Theoderic Gausser

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Theoderic Gausser is the Grand Baron of Nordland, Prince of Salzenmund, Lord of Laurelorn, Duke of Marienburg and Terror of the Norscans. Like most of the Elector Counts in 2502, he initially voted Boris Todbringer, but changed his mind immediately after Karl Franz promised to help him repel Norscan raiders. And Karl Franz was true to his word.

Theoderic got the reputation of the most militaristic and expansionist count really fast. He almost caused a civil war in Empire by trying to start a war for some Hochland forests with a help of mercenaries. He also tried to sign an outrageously unequal pact with Ostland (with a predictable failure, of course) and command local Wood Elves in Laurelorn Forest. His greatest plan, however, is to conquer Marienburg with his new fleet and get all the riches and became the greatest and most beloved Count of all the Empire.