Thokt Dynasty

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Thokt Dynasty
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The Thokt Dynasty is a Necron Dynasty, whose Crownworld is Meghoshta, "The Cradle of War". The territory of the Thokt Dynasty is located in the Segmentum Pacificus. It rivals the Mephrit Dynasty in size, although it is far narrower than most active Necron Dynasties. They are known for their blue color palette which looks far more appropriate than the Nihilakh Dynasty.


The Thokt Dynasty next to its neighbour, the Sarnekh.

The shifting void of the Hyrakii Deeps of the Segmentum Pacificus hid the coreworlds of the Thokt Dynasty and their legions. The Thokt Crypteks have fashioned rad-receptors into the weaponry of their soldiers, harnessed from the potent radiation of the sparkling blue energy that permeates the rifts in the sky overhead, above the crystalline continent-tombs of the Thokt.

A symptom of this choice is that this barely contained energy causes a shimmering azure light to emanate from the eyes of Thokt Necron Warriors', from their Gauss Flayers and even the cracks in their mechanical forms. When the Thokt gather for war, the barely contained power of the Hyrakii void rifts is ready to be unleashed upon their foes.

Most recently, in 994.M41 the dynasty's fringe worlds were invaded by the Orks of WAAAGH! Bludtoof. Entire worlds were turned into killing fields in order to grind down the Orks in a bloody war of attrition.

Where they got their blueness from is due to the aforementioned radiation-emitting void rifts. This makes the Thokt Dynasty unique in both appearance and culture. This can be seen in their iconography in which the Thokt favor the cold blue of their Crownworld's immense void reefs. The incomplete circles of the Thokt dynastic symbol show the alignment of the Hyrakii Deeps to the Crown and coreworlds of the dynasty's ancestral star systems.

Famous Individuals[edit]

  • Vothimyt - Geosculptor to the Thokt Royal Court
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