The Goon

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Franky: What's that?
Goon: I don't know. But considering my line of work and life history, it's a safe bet that it's here to punch me in the face.

The Goon is a balls-to-the-wall insane comic series released by Dark Horse. With a unique kitchen sink aesthetic that its own maker likes to call "Gangland Horror" or "Zombie Noir", at its core, its an anachronistic punk-Noir tale about a thug-like Mafia boss, his sexually eccentric and hyper-violent midget sidekick, and their efforts at running a profitable business in a town being overrun by a evil witch-priest and his zombie army, whilst at the same time contending with rival gangsters, fish-men, murderous freaks, spontaneously combusting orangutans, the local well-meaning mad scientist, goblins, airborne communist mollusks, and cannibal hobos.

Shit gets fucking weird, we're saying.

The story twists and turns, and aside from a couple of silly diversions, it tells quite a grimdark story. The unnamed town where the Goon is trying to take over is home to an ancient curse, that feeds upon and inspires misery and moral decay, which a group of nasty demons want to use to basically take over the world. And all that's standing in the way is the Goon.

The series was relaunched in 2020 with a new sequel series, involving the Goon and Franky returning after their stint in the carnival grows boring and trying to rebuild their power base in the nameless town, which is no less weird and fucked-up than it was before.

Aside from being entertaining in a blackly comedic, genuinely dramatic sort of way, The Goon is /tg/-relevant in that it has its own official tie-in roleplaying game in the Savage Worlds system, allowing players to take the role of denizens of the nameless town that sanity forgot and contending with its crazy monsters. The default assumption is that your players are members of Goon's gang of thugs and crazies, but nothing stops an enterprising DM from, say, running a game where you are would-be gangsters trying to build up your own mob to eventually challenge the Goon for control of the place.

...Although why you'd want to is beyond us.