The Far Sea

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The Far Sea is Mallus' equivalent of the Pacific Ocean. The people of eastern Cathay know it as, quite unsurprisingly, The Jade Sea, Nipponese name is still unknown. Not much is known about it, although it is known that Cathayan Dragon Fleet, Fleet of Nippon, Asuri Dragonships and Druchii Black Arcs are major naval powers there. Aside from Nippon, Lost Isles of Elithis are there too. It is also rumored as a place where Fabled Lumbria/Lemuria is located, a mysterious island where Giant Pygmies of dubious canonicity came from. AND HOLY SHIT ITS CONFIRMED! Lumbria is the home of a type of regenerating sea monster whose tooth was used to create a Cathayan magic relic seen in Total War Warhammer 3!

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