he makes a sort of miracle happens. He is later revealed to be Sigmar.

Archaon Book 2[edit]

  • Narrative scenarios.
  • Lords of War campaign: Halting the Apocalypse.
  • Three Bloodthirster varieties with different rules & weapons, with the names "Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury", "Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage" and "Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster". They replace the original Bloodthirster, much like the new Verminlords from Thanquol.
  • Two Khornate units probably analoguous to the Putrid Blightkings of Nurgle: enhanced Berserkers called the Skullreapers (Who get straight-up double weapons) and the Wrathmongers (Who get to flail around silly chains like the brain-addled kill-machines they are).
  • Rules for the final set of Magic Incarnates; Grimgor Ironhide as the Incarnate of Beasts, Tyrion as Incarnate of Light, Balthazar Gelt as Incarnate of Metal and Caradryan replacing Ungrim as Incarnate of Fire.
  • New rules for Archaon and Isabella the Accursed.
  • A new Khornate hero, Skarr Bloodwrath.
  • New Army list, the "Grand Legion of the Everchosen", which is Chaos combined with Skaven, something that hasn't been seen since back in the 80's.
  • More Formations:
    • The Blood Hunt - The different Bloodthirster types, a 3 packs of Bloodletters (d3 of which can gain Vanguard), a pack of Bloodcrushers, and 2 packs of Flesh Hounds. All models gain Hatred and re-roll to charge while the Enemy General's alive.
    • The Army of Blight - Isabella and a GUO join 3 packs of Plaguebearers, 2 packs of Nurglings, and a pack of Plague Drones. Enemies lose -1 Leadership, the General loses 6" on Inspiring Presence, and anyone shooting them takes -1 to hit.
    • The Host of Death - Nagash, Mortarchs Arkhan and Krell, a pack or each sort of Morghats, a pack of Grave Guard, and a pack of Black Knights. Arkhan gains +3 to cast while Nagash is around and the Grave Guard and Black Knights are WS 5 and take 2 less wounds from Unstable.
    • The Host of Fire - Incarnate Caradryan joins an Anointed of Asuryan on a Flamespyre Phoenix, 2 squads of Phoenix Guard, a pack of White Lions, Har Ganeth Executioners, and Eternal Guard. Everyone gets Devastating Charge and Flaming Attacks, and Wake of Fire ads +1 Strength to all hits.
    • The Throng of Metal - Incarnate Gelt joins a Runelord, 2 squads of Thunderers, Cannons, and Gyrocopters, and a unit of Irondrakes, Ironbreakers, and an Organ Gun. Gelt gives everyone Armour Piercing and +1 Armour and during the first shooting phase, each war machine and shooty unit rolls d6, on a 5+, they can shoot twice.
    • The Beast-WAAAGH! - Incarnate Grimgor leads 2 units of Black Orks and Boyz, a unit of Boarboyz (All Orcs being Big 'Uns), a giant, 2 units of ogres, a unit of Ironguts, and a unit of Leadbelchers. Nobody gets Animosity (AWWW YEA) and all units benefit from Grimgor's WAAAGH and lets everyone re-roll to charge. Thanks to the orcs and ogres sitting out for most of the end times fluff, we don't get the Beast WAAAAGH as an official army choice.
    • The Host of Shadow - Eternity King Malekith leads a squad of Black Guard, Phoenix Guard, Wildwood Rangers, Darkshards, Black Ark Corsairs, HE Spearmen, and a War Hydra. Malekith lets everyone ignore Dangerous Terrain and anyone within 12" of him gets a cover that makes shooters suffer -1 to-hit. He also boosts Steed of the Shadows to work on any unit within 36", and he can do this successively to his formation.
    • The Host of Life - Incarnate Alarielle joins Durthu and the Sisters of Twilight (On their Dragon) in leading a Treeman Ancient, a Handmaiden, a unit of Sisters of Avelorn, 2 Glade Guard squads, 3 Dryad squads, and a unit of Deepwod Scouts and Wild Riders. Durthu and the Ancient gain Hatred against enemies within 12" of Alarielle and Alarielle grants everyone in the formation Regen.
    • The Host of Light - Incarnate Tyrion and Imrik join 2 princes and 2 Knightly Orders, Skycutters, and Silver Helms, and a unit of Reiksguard, Demigryph Knights, and Cold One Knights. Everyone gets +d3 to combat resolution if they charged and Hatred (Daemons and Undead).

