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Do. Not. Feed him.

"What the gods gifted to me can be gifted to another. I will not be the one mind in a race of blunt, witless animals."

– Throgg, lamenting his position as the only really smart troll out there pre-End Times

"I'm never too full for another meal! Get in my belly!"

– Also Throgg.

Throgg, the King of Trolls. Throgg, Wintertooth. Throgg, the Lord of the Monstrous Hordes. A gigantic monster, a fiend with an insatiable appetite, and possessing more tusks poking out of his hideous, bearded face than what should be witnessed on anyone or anything, Throgg is an aberration among aberrations, and one with a horrifying intellect to boot.

For reasons not known, but most likely due to the meddling of certain forces, he stands out among the normally-vacuous trolls of the Warhammer world like a Dwarf on stilts. Hailing from the icy recesses of Troll Country, he once contented himself with using his keen mind and command over his brothers and sisters to ambush unwary prey, be it animal or man. Unfortunately, the latter kind of creatures eventually caught wind of this ferocious creature, and thinking ol' Throggy was just a tougher-than-usual troll in need of being put down, knights and monster-slayers of all manners of breed and renown went into the heart of Troll Country to do just that. All of them found their ways down Throgg's gullet.

As it so happens, one of those hapless nimrods, a noble individual of some kind or other, was in possession of a gilded crown that got stuck on one of Throgg's tusks. Deciding to keep it, Throgg dubbed the crown as his own, and thusly was the King of Trolls born. Royalty has never been so thick-skinned.

No longer content with sitting around and waiting for men, dwarfs and elves to come to him, Throgg had an epiphany. If these folks were so keen on trying to bring him down, he would now take the fight to them. He would gather an army of monsters, beasts, mutants and madmen in the name of the Ruinous Powers, conquer the lands of men under his mighty club, shatter civilization as we know it, and plunge the entirety of the Warhammer world into an age of ice and darkness—an age the likes of which no creature has before seen, or ever would see again!

Well... it would have probably made a good story, but nobody really went on with it. It's also a pretty big shame GeeDubs discontinued his model...

The End Times[edit]

One of the few characters not ruined by the End Times.

Throgg was finally remembered for once, and in The End Times he is sent to aid Sigvald on the orders of Archaon, only for Sigvald to try and kill Throgg due to finding Throgg's appearance off-putting. Throgg survived/healed from the attempt, and tracked down Sigvald to smash in his head and piss on Sigvald's body for trying kill him. Throgg calls Sigvald an idiot and worthless trash as he disposes of him. To the amusement of Arkhan the Black however, he considered the self-appointed troll king to be both. Throgg proceeded to challenge Arkhan and Nagash's army with his own horde of monsters; Arkhan claimed that the Wintertooth and his followers were just the gods' tools to slow down the forces of Order. Despite this, Throgg's forces forces fought their way through the undead, Throgg even managing to defeat Arkhan himself despite a valiant effort; it helps that Nagash more or less abandoned Arkhan, knowing this was a fight his servant couldn't win. Throgg wasn't satisfied, however, and went so far as to take the fight to Nagash himself, threaten to use his skull as a nice amulet.

Unfortunately, the troll king finally bit off more than he could chew: his club was slashed in half by Nagash's Mortis blade as he tried to smash the Great Necromancer, who then mangled Throgg's shoulder and took him by the throat (yeah, Nagash is BIGGER than the mothering fucking troll king) and insulted the Chaos Gods in front of Throgg for being liars and thieves whom he promised to rob of their knowledge and secrets, inviting Throgg to serve him instead. Throgg's last words were full of defiance and quite philosophical even for an intelligent troll, saying that serving Chaos has its downside but still a hope of advancement, unlike serving Nagash as a static, hopeless undying being. The necromancer then used his baleful magic to drain him of his Chaos blessings and possibly his regenerative ability, before killing him outright and leaving his body to wither into ashes, with a rusted crown being the only thing that remained of the troll king.

As a side note, Throgg also has a single mention in Age of Sigmar in their earlier Realmgate Wars books. Whether this is the same Throgg or just some other creature with the same name is unclear. No further books have commented on this strange inclusion, but there’s a chance we might get an answer with Sigvald’s return as a daemon prince.

Total War: WARHAMMER[edit]

Throgg appears as one of two legendary lords in the Norsca DLC faction. Being one of two lords means that someone getting second place is inevitable, but Throgg's Wintertooth faction barely compares to the alternative. Wintertooth only really buffs trolls (a unit of middling usefulness, particularly on the higher difficulties and in the late game) and other monsters, compared to Wulfrik buffing mammoths, the best unit in the Norscan army roster. Throgg is sadly most useful when confederated into the World Walkers, and even then is rarely worth bothering with, outside of flavour troll-only armies.

Throgg's famous intelligence is also completely absent in the game, being replaced with a “smart for a troll” mentality rather than actual genius. His most eloquent statement is him shouting about how he eats his enemies. He occasionally spices it up by describing which parts, or how, or when, he will eat his enemies, though.


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