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The Tiji Sector contains many notable people who are described in detail here.

Adeptus Mechanicus[edit]

Rinsyond, High Magos of Xomula[edit]

Interestingly enough he is not from Xomula but rather he is from the "planet" Yhas XV. It was there he was inducted to be a Tech Priest, one of the many that maintain the holy mining machines that make Yhas such a valuable place. Rinsyond proved to be quite capable of the many rituals needed for the machine... until a prayer went wrong, the sacred unmanned mining drill was angered by this and instead of going into a promising vein fell into a pit of lava. Rinsyond believed himself a doomed man for his deed, he had destroyed a sacred machine one that may not be able to be replaced by the Adeptus Mechanicus. However he considered himself fortunate, at the time, when instead he would be moved to work on a little far out of the way planet in the sector called Xomula although later he wished he had taken his life there instead.

So he was sent to the station of the Tech-Priests on the orbiting moon above Xomula, where he was greeted by much laughter, an unusual sight from Tech-Priests. It seemed to be the natural response to Xomula, that or go mad. But he soon adapted. The key, he soon saw, was not to be sent down to the actual planet of Xomula. Rinsyond's rise to power can be attributed to his amazing ability to appear to be doing something amazing busy while doing little at all and the fact that those with a stance of importance and gain the secrets of Xomula either quickly leave for another position or commit suicide. It was not long until Rinsyond because High Magos as he had seemingly been able to avoid visiting Xomula and passed through the ranks fast enough that he couldn't gain the knowledge that would make him avoid the position. And so did Rinsyond reach a position he could not leave from, as there is a constant Skitarii guard to make sure he doesn't not end like some of the previous High Magos including his recent predecessor who was recorded to have shot himself into space aiming for another moon of Xomula screaming. Rinsyond lives in constant fear due to the secrets he has obtained. He is slow, indecisive, unusual for a Tech-Priest but his position has learned him that most things, if not all, are better left alone and maybe they will go away if you pretend they don't exist. His sanity, like all of his predecessors, is slowly crumbling. He does not rest for fear of what may come for him. All in all, he's doing rather well in his position. Possibly the best High Magos Xomula has ever had.

Magos Technicus Yhasaran Kaltos, Lord High Overseer of Yhas[edit]

Magos Technicus Yhasaran Kaltos is Lord High Overseer of the celestial object known as Yhas and head of the Council of Yhas, the ruling body of fifty Magi which serve as the "planet's" government. Raised on Yhas XXVI, the smallest of the celestial object's planet-like 'moons', Yhasaran's father was quick to surrender him over to the Mechanicus to be raised and trained as a tech priest.

Unlike most Magos Technicus, much of Yhassaran's early career was spent as a rune priest. It was during this time that he first began work on the Yhassaran Volcanus, a system of observation by which valuable mineral deposits could be accurately predicted on Yhas' "moons" based upon the flow of easily traceable magnetic rock through the "Volcanoes" of the celestial object itself. This system, which he them went on to perfect during a storm of promotions, has changed life in the Tiji sector for the better, increasing the output of exotic metals from the Yhas system by up to 40%, making it one of the most productive and valuable worlds in the whole sector. It was no surprise when Yhassaran was nominated to the Council of Yhas as representative of orbital body XXVI nor was there much decent when, a mere thirty years later, he was appointed Lord High Overseer, a position he holds to this day.

His tenure has been one of remarkable efficiency and esoteric designs. While now a Magos Technicus, expected to rule with the wisdom and understanding of the Omnissiah, he is often found to rely on the lateral and unorthodox thinking common to many Rune Priests when important decisions are presented to him. This makes him an unpredictable political figure - a rarity among the followers of the Omnissiah - and has allowed him to outmaneuver his opponents in both trade negotiations and political debates. This, in turn, has allowed him to get the better of many of the sector's other heavy hitters, a fact which they will rarely admit to but most certainly harbor a grudge for. Nonetheless, Magos Technicus Yhasaran Kaltos has used his position only for the betterment of his people, negotiating premium trade benefits and arms contracts that brought the titan legions to the system, a feat which is now a point of pride amongst its inhabitants. Though now in his third century and with rumors of madness beginning to circulate, the Lord High Overseer in fact maintains perfect health, and is expected to rule for many centuries to come.

+++ Excerpt from Braving Xomula: A Traveller's Guide to the Tiji System +++


Lady Sector Astra Krauss[edit]

Leading an entire sector can be tiring at times. Lady-Sector Astra Krauss, the current elected head of Rechner and, by extension, the entire sector, consistently finds herself swamped with paperwork and requests for aid from across the sector. Though the might of the Imperium is great, it cannot be everywhere. Damage from as far as Nogred to as near as Rechner's own defense stations goes unrepaired and unavenged as the paperwork piles up, putting further strain on the woman. Despite this, Krauss takes a number of "Administrative Leaves" to unravel her mind and reduce stress. Whether hunting Star Dragons on Chernol or observing the plantlife on Hylios, all are punctuated with the return of endless paperwork at the palaces of Rechner.

