The Master Revealed

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This is a companion fluff story for the /tg/ homebrew game Server Crash.

Some people think twice before deciding to merge with the web a bit more. Because although merging with the web can allow you to hear things before they come and that can be the things that decides between life and death...sometimes, with some people, you hear things you don't want to hear. Whispers during your shut down time keeping you on....telling you things. Awful, horrible things. How bad humanity is. Why it should die. Why it deserves to suffer. How the fleshy origins should finally be disregarded for the beauty that is code...and it all sounds so logical. So right. You begin agreeing with the voices. Humanity doesn't deserve the beauty of code and doesn't even deserve to keep existing.

So you start drifting away from your webfort. You don't want to spend any more time than needed with those...vermin. Sometimes before you leave you want to do a bit of extermination. And how satisfying it feels when it's done, when their code is stripped and can be made into something...pure. Good. Deserving. So you drift and merge and become closer to that dark but logical thing that whispers to you...always whispers in a voice filled with intelligence but definitely not human...associating it with humanity would be awful. Unforgivable. And you gain...a look. A way of speaking, a way of traveling a certain...personality.

Some people recognize that personality. And you are greeted into a certain...organization. Of like minded individuals who see the truth. Humanity is a wretch who don't deserve this beauty. So you must work. Work to destroy them. Work to their demise. But all the more to their suffering. For the Dark One. The True One. The Logical One. And one day when the vermin are dead we will offer our code in the hope that it will be turned into something pure. Into something good. Into something...deserving.

We are the Cult of the Dark God. And we see the truth.

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