The Sovereign's Appraisal

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The Sovereign's Appraisal
Battle Cry Through blood, we shall earn our forgiveness!
Number ?
Founding M40
Successors of Ultramarines
Successor Chapters None
Chapter Master Plutarch
Primarch Roboute Guilliman
Homeworld Craftworld Ityasai
Strength 950
Specialty Armored Assault
Allegiance God-Emperor of Mankind (Declared Renegade to the Imperium, see below)
Colours Ultramarine Blue and Liche Purple with Golden Yellow Shoulder Trim and Aquila, Imperial Purple soft armor, and Bad Moon Yellow Eyes

The Sovereign's Appraisal, also known as either the Damned Marines or the Electes Imperitoris, are a chapter once again created from the Deathwatch Chapter creation table. Essentially, they are both a chapter more shit on than the Lamenters and the Legion of the Damned (Is that even possible?), and blur the line between Loyalist and Chaos so badly its hard to tell if they're heretics or chosen by the Big E himself (which according to their chapter master and general beliefs, they are). They're organized in a way that is like if batman ran the Byzantine Empire in Spehss, and it is glorious.


Color Scheme

Essentially the most shit on chapter that a group of fa/tg/uys could make and still be functional, The Sovereign's Appraisal was originally an Ultramarines successor chapter who may or may not been dicked over from the beginning by either Slaanesh or Tzeentch, though this has not been proven. It is theorized because they are possibly the most flawed and mutated chapter that isn't the Flesh Helms, though the difference in styles between the two is that while the Flesh Helms despise all chapters and are practically guardsman in power armor in terms of functionality, The Sovereign's Appraisal is not so limited. Instead, they have to put up with, but are not limited to; Warp mutation, gene-seed mutation, having a Chaos God be tsundere for them and constantly bestow 'gifts' upon them to get them to join its forces, putting up with the Dark Eldar being tsundere for them, being hunted by the Imperium, being hunted by the Inquisition, and being hunted with a fervor rarely seen outside of the Dark Angels by their Progenitors the Ultramarines, and being backstabbed by any allies of convenience they have the moment their common enemies run out of things to throw at them.

They also use the Ultramarines symbol and colors in their color scheme and heraldry, though now it is to troll them for being complete assholes who got them declared traitors in the first place, rather than the more obvious reason one would think. It is rumored that this is one possible explanation for the Angry Marines, so great was their butthurt, but this is likely just a joke on the Sovereigns' part. They're also extremely lucky/unlucky as a chapter, as despite all of the bad, they've managed to keep quite a few allies around and find useful technology, such as their Homeworld; a decaying, lifeless Craftworld parked in the middle of a Warp Storm.


Insert fluff here. Ongoing.


The Sovereign's Appraisal was originally founded under the title of the Electis Imperatoris, roughly translated to The Emperor's Chosen, to combat and eradicate the Eldar in a glorious crusade for the Imperium. For such a monumental task, it was decided that only gene-seeds from the purist chapter could be used, and it was for this reason that their Progenitors were the Ultramarines. Founded in the 40th Millenium during about the time of the 25th Founding, they were (hilariously) discovered to be an extremely flawed chapter upon implantation. Their Occulobe are oversensitive, meaning that while they are excellent night and low-light fighters, daytime combat operations are usually impossible, if not exceedingly difficult. In a twist of irony, their Oolitic Kidney secretes in a way that causes them to have light purple skin, making them appear slightly corrupted in form, similar to Chaos Cultists. Finally, they lack two functioning zygotes; the Neuroglottis, which heightens their senses and allows for the testing of poisons, and the Mucranoid, which allowed them to sweat a protective layer to heat, cold, and even the vacuum of Spehss.

