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"We are the spark that'll light the fire that'll burn the First Order down." -Poe Dameron
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A Sequel Trilogy faction introduced in The Force Awakens, basically the Rebel Alliance several decades later. General Organa leads the Resistance in their fight against the First Order, fighting against tyranny for the past three decades. However, in a surprising stroke of realism, most of the senate isn't behind the Resistance fully (in fact, quite a few of them are secretly funding The First Order), and the Resistance technically isn't an arm of the New Republic's military; rather, it's under Leia's personal command as she wages her one woman war on the First Order, funded and clandestinely supported by her allies within the Senate. This is why the Resistance focuses on fighters rather than capital ships, and why they're using the somewhat long in the tooth T-70 X-Wing rather than the flashy new T-85(which we still haven't seen which appeared in the ST cartoon, but no one watched it, so no one knows what it looks like).

The Resistance[edit]

After winning the Galactic Civil War, the New Republic chose to demilitarize and instead rely on local 'cells' to form the defensive back bone of it's army, sort of like the USA before it had an army and relied on state militias.


  • Tech upgrades up the ass
  • Almost as many good astromechs as the Republic
  • Offers the most opportunities to recover from fuck-ups. Heroic is practically mandatory
  • Their crew upgrades take care of their friends
  • List building changes were kind to them. Cheaper T-70s all around
  • Poe Dameron is the best pilot in the galaxy


  • Practically non-existent Force users
  • Tied with the First Order for the fewest ships in Standard AND Extended play
  • Many abilities have short-term benefits that can bite you in the ass later
  • They're from the sequels
  • Old Han is banned
  • Poe Dameron is too good of an actor for this shit, and there's only one of him


T-70 X-Wing[edit]

T-70 X-Wing.jpg

If the original X-Wing is a P-51 Mustang, the T-70 is an F-86 Saber(and the T-85 is an F-100 Super Saber) Unlike the T-65 X-Wing, the T-70 wings do not overlap and when the S-Foils are closed they lay side by side rather than pressed together. The engines themselves are smaller in size while the nose of the ship is more streamlined. They can accept the new BB series of astromech droids in addition to standard models, which are smaller than traditional astromechs and look like a soccer ball with an R-series head floating on the top.

In general, the T-70/T-65 differences are a single additional point of Shields, the requirements for boost and barrel roll are swapped, and the option for a Tech upgrade. It also introduced the T-roll (Talon Roll technically, although some have compared it to Tokyo Drifting) which combines K-turn with a hard turn at 3 distance with a Barrel Roll, since there's nowhere to line-up on the ships side allowing you to slide up or down the move.

  • The Weapon Hardpoint feature presents the T-70 as a modular craft, able to take a cannon, torpedo, or missile upgrade.
    • Heralds of Hope adds Underslung Blaster Cannons to the mix. It's a very weak Range 1 turret that requires a target lock to fire, but it's dirt-cheap and gets bonus attacks against enemies that land in your arc. The turret also lets the T-70 play ball with abilities that rely on friendly turret coverage, like Vennie and Ronith Blario. If you actually want to get shots off with this thing, action economy is a must as well as friendlies with Targeting Synchronizers.
  • When S-Foils are closed, you don't take a penalty to attack if the defender is in your bullseye arc.
  • The Black One title gives a single use SLAM with the option of taking an ion token to keep weapons online.
  • Heralds of Hope includes the Overdrive Thruster modification that can be placed on a single T-70. When its user performs a red boost, barrel roll, or SLAM, it must the template of 1 speed higher. This should only ever go on TRF Poe, a wingmate of RC Poe, or somebody with the Daredevil talent.


