The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen

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A fuck-awesome beer and pretzels diceless roleplaying game in which one of the players takes the role of a character of noble birth who is provoked to tell a tall tale of his incredible exploits and adventures (just like the famous Baron). The other players then try to catch him lying while he spins his story, and it's Baron's choice whether to incorporate the correction into his story, or ignore it, drinking a glass of beer instead.

The game continues until everyone's tired or the Baron is stoned (either in the "high" sense or just stoned to death) and it's someone else's turn to recount his outrageous heroisms.

Variant rules allow to make the game more competitive, for example, making the player to suggest the correction Baron chose to incorporate into his story drink a glass instead of him.

Playing the game is especially hilarious if you record the story and listen to it again when everyone sobers up.

Fa/tg/uys love a good Baron game every once in a while until some fags who think roleplaying is "littering the board" show up. Of course 4e shitstorms are much more fun and productive, don't be deceived by this silly pastime.