Thunder-Fire Cannon

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The Squats in their infinite wisdom decided to compensate their Giant Overcompensator with another Giant Overcompensator.

Not to be confused with the Space Marine's Thunderfire Cannon

The Thunder-Fire Cannon was a large triple-barreled Squat artillery piece that was in-between the Heavy Quad-Launcher and the Goliath Mega-Cannon in both size and rate of fire. It is also one of those weapons that the Squats built to overcompensate for their short heights and small hands. Mocking them over this is a fine way in getting your ass fried with a Plasma Gun through the rectum.


Essentially, realizing that the Goliath Mega-Cannon has a awful weakness up close with a lack of secondary weapons for self-defense and that the the Mega-Cannon may be too Mega to be effectively or efficiently used in some situations (Read: any terrain that is not smooth nor stable), the Squats decide to create a new artillery platform that could both adapt to any terrain and hit targets up close if they get too adventurous.

In these situations, the Squats use multiple Thunderfire Cannon Thunder-Fire Cannons, each with multiple barrels for a continuous deployment of targeted firepower. The Thunder-Fire can also provide protection for your Goliath Mega-Cannon when needed. It should not be confused with the Thunderfire Cannons of the Adeptus Astartes as despite the slight difference in name, they function completely different. It is unknown if they are static or could move by itself before using stabilizers to clamp itself down; especially when considering that it needs to cover the Goliath Mega-Cannon which can move by itself.

Sadly it was the last new Squats item released by Citadel, in November 1994.

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