  • Blue Squadron Rookie: The barebones pilot when you just need a body in the craft.
  • Red Squadron Expert: Red Squadron equivalent. Can take an Elite upgrade.
  • Jaycris Tubbs: One of the first X-Wing pilots killed in The Last Jedi, he's actually pretty decent here. When he completes a blue maneuver, one nearby friendly can shave off a stress. His initiative 1 means that he can do this before anybody else activates. This makes him a great wingman to pilots that would get stressed easily, like Poe Dameron, any A-Wing pilot, or any Scavenged YT-1300 pilot. Giving him a BB Unit can help get him in a better position before pulling off the needed blue maneuver.
  • Nimi Chireen: (HoH) Pilot who was held in reserve until after The Battle of Crait, which means she wasn't included in Leia's SOS. Init 2, gets to turn one blank into an eyeball when attacking somebody whose initiative is higher than hers. She's definitely better if somebody is passing actions her way. She should always be focused, ideally with a target lock to pick up the slack. Automated Targeting Priority is a nice bit of candy for her.
  • Lieutenant Bastian: The excitable, black dude who flew over Starkiller Base. He can acquire a free target lock on any ship, friendly or hostile, after they take damage. M9-G8 seems to be made with Bastian in mind.
  • Jessika Pava: The cute female T-70 pilot, apparently associated with Tierfon Yellow Aces. Her ability rewards formation flying, allowing you to reroll an attack or defense die for each other allied ship at range 1 of you. She can do this once per round by herself, but she can spend charges from her astro droid to do it multiple times, if needed.
  • Zay Versio: (H&A2) Iden and Del's daughter from the Battlefront II DLC chapter that was only DLC because it spoiled the ending of Episode 7, a year after it came out... Regardless of that idiocy, she takes after her father and can reroll a defense die if her attacker is damaged. Init 3.
  • Joph Seastriker: A New Republic pilot who worked directly for Leia and helped discover the growing threat of The First Order in the Bloodlines novel. He gains an Evade token after losing a shield, which helps him survive being under fire by multiple enemy ships, but this ability is a shadow of its 1E incarnation that could slap on a Comm Relay and not lose its evade token at the end of the round.
  • Venisa Dosa: (H&A2) The mom of one of the leads from that terrible Resistance show. She can shoot torpedoes and missiles out of her butt arc at range 1-2. Yes, this does mean she can shoot an Advanced Torp at a longer range out the ass than she can from the front. Init 4.
  • Kare Kun: Prominent character in the Poe Dameron comic series, married Snap Wexley. When Boosting, she can use a hard 1 turn in either direction instead of just a straight 1 or soft 1 bank.
  • Temmin Wexley (Snap): One of Poe's buddies, son of Norra Wexley, he flies recon and likes to go fast. Survived TFA and TLJ, but not ROS. Way to trip at the finish line, fat boy. His ability allows you to boost for free after you perform a speed 2-, 3- or 4- maneuver and aren't touching another ship, which means he loves the Tech upgrade "Primed Thrusters" which lets you boost or barrel roll even with a small number of stress tokens.
  • Temmin Wexley (Black Two): (HoH) Snap again, as he is in Rise of Skywalker. He allows any number of friendly T-70s Range 0-3 to flip their S-Foil card at the start of Engagement Phase at the cost of getting Strain. Pretty useful as a wingmate in Epic. Backwards Tailslide is always on the table with him.
  • C'ai Threnalli: (HoH) Ello Asty made a very brief reappearance in The Force Awakens after his onscreen death. When the error was noticed, he was just declared to be a different abednedo who went on to survive Episodes 8 and 9. In XMG, he's Init 4 No Talent. When executes a full maneuver that goes through a friendly ship, he can perform an Evade action.
  • Black Squadron Ace: Like Red Squadron Expert, but higher cost and initiative if you really need a high init generic.
  • Ello Asty: An alien pilot who bites it in the run on Starkiller base. His ability allows him to treat his T-roll maneuvers as white so long as he isn't too stressed, so he can drift with the best of them. Put Outmaneuver on him to make the First Order Weep.
  • Nien Nunb: Everybody's favorite Falcon co-pilot and resident Sullustan, Nien is back as a T-70 pilot. His ability allows him to instantly shed stress so long as there is an enemy in his firing arc at Range 1 when he gets the token, thus making him ideal for any kind of build which might self-stress.
  • Poe Dameron (Trigger-Happy Flyboy): The new leader of the elite X-Wing forces (although his fighter is black and orange) and their top ace, laying waste to a dozen ties in a single battle and destroying Starkiller base (the First Order's Death Star, made from a planet). His ability lets him link any action into a white action, treating it as red. BB-8 pushes him to 11 because he can reveal a blue maneuver, perform BB-8's move, link it to a red action, perform the blue maneuver, lose stress, then do the normal action. If you want to be even more ridiculous, Leia turns every non-special maneuver blue.
  • Poe Dameron (Resistance Commander): (HoH) Post-TLJ Poe is a little older, wiser, and more commander-y; that is, if you don't count that moment in the Battle of Exegol where he just announced to his subordinates that he had officially given up any hope of victory. His Flyboy ability has been mixed up so he grants the red action to Range 0-2 friendly instead of himself. Also gets a second charge. It specifies that it only applies to actions performed during that ship's activation, so as to prevent Coordinate tomfoolery. He still syncs well with friendly BB units and Nien Nunb can be hilarious if you land him right.

