The Spires

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"Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception."

– Carl Sagan

The Spires also known as Creepy Space Elves, Ayyelves, Test Tube Babies, or simply Asshole Elves. Are one of the three factions of Exiles from Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings.Specifically they're the Elves who genocided the majority of their species as a power play. However unlike their brothers, the Spire take a more pratical approach. The Spires have turned their life magic into what is basically the hard science of Biomancy. Using this biomancy they've been able to make their disgusting collection of genetic monstrosities they call an army. For example turning a fucking Ant mixed with a fellow elf and some miscellaneous other creatures into the Superheavy Calvary known as Abominations, to the creation of Force Grown Drones, servants with no ability to resist the commands of their superiors and who will drop dead in a week due to their lack of unneccessary organs and bodily processes like immune-systems or stomachs. The Spire's assholery is a mix of lack of giving a single solitary fuck, and cold hard efficency. Because The Spires' primary goal is to adapt and survive by any means neccessary, any problem will be overcome and crushed, need a bunch of menial soldiers with the explicit purpose of dying on the battlefield? Sure! Just create an entire slave species we created them so we can kill them no problemo.


Originally they were experimenting with using magic to travel to other worlds, during this a small number of scientists were sent to Eä to set up shop and spend a few centuries setting the place up to be the welcoming parting for colonists. Unfortunately things change and this party didn't happen. Instead, refugees begain to flood in due to something real bad, like big bad enough that they developed Space Elf PTSD and don't say a word about it. As these refugees poured in the Soveriegn Household arrived through the portal and being the first of the Elf nobility to arrive they shut down the way in which killed a good 99% of the Elven population. Like total assholes. This immediately caused the survivors to begin infighting, resulting in the three major Exile factions, because unsurprisingly if you kill off the majority of your population, you've kind of marked yourselves as the guys who think that the Manson Family has a point and maybe Saturday morning cartoon villains are the real good guys.

After The Sovreign Household made the Elf census a lot faster they realized "Oh shit we don't actually have any people to fight our wars" and turned to their scientist welcoming party as a tool to fix this problem. Now Elves in general have an affinity for life magic, and these desperate times called for desperate measures so they turned Life-Binding a magic involving manipulation of living things, into Biomancy, which is like turning pratical effects into CGI, its much faster, cheaper, and more effective but its goddamn soulless. Using this new Scientific-Magic they created true clones and Shift + V'ed themselves into having something like a population. This was cool and all for awhile but The Directorate, the middleclass scientists of Spire Society realized that if they can literally make people they really don't have a problem overthrowing their Soverign Household overlords. So after a peaceful coup do the Soverign Households being rich kids and not wanting to deal with a war they'd actually have to fight, the Biomancers of the Directorate realized that the economy was so complicated and fucked that the Soverign were actually needed to keep things together, so after some negotiations, they came to the agreement that the Soverign would be allowed to live nice cushy lives as long as they prevented society from collapsing (for the third time) and the Directorate would control the means of production and probably have Elf unions and shit. Also the Directorate has to use its resources to provide an army for the Soverign, but once the Sovereign are able to reclaim their homes from the BIG BAD whateverthefuck, the Directorate can keep Eä as their own little home. Its a win-win for everybody!

The Sub-Factions[edit]

  • The Sovereign Lineages: Rich Elves.
  • The Directorate: Middle class Elves.
  • The Underspire: Poor Elves.