Troubling issues with the End Times in conception and execution[edit]

There are many fundamental criticisms with the way in which End Times was written and resolved, even from the perspective of those of us who love most of GW's efforts:

  • The density of character deaths actually started becoming a little absurd halfway through the first book. Shock value was expended quickly, and in a universe where characters rarely died, the sudden butchery was borderline absurdist. It felt very much as if the authors had been handed a bodycount which they had to achieve.
    • In the same vein as the above: Many characters, factions, locations and other aspects of the setting aren't even given a proper send-off. Every faction has at least one special character who fails to make a meaningful appearance, if one at all. The Ogre Kingdoms and the Orcs and Goblins are left out of the central story, appearing in the prologue and then doing nothing of value until we learn near the very end about Grimgor's Beast-Waaagh!. Seriously, one more ET book, maybe "End times: Grimgor" that detailed Grimgor becoming the Incarnate of Beasts and forming his army would have been great! Instead, we got one chapter in the main book and a tie-in novel, plus a single formation and special character.
    • Major cities which have survived sieges lasting years are suddenly overrun in the course of a single battle, kingdoms that have stood for millennia are toppled overnight, and by the time the "good guys" get any kind of victory it's far too late. Some factions got the short end of the stick more than others;
      • The Bretonnians fanbase especially got assblasted over this because their entire country got levelled in a sidenote and they're just supposed to suck it up and live with the fact that Gilles le Breton just let this slide (presumably; we didn't learn what happened to him until the very end, where he was fighting alongside Abhorash). Oh, and the only army worth a damn anymore is just Jerrod's ragtag team of roughly 30 knights.
      • The Tomb Kings fanbase got a raw deal as well. Their entire nation was hit right out of the gate and didn't make it past book one, being the first to get the axe as they were subsumed into Nagash's Undead Legion and Nehekhara was levelled. Though the Tomb King fanbase can say that the destruction of Nehekhara was a major event in the End Times with a lot of attention in the book and Settra got two memorable, badass lines (he got a decent send-off, but that was exclusive to a tie-in novel and never mentioned anywhere else).
    • The only army that got any sort of measure of satisfaction in the end (aside from Chaos, that is) are the Dwarfs, who got to achieve their goal of avenging every grudge in the history of ever while Grimnir himself fought alongside his stunties and fucking Gotrek Gurnisson got to fight daemons for the rest of eternity with his superpowered axe. Sigmar got out semi-ok, though why he didn't reveal himself sooner is because it's a stupid retcon (after he comes back, Karl Franz's inner thoughts mention he doesn't know what's 'empowering him' which would be retarded if he was Sigmar the whole time).
  • Stray plot threads: The whole series is notorious for leaving stray plot lines that never get fulfilled, get fulfilled very cheaply, or which were left hanging for several books before being wrapped up (including some very important ones).
    • Settra makes an appearance at the very end of Book 1 where the Chaos Gods put him back together to kill Nagash, but fails to appear at any point afterwards until the very end (and even then it was only in the tie in novel).
    • Glottkin shows us the Imperial and Bretonnian Gods returning to strength and finally uniting to help Taal and the Empire being purged of Chaos. The next time the Empire is mentioned, things have gotten way worse off-screen, and even Josh Reynolds says the human Gods just faded away and did nothing (with the possibly forced example of Ulric, whom Teclis literally ripped out, forcing him to power up Martak).
    • The entire plot point of Lileath and her Haven is dropped with a brief, lazy "Chaos found out and ganked them offscreen" explanation.
    • The Lizardmen exodus is the very first thing we are shown in the End Times prologue, yet we only find out more about it after three entire books.
    • The entire Skaven story ends after Thanquol made his deal with Archaon, and after that, we learn nothing about where any of the Skaven characters (aside from Ikit Claw, who blows up the Black Pyramid) went (aside from, again, a tie-in novel explaining that Thanquol and Skreech just warped Skavenblight out of reality).
  • Questionable Justifications/GeeDubs being GeeDubs: While it was true that Fantasy was in difficult times both financially and lore-wise, the justification of 'it's moving the story along' is absurd; that's akin to saying that in order to move Game of Thrones along Martin should kill all of the characters, destroy the world and create another series entirely with (functionally) the same name. Some commentators have the suspicion that GW in this respect views us all as 'gamers' who will play wargames regardless of quality, but many of us were attracted by this strange, dark but hopeful fantasy world. In simple terms, the ending was a kick right to the teeth of the fans and many find it hard to take it in good grace.
