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Harad and Umbar[edit]

Why Play Harad and Umbar?[edit]

Because you enjoy pirates who live in the desert and ride giant elephants


  • Mumaks
  • Crossbowmen galore
  • Poisoned arrows


  • Low defence all round
  • Expensive and situational heroes
  • Very few shields

Army Bonus[edit]

Unit Analysis[edit]


  • The Betrayer: Harad’s Ringwraith comes with 2 extra will than a fully upgraded ‘vanilla’ wraith, can re-roll wounds in close combat and allows models with the ‘poisoned’ special rule to re-roll wounds of 1 and 2 if they are within 14cm of him. Good support choice and 120 points means that he is ahead of the vanilla wraiths simply because of his special abilities. Natuarally compliments other Harad models.
  • The Knight of Umbar: One of the more powerful combat oriented ringwriths, three might points and the ability to ignore the fight phase loss of will for every fight that he wins. He can also elect to use the base Fights, strength or attack values (or any combination of these)of his opponent instead of his own. Add in two more will points than standard and a decent array of spells and The Knight is a superb choice and a steal at 120 points
  • Suladan the Serpent lord: Harad’s supreme leader clocks in at a most reasonable 90 points and could very well benefit from being mounted in order to maximise his combat prowess. A bow will allow him to take advantage of his poisoned arrows but will restrict his movement on the battlefield. Suladan also benefits from an extended stand fast range, which will allow him to keep an army together quite well. Beware of his low fate points, but otherwise a quite reasonably priced leader.
  • Hasharin: clocking in at a substantial 90 points for a two wound model, the Hasharin is a serious character killer with three fight 5 attacks. Low might will work against him, but could eliminate anyone up to the level of Aragorn with some fancy rolling
  • Dalamyr, Fleetmaster of Umbar: if 90 points for a Hasharin with two wounds is an issue, 100 points for one with less equipment. He somewhat makes up for this with his smoke bombs, but Dalamyr is somewhat underwhelming.
  • The Golden King of Abrakhan A durable and deadly character that has a plethora of special rules that allow him to both kill and hinder enemy models simultaneously whilst also acting as a banner for his own side. Pricey at 115 points, but this one is worth it.
  • Haradrim King: Average ‘Captain of men’ stats with higher fight and will. Passable, but offers no real advantages over the haradrim chieftain and costs at least 15 points more.
  • Haradrim Chieftain: Lower fight and will than the King, but otherwise identical. Always go for this guy over the king, hes far more cost effective.
  • Haradrim Taskmaster: Same stats as an ordinary captain, but comes equipped with a 4cm range throwing weapon, his strength comes with his ability to grant free heroic actions to allied heroes within 14cm on a 4+. 60pts is a little pricey and you will probably get more mileage out of a standard captain, but situationally okay.
  • Corsair Captain: Another captain of men, but with three crucial differences. D4 sucks, especially with only one fate point, but a fight of 5 will allow him to win virtually any fight he gets into, and they have glorious glorious crossbows. Can camp out in the backfield and blast away while picking off anything that gets too close in close combat. A worthy addition.
  • Corsair Bo’Sun: Another crossbow toting corsair hero (modelled after Peter Jackson who was the guy Legolas shot in the film) he’s useful for another crossbow shot, but his total lack of might means that hes actually more useful in a fight with his two attacks and ability to function as a banner. Pair with revers for extra lulz.
  • War Mumak of Harad: Everyone’s favourite semi-feral herbivore, the Mumak will kill literally everything that it comes across, but at 275 points before upgrades, it really is something to be saved for larger games. A canny opponent will also use magic and wounds to force a stampede so be wary of keeping it too close to your own troops. That being said, it will kill everything, anywhere and at any time, and also can transport 12 Haradrim (available separately)