Scavenged YT-1300[edit]


The Millennium Falcon, 30 years after the Galactic Civil War. It's been stolen multiple times, "upgraded" by a putz, and left to rot in a desert scrapyard before winding up in the hands of scavenger turned Jedi, Rey. The unkind years are reflected by its shields dropping 2 points and turret rotation now being a red action. The title, Rey's Millennium Falcon (just make yourself right at goddamned home, why don't you?) helps compensate for its age by allowing you to perform sloops, boosts, and turret rotations with 2 or fewer stress tokens.

  • The only Resistance ship that doesn't have a Tech upgrade slot. Considering how it's 60 years old or possibly older at this point, it's pretty clear why.


  • Resistance Sympathizer: A generic pilot who isn't much cheaper than the other options.
  • Chewbacca: Chewie's ability is anger. He gets a free action and attack when an ally, including himself, bites it.
  • Rey: A desert scavenger who just wanted to go back to Jakku, but ended up accidentally becoming a Jedi. Her Force points can be used on blank results during attack and defense if the enemy is in her front arc. She pretty much always needs to be paired with her BFF Finn, who adds blank results to attack/defense against enemies in front arc. Rey also comes in Gunner flavor with essentially the same ability applying to your turret arc(s). When Old Han was banned she became the only Resistance Falcon worth using until Hotshots and Aces 2 came and brought us:
  • Lando Calrissian: The coolest man in the galaxy is a bit older, a lot wiser, and so motherfucking charming now that he can convince the galaxy at the drop of a hat to stomp a mudhole into an armada of Death Star Destroyers when Leia couldn't get anyone to help against a fleet 1/50th of the size. That or her second in command was so stupid that she mistook the First Order clearly monitoring and jamming their transmissions as "our friends heard us, but they're not coming..." Personally, I think it's a bit of both. Old Lando comes at Init 5 with three reoccurring charges and a new ability that takes advantage of the Resistance Falcon's beat up status. After performing a red action or fully executing a red maneuver, Lando can spend up to all of his charges to select the same number of friendlies at 0-2, including himself. Then, those ships get to perform a free action, even when stressed, because Lando is just THAT smooth.
  • Han Solo: A surly old fucker who only agreed to be here so he could die, Han can still kick ass and take names. He can recreate his infiltration of Starkiller Base with his ability to start the game anywhere on the mat outside Range 3 of enemy ships. This is pretty good for breaking the starting formation and getting promptly swarmed. As with most dial changing/starting position shenanigans pilots, Old Han was banned in the changes made to 2.5 edition. Was the only Init 6 Resistance Falcon, but succeeded in Hotshots and Aces 2 by:
  • Poe Dameron: (H&A2) Representing Poe in that opening scene of Episode 9 that took the already fucked with Hyperspace rules and shot them like an old horse. He stays Init 6 as with his two other T-70 incarnations, as well as two charges to play with. If he spends one before a maneuver, he can ignore all obstacles during said maneuver. If Poe spends both after a maneuver, he can instead perform a free white boost or red barrel roll action. Then, if he did the barrel roll, he must expose a damage card if able for the perceived sin of emulating pre-rerelease Dash Rendar.

MG-100 StarFortress[edit]

Resistance-bomber a2df9e03.jpeg

The Resistance's heavy bomber was briefly introduced in The Last Jedi before getting a TPK. Unlike in the movie, these things can survive more than a single volley of TIE Fighter fire. Also unlike the movie, Rose Tico can actually be pretty useful. It has a powerful forward cannon and a slightly weaker bowtie turret, giving impressive coverage. The double Gunner slots mean that unlike the Y-Wing, you can spread the love between your turret and your bombing capabilities.

