The Red Terror

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Meet the aborted lovechild between a Trygon and a Ravener.

The Red Terror is one of the oldest Tyranid special characters, having debuted in lore, model and mechanics alongside Old One Eye in the 3rd edition Tyranids codex. A unique model of Ravener, its special thing was that it had multiple sets of scything talons (not otherwise allowed in that edition), could burrow underground, and it could swallow enemies whole. Conceptually, one could call it the proto-Trygon.


The Red Terror was notable for carapace which resembles the colour of blood. However, it was also noted for its weird-looking head, almost too big for its own body. While this makes it look like it had a bobble-head syndrome, that large head do indeed house a large mouth so it should not be underestimated.

It is only recorded as being encountered once by the Imperium, during the Tyranid invasion of Devlan, an Imperial mining world on the Eastern Fringe. It tore into a starport compound to get to its defenders, killing twenty-four men before being driven away. Each time it returned it slaughtered more humans before retreating back into the tunnel, devouring the rendered human remains. Eventually, a search and destroy team was sent into the tunnels, only to meet their doom at the scythes of the Red Terror.

What became of the Red Terror after Devlan is unknown, though one ship fleeing from Devlan made an automated landing at Adri's Hope and stayed ominously dark and silent after landing. The ship was investigated and found to be a blood-drenched abattoir. A Tyranid creature was suspected to have gotten aboard, though nothing was found within the ship. Three weeks later, Adri's Hope itself had also become a blood-soaked ruin. It is unclear if this beast of Devlan is the Red Terror.

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