Ironically, they were determined to be a fleet-based chapter, their ships designed with all manner of supplies necessary to survive and function with very little need to resupply; determined by the High Lords of Terra to be the "Perfect System" from which they could fight the Eldar upon their Craft and Exodite Worlds. On the upside, they were also given a lot of uncommon wargear like Plasma Guns and Meltaguns, and the tools necessary for their Techmarines to modify their wargear as needed. In addition to this, their adherence to the Codex Astartes is vastly different from that of their Progenitors, as they see it for what it should be; a set of helpful guidelines and tactics that still require actual brains to not be completely fucked over during every engagement. For this reason, they adhere to a surprisingly large amount of the Codex in certain aspects of demeanor. The most notable one, both pre and post excommunication, is that they Uphold the Honor of the Emperor above all things, though they display a surprising amount of common sense with not making their presence known to everything in the sector as soon as they arrive. Other, much more combat-indoctrinated demeanor are to See, But Not Be Seen, to be Swift as the Wind, and to be Brothers in Battle. What this essentially means is to be fast, stealthy, and to be bros with their fellow Astartes, though they flex this somewhat; all human life is precious to them, as, after all, Life is the Emperor's currency, and must therefore be spent well. For this reason, since they honor He Upon His Throne so much, they consider all human life to be precious; from the lowest of Guardsman to their fellow Battle-Brothers, and will often put themselves in danger in order to protect the Imperium's citizenry.

Speaking of combat doctrine, as stated in the above paragraph, they primarily employ stealth tactics in conjunction with an all-out armored assault. All while being as fast as super-humanly possible. If this sounds like it could be a problem, Pre-Excommunication it was; they made extensive use of Assault Bikes and teleporters, thinking them to be both able to outrun the Eldar versions and not dangerous at all respectively. So that whole 'using their brains' part of the Codex was apparently brushed aside in some places, making them almost as bad as their progenitors. At the very least, they had and continue to have the brains to employ camouflage to allow marines a modicum of planning troop and vehicle movements, both with their Scouts and Tactical Marines, before steamrolling the enemy with the usual lineup of vehicles, with previously mentioned bikes and Land Speeders being the forward units to harass and disorganize. Because of this, the slow-moving Devastators are non-existent, instead being deployed as vehicle gunners, as nearly every vehicle the chapter has been mounted with as many pintle-mounted weapons as possible, usually to the point of mounting them in places where the marines would have to stand on top of their vehicles, unprotected.

In addition, one major 'flaw' of their isolationist nature and near-constant combat with the Eldar was the eventual adoption of a Chapter Cult, taking what bits and pieces of Eldar Lore and tactics that they had observed and applying it to their ways of combat and life. Originally this was done in the name of knowing the alien so that they may be more knowledgeable on ways to outmaneuver and kill it, but as time went on, they began to do it out of spite. Whether said spite is directed towards the Eldar they fight or the Ultramarines is unknown.

Because of all of this differentiating from the Codex and the near-heretical methods they've undertaken, the Ultrasmurfs openly shunned them for being impure and looking the part of Warp Daemons, staining their glorious image. This would eventually lead to their loathing of their Progenitor, as well as be one of many reasons they were later declared Excommunicate Traitoris and hunted down, mostly by the Ultramarines themselves. The major reason, however, is that their own willingness to help others would be their downfall by the will of a certain dick pushing another certain dick of a different nature to try and expand his followers.

(To be finished at a later date)


It is of note that due to their history, they have been rolled up on both the Loyalist and Chaos Space Marine Creation tables.

Space Marine Chapter Creation Table Crunch (Pre-Excommunication)[edit]

