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A completely CGI fan film of Warhammer 40,000 by Erasmus Brosdau.

This project was used to troll fans of Ultramarines:The Movie in terms of CGI quality, movie development budgets, and staff involvement. However, it's indefinitely shelved as seen in Erasmus' Youtube update.


The plot supposedly concerns Lord Inquisitor Torquemada going to the planet of Occulta Majoris (someone was stupid enough to name a planet what roughly translates to "super magical" in 40k? Latin dictionary says it means "Grand secrets".), which has gone silent. Apparently, the imperial guard discovered a mysterious artifact of seemingly Xenos origin. The artifact in question slowly drove the planets inhabitants mad, which then revealed its true origin as an artifact of Chaos, as per 40K standards. As the artifact was being transported off world, it was intercepted by the Forces of Chaos and seemingly destroyed. Torquemada and his associates later discovered that the destruction of the ship and the artifact was a ruse. Torquemada journeys to Occulta Majoris, accompanied by Grey Knights, believing the artifact to still be on the planet.


  • The film was approved by Games Workshop. Therefore allowing dear Mr. Brosdau to continue development.
  • Awesome modeling
  • Detail
  • Close to canon
  • GREY KNIGHTS (who will hopefully not be portrayed the way a certain dickface depicted them)
  • Dreadnoughts.
  • One scene shows a ship exiting from the Warp with awesome effects. This is a plus from the Ultramarines movie since even in the final scene, the film didn't even bother showing the effect of their cruiser entering or exiting the Warp.
  • Absurdly high quality when you consider the team is doing this entirely in their free time.
  • Adam Harvey, who did the music for the Ultramarines Movie (Which is agreed to be one of the few things that was great about the film), will be composing The Lord Inquisitors music score.
  • Finally, having a non-space marine as main character for once.
    Mining for the Emprah in my giant Gothic Cathedral Excavators!
  • Imperial Bucket Wheel Excavators! Anybody would pay to see a BWE go off against a Emperor-Class Battleship, like a T-rex against a Triceratops, Space-ship vs Land-ship. Furthermore like all things Imperium, there must be Cathedrals somewhere, no exceptions!
  • The man's name is Erasmus fucking Brosdau, for fuck's sake.
  • Believably futuristic (still needs more cathedrals)(There are! the prologue is out and it has gothic all over!)
  • A female Death Cult Assassin with skull mask serving in the Inquisitors team (Cannot be seen with weapons but has a full body suit). Note: unlikely to be a full Official Imperial Assassin (eg Culexis or Callidus) as its capabilities will surpass many imperial agents under the inquisitors team.
  • A veteran guardsmen serving in the Inquisitors team (Armed with a possible shotgun and carapace armour)
  • First full scene with new characters interacting, along with excellent voice acting, varying accents and clear characterisation.
  • Overwhelming positive response (via social media) for the new prologue.
  • The prologue Easter eggs!
  • The prologue is now listed on IMDB!


  • A literal zero dollar budget, as GW refuses to finance the project, let alone invest in it. Obviously the makers are doing it using their own funds and time, so it does have some sort of cost, we should still give money to their Patreon and Kickstarter projects, money which IS TOTALLY NOT FOR THE AWESOME VIDEO, right?
  • Somewhat mediocre animations The animation is a little stiff here and there, but overall passable. Still good enough for something people work on for free in their free time.
  • Fans can't donate money to the project, because Erasmus is forbidden from profiting off the Lord Inquisitor (but then again, you can still give him money for anything else wink wink).
  • Only 40 minutes long.
  • Character lip-sync needs improving. The actors recorded the dialogue (in English) outside of Germany sending the recordings to Erasmus. Therefore the actors expressions/facial movements could not be mapped and synchronized with the animated models.
  • Its still not out
  • It's now indefinitely frozen given Erasmus' plans to make a full studio instead.
  • Fuck this vaporware for keeping our hopes up for years. Go watch Astartes - a fan made animation instead: a COMPLETE product of comparable quality that somehow credits Erasmus Brosdau for something.