  • Only Paige Tico has a Talent slot.
  • Rose can spend an unfavorable die result to get a target lock. Works nicely with Finn and/or Targeting Synchronizer. She's usually placed on the Falcon.
  • Sensor and double device slots put the StarFortress in the group of ships that can lob bomblets across the mat.


  • Cobalt Squadron Bomber: Initiative 1 generic.
  • Cat: One of the crew in the Cobalt Squadron novel. Gets an extra attack die against targets Range 0-1 of at least 1 friendly device. Because bombs typically explode before the shooting starts, this can only apply to mines and bombs dropped with the help of Paige Tico if you have a Veteran Turret Gunner.
  • Vennie: Another Cobalt Squadron character. You can add an eye result to defense rolls if the attack is in a friendly turret arc. This can of course apply to your own turret, but it was made with A-Wing escorts in mind. Just be ready to invest in a Perceptive Copilot to capitalize on this ability.
  • Ben Teene: One of the many bomber pilots killed in the opening of The Last Jedi. If your bowtie is covering an enemy defender, you can assign them Rattled. A Rattled ship takes a critical damage if a bomb or mine explodes in close range. Rattled can only be removed by an action, so in all likelihood, you won't actually deal that extra damage, but you will waste their next action which is still pretty nice.
  • Edon Kappehl: Another Last Jedi casualty, along with Rian Johnson's reputation. Can drop a device after maneuvering, pretty much exactly like "Genius." You'll definitely want to bring Ablative Plating along.
  • Finch Dallow: The pilot that got Paige Tico over the FO Dreadnought before asploding. Appropriately, he can drop bombs on himself, which works well with Gunner Paige.
  • Paige Tico: (H&A) Rose Tico's older sister who died in TLJ. Likes animals. As a pilot, she has Init 5 and can drop two devices at a time. Syncs nicely with Skilled Bombardier and/or Trajectory Simulator. Or just to dump two mines in somebody's face.
    • Paige is also a gunner who can drop a bomb or rotate the turret right after attacking. She can also drop a bomb when being destroyed. Remember that her ability supersedes the "one device per round" limitation.

RZ-2 A-Wing[edit]


Successor to the Rebellion's stunt flyer. The RZ-2 only appeared briefly in The Last Jedi before Kylo Ren blew up the hangar they were in. This thing seems by and far to be FFG's favorite ship for 2nd Edition, as it has received new pilots in three different expansions. The big change from the RZ-1 is the turret. It can point forward or backward, and it can only be rotated as a red linked action. In the fluff, the RZ-1 cannons are also supposed to rotate, but FFG probably wanted just wanted them to have a mechanical contrast. Who the hell knows? If you're good at zipping the RZ-1 into flanking positions, you will appreciate the versatility the RZ-2's turret offers. It is worth mentioning that because it counts as a turret, you cannot use Outmaneuver's effect, no matter how much it feels like you should. Statwise, it's almost identical to the RZ-1. The only other differences are the blue Bank 3s and tech upgrade slot. Its "Refined Gyrostabilizers" wholly has the effects of the RZ-1's "Vectored Thrusters," just with stuff for the turret added on.

  • Prime candidate for Ferrosphere Paint. Or Primed Thrusters.
  • It's not a bad idea to have some stress management on-hand, like Jaycris Tubbs.


