The Thing from Below

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The Thing from Below is yet another kind of Bio-form engineered by the elusive Hive Fleet Draugr that since its first appearance has found use in the arsenal of many more Hive Fleets, especially the Jormungandr's. To the Ordo Xenos this creature seems to be a mutated version of the common ripper, although the size and the diamond-tipped teeth make it more inclined to vehicle hunting. There is always another Bio-form following it, some kind of parasite that seems to produce and control a conspicuous number of electric bugs which are then passed onto the prey by the assault of the bigger beast. These critters are extremely dangerous and can turn out letal as the electric charge they produce is highly damaging to both vehicles equipments and the human nervous system.

Encounters with the Imperium[edit]

Carnex Moon[edit]

Assault on the camp[edit]

Fan-made Rules[edit]

8th Edition[edit]

This unit contains 1 Thing from Below and 1 Symbiotic Parasite (Power Rating 8). Only one of this model may be included in your army.

Name M WS BS S T W A Ld Sv Pts
The Thing from Below 9" 2+ 3+ 6 5 6 5 7 3+ 160
Symbiotic Parasite 9" 4+ - 3 3 1 2 7 6+ free


  • A pair of Scything Talons (The Thing from Below Only)
  • Claws and Teeth (Symbiotic Parasite Only)
  • Diamond-tipped Teeth (The Thing from Below Only):
Weapon Range Type S AP D Abilities
Diamond-tippped Teeth Melee Melee User -3 3 You can re-roll failed wound rolls for this weapon. If the target's Toughness is higher than this attack's Strength, this weapon always wounds the target on a wound roll of 4+.
  • Toxin Spike (The Thing from Below Only)

Special Rules:

  • Bio-electric Parasites Transmitter: Within the cracks of this monster's carapace live hundreds of minuscule bugs that release a shock capable of shutting down vehicles and neural systems alike.
    • At the start of the Fight Phase, if this model is within 1" of an enemy unit, roll a die for each enemy model within 1" of this model (3 for each Vehicle). For every roll of 6 that unit suffers a mortal wound. If the unit has the Vehicle, then it suffers a mortal wound on a roll of 4+ instead.
  • Desperate Phagocytosis: In desperate times an animal may eat a part of its body to survive, that is the course of nature.
    • At the start of any of your phases, The Thing from Below may decide to devourer its Symbiotic Parasite. If it does so, it regains one wound lost early in the game but loses the Symbiotic Parasite and Bio-electric Parasites Transmitter special rules.
  • Mindless Monstrosity:
    • If this model ever finds itself more than 24" of a Synapse creature it has to move towards and charge the nearest unit (even if friendly). This model also suffers a -2 to its hit rolls and can only attack with its Scything Talons but doubles the number of attacks he makes.
  • Predator from Below: Like the sharks in the seas of ancient Earth, this beast waits in the depths of the battlefield. As soon as the target is distracted, its jaws erupt from the ground, dragging its prey screaming into the darkness.
    • If this model charges a unit incapable of firing overwatch, roll a die if the charge is successful; on a 2+ the enemy unit suffers D3 mortal wounds, 3 on a 6+.
  • Ripper Alpha: Hundreds of worm-like creatures swarm around this beast, ripping flesh and armour at its every command.
    • Friendly <Hive Fleet> Swarm units within 6" of this model can add 1 to their hit rolls in the Fight phase
  • Symbiotic Parasite: It is not uncommon for Tyranid beasts to carry other symbiotic creatures. Whether they are part of their bodies or separate entities, these varmints support their hosts in times of need.
    • When rolling to wound this unit, always use the character's Toughness while it is on the battlefield. The death of the Symbiotic Parasite is ignored for the purposes of Morale tests. The Symbiotic Parasite considered having the Character keyword for the purposes of shooting attacks.

Warlord Trait: If this model is your Warlord it has the Heightened Senses Warlord Trait.


  • Faction:<Hive Fleet>, Tyranids
  • Character, Fast Attack, Infantry, The Thing From Below