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An obscure character from Ravenloft, known only from his journal entries in Van Richten's Guide to the Created for AD&D. He is assuredly dead, killed by his "sweet daughter" Alyce.

The Journal[edit]

Our first days together have been everything I knew they would be. Alyce worships me, and today, for the very first time, she called me Father. Oh, I have so much to teach her! She is a tabula rasa, a blank tablet on which I can bestow all my vast knowledge and learning. I am certain she will appreciate me as those imbeciles at the University could never do.


Yesterday Alyce was exploring the lower parlor, where she apparently disturbed the maid. The woman reacted poorly, shrieking and causing a scene. Since that time, Alyce has seemed almost pensive. I believe I shall remove the mirrors from this wing of the manor. The looking glasses seem somehow to upset my dear Alyce.


Today I found the dogs - all five of my loyal wolfhounds. She left them by the grand fireplace where they so often warmed themselves after the hunt. But today their bodies were as cold as the ashes from last winter's fires. Alyce is growing more vehement in her outbursts, with unacceptable results. I shall have to have a long talk with her.


It seems I grow wearier with every passing hour. Even as I write this passage, I can hear her dainty footsteps in the hall outside my room. Soon she will begin singing that song again. Ah, yes! It begins again:

"Father, father, come out to play,
Father, father, come out I pray.
Father, father, do not cry,
Your dear Alyce cannot die."

How much longer I can tolerate her taunting I do not know. But I must not stand for this. She was made to be my sweet daughter, and daughters do as their fathers command!


I will go to her and make her understand. She is my daughter and must obey. If she refuses yet again, I will be forced to cast her out and begin the process of creation a second time. After all my long months of labor, to be betrayed by such an ungrateful wretch - it is unthinkable! I made her; if not for me she would be nothing but moldering flesh. She owes me both her obedience and her gratitude, and I shall have both in full measure. She shall give me what I have earned!

(Journal ends here.)