  • Blue Squadron Recruit: Initiative 1 generic with a talent slot.
  • Merl Cobben: (HoH) A-Wing pilot who allegedly survived the Battle of Crait despite not actually appearing in The Last Jedi. When a Range 0-2 friendly is attacking a ship that has Merl bullseyed, the defender rolls one less defense die. His Initiative 1 means that he works best as a blocker. If you want him able to reposition into bullseyes, Primed Thrusters is a good investment along with a higher initiative Coordinator.
  • Green Squadron Expert: Initiative 3 generic with a talent slot. This is where it gets awesome.
  • Ronith Blario: (H&A) A rookie pilot who appeared in TLJ, and therefore died. When attacking or defending, if the enemy ship is in another friendly's turret arc, Ronith can spend that friendly's focus token to convert one eye result. It's kind of like a weirder Networked Calculations.
  • Zari Bangel: Minor character in Bloodline who was interested in Joph Seastriker's work with Leia and ended up being among the very first to join the Resistance. She can perform an action even if she bumps another ship.
  • Greer Sonnel: A race pilot from Pamarthe (Space Scotland). Had to abandon racing after being diagnosed with Bloodburn and became Leia's personal assistant leading up to the founding of the Resistance. She can rotate her turret (without getting stressed) after fully executing a maneuver. This frees her up to do another action and possibly boost. Greer loves Starbird Slash.
  • Suralinda Javos: Blue paparazzi lady from the Poe Dameron comic series. Spied against the Resistance before signing on as a janitor and eventually a pilot. When she partially executes a maneuver, she can Strain to rotate 90° or 180°. An amusing choice for a Wing Leader in Epic.
  • Wrobie Tyce: (HoH) The only member of Cobalt Squadron to survive to the end of Rise of Skywalker, also married to Larma D'acy. When she defends at Range 1, she inflicts a Deplete token if the attacker modified their attack dice. Reasonably Choppy. She definitely appreciates having an ally with M9-G8 fucking with enemy attack dices to increase their pressure to modify.
  • L'ulo L'ampar: A Duros pilot who flew with Green Squadron in The Battle of Endor. Close friend of Shara Bey and honorary uncle of Poe Dameron. When stressed, he gets +1 attack and -1 agility. Mostly awesome, as the ship is maneuverable and responsive enough to be able to avoid firing arcs, but if things go not as planned, low agility is a death sentence for such a fragile ship. As the 'Luminous Mentor' the squad leader talent is a natural upgrade to give him a red coordinate to stress him and help another ship.
  • Tallissan Lintra: The insanely cute pilot who died too soon in TLJ. Being an escort pilot, she can grant an extra defense die to an ally if the attacker is in her bullseye. Cheaper than the potent L'ulo L'ampar, but definitely safer. Daredevil and Pattern Analyzer can help her get into position.
  • Zizi Tlo: (H&A) TLJ casualty. No other information is available. She has a single recurring charge that can be spent after attacking or defending to gain a focus or evade token. Simple, but awesome, and a bit pricier than other Init 5s.
  • Seftin Vanik: (HoH) A former circus stunt flyer who died at Exegol. When he performs a Boost action, he can transfer an evade token to a Range 1 friendly ship. Seftin definitely benefits from having a lower initiative coordinate if you want to fire his ability off with any frequency.

Resistance Transport[edit]

The unwieldy-looking transport that Leia rode to Takodana in The Force Awakens. It has a generally weak dial, but can full-stop and reverse when needed. Crap gun, crap agility, has about the durability of a Y-Wing, and can force itself to play support with red coordinate and red jam actions. The customizability is pretty nice, boasting two crew, an astro, torp and cannon slots. The cockpit pod can be detached from the rest of the ship and flown independently. The maneuver dial is mostly worse than before and durability is lower, but deployment cost is lower, agility is up, and you trade your red coordinate for a red barrel roll. There's also only one crew slot. If you're taking the Pod, it's either for Finn or to carry a single crew on the cheap.

  • The intended star of this pack was General Leia Organa. She's expensive as hell and takes up both crew slots (No pod for her), but can spend her Force to lower the difficulty of any friendly ship, regardless of distance.
  • Korr Sella burns all stress tokens when you fully perform a blue maneuver. Good pick for the stress magnet pilots, and is pretty much a required companion of Larma D'acy.

Transport Pilots[edit]

  • Logistics Division Pilot: Init 1 generic.
  • Taka Jamoreesa: (H&A) Self-proclaimed "greatest pilot in the galaxy" in a forgotten Solo tie-in book, which translates to Init 2. Only defining character trait is that they're non-binary and some translations used male pronouns to the chagrin of absolutely nobody who actually cares. When jamming, Taka MUST jam a second ship at range 0-1.
  • Nodin Chavdir: Another mutineer who died on Crait. When he coordinates or gets coordinated, he can perform any of his actions as red as long as he has less than 3 stress tokens. The need for this is pretty situational.
  • Pammich Nero Goode: Dispatcher on D'Qar in TFA. In TLJ, she sided with Poe's mutiny, and shuttled him and Leia down to Crait. Killed in the speeder charge. Can perform red maneuvers as long as she has less than 3 stress tokens.
  • Cova Nel: She flew Leia to Takodana in TFA and was actually one of the 5 or 6 survivors of TLJ. When attacking or defending, Cova rolls 1 additional die. Does combine with R4's effect.

