Tiger Claws

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Tiger Claws
Tiger Claws Heraldry smaller.jpg
Battle Cry They're GRRRRRREAT!
Number Unknown
Founding 21st Founding
Successors of Astral Claws
Successor Chapters None
Chapter Master Captain Vetala ( De-facto leader)
Primarch Unknown
Homeworld Khroda (Dead)
Strength None, remaining marines reabsorbed into their parent chapter.
Specialty Presumably being pirates, considering who they come from.
Allegiance Imperium/ Chaos Undivided after Huron's fall
Colours Tiger stripes for hunting gazelle mutants in tall grass. Post-Imperial Armor, a nice black to yellow counter shade with black trim.

The Tiger Claws were a successor chapter of the Astral Claws chapter of space marines and apart of the Cursed Founding, that should tell you from the get go these guys were on the track of the universe fucking them sideways.


The Tiger Claws had been thrown from the warp in 680.M41 around the area of the Segmentum pacificus, around 200 marines and supporting personnel aboard the Bakasurra, far from their normal territory in the Maelstrom zone and found out from the Storm Wings chapter that they were declared dead in 280.M40, FOURTEEN CENTURIES before they were spat out by the Warp, when according to their own readings they had been gone for only several Terran months. After helping the Storm wings kick some Dark Eldar ass, they were resupplied and sent on their merry way to their home world of Khroda to link up with their other battle brothers. To their shock and despair, their home star had undergone the transition to red giant, wiping away all life from the planets surface and leaving no trace of what happened to the rest of their chapter. From their strike cruiser the Bakasurra, (Named after the famous man eater from Hindu legend, pointing to a Indian flavor for the chapter) ,the remaining Tiger Claws sent one Captain Vetala to Terra to petition for the chapters saved geneseed so they could rebuild. But if you know anything about how 40k works by this point, you know that he didn't quite make it, getting disappeared on his way there and never being seen again. It was later discovered during the Badab War that Lugft Huron had secreted away both the envoy and the rest of the Tiger Claws into his chapter, part of the reason why he didn't pay the Mechanicus gene-tithe was to help restore the Tiger Claws. Anyway, with how Badab went down and him and the remaining Astral Claws rebranding themselves the Red Corsairs, its safe to say the Tiger Claws won't be coming back, however there is always the chance a surviving member may just split from the Corsairs and form his own little jolly group to terrorize the Imperium under the banner of the Tigers.


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