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Far Harad[edit]

Why Play Far Harad?[edit]

If your favourite movie is Zulu then you may very well like this army, like the serpent horde you get giant elephants but you also get a whole lot of other stuff, for one you get shields and access to the blowpipe, the ranged weapon that doesn't take up any bow limit.


  • Mumaks
  • Blowpipes
  • High Strength across the board (S4 is the baseline)


  • Mediocre defence for most units
  • Very low courage for everything that isn't the Mahud King

Army Bonus[edit]

When your units are within 6 of a Mahud Hero who is engaged in combat your units automtically pass all courage tests.

Unit Analysis[edit]


  • The Mumak War Leader: A War Mumak of Far Harad with Gnarled Hide, Sigils of Defiance and Tusk Weapons, plus a Leader with a 12 inch Stand Fast, the ability to take Haradrim Warriors as part of his warband (allowing you to fill the thing up with Bow armed Haradrim Warriors instead of Mahud Warriors who should be on the ground getting stuck in) oh and a little ability where he cancels the first Heroic Move done within 12 inches of him on a 4+. You know, one of the few things that people can use to try and stop the Mumak. All this for 400 points. Yeah, this guy is incredibly broken and if you can fit him and an even reasonably solid warband into your army, you 100% should. Oh and he's a Hero of Legend and unlike normal Mumaks, you can deploy models from his Warband outside of his Mumak.
  • War Mumak of Far Harad: Everyone’s favourite semi-feral herbivore, the Mumak will kill literally everything that it comes across, but at 300 points before upgrades, it really is something to be saved for larger games. A canny opponent will also use magic and wounds to force a stampede so be wary of keeping it too close to your own troops. That being said, it will kill everything, anywhere and at any time, and also can transport 12 Mahud (available separately).
  • Mahud King: One of the few times when a King/chieftain argument comes down on the side of the royalty. The +1 fight makes a big difference between 4/5 is a big one and the extra point of will is handy for those pesky courage tests and magic resistance. S5 is always wonderful and Courage 5 will help you hold on after being broken.
  • Mahud Tribesmaster: The ‘captain’ of the Mahud. He’s okay and if you cant afford a king then choose him. But go for the king if you can, he’s just better. However, depending on the size of the list, you may already have at least two kings. In these instances, instead of a third king a Tribesmaster can be more useful as they have Heroic March. As Far Harad lack any shooting beyond 12”, it must move to fight any opponent list with a good amount of bows as quickly as possible. A Tribesmaster leading raiders could move them all up to 15” in one turn, closing the gap as fast as possible and potentially saving more models for close combat.


  • Mahud Warrior – Cheap strength 4 is good, and a blowpipe does not add towards the number of bows in the force, so these guys are very handy. Lowest courage in the army is, however, a big problem so keep these guys around a hero or they will run the moment that your army is broken.
  • Half Troll of far Harad – 23 points a piece is a big investment, but for that you get a stat line that beats those of most captains (including one of the only Two Wound Warriors who isn't a full on Monster in the game) and terror. An extra point buys you a two handed weapon If you want it, but its not necessary. These guys will kill anything they get into base contact with, but as with the rest of the Mahud, the courage is the big let down on the profile.
  • Haradrim Warriors: Can be taken as part of The Mumak War Leader's warband while retaining your faction ability. They're very cheap, only 6 points (7 with bow) but they're not great fighters except in large numbers, and they don't synergize well with the Mahud Warriors. Take enough so that you can fill up the Mumak War Leader's Howdah with bowmen, and then just get back down to taking Mahud. Do notice these guys can bring a war horn to help with the army's low courage.


  • Mahud Raider – what’s better than a S4 warrior? A s4 warrior riding a bad tempered dromedary, that’s what. Does the job that the Haradrim Raiders don’t and stack up against the best cavalry of the evil side. Impact hits cause casualties from the moment of the charge and the fun is unlikely to stop there. Every charge comes with an impact hit on a single model charged and is not limited to once per movement, giving the potential to run through multiple models in one turn. They will also use this ability from a movement after a Heroic Combat. One of their biggest selling points is that these are a rare type of cavalry that are perhaps best used against other cavalry. The impact hit has a 50% chance to kill the opponent mount before the fight takes place. Once again though, beware the low courage.

Legendary Legions[edit]

A new thing added by Gondor at War, basically a smaller army within the main army that gives you special bonuses but can't take an army bonus and can't ally with other armies. Allows you to put together armies from specific moments from the movie.

  • Grand Army of the South

This is a composite army, combining with Harad for maximum ELEPHANT.

    • Bonuses:
      • Hail of Poisoned Arrows: Up to half your army can have bows.
      • The Making of a King: If you leader is in combat with your opponent's leader he may use a free heroic action. If your leader is the Mumak War Leader the Mumak counts as using the heroic action.
      • War Beasts for the South: All Mamluks gain Harbinger of Evil
      • Warrior Pride: Mahûd Warrior models that are within 6" of a friendly Mahûd Hero model that is engaged in combat automatically pass all courage tests they are required to make.
    • Army List:

You MUST take either the Serpent Lord or the Mumak War Leader, half your army must have the Haradrim keyword, and you must take at least one Mumak.

      • Suladan the Serpent lord:
      • Hasharin:
      • Haradrim King:
      • Haradrim Chieftain:
      • War Mumak of Harad:
      • Haradrim Taskmaster:
      • Haradrim Warrior
      • Haradrim Warrior
      • Haradrim raiders
      • On top of these guys, you can take anything from this list


Historical Allies[edit]

The Serpent Horde

Convenient Allies[edit]

Corsairs of Umbar

The Eastern Kingdoms

Variags of Khand




Impossible Allies[edit]


Sharkey's Rogues

The Nazgul of Dol Guldur

Azog's Hunters

Azog's Legion

Goblin Town

The Trolls


Building your Army[edit]