Transport Pod Pilots[edit]

  • Vi Moradi: A Resistance spy in the Phasma novel. She's basically an enhanced Informant. She tags a ship at Setup and can look at their maneuver during Systems if she's within range 3 of them. Also, the tagged ship cannot spend focus when attacking or defending against her.
  • Finn: A janitor who commits treason twice. When attacking or defending, he can add a blank result or take a strain token to add an eye. Sticking him with Heroic and Perceptive Copilot shot him to the top of the Resistance meta.
  • BB-8: Can red boost or red barrel roll during System Phase.
  • Rose Tico: The azn engineer who tells Finn "We'll win not by destroying what we hate, but by protecting what we love" right after kamikaze-ramming into his craft while he was trying to save his friends, nearly destroying both of them. When attacking or defending, she can reroll one die result for each other friendly ship in the relevant attack arc.


Gotta go fast! The fireball is a modified racing ship and it shows. While it's actual dial is nothing truly impressive,. it's ability, Fireball with wings, makes it unique in two ways: first at the start of the game it takes 1 damage, so in practices it has six hull, and second it can expose one of it's damage cards after it SLAMsin order to remove the disarm it gets from SLAMing, so it can move, SLAM, then shoot at the cost of a crit. Worth it? depends on the pilots. It does combo well with Electronic Baffle so you can take one damage, to get rid of a red token (like stress), then use the damage to fuel fireball with wings so you can shoot after a slam.


A note about the pilots, SLAM is an action, which means it's more powerful on pilots with high initiatives. That way they can use the SLAM to either get a ship that has already moved into there cross hairs or dart out of trouble. The latter any ship can do, but the former is one the fireball excels at since it can remove the disarm to shoot in the same turn as the slam. Hook up Advance slam so you can focus after you slam and proton rockets and you have a nasty little close range missile platform.

  • Colossus Station Mechanic: Standard pilot, but can't take full advantage of Explosion with Wings since it's Initiative is only a piddly 2, so it can't pull out maneuvering shenanigans on anybody of note, but of course they can slam to get out of trouble easily enough. Combos well with ability's that let you look at enemy ship dials.
  • R1-J5: Only Initiative 1, so R1 can't use slam to really fly around on ships that have already moved to line up attack runs, additionally as a droid he can't focus, so he can't use proton rockets, and Fireballs lack a targeting computer for heavy weapons. His ability lets you look at your damage cards before you expose them, to try and get the least bad crit effect, but he can't do as much with those slams. A probable pass
  • Kazuda Xiono:Hay look at this guy I've never heard of. not bad though (literally the main character in Star Wars Resistance, so yeah, not heard of), if an enemy ship has higher initiative then your damage cards (So at game start 2) your guns do an extra damage. Not bad, but does get worse if she starts takeing hits. Would be better on a less masochist ship. As is, avoid Electronic baffles and avoid getting hit at all cost to keep doing constant damage. Take R5 Astro to repair at the start and shield upgrade if you can afford it.
  • Jarek Yeager: Wonder who this guy is named after? Anyway, Jarek can push the fireball even farther able to pull off basic red maneuvers even if stressed, and advanced red maneuvers if he's critically damaged. . . and he's in a fireball he WILL be critically damaged, so long as he does not get more then 2 stress tokens. So basically Jarek can pull off two red moves in a turn if he has to pull a U turn to get into position.

BTA-NR2 Y-Wing[edit]

To everyone who who rightfully said "where's all the Y-Wings?" in Episodes 7-8, here you go! They were just offscreen, and not used, for some...reason. In-universe, Y-Wing manufacturer Koensayr was all but defunct before the success of the BTL-S3/A4 models under the Rebellion and nascent New Republic brought them back into relevance. Capitalizing on this, Koensayr restarted Y-Wing production lines with an upgraded model designed to take advantage of the New Republic's impending retardation desire to shift peacekeeping duties solely on planetary and sector defense forces. This means that it deviates from the typical Y-Wing strengths of heavy ordnance and 8 health for tech/illicit slots and 4 hull with 3 shields. The NR2's visual similarity to the now famous Rebel-modified Y-Wing was an intentional move to piggyback off of the iconic stripped down look of the S3 and A4 models (i.e. The making of Ep 9 was such a rushed shit show that a concept artist sketched something barely different so JJ and crew could rubber stamp it and VFX teams could import old models from Rogue One with minor changes). With an emphasis on modularity for any prospective buyer that rivals some Scum ships, Resistance players may still balk at all those red actions in the sidebar. Thankfully, the NR2 Y-Wing has two very useful and distinct configurations to mitigate this.