    • As time has gone by after the End Times, GWs decision to overrun and replace WFB has become clearer. The theory that WFB was squatted for not bringing in the bread in the manner 40k did at the time seems to be true, as it was replaced with the now fairly popular, slowly growing Age of Sigmar. However, Warhammer Fantasy Battles lives on in several popular vydia titles, attracting new fans who might've never wanted to sell their kidneys to create an army, but still greatly enjoy the setting... So the plan seems to have been to put WFBs setting into another media, allowing it to remain alive while the new thing could cash in on the model's market. However, many still grumble that the execution of this (literally) was heavy-handed and rough in many places. Which leads to...
  • Cynicism: When Nagash was resurrected at his most powerful and conquered all of Nehekara, we thought 'That's fucking awesome! now what next?' When hobbyists read that the elven races were combining, we thought 'Wow, how will they manage that in the long term?'. When Vlad became an Elector we thought 'What a cool hook. It's bold though, how will that go forward?'. They made so many radical changes in the full knowledge that in the end they wouldn't have to develop them because they were going to hit the 'Chaos wins, everything dies, moar nihilism' button. That's not a very nice way to set people up for disappointment and charge over £200 in hardbacks when 'Chaos kills everything' printed in 72-pt font might have sufficed. Overall, it seems less like an attempt to give WFB a good send-off and more like one last cash-grab before giving the game the Old Yeller treatment.
    • TL;DR: "Why should you care about the struggles of Bretonnian knights? What about all the other gods? Whatever happened to the characters they introduced and all the old ones you cared about? Who cares! You're a dumb enough shmuck to buy it! Come on asshole, give us your money!... Wait, why are you leaving?"
  • Chaos always wins. The assertion that the ending was original ignores the existence of genres such as noir, but also ignores GW's own canon. Chaos is always depicted as ascendant to the point of nihilism. Good guys have not been allowed anything but the most Pyrrhic victories for about ten years now. The ending they selected was the predictable, tedious Chaos fanfiction anyone following the material could have grimly come to forecast. By choosing to destroy the world, GW have done two things in this way: told us that all the dreaming and imagining and fighting we did for that world was utterly pointless.
    • They've also put themselves in a bind, from a writing perspective: what is the incentive to get involved when the triumph of Chaos is inevitable? Why would we care about the new world when Chaos will inevitably destroy that in the end as well? Why bother being good if you're inevitably going to hell? Perhaps more to the point, what's to stop GW from hitting the 'Chaos Wins, Everyone Dies' button again a few years after we've got used to the new canon? In a way, GeeDubs finally got the Storm of Chaos they really wanted, now without that pesky element known as "fanbase interaction" meddling with the writers as they essentially fapped off to Chaos killing everyone because they're so awesome and - wait, why's everyone leaving? What do you mean, 'we liked those other guys'?
    • Just to be clear: The major argument isn't that Chaos' victory is inevitable; it was hinted at in the past, though it was never laid out in detail or shown to be a certainty. Counterarguments to that idea aside, a faction having an ultimate victory, Chaos or otherwise, isn't the main point of contention. Rather, it's that the setting's lost that sort of allure of the possibility that an alleged doomsday victory could be stalled or even prevented or reversed, that other outcomes could exist and that there was some point in the never-ending struggle against armageddon between Order and Chaos. There's nothing out there about "What if Nagash actually became the god he wanted and made everyone dead?" or another opposing end goal that can be possible, or any of the other Gods actually doing anything (GW only seems to care about Sigmar), and everything anyone ever did to oppose Chaos meant virtually nothing. What was once a very vague and distant possible ending was made into a total nihilistic joke as the dudes in charge decided to jerk Chaos off so hard their wrists broke. By flat-out letting Chaos win, and furthermore letting them effortlessly shaft each and every other faction, they've made it clear that all these other endings are completely impossible, which is not only poor in and of itself, but also totally contradictive to other material of the End Times as well. As talked about above there actually were several plot threads set up for potentially different outcomes, including a Chaos defeat, but at the end those all vanished inexplicably for a forced ending with more unresolved subplots than you could shake a Bretonnia at.
