Throne of Judgement

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Karamazov's personal couch of doom.

The Throne of Judgement (or its proper name... The Couch) is the literal walking pimpthrone of Lord Inquisitor Krazypantsoff. Fyodor officially uses this as his personal mobile judiciary so he can be judge, jury and executioner, however, among some in /tg/, it is speculated that Fyodor was simply a lazy fuckwit who couldn't be assed to get off the chair.

Compared to the Pulpit of Saint Holline's Basilica, the Throne of Judgement is noticably less manly than usual. This maybe because Fyodor merely recieved his as a christmas present whilst Junith Eruita literally had an entire roof dropped on her, survived, and proceeded to use that building's remains as her own personal nunmobile.


The Throne of Judgement was presented to Fyodor when he attained the rank of Inquisitor Lord with the Ordo Hereticus, specifically, it was presented after the Abraxan Purges of 930.M41. Whether he is a special case or other Inquisitor Lords from that Ordo receive their own personal walking couch is unknown.

This "throne" is obviously based on a Dreadnought chassis and is armed with a Multi-melta. It also has room for two servitors, one manning the multi-melta and one acting as a scribe. From this throne, Karamazov dispenses his judgement on heretics and witches. It is unknown who actually controls this thing as Fyodor is too busy ordering things around, altough it is heavily alluded to be the Gun Servitor. Some in /tg/ like to amuse themselves of Fyodor accidentally falling over his walking throne due to a loss of balance or indigestion, fucker possibly deserves it anyway.

Due to the fact that Krazypantsoff is literally as exposed as a fa/tg/uy on a couch, the Throne of Judgement is not a vehicle built for war. Fyodor might be a piece of shit, but an idiot he is not. The only way to face him is if that person is in chains and is about to be judged or if Fyodor's retinue itself was ambushed by heretics and other low-level criminal scum.


Crunchwise, in 8th Edition, the Throne of Judgement boosts Fyodor into a T5 8W model, and since he is a character you can not snipe him out of his acolytes. Oh Dear, if that's not sexy enough he got that 30" Assault 1 master-crafted multi-melta. Sadly he is slow (his bipedal wheelchair is only at movement 5), so he is more of a backline support unit.

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