  • Haradrim Warrior – Low defence, but cheap troops and poisoned arrows make these guys viable choices for an evil army. The boost in courage if you make them Warriors of Abrakhan is ‘meh’, but the improvement to shooting if they are warriors of Karna is superb. Upgrade all of your archers immediately!
  • Serpent Guard – Why? I mean why? These guys are close combat haradrim with low strength, crap defence and no measurable advantage over ordinary haradrim. Awful
  • Corsair of Umbar – sort of standard foot troops, roughly comparable to haradrim, except they all come with throwing weapons and can take shields. Theyre alright, and are best taken cheap to allow space in the army for lots of shiny crossbows.
  • Corsair reavers – A wonderful choice for the army. Two attacks at fight 5 for 10 points is a steal at twice the price – even elves will have trouble winning fights against these guys. Their lack of armour is a problem, but they are deadly in the midst of the fight
  • Corsair Arbalester – The reason you shouldn’t have bow armed corsairs. Another 10 point model, but they possess the (perhaps dubious) record of being the only unit in the game that is better at shooting than in combat. Crosbows hitting on 4+ is brilliant and their pavise giving them +3 defence against shooting meaning that these guys are the ultimate back field objective holders. Don’t let them be charged as they are pretty poor in combat, but can be gamechangers at range
  • Watcher of Karna – It’s difficult to justify these guys. Good shoot and poisoned arrows is nice, but nothing that an ordinary haradrim can’t do and the good side has very few models against which the ‘Steely nerve’ rule can come in to effect. Useable in the same battlefield role as the haradrim warriors, but not actually any better than they are despite the cost.
  • Abrakhan Merchant guard – Good linebreakers and the only S4 available to a ‘pure’ harad army. They do not suffer the penalties of the two handed weapons that they wield, which gives them a serious damage output with some lucky rolls. Worthy of consideration, but not as numerous foot troops.
  • Black Numenorian - The men of Mordor swing between very good and very bad. Regrettably, these guys are very bad. Costing 9pts a piece their low strength and lack of options is a pretty bad feature. An upgrade to a castellan of Umbar brings their fight up to 5 and makes them useable but Merchant guard are a better choice overall.
  • Mahud Warrior – Cheap strength 4 is good, and a blowpipe does not add towards the number of bows in the force, so these guys are very handy. Lowest courage in the army is, however, a big problem so keep these guys around a hero or they will run the moment that your army is broken.
  • Half Troll of far Harad – 23 points a piece is a big investment, but for that you get a stat line that beats those of most captains and terror. An extra point buys you a two handed weapon If you want it, but its not necessary. These guys will kill anything they get into base contact with, but as with the rest of the Mahud, the courage is the big let down on the profile.


  • Haradrim raiders – A sort of ‘rider of rohan’ for the bad guys. They’re okay but possess little I the way of outstanding features – they can shoot reasonably well, but the points are better spent elsewhere.
  • Serpent rider – Another one? These guys are to the haradrim raiders what the serpent guard is to ordinary haradrim, but worse, because raiders are not brilliant to begin with. Don’t waste your points.
  • Mahud Raider – what’s better than a S4 warrior? A s4 warrior riding a bad tempered dromedary, that’s what. Does the job that the Haradrim Raiders don’t and stack up against the best cavalry of the evil side. Impact hits cause casualties from the moment of the charge and the fun is unlikely to stop there. Once again though, beware the low courage.

Legendary Legions[edit]

A new thing added by Gondor at War, basically a smaller army within the main army that gives you special bonuses but can't take an army bonus and can't ally with other armies. Allows you to put together armies from specific moments from the movie.

  • Grand Army of the South

This is a composite army, combining with Harad and Umbar for maximum ELEPHANT.

    • Bonuses:
      • Hail of Poisoned Arrows: Up to half your army can have bows.
      • The Making of a King: If you leader is in combat with your opponent's leader
      • War Beasts for the South: All Mamluks gain Harbinger of Evil
      • Warrior Pride: Mahûd Warrior models that are within 6" of a friendly Mahûd Hero model that is engaged in combat automatically pass all courage tests they are required to make.
    • Army List:

You MUST take either the Serpent Lord or the Mumak War Leader, half your army must have the Haradin keyword, and you must take at least one Mumuk.

      • Suladan the Serpent lord:
      • Hasharin:
      • Haradrim King:
      • Haradrim Chieftain:
      • War Mumak of Harad:
      • Haradrim Taskmaster:
      • Haradrim Warrior
      • Haradrim Warrior
      • Haradrim raiders
      • On top of these guys, you can take anything from this list


If you want a tad more variety in your life, the other evil forces of Lord of the Rings will allow you to add a few more bits and pieces in to your force

  • Mordor– Can replace your cavalry with Morgul Knights and produce an even more effective hammer/anvil combination. Morannon orcs also make for a superb front line to a phalanx, supported by your Easterlings behind. Very good synergies between these two forces makes them natural allies.
  • The Eastern Kingdoms– Easterlings can go toe to toe with the Warriors of Minas Tirith and their more esoteric troops (war priests, dragon knights, kataphracts) are highly effective linebreakers. Their true strength lies in the fact that Easterling spears count as pikes and can be used to add an extra attack to troops already being supported by spears. The mercenary warriors of Khand are a decent choice, but not brilliant. The only thing they do that Harad doesn’t is use chariots. Stick with Easterlings
  • Moria– They’re ‘meh’ at best, but can pull all sorts of sneaky tricks and can allow you to field close to overwhelming numbers in a very few points. Carefully and sneakily used, they can be highly effective
  • Angmar– A couple of named characters of use here, notably Bhuradur, but nothing to write home about. Give these guys a miss.
  • Isengard– The only thing that Isengard has that Harad doesn’t already is crossbow uruk-hai (which are worse for you than Arbalesters) Uruk Shamans (nice), pikes (easterlings are cheaper and can use a shield at the same time)and Isengard trolls with shields (situational but alright really). Usable but there are better choices out there.

Building your Army[edit]