The Eternal General

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The Eternal General
Charging black knight with a levelled lance
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Divine Rank Temporal Immortal
Pantheon Mystaran (Matter)
Portfolio Battle, pragmatism, war
Domains Matter, Law, War, Strength
Worshippers Commanders, fighters, mercenaries, soldiers
Favoured Weapon Bastard sword

The Eternal General is the Immortal assoiated with war and pragmatism.


Known as Guthbrand in life, he spent much of youth working as a mercenary in service to numerous armies throughout the world. As he gained a reputation, he swore himself to the service of a church, just so that he could become a paladin, a position that offered him many benefits and little obligations. He eventually sought Immortality, as to him death would interfere with his whole way of life. Though annoyed by the nature of his quest, it would be a little inconvenience compared to the chance for eternal life, which gained and ascended to Immortality on the Sphere of Matter.


The Eternal General appears as a man in late middle-age, wearing a suit of plate armor with the visor open. His body is transparent, with his features being only faintly visible in good lighting. His hair is long, ragged, and dirty, and his skin like rough and cracked leather marked with scars. He wears an eyepatch and on his face is a grim visage. He rides a rugged, dirty-white horse, capable of flight without wings, marked by age and hard use.


The General is intensely pragmatical, the end justifies the means, and the end is victorious. His guiding priciple is to follow the action, principles don't matter as long as there's a good fight to be had. He doesn't care about the fate of those caught in war, but is loyal and co-operative, as those are necessary for a succesful fighting unit.

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