The Great Primarch Scramble

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What once started as a simple smut thread, soon developed into a different, mostly serious retelling of the Heresy, with an previously unseen scramble of the Loyalists and Traitor legions, alongside new concepts, troops and history! This page currently serves mainly as an introduction and mother page to the project, but may develop into an index as it expands

The man who sold the world

TLDR, What has changed[edit]

  • During the scattering of the primarchs, some of them ended up turing female
  • The Emperor didn't plan for Female Primarchs, it sorta happened as the Gestation pods were carried through the warp.
  • The Loyalist and Traitor list has been completely scrambled
  • While we are mostly sticking to the canon events in the Heresy (Isstvan still happens, Prospero burns, etc), many of them have been retooled and taken into a complete different direction to accomodate the setting changes. A greater overview of the changes will be added below
  • The backstory for some of the Primarchs has been retooled

Rules so far[edit]

  1. Male Primarchs have Male Legions.
  2. Female Primarchs typically have Co-Ed Legions.
  3. The Emperor remains the same
  4. All marines originating from Terra (Pre-Finding of their Primarch) are male
  5. We are semi-sticking to major canon events in the Heresy. This means no senseless changes out of nowhere and every major change to timeline needs a good explanation
  6. Despite the above, rule of cool still applies, if it's awesome and fits within the setting and or its themes, add it!

The Scramble[edit]


The Traitors[edit]


The Primarchs Themselves[edit]

Lion El'Jonson - Infatuated to the point of obssesion with his sister Lara Russ, and the primarch to fall under Slaanesh`s influence.

Felicia - Due to never picking up the blade during the assault of the Laeran temple, retained most of her polite,mostly trustworthy personatilty. The burden of the blade fell up instead with Captain Lucius of the 13th Company, who failed to resist the corrupting influence of the deamon held within the blade.

Persephone - Spent the earlier years of her life in almost complete isolation due to her status as a woman, having to sneak out of her room to read books and practice mathematics. Remained loyalist due to actually finding a semblance of importance and worth among her loyalist brother`s and sisters.

Hualan Khan - Was raised in her younger ears in the insides of a city-state under the constant threat of Talskarr raids. After leaving with a small army, she was able to find peace and subjugate most of the unruly steppe tribes, and make them join her forces. but when she returned from her conquest, she found herself barred at the gates of the city she left to protect. The inhabitants had judged her unfit to live amongst then anymore, as no woman who would ride alongside a barbarian horde is ever to enter the city. Looking behind her, Hualan did indeed see a barbarian horde; however, they were HER barbarian horde, and the men on the walls could not see their own brethren among them. This angered Hualan, and she once again demanded that her army be welcomed into the city. Once again, her army's entry was denied. And so, like she had done many times to much smaller settlements and tribes that denied her, she put it to the torch

Steppe artist depiction of Hualan

Vulkan - Raised On Nocturne as a blacksmith, Vulkan's comfy upbringing instilled him the the unshakable Nocturne values of craftsmanship, Kindness, selflessness, self reliance and most importantly; the importance of Family. After destroying the Dark Eldar webway gates, The god emperor of mankind re-discovered Vulkan after besting him in a traditional Nocturne competition of Slaying a fire Salamander. Vulkan was overjoyed to meet his father and learn that he had 19 other brothers and sisters, doing his best to befriend and get along with all of them, acting as a caring big brother to all of them, along with Hera Luprecal, offering advise, encouragement or his time to listen to them. When Open Rebellion was declared by the traitor primarchs, Hera, Corax, Ferrus manus and Vulkan were sent to Isstvan V with their legions to deal with them, falling into the trap, Hera Luprecal sacrificed herself to allow her three brothers escape. affected by this massacre, Vulkan approached the Vostroyans who refused to send soldiers to help in the great crusade, convincing them to join the cause, Vulkan added in the defense of Terra against the traitor's assault. Saddened that his siblings had turned against one another and witnessing all the innocent lives lost in the conflict, Vulkan vowed to remove himself from any side, forming a secret enclave with his salamanders and Vostroyan army, becoming legends across the galaxy as they appear at random conflict zones to rescue civilians, before disappearing again.

Roboute Guilliman - Largely the same, although develops an unhealthy obsession with Orks, he and his legion beginning to emulate them. Is mortally wounded by The Lion during the Horus Heresy and placed in Stasis on Macragge. Instead of being revived by Eldar after the fall of Cadia, he is instead revived by an Ork head butting his comatose form.

Morticia - Moody, ill girl. Her upbringing on Barbarus left her untrusting. She believes in self-reliance to an absurd degree. See's her Terran born gene-sons as spies, serving the Emperor and begins to cull and purge them slowly turning the Dusk Raiders into the Death Maidens.

Konstanze Curze - Brooding, pale skinned beauty. Spent her time in the Nostramo underworld not just slaughtering the criminals, but saving their victims, soon founding a sorority made up of the abuse victims she rescued, her Sisterhood of the Night. Once rediscovered by the Emperor, they became her Night Sisters.

