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The map of the campaign setting so far.
What might as well be the cover of the book.

The Unified Setting for /tg/ is a low fantasy setting focusing primarily on politics and religion, with less emphasis than usual on traditional dungeon delving, although certain historical sites are designed to supply dungeons as needed. The setting as a whole receives considerable criticism as "furry" due to the prevalence of beast races. Click on the map for a better idea.

Lands of the Unified Setting[edit]


Political Regions

  • Corgyn'Bre
  • Dwarven Lordships
    • Diadem Vosterus
    • Blodsvargen

Geographic Regions

  • Blodsvargen
  • Corgyn'Bre
  • Diadem Vosterus


Political Regions

Geographic Regions

  • Arsonis Vex
  • Kudara Desert


Political Regions

  • Vanawil
  • Zirnitraog

Geographic Regions

  • Heloraen Vosilea
  • Vanawil
  • Zirnitraog


Political Regions

Geographic Regions

  • Elysia
  • Olympia
  • Tartarus


Political Regions

  • Jiar-jia, The Doobie Swamp
  • Silvoran Empire
    • The Bay of Rain
    • Sailzane Desert
    • Silvorum, the Sergal Capital
    • Tatola Highlands
  • Vekshimar Uresh

Geographic Regions

  • Mensala Badlands
  • Sailzane Desert
  • Tatola Plains
  • Vekshimar Uresh


Seas and Oceans[edit]

  • Arash Shkeva
  • The Bastia Sea
  • Bay of Rain
  • The Ebentis Ocean
  • Sea of Ghosts
  • The Great Ocean
  • The Onras Ocean

PC Races[edit]

A race of Welsh Corgis that stand upright. They are anthropomorphic in the sense that they talk and act like humans, but they are not given human body proportions and still retain many of the cute mannerisms that real world welsh corgis have, much more dog than man.

The race that parodies most of the other races and the setting in general. Doobies believe that they are the master race, but they are universally despised and are considered quite ugly by the other races. They receive penalties to all their actions, but have ungodly regeneration that makes them very hard to kill.

Holed up in their mighty fortresses, the dwarves mostly keep to themselves while fighting off Elephants and Carp, when they're not getting distracted by rhesus monkeys.

Based loosely on the Burmecians from Final Fantasy 9, the Faestir are a race of Queen-shittingly British rat people living in quiet, determined desperation. There is only one city left on the planet they can call their own.

Criminals, mercenaries, anything that pays the bills.

Occupying a few islands (and a lot of ghettos) they are the only race with access to boom jelly. The goblins make use of their ingenuity and relatively advanced technology to become fantastic pirates. Goblins have a major hate-on for undead; this is because in ancient times their civilization was cast down by a necro-storm caused by their overuse of necromancy.

A federation full of politics and religion. Also, barbarians.

Cutebolds, completely innocent little guys with a lot of heart.

A race of militaristic shark-wolf-raptor people that nearly conquered the world a little more than a century ago, now they try to rebuild their foreign relations through strict laws on their own people while continuing to honor their old battle-loving ways.

Basically arrogant Romanesque perfection-obsessed elves getting their empire slowly sliced apart by sergals and wila.

The self-titled masters of PROGRESS! The Toltecatl try to gather as much tech as they possibly can, though they are not that great at mimicking it. Either that or they just don't want to. Physically, the Toltecatl resemble lizards, and as such are often referred to as "Lizardfolk".

Giant lobster farming dark elves that are split between the civilized nobles and more tribal commonfolk that resemble the Ashlanders of Morrowind.

NPC Races[edit]

Another bunch of elves. They're albinos desperately trying to support their decrepit flying city.

A terrifying race of reptilian sorceror-gods who ruled the world eons ago and are now little more than legend. They can never, ever, ever be used as PCs.

Deep-Sea Buddhists gone bad. Now with 200% more Power Armor!


  • Ordinary Stuff such as dogs, cats, bears, lions, fish and so on.
  • Mythical creatures such as Dryads, Centaurs, Lamia, etc.
  • Unified Setting Creatures

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Source Material[edit]

Starting from an unhealthy interest in sergals, the Unified Setting for /tg/ expanded into a setting. Ruthless application of the Rule of Cool kept it alive, until it took a hiatus during the Zalgo/Whale Cannon troll invasion of 3/09. It returned for a brief while, but the onset of summer then drove the project to tgchan. Archived threads can be found at:

The tgchan thread is here:[1].