The Kondrus Aeroguard

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ExirusGuardsman.jpgThis article is about an Imperial Army formation from the /tg/ Heresy project, a fan re-working of the Warhammer 40k universe.

Kondrus Aeroguard
Homeworld Kondrus & Vulrad
Doctrine Air Mobile Deep Battle
Signature Equipment Gunship Transports, Mimic Cloaks, Targeter-Surveyor Rebreathers, Drop Armour
Colors Dark Green and Orange

The Kondrus Aeroguard were a unit of the Imperial Army formed during the Great Crusade.


The Kondrus Aeroguard are an Air Assault formation based on gunship based squads and air mobile armored vehicles. Deriving much of their strength from the countless airborne treasure-hunting bands that scour the agro-lichen encrusted industrial ruins of Kondrus, the Aeroguard are built around ten man squads bound to heavily armed gunship transports. Aeroguard infantry make heavy use of advanced equipment such as camo-cloaks, Surveyor-Rebreathers and carapace armor, allowing them to operate for prolonged periods of time in harsh environments and under strenuous conditions. Supporting these squads are air mobile armored formations consisting of drop walkers, grav-lev tanks and self-propelled artillery that can swiftly be deployed to the battlespace. The Aeroguard as a whole tend to be insular, avoiding personal contact with other formations outside of combat but building close bonds with those units they join with in battle. Kondrusans are prone to salvage and loot battlefields, resulting in further tension with other Imperial units.


Kondrusan sections tend to prefer their own kind outside of battle, coming across as aloof in the eye's of other Imperial Forces at first. Aeroguard forces are never seen without some sort of face covering, whether it be a full surveyor-rebreather or a simple cloth, adding to their mystique and distrust amongst their fellow warriors. An exception to this is their attempts to accrue knick-knacks and small souvenirs from the worlds they pacify, revelling in the trading of even the most basic of found goods such as ammunition and food. They will at times go great lengths to attain exotic foodstuffs and drinks from other regiments that the regiments themselves would normally consider simple rations. However, in the event an Aeroguard squad operates side beside another IA force in direct combat, Kondrusans often "adopt" these units, providing them gifts of salvage and goods and bestowing the same generosity to other units from the same world if they are encountered again on other campaigns. This mimics the same internal traditions of brotherhood by fire that denotes Kondrusan squads and social patterns as a whole.

Kondrusans are also musicians, often carrying small stringed and mechanical musical instruments that replicate the sound of the winds that rattle the twisted hulks of the dead hive cities that dot their home subsector.


A sniper from the 88th Aeroguard. Note the intimidating Mortis-pattern Targeter-Surveyor Rebreather underneath the hood of the soldier's camo-cloak.

The foreboding shadows of Kondrus Aeroguard gunships and their hooded drop troops have graced many a recalcitrant world's surface. An Air Assault formation, the Kondrus Aeroguard make extensive use of VTOL gunships which serve as organic transport and fire support for squads of Light and Medium infantry. Light infantry (in search of a better name) serve as infiltrators and guerrillas, drawn from the bands of young scavengers and treasure seekers that scour the lichen-jungles that cover the industrial ruins which surround the Hives of Kondrus. Medium Infantry possess semi-powered armor, allowing them to carry heavy stubbers as primary weapons. These squadrons are also host to Hardsuits, bipedal walkers which carry a host of heavy weapons and advanced sensor systems. The Aeroguard also makes use of elite, armored formations of light tanks and self propelled artillery for the rapid exploitation of enemy weaknesses and strikes against enemy command and control nodes. Rarely seen though often prized are Kondrus Aeroguard GravLancers, large yet fast skimmers that possess Grubhead Demolition rockets. Flying low and hugging the terrain, GravLancers and their devastating ordinance are used to break stubborn enemy fortifications.

Doctrinally, the unit excels at delaying actions, guerrilla operations and surgical strikes. Light forces are deployed over a large area to attrition enemy forces, either striking enemy supply lines or destroying enemy scouting formations. Once an enemy has engaged, heavier forces are deployed at strategically important targets to draw enemy forces into a decisive engagement. Finally, elite air mobile armored formations strike against enemy command and control nodes. All the while, their air forces harass and resupply friendly forces, the whole formation aiming to throw enemies off balance. While tactically and strategically nimble, Aeroguard regiments lack the capability to provide a knockout blow in a head to head fight, under performing when not augmented by a more heavy hitting or numerous force. Also, their lack of initiative in cooperating tactically with other Imperial Army troops can result in battlefield friction.

Kondrus Aeroguard Regimental sub-organizations can easily be detached from their respective regiments and reattached to provide specialty troops and support for other formations in a campaign. However, due to their insular nature they do not without explicit orders coordinate tactically with other units, preferring to serve as forward scouts, flank security or close air support.


The Aeroguard makes heavy use of mimic and stealth cloaks, hoods, and pressurized helmets which allow them to fight in a variety of environments. Aeroguard forces will not hesitate to scavenge battlefields for useful components and even souvenirs, though their compliment of high powered stalker guns, bullpup autoguns and above average sensor gear are usually sufficient for their tasks. Kondrus Aeroguard also utilize a variety of launchers, such as Flamer rockets and rad munitions.

Notable Aeroguard[edit]

Notable Formations

  • First Expeditionary Front - Attached to the First Legion early in the Great Crusade, the First generally drew inglorious mopping up assignments, beginning in the Parthorum Wars.
  • Eighth Expeditionary Front - The Eighth were patronized by the Fifth Legion commander Antoine Antonelle, who had them permanently assigned to his Legion's command as Compliance Group V-22. Antonelle believed that the Aeroguard's qualities were ideally suited to rapid counter-insurgency operations and frequently deployed the Eighth to shore up troubled Sectors recently brought into compliance by the Fifth Legion. He was also a believer in their prowess as front-line troops, and called on the Eighth in several of his Legion's key campaigns beginning with the Curis-4 Compliance. They were particularly famous for the capture of Koerendel, during the Pacification of the Harakien Sector, and were the only Imperial Army formation to take part in the Containment Operation during Fifth Legion's desperate fight against WAAAGH! Rok'Ed. After many campaigns alongside the Ciban Chasseurs and the Markian Corps, the Eighth's men and women considered the folk of the Markian subsector to be their kin and relished any opportunity to sample the culinary delights of the region. Like many of the Imperial formations closely tied to Antonelle, the regiments that fought in the Eighth bear a bitter grudge against the Green Men.


Sci fi factory by incineratedmortality-d4cet7q.jpg

These insular warriors hail from the former Hive World Kondrus in the Segmentum Solar, known for the sound of the wind whistling through the carcasses of its dead Hives and the constant clanking of manufactorum jungles. Kondrus was discovered early in the Great Crusade by the Rogue Trader Militant Vuthros Khan.

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