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What is this?[edit]

One forgotten day, I came on the insane idea to create a Space Marine Legion so OP (and perhaps Mary Sueish)that it could survive and to a degree defeat the shitstorm going down in 8th edition, this is the result:


The Thundermarines are a Legion of Space Marines active primarily in the Galactic North, constantly struggling with the Daemons and Traitor Marines omnipresent ever since the Circatrix Maledictum appeared, but also partaking in the largest internal conflict in the Imperium ever since Macharius' followers warred over his succession: The Storm Wars.

Number XXI
Founding Ultima Founding
Successors of N/A
Successor Chapters Calgien Guard, Mephistonian Knights, Paladins of the Storm
Chapter Master Talian Bergmann
Primarch Phobos Stygion
Homeworld Mephisto Prime and surrounding subsector
Strength Around 10000 Marines
Specialty Mass Assault, Planetary Invasion, Naval Combat
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Dark Blue, Black Trim and Helmets with Steel facemasks and Weapons


Once, during the Great Crusade, the Emperor had a vision of a dark age engulfing the galaxy, but did not find its cause due to the vision being cut short by some unknown force. Still alarmed by the intense amount of grimdark and heresy he saw, he ordered the Mechanicum to create both a new Primarch and Legion geneseed. The Chaos Gods, of course, noticed this and, as usual when faced by something like this, hid both most of the geneseed and the Primarch in a system with no name and sealed it with some Warp Storms. However, The Gods only hid most of the geneseed, the rest, trough sheer luck for Emps, got cuddled away in the Ultramarines stock. History progresses as usual until; in the Ultima founding, Cawl finds some "odd" geneseed in the Smurfs' stock, however not tainted in any way. His science boner intensifies and he decides to amp the geneseed to Primaris level and make a chapter out of it. It is named "Thundermarines", and the story begins here.

Early History[edit]

In the early years of M42, the Thundermarines was founded as an Ultramarines Successor Chapter, with the difference in the geneseed a close kept secret, going so far as to the Thundermarines being oblivious to their true heritage, earning them the nickname ghosts. Their Chapter Master, Talian Bergmann, set up a Fortress-Monastery on the planet Arcturus, from which the Chapter operated their crusades throughout all of Ultima segmentum. Most of them were a success, bar the ill-fated Agnostika Crusade, which ended in disaster for the 4th company. Several of their most successful campaigns were against both Iron Warriors and Word Bearers forces, harboring the Thundermarines the hatred of both legions. Another crusade brought with it a 20-year long siege fighting a particularly fortified WAAAGH. Talian and his Chapter were especially proficient and efficient when Invading Planets or Voidbattling, and had grown a somewhat alienated opinion on the Black Templars and Marines Malevolent, for their extremist views of mutants, which, on occasion, led to feuds between the three.

The Inferno[edit]

In 346.M42, a combined force of Word Bearers, Iron Warriors and Legio Infernus forces launched an attack on Arcturus, catching the Undermanned defenders by surprise. Talian himself was present with some of his commanders briefing about an ongoing crusade. The initial assault was catastrophic, as the Chaos forces ravaged 6 major Cities and a Mechanicus fortress. The loyalist Marines, roughly two companies in strength, manned the walls of the Fortress-Monastery and opened fire. dozens of traitors fell in the yellow grass of Arcturus, but more came to fill the gaps. However, this was only one part of the trap that would tear the Chapter from a thousand marines to ten, because while two companies defended their planet, the remaining eight were vaporized in a summoned warp storm, nullifying any hope for help. on Arcturus, the situation was dire. a gap had been torn in the walls, and the Traitors spilled inside like water through a pipe. The slaughter was unmatched, and the legions of blood and brass came to join. In the end, Bergmann and several high-ranking Astartes evacuated Arcturus in a Thunderhawk, Horribly defeated.