  • The entire event is a drooling fanboy's love letter to the Skaven, who go godmode and destroy or cripple a huge number of factions. More than the number of factions that exist total in most any other wargame. The Skaven single-handedly destroy the Lizardman Empire. And end the Dwarf Empire. And Kislev. And Bretonnia. And Morsleib. And Tilea. And Cathay. And Nuln. And Estalia. And Valten. They stop Nagash from ascending to godhood. This feels about the same as if the Jawas from Star Wars destroyed the Rebel Alliance themselves, or WH40k's Squats brought down the Imperium, Eldar, Orks, and Necrons. The Skaven are treated as a joke even in universe, and they're arguably even more detestable than Chaos worshipers. All those characters you know and love? Your favourite faction? Literally eaten and shat out by rats, also an excellent metaphor for The End Times as a whole.
    • This is made even more stupid by inconsistent writing: for all their achievements and for all their supposed strength, they go from "Unstoppable tide devouring half of the world" to "nameless cannon-fodder in the Chaos army" in the space of one paragraph. Which, if you think about it, not only is inconsistent and doesn't make sense, but makes their achievements all the more infuriating. The race who is single-handedly responsible for wiping out 2/3 of the known world bow down to the guys who's greatest achievement is destroying Kislev. I mean, if you have the military strength to destroy basically everyone you go against, you can easily squash that Chaos army yourself since the combined forces of the aforementioned empires are plenty enough to deal with any Chaos invasion.
    • The in-universe explanation given of "We are not strong enough to destroy Chaos-things" also doesn't make any sense because up until that point they 'were. And if they weren't, they would've helped the other races facing the biggest foe as they always had (when Nagash was at the peak of his power they didn't bow down and ally with him, they went to the defeated hero of the now non existent empire and helped him against the bigger threat), if only out of sheer self-interest. They essentially transformed Skaven into fantasy!Tyranids; they're presented as this all-devouring, larger-than-life threat who run around eating other factions, but in the end they amount to nothing when compared to Chaos.
  • Chaos destroying the world: Chaos' final objective was never previously to be the destruction of the world before the End Times. In previous books it was always stated that the dark powers were just backing up the Everchosen at the moment, mainly to do what the Everchosen wanted at the time. In Storm of Chaos for example, Archaon wanted to kill Ulric and had a plan for how to do so, and if he succeeded he'd be free to move onto destroying the Empire as a secondary objective. In the old lore by backing their mortal followers it was shown they wanted to either turn the world into a place more their liking (as seen in Tamurkhan) or that they wanted to destroy entities that they particularly despised. In the End Times by making the final goal just "blow everything up" plain and simple, they indirectly shifted the Chaos Gods from unfathomable beings of great power to Saturday morning cartoon villains. ("Next time we will blow up your world Karl Franz! You'll seeeeeeee!")
    • Adding to the pile of Chaos fap at the expense of old lore, apparently the mortal world wasn't actually important to them. Before, they needed to turn mortal souls willingly to their side to gain strength and use that strength to go and conquer, thereby gaining more souls, thereby getting even stronger. That was the whole point of their invasions. But now, who gives a shit about the mortal world? Just blow it all up! To add insult to injury, in the span of a paragraph Archaon conquers entire universes prior to Age of Sigmar starting up, so apparently Chaos had Palpatine levels of unlimited power and souls and the Warhammer world was just that piece of popcorn stuck down in the couch. Yeah. Great fuckin' story guys.