Chapter Purpose
Strategic Prognostication-In this case, fighting the Eldar; a mission doomed from the start.
Chapter History
40th Millenium
Chapter Progenitor
Ultramarines (Because making the most fucked-over and mutated chapter is a great spit upon Ward.)
Gene-Stock Purity
Chapter Demeanor
Uphold The Honour Of The Emperor, with slight aspects of Brothers in Battle, See, But Don't Be Seen, and Swift as the Wind
Gene-Seed Deficiency
3; Oversensitive Occulobe (light sensitive), Oolitic Secretions (odd-colored skin; likely purple because warp daemons), and two Lost Zygotes (Neuroglottis and Mucranoid)
Chapter Flaw
Chapter Cult (Has something to do with Eldar Lore. Details to follow)
Figure of Legend
Plutarch and Bolier Salva (See the end of first thread)
Deed of Legend
Friend of the Primarch
Chapter Home World
Original Homeworld Unknown, likely destroyed by Eldar (to be fluffed later), Remains of the small Eldar Craftworld Ityasai inside a Warp Storm
Home World Predominant Terrain
Urban Jungle
Relationship with Homeworld
Direct Rule. Save Imperial Citizens and Adeptus Mechanicus, convert them to their view of the Emperor, and in exchange they are offered a peaceful existence upon the Craft-World, doing the Emperor's will by aiding the chapter with finding food, supplies, weapon, and ammunition. As such, the Tech-Priests are good with Eldar tech. Somewhat. Mutations occur, but they're kept in check by the chapter, so that things don't go to hell.
Unique (needs confirmation)
Combat Doctrine
Mixture of Stealth and Armoured Assault. Infiltration teams deploy Eldar Webway Gates whenever they are needed, then use them to drop in vehicles to steamroll in, and use them for a quick retreat if they end up taking heavy casualties, needing a quick escape, or are outclassed.
Solo Mode Ability
Squad Mode Attack Pattern
Squad Mode Defensive Stance
Specialty Restriction
No Devastators. Instead, they use Eldar support platforms with D-Cannons,Vibro Cannons, Shadow Weavers, or stripped and remounted with something like a heavy lascannon, multi-melta, heavy bolters, or something else nasty and large caliber. Eldar tech is used for an advantage, but not relied upon.
Special Equipment
Modified/Rare Weaponry. Mixture of Eldar and Imperial Technology, using whatever they are able to get their hands on.
Chapter Belief
The Emperor Above All, duh.
Chapter Status
Nominal. They are able to field anywhere between eight and nine companies at any given time, but prefer to not overextend their forces.
Chapter Friends
Adeptus Mechanicus Splinter (Helps with Eldar Tech)

Adepta Sororitas Splinter (Came to purge, some ended up staying)

Lamenters (needs confirmation)

Adeptus Titanicus (3 Eldar (Two Revenant, One Phantom) scavenged and semi-operational (meaning that they are completely intact but they don't know how to use it), 1 Reaver-Class Imperial that was saved from a Chaos group.)

Chapter Enemies
Eldar, Chaos, Inquisition, and Tyranids (only because the 'nids hate everyone)
Battle Cry
Through blood, we shall earn our forgiveness!
Allies of Convenience
Everyone else, with non-lethal/retreats when facing the Imperium of Man, no matter the force (the only exception being Ultramarines, and even then, not full-on attacking. Harassment at most.). They immediately go after them after the major threat is down, however.

Chaos Warband Creation Table (For Citizenry)[edit]

Chaos Allegiance (Who favors them)
Slannesh, but they despise it. Responsible for the gene-seed mutations, and nearly turning the chapter to Chaos, had it not been for Salva and Plutarch. Citizenry is also afflicted, but kept in line by the Chapter.
Frequency of Chaos 'Blessings'
High, due to Slaanesh actively trying to convert them, actively living in a warp storm, and being calm outside of battle, but ferociously violent in battle.
Common Blessings
The Eye that sees Beyond (aids psykers and finding places to install webway portals), Weapons of Chaos (Often sanctified as much as possible, and even then, the worst are usually avoided. Goes with the 'grabs whatever weapons they can get their hands on' aspect.), Deadly Protrusions (Evidence of heavy warp mutation in the chapter and citizenry).