Andrestia - First found by the High Riders, and named by after the Nucerian Goddess of War and Victory, she was raised to be an Avatar of said god. Eventually, she sided against the High Riders with the Gladiators of the Red Sands.

Hera Lupercal -

Sanguinius - The arch-traitor, the man who started the Heresy, killed ferrus manus and dueled the Emperor for the fate of the Galaxy.

Current agreed upon list of Events[edit]

  • Felicia didn't accept the Laeran blade, but said Lucius could use it, as he`s the one who found it. Fabius Bile would later still turn to Chaos,
    after becoming fascinated the byology of the Laer and feeling that his science was being limited by the Imperium. Eidolon goes to chaos because he`s a douche. And the three were slowly corrupted and ended up joining with Sanguinius.

  • Erebus tries to do his usual plan of sowing corruption in the original traitor legions, but never manages to get to the primarchs themselves for many reasons.
    • And then those primarchs have to clean house a bit, meaning that we might get splinter Blackshield chapters after the Heresy from the Emperor's Children,
      Luna Wolves, and Iron Warriors.

  • Loyalist World Eaters that managed to survive Istvaan reform the Warhounds chapter afterwards, and Kharn is treated as some kind of daemon slaying saint for them.
    No one asks the important question about why he's summonable.

  • The Iron Hands chapter that still claims Medusa as their homeworld has an... interesting way to deal with failed aspirants. They remove any gene seed left and
    dunk them into the Spring of Living Metal, getting what are essentially Pariahs.
    • Other chapters branched off from the Iron Hands might make use of other necron techologies.

  • Sigimisund, in disgust, abandons Dorn and forms the black templars with other loyalist Fists and start a crusade against their traitorous brethren.

  • Ezekyle Abaddon is Hera's best friend, and currently lives somewhere deep in the friendzone. Not sure what happens with him post-Heresy.

  • Felicia takes the veterans of the Emperor's Children and forms the Emperor's Vengeance and starts a crusade towards the rim, hunting down Blood Angels.

  • Persephone, some time after the Heresy, takes the Iron Circle and some Iron Warrior veterans into a Blackstone Fortress which soon sinks into the warp,
    only reappearing sporadically in the ensuing millennia.

  • Corvus Corax, goes off to the Eye of Terror, telling his commanders "Nevermore." Believes the mutability of time in the Warp will let him go back to
    the past and save Konstanze.

  • Hualan, chases after Dark Eldar raiders into the webway. Who knows what happens afterwards/

  • Guilliman, suffers an injury that leads him to stasis until the 42nd millennia and he's awoke by the Ynnari.

  • Ferrus Manus, killed by Sanguinius on the Bridge of the Red Tear.

  • Hera, dies after defeating the Krork in the 32nd Millennium. By the 33rd, on the anniversary of her death and saving the Imperium, her
    tomb is discovered empty and stripped bare.

  • Konstanze is killed while trying to apprehend Rogal Dorn, sometime after she murders Loraine. The Man of Stone decides at the last minute to live and kills her.
    Night Sisters are allowed to retreat and take their body back with them.

  • Jago Sevatarion, one of the few male recruits from Nostramo (Konstanze took pity on him, thinking they shared the same curse).
    Becomes the Night Sisters version of Bjorn the Fell-Handed as Sevatar, the Night Lord.

  • Sanguinius, defeated by the Emperor, and the Red Tear cast into the warp is thought defeated for good. Unfortunately not the case, as the Red Tear was so infused with the spirit of the Arch Traitor,
    and the act of destruction was so jarring to his Gene-Sons, some fall into what is called the Black Rage.
    Every few centuries, one of the Lost regains himself, is declared Sanguinius Reborn, and commands the deck of the Red Tear and the Loyalty of the Red Herald.

  • Typhon survives Morticia's purge and takes other Terran born marines that did so as well. His warband of Plague Marines hate Morticia and her plague dolls with a hatred suitable for Khorne, though Typhus reserves some of this for Garro.

  • Nathaniel Garro, Legion of One, the Last Dusk Raider. Hunts down Death Maidens and has a bone to pick with Typhus.

  • The Repented, Dark Angels that didn't fall to Chaos and instead hunt down their fallen brethren.
    Lead by the Lord Cypher, and guided by the Watchers in the Dark, they strike out at their former brothers. Possibly founded by Luther?

  • Andrestia still becomes a daemon primarch by Loraine's machinations.
    The jury is still out on whether her form is a daemonic looking winged victory, angel of fury, or blood soaked murder monster.

  • Loraine, killed by Konstanze, allowing Erebus to take command of the Word Bearers. Mid 35th Millennium, a chaos warband lead by a woman wearing
    a mask black and white split down the middle, attacking both traitor and loyalist.

  • Magna chooses damnation to save the Thousand Scholars. Rubric of Ahriman still happens.
    Super charges sorcerers, turns the incapable into ghosts that inhabit old and modified armor, and turns the whole civilian population of Prospero into very very very angry ghosts bound into war machines.

  • Dorn never falls to chaos, even as his legion slowly starts to crumble around him. Spends his time in an ill-repaired Phalanx, haunted by ghosts.