The Twelve Watchers

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The Twelve Watchers
Medallion with two eyes
Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank Initiate Immortal
Pantheon Mystaran (Matter)
Portfolio Arts and crafts
Domains Matter, Crafts, Metals
Worshippers Crafters, artisans, followers of Augrism
Favoured Weapon Hammer

The Twelve Watchers is the patron Immortal, no that isn't a typo keep reading, of crafts and crafters.


According to the legends, The Twelve Watchers are a group of minor Immortals who were all crafters and artisans before ascending. They abandoned their names and are merely known by the title of their field. All agree that three of them are called Smith, Miner, and Stonecarver, with the rest representing the main crafts of the worshippers culture.

In reality, The Twelve Watchers were, and still are, just one person. Once known as Doregar, a craftsman and wizard from Darokin, he developed multiple personalities after the slaughter of his adventuring party, with one personality for each dead member. He then somehow managed to ascend to Immortality in the Sphere of Matter, sponsored by Kagyar, though he wasn't cured of his condition.


No one knows of his real appearance, describing them only, maybe, as humans, dressed in the clothes of their profession and carrying tools related to it. There always are 12 of them, with one real body, and the other 11 avatars used for housing his other personalities.


No one also knows nothing about what he's like. He has no allies, Kagyar doesn't care about him anymore, nor any enemies.

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