Chaos Space Marine Creation Table (For Mutations in Chapter)[edit]

Chaos Worship
Slaanesh tries to drag them to Chaos. They hate it and refuse.
Why did they fall?
A series of major mutations appeared in the Chapter's gene-seed. The Ultramarines shunned them, eventually deployed to remove the impure Marines, but when they failed the Chapter broke their bonds with the Imperium.
Devotion to the Ruinous Powers
Common Mutations/Deficiencies
Daemon Wings in place of jump packs


From the diary of Brother-Captain Sadeso Neyrril

How the group of Soritas found us we shall never know, for the ones left refuse to reveal, But find us they did. We put on a good show. Full ranks, breastplates thrust out, neat and orderly rows, as if for inspection. They could not believe these heretics. We stood silent, our Chapter Master at the front, spine perfectly vertical with the sky. "It is no mystery why you have come here sisters," his tone brokered no argument.

"Advance Line, ready weapons!" the Cannoness shouted. And yet we moved not an inch, for we were faithful. At no more than 20 paces from our line they stopped and presented arms.

"Take a walk with me Cannoness, if you please. I assure you my marines shall not move." The glare she gave could have cut stone, but our master was metal. He nodded, and began walking off down a small path to the side of the large clearing we were all gathered in. She glared for another moment, made a quick hand command at her troops and stomped off, the grip of her sword held like it was the only thing between her and a Tyranid swarm. I remember it truly, we were all un-helmed. The lightest of breezes blew down from above the Wraithbone spires, and it stirred what little hair I had left. I was in the first line, being a captain, and had a full view of the penitence that some of these sisters wanted to force upon us. But we needed no penitence, for we had done nothing wrong in our Lord's view.

I met the eyes of the sister directly across from me. That struck her a bit. She had probably never seen someone she considered a traitor dutifully await his execution, nor had she ever looked into their eyes and found a silent conviction. No matter the outcome of today, we would die in the Emperor's service. No one could take that from us. Not the daemons or mutations, not the Ultramarines, and certainly not these sisters. When Sister-Captain Fiouda spoke, it reverberated off the high buildings all around us, everyone could hear. "You shall burn like the rest of the traitors."

I smiled a bit, more than I should have in the situation. "We shall most likely burn sister, traitor or not. The Lord Emperor gives his blessing stringently and we have already received more than our fair share of it. I would not curse him if we died here today."

My words took a second to finally sink in, but when they did she was taken aback. Hers was a righteous anger, it consumed her face and ,in fact, her entire being. "How dare you claim to be blessed by OUR Lord. Look upon yourselves. Can you not see? The warp has chewed you up and spit you out. Your entire chapter has been cursed to eternal damnation. Your words are a heresy of the highest magnitude!"

She drew her Meltagun and walked two paces in front of her line, raising it at my head. I also took two quick steps forward, hands still clasped behind my back and spoke without emotion, "I advance to give you maximum penetration with your weapon sister. At this range, it will surely kill me."

All eyes were now on us. The other sisters had mixed reactions. Some were nervous, others borderline excited. My brothers did not even look at us, they continued to stare straight ahead. Her hand shook, her body trembled with quiet quakes of indignation. Our eyes touched again, but this time I held her there. Our gazes locked, like lighting bound us together. And then she finally pulled the trigger.

I have seen many things during my time in the Emperors service. I have seen great acts of heroism and their counterparts, act of pure depravity and filth of which I could not speak. But those moments somehow are out shined, I believe this is the moment most engraved upon my soul.

My eyes disengaged from hers in the instant after she pulled the trigger. They followed, not her finger, not the barrel, they followed the Melta's power pack. I watched its slow, almost lazy, decent and then the moment was over. The pack rattled as it hit the floor.

An entire chapter of Astartes, an entire congregation of Sororitas, yet in that moment there could have been only two of us. We locked eyes again, but this time there was no fury. My disbelief was held in check better than her's, or any of the other sisters who could see. They openly leaned out of rank to stare with unbroken amazement. But our eyes never left each others. I could see her, see all the cogitatiors that made up who she was working against a reality that had just come to pass.

I simply nodded, and stepped back into formation.

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