The Ultimate Chaos Daemons Cheese List

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It took That Guy a YouTube channel by the name of Team0Comp all of seven hours to break Warhammer 40,000 7th edition. Yikes...

The Rape for Dummies list[edit]


1850 points

  • Fateweaver
  • Four Heralds of Tzeentch, all mastery level 3, two with Exalted Rewards
  • Two Daemon Princes with Marks of Tzeentch, both Mastery Level 3, one with a Greater Gift
  • Six squads of 11 Pink Horrors each

Total Mastery Level: 34

For psychic powers, spam Malefic Daemonology. Get as many copies of Summoning as you can. Spam more Horror squads, and some more Heralds if you can. Your army will about double in models in two turns, and double in points in three turns. Nothing short of Grey Knights has a chance at dispelling you. Or, if you don't want to make the game last two days and just want a cup of your opponent's tears right now, manifest all Telepathy and turn your army invisible, since Invisibility got buffed into the stratosphere.

Did I mention this shit is battle-forged (as in, this is an FOC-abiding monstrosity)?

Here is a video showing the infamous list in action. Note that even though this has let the daemons rise to an almost stupefying 4000 points, they still only managed to tie up with the Space Marine army they fought against (lined with Tigurius, some Legion of the Damned, and a Knight among them), if only because they were running Tactical Objectives.

In All Honesty[edit]

This list isn't as completely unbeatable as you might think at first glance - you should know by now just how knee-jerk the neckbeard community is. The daemons are relying on going first, or they'll start losing six or more mastery levels as soon as the bullets start flying. It's just incredibly unfun to play against, incredibly time-consuming, and only exists so your opponent can show off how much more money he has than you.

This list also has a few major weaknesses.

  • If an opponent deep strikes strong shooting units in next to the heralds (drop pods, battlesuits, etc), they'll likely take out several of them. If the opponent goes first and manages that it can turn into a disaster for the Daemon player.
  • This list has no way of dealing with fliers. If the opponent is packing multiple fliers and goes after the heralds, they will be defenseless against it.
  • A good gunline army can also cause problems for this type of list, since any gun line list worth its salt could probably wipe out the small units of summoned daemons almost if not just as fast as they're dropped.
  • Regardless of the high mastery level charges, to successfully spam summoning the Daemon player would need to throw 6 warp charges at it to reliably set it off. With the increased number of dice he's throwing he will likely blow his Psykers to high hell with Perils of the Warp.

A smart player will ally in hard-hitting units like Doomsday Arks, Knights, or Guard tanks/fliers to cripple the hard-hitting sections of his enemy's army while the heralds get their summoning on.

Just forget it. The whole list is nothing more than fluffy stuff and the daemons were only good because of luck and their chosen opponent. (Deja vu...)