The Nameless

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The Nameless
Battle Cry Unknown
Founding Unknown
Successors of Unknown
Successor Chapters none
Chapter Master Unknown
Primarch Unknown
Homeworld Repentance (artificial world)
Strength Unknown
Specialty Unknown
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Unknown

Canonical Stuff[edit]

The Nameless are a chapter of Loyalist Space Marines that were founded after the second founding. Apart from the name of their homeward (Repentance) and chapter symbol (lightning bolt, colour unknown), practically nothing is known about them. They are the based the furthest east of any and all canonical chapters, being situated out on the far reaches of the Eastern Fringe.

What We Can Get From Maps[edit]

They reside on an artificial world, called Repentance, which implies that the chapter's old homeworld was destroyed, hence the need for an artificial world, or they were punished and sent there, hence the name Repentance. Their likely job is to watch over the remnants of Hive Fleet Behemoth, as their homeworld is slap-bang in the middle of Behemoth's path into the Imperium (look at the map in the 7E Tyranids codex and the one in the Space Marines codex, you'll see it's true). As a result of this, the whole chapter has sworn to destroy the last surviving remnants of Behemoth. They are entirely self-sufficient, seeing as they are the most easterly based chapter in the entire Imperium. As they are approximately 75 warp-years from the Terran core, they are not subject to a gene-seed tithe, as no Inquisitor will ever want to spent 150 years total in the warp, just to collect a case of gene-seed, so nobody knows who they are descended from. After Behemoth, they now act as the Imperium's early-warning system for any extra-galactic threats attempting to take the direct, and (courtesy of the Space Bugs of Death) barren so therefore relatively undefended, route to the homeworld of the Imperium's spritual lieges. As a result, the whole chapter are Tyranid-fighting monsters, mostly on the basis that literally nothing else except probably the chronic galactic Ork problem is there.

/tg/ Teaches Makes Up The History Of A Chapter[edit]

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The Nameless
Battle Cry Unknown
Founding Sometime in the 35th Millenium
Successors of Possibly Alpha Legion
Successor Chapters none
Chapter Master Apollo Lucanus
Primarch Alpharius. Or maybe Omegon. Or maybe Alpharius. Or Omegon. Or...
Homeworld Repentance (artificial world)
Strength Around 1250 marines
Specialty Appearing FROM OUTTA NOWHERE!!! (but only in foggy or cloudy environments)
Allegiance Imperium
Colours White and Grey

The Nameless are currently overseeing the terraforming of the dead worlds left in Behemoth's wake, and have left an outpost of about 50 marines at every system. This basically means that they have an empire 10 times the size of Ultramar. Unfortunately it is not classified as an empire because nobody lives in it, due to all the worlds (including Repentance) being nothing more than dead and airless hunks of rock. How they recruit is therefore a mystery. Due to their white-and-grey colour scheme, they all look like ghosts. Their hit-and-run tactics have left survivors likening them to 'a horde of maleficent spirits who appear out of nowhere, kill you all, then disappear just as quickly'. This is very useful in foggy environments (such as Barbarus was). Unusually however, they display their company through the colour of their chapter symbol. For example, the first company's lightning bolt is green, the second company's is blue, the 3rd company's is black, the fourth's is red, and so on. Strangely, the chapter hates the Deathwatch with a passion not unlike the Black Templars' hatred for witches, due to the fact that they think their livery sacred and have forbidden their marines from changing it. As a result, the only Nameless marines that have ever gone to the Deathwatch are those that cast aside their Chapter and became a Blackshield, fittingly. The Nameless are also very friendly with the Black Dragons chapter, probably because both chapters are outcasts from the Imperium with no idea who their parent chapter/legion is.

Apollo Lucanus[edit]

The chapter master of The Nameless at the time of the 41st 42nd millennium, Apollo Lucanus is apparently one of the best marksmen in the whole Adeptus Astartes (Apollo was the Greek God of archery). He is so good, that apparently Vindicare assassins are sent to train with him and his chapter. Weirdly however, although being offered many times, has never joined the Deathwatch. Maybe he realises that actually the Deathwatch do what his chapter already does anyway (protecting the galaxy from xenos shit and all that). In one hand, he carries a condemnor-pattern boltgun that can fire specialist ammunition, like the one that Inquisitor Greyfax has, and in the other he wields a sentinel blade. He's basically what would happen if a custodes, a vindicare and Greyfax got drunk one night. Lucanus has been an exemplar of his chapter since he was a battle brother, and his kill tally has gone far past any the Raptors can offer. For instance, when the craftworld Yme-Loc wandered too close to Repentance and its empire airspace, Lucanus, then just a sergeant in the 2nd company, led the boarding action and inflicted heavy losses on the craftworld's inhabitants before the actual commander got MIND RAEP'D by a farseer, forcing the boarding action to cease. He was swiftly promoted into the 1st company, and about 100 terran years later he was made Chapter Master, around the same time the Chapter stopped sending marines to the Deathwatch.

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