Thyrus Gormann

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Thyrus Gormann is a character in Warhammer Fantasy.

The Legend[edit]

Before there was gold, there was fire. Before there was a certain moola-waving bilk, there was a seven feet tall, ballsy, sword-swinging, firebolt-blasting wizard. Little is known about Thyrus Gorman, but before the arrival of Balthazar Gelt, the pyromancer used to be the Supreme Patriarch of the Empire's Colleges of magic. Gormann remained in his office for at least three periods, much to the dismay of other candidates who left the duelling hall with nasty scorches and bruised egos. Alas, after decades of torching competitors and burning his initials in the Empire's enemies armies, a young magician with a bounty on his head arrived in Altdorf and challanged the Supreme Patriarch. After some serious scarfing and lead-throwing, Gorman was defeated. Not dead, but incapacitated, the fire-wizard surrendered and stepped back from his office. Despite no longer holding the office of Supreme Patriarch, Gormann still is a trusted advisor to the Emperor Karl Franz. He has mixed feelings about the challenger who defeated him - Balthazar Gelt - respecting his ability but eager to challenge him again and take back his position.

The End Times[edit]