The Syndicate

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The Syndicate is one of the five remaining Conventions of the Technocratic Union in Mage: The Ascension. The Syndicate are the financiers, marketers, and PR specialists of the Union.

Equally at home making multi-billion dollar deals from a penthouse in Singapore and breaking legs in the back rooms of a dingy Chicago bistro, the Syndicate operates almost exclusively within the bounds of Consensus reality. No powered armor or nano-swarms for them, thanks. To the Syndicate, cutthroat executive power and an eye for market fluctuations can control more than an orbital laser could ever hope to.

They thus have something of a reputation for being a lethal combination of insufferable dreary, horrifyingly amoral, and, tragically, completely indispensable. They provide both the mundane capital and hypertech fuel that keeps the Union running, through their unique ability to turn human perception of value into raw Quintessence. Combine this with their role in integrating the other Conventions utopian ideologies and revolutionary technologies into the mundane world, and you can see why they are regarded as the world's most necessary dream crushers.

Still, they sometimes go too far. For every Syndic helping a startup reinvigorate a dying small town, there are ten getting godlike wealth by basically enslaving the Masses and working them to death. Combine this with the role they (maybe) had in the creation of Pentex and one can imagine why the New World Order is beginning to come down harder and harder on them.

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