  • Intuitive Interface: Represents the NR2's ability to be tailored to any situation. After performing an action added to the action bar by a Talent, Illicit, or Modification slot upgrade, you may perform a free calculate action. This includes actions not natively on the stat card, so you can have a Y-Wing with evade and calculate tokens thanks to Debris Gambit or reinforce and calculate if you're crazy enough to use Angled Deflectors.
  • Wartime Loadout: Now THIS is a force to be reckoned with. A standardized configuration/mod slot upgrade that (as of now) costs two loadout points. For that cost, you replace Intuitive Interface with the Devastating Barrage ability. When shooting torps or missiles, your crits CANNOT be cancelled if the defender is in your bullseye. All NR2 Y-Wings also gain: A torpedo AND missile slot, A white lock and white RELOAD action, and TWO EXTRA SHIELDS. Under current squad building point distribution, you can field 4 admittedly lower/mid Init Y-Wings and the Resistance Falcon for a combined 47 HEALTH. It's as disgusting as it is promising.

Like the other new small-base expansion packs under AMG, the NR2 expansion comes with two models and all the accoutrements for them.


  • Kijimi Spice Runner: One of the guys on that planet that got blown up in Ep 9 with zero fanfare. Init 2 and useless.
  • New Republic Patrol: Also useless, at Init 3!
  • Corus Kapellim: One of the random on-screen Kijimi Y-Wing pilots that happened to appear in the visual guide and a Korean mobile-exclusive shmup game. Cheap and Init 1, but can choose a ship in arc at 0-1 before engaging and transfer an unused green token to himself. This can be friendly OR enemy, so don't forget to take advantage of it.
  • C'ai Threnalli: Transferred over from his T-70, but went down to Init 2 to compensate. Maybe he's not used to flying something heavier?
  • Aftab Ackbar: JJ's apology for Rian Johnson killing his uncle in Episode 8 in such an ignominious manner. After performing a basic red maneuver or red action, if he has exactly one stress token, he can turn it into a strain instead. Pairs well with Wartime Loadout. Init 2.
  • Shasa Zaro: Resistance Y-Wing pilot not good enough to be in the previously mentioned phone game, but good enough to be Init 3. After defending, she can choose a friendly in her rear at 0-2 and a green token she creerurrently has. Then, the friendly gains a matching token.
  • Lega Fossang: Shasa's wingmate from a planet called Humbarine... and that's pretty much it. When attacking with primary guns or a turret, she can reroll an attack die for every calculating friendly or friendly device in the attack arc. Init 3.
  • Wilsa Teshlo: Part of a species that became more prominent in the High Republic comics, she was part of Lando's fuckoff huge fleet at the final battle. After attacking, if the defender received a faceup damage card, the defender then gains a strain token unless they lose a non-reoccurring charge on one of their upgrade cards. Situational, but otherwise decent bomber hunter at Init 4.
  • Teza Nasz: Former Imperial, then former Imperial Warlord, somehow turned high ranking Resistance member in a book made to desperately tape over the cracks Rian left after Episode 8. When a friendly at 0-2 attacks, if the defender is being flanked on both sides (note: she does not need to be one of the flankers), the attacker can reroll a die, Init 4 and just as niche as Wilsa, but decent if you spread your squad around.
  • Zorii Bliss: Felicity only showed up because JJ promised her that she only needed to be on set, in costume for like, two days. The only NR2 pilot that was kind of a character, I guess? When a ship at range 1 performs an action during its own Perform Action step, if it's also in Zorii's action bar she can spend her reoccurring charge to copy that action as a red. Init 5 makes her the most skilled NR2 pilot as well.

GR-75 Medium Transport[edit]

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