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Trains and 1900's colour coordinated fashion.

Ticket to Ride is a board game involving trains. The object is to claim routes between major cities and to fulfill Destination Tickets. You can gain extra points for having the longest continuous trip.

The secondary, much more fun goal is to fuck your opponents up by blocking their routes to cities you expect they need to get to. If they have a Destination Ticket that cannot be completed, the points count against them.

The routes are color coded, and you must play one card for each segment of the route. So a route that is 4 orange rectangles in length would take 4 orange cards to complete.

The game ends when a player drops below 3 cars in his build pool, or all the spaces are taken up, or when someone gets really pissed and flips the board, sending tiny plastic train cars across the room.

The original game board.

The game is localized in many regions, and many are proliferated between areas. You can buy Ticket To Ride Europe in the US, for instance, or a special version with a map of Germany, and many other countries.

A video game version following the same rules can be found on a variety of platforms, if you're in to that sort of thing.