  • The above is sort of justified with the whole "Endless Cycle of Worlds being destroyed by Chaos" retcon mentioned earlier. Basically they've gotten bored with this world and want a new world to play with and corrupt. Buuuut when one thinks hard about it, it raises more issues than it solves. First off, it's not the forces of Chaos that end up creating these new worlds, but rather Order. Meaning that in some way the Ruinous Powers need to be thwarted. If that's the case, then Why the hell do they go out of their way to stop them? Hell, Be'lakor even destroys Lileath's plans for a new world, and the only reason we even get the new setting is thanks to a rather contrived accident where the winds of magic somehow form new realities on their own despite the fact that the Incarnates' ritual didn't work. But even if we ignore this seemingly suicidal "plan" they have, how did they accomplish this in all the past realities? Did they have another Everchosen running around? If so, what happened to him, and why didn't they just bring him in earlier? And don't say they couldn't, Archaon was brought into Age of Sigmar so they clearly can bring previous world destroyers to new ones. Furthermore, if this is just some kind of endless cycle that cannot be broken, does that mean there's a greater power at work above even the Chaos Gods? Some sort of Moorcock-esque Cosmic Balance?
  1. This only further amplifies point #5 as well. If Chaos could destroy the world any time they wanted, why didn't they? And at that, why try so hard to make literally everything pointless that the good guys did? Not only does this go against established lore where Chaos truly was struggling to overcome the world and getting beaten back for reals, it also establishes the same precedent of pointlessness for the successor world. Why should anyone give a Skaven's ass about Age of Sigmar's realms if Chaos is able to press a button and blow everything up on a whim? They might as well have said the whole previous world and this one were just a dream and Sigmar woke up. It'd have no less meaning than what the writers actually ended up crapping out.
  • Ultimately, the new setting doesn't end up feeling like a victory. Even if we are to accept the Chaos victory as the only way this could end, the Genesis of the mortal realms really feels like a tacked on participation trophy. Compare this with Crisis on Infinite Earths, the gold standard of setting reboots. While the main villain, the Anti-Monitor, was mostly successful in his attempts to destroy the multiverse, and at one point it even seems like he had achieved total victory, the heroes of the DC universe's actions allowed the birth of one unified setting. It felt like this reboot had been earned, that their heroism had given them the prize of a new reality. With End Times/Age of Sigmar however? Not at all. The Incarnates' last stand ended badly, their ritual to try and stabilize the growing Warp rift failed and Chaos consumed their world. The only reason they managed to get their new universe is because the Winds of Magic pulled some contrived bullshit and drew in the scattered fragments of their old world into new reality spheres, completely independent of their actions. Note that this explanation wasn't given until a full 3 years into AoS' lifespan by the way. They didn't earn their new reality, it would have been born even if they just sat back and watched the universe blow up over a few mugs of beer. It might have felt a little better if their ritual had actually worked, and the birth of the Mortal Realms was the result of said ritual going off. At least then it would have felt like a Pyrrhic victory for the good guys and shows that everything they fought and died for was not for nothing. But no, GW just handed them their new setting because otherwise they'd have no Fantasy franchise. The good news is that not everyone has to abide by this. Fans can politely decline to accept GW's ending and write their own alternate ending or continue their own stories. It is all fiction after all, we can choose to believe whatever makes us feel happiest which is actually what GW supports, they've written in several books (fantasy and 40K) for players to change the rules or even the history of the world how they want (so long as the other player is fine with the rules changes or is at least aware of the fluff changes).

TL;DR: The writing varied from Skub to shit, and had a lot of plotlines that could have been much, much better executed.

A New Beginning: The Age of Sigmar[edit]

And so ends the long run of Warhammer Fantasy. Not with a bang, but a whimper.

The differences in the setting are way too numerous to list here, but the Age of Sigmar page will give you the details. After a rough start, and being heavily supported by GW, Age of Sigmar is finally considered by some to be a worthy successor to Warhammer Fantasy... or at least it's seen as not as bad as the End Times.

In 2019, GW seemed to have come to their senses and offered a chance for Warhammer Fantasy to return with the announcement of Warhammer: The Old World. While this explicitly does not invalidate the End Times and the world is apparently still doomed to be destroyed and dissolve into the Mortal Realms, it remains to be seen if some elements are now redone or explained better.

Nevertheless, several of the more outraging concepts of the End Times, like the Phoenix Kings being frauds, have been retconned in Age of Sigmar. It remains to hope that most of it will follow suit.


So, there's a bunch of new armies come out for the End Times so far, and you probably want to know how to play 'em. Here's a handy link to all the tacticas written so far.