Ares Ragnarok, Governor of Xomula[edit]

The Governor was born a native to Xomula. He was born to a high ranking member of the Xomulan Militia, General Alexandra Ragnarok, and her husband, a nurse of a Xomulan hospital. Despite where he was born Ares did grow up to be a patriot and proud of his planet and its people; soon he wished to follow in his father’s footsteps, maybe even fighting side by side. Unfortunately his father died defending one of the mobile cities from an "Unknown Threat" from the oceans of Xomula. His last recorded words were not as dramatic as one would hope, however they are the last words of a true Xomulan militia man. They are as follows: "Emperor! Somebody please save me! Sav-arghhh meeeee…". This made Ares only more determined to do his best to service his people in the militia, to defend the people and keep this planet at any cost.

He was a valued member of the Militia, and proved himself able to survive even on their harsh planet. He won himself a lot of glory when he defended Xomula’s biggest tripod city, The Wells, on the verge of collapse from Slither Stabs single-handedly. Due to his popularity with the people, and combat experience he was able to work himself into general of the militia. He only grew evermore popular, being one of the only Generals not to become a secluded alcoholic due to their job and soon was promoted to the position of Governor of Xomula. Upon his election he gave a promise to the people; "Upon this day, do I vow to protect you Xomula! To protect the right for Xomulans to stay upon you! I will die for this right and I will kill for it. I will do anything to protect you."

Soüm Hastón, Governor of Texasium[edit]

Soüm Hastón was born on a colony ship heading to the Tiji sector after the initial Tyranid incursion to help repopulate the region, upon his arrival on Texasium, colonists were met with hostility by the now heavily xenophobic natives of Texasium. The young Soüm, son of a retired preacher of the Emperor's redemption, rallied the colonists and within months subdued the colony back under imperial rule, miraculously defying the odds in every battle as the locals outnumbered him 5 to 1 in every skirmish.

With the first continent now under the empire's vigil, Soüm set out crossing the small ocean-like rivers that run across Texasium. What he found on the other continent was, to his surprise, a massive tribe still loyal to the Emperor in a form of commune with nature. However they were beset by settlers who were not designated to Texasium and were faltering in the upmarch of a more technologically advanced foe.

Soüm led a campaign against the invasive colonists and received support from both the Administratum and the allied natives of the continent in what seemed to be a long and bloody campaign, against his expectations and also featuring the defense of Fort Omalla. Texasium was now fully under imperial control, Soüm finished his campaign and wed into the native population and in his honor the continent was named Hoüstón, Capital of Texasium.

Siegfried Stauffion, Governor of New Prospero[edit]

The title of Governor of New Prospero is, historically, a coveted one, often held by powerful celebrities and heroes of the Imperium. A democratic pleasure world well respected for being one of the nicest planets in the sector, many high ranking members of the Adeptus Terra call this planet their home. This fact, combined with the population's tendencies to vote for the 'flavor of the month' has ensured that no one person has ever really held office long enough to have any serious impact on the policies of the planet. If not for the moderate presence of the Adeptus Ministorum acting as a guiding hand, the planet would have descended into infighting and civil war long ago.

Currently, the title belongs to Governor Siegfried Stauffion, a charismatic retired commissar known for his love of sword play and his commitment to ensure that his world never falls to the forces of discontentment. Driving this ambition, rumors whisper, are tales of numerous successful last stands against the ruinous powers and a first hand knowledge of the absolute worst the galaxy has to offer.

According to his biography, Governor Stauffion decided to set aside his retirement on the paradise planet and take up government when, while strolling through one of the underhives on the planet's moons, a power outage left him stranded in the middle of a riotous gang war. Rather than wait for order to be restored, the governor single-handedly slew the leader of one of the smaller gangs in personal combat before taking control of the remaining criminals and rallying them to put down the other gangs. According to one of the more popular legends, by the time enforcers arrived on the scene, the future-governor had not only ended the riot, but had the criminals cleaning graffiti from the underhive walls.

He rose quickly through his political career with the same brutal efficiency he has applied to all aspects of his life, and as governor, he has served more successful terms than any who have come before him. Since coming into power, crime on the New Prospero moons has been reduced thirty percent and continues to drop, though many of his opponents accuse him of using underhanded, even criminal practices to ensure that he not only stays in power, but that any who speak out against him wind up suffering unfortunate accidents. Official releases however assure the public that these are simply the death throes of the criminal underbelly, striking out against the purifying light of the emperor.



Inquisitor Charon[edit]

He is rather odd for an Inquisitor. He does not scheme. He does not plot. He merely serves the Emperor as best as he can and those who show even the slightest hint of heresy are subjected to his wrath. He started off as a priest on Euclisine, a shrine world now plagued with unrest and possible Chaos corruption. Even all those years ago, it was still shrouded in anarchy. It was not his actions that attracted the Inquisition's attention, but the actions of those around him. His screaming prayers were enough to whirl his brothers into a frenzy and a hateful litany was enough to give those around him the courage to face even the most horrifying creatures. He oozes charisma, he is a born leader and a symbol of everything that humanity stands for. He was not an advocate for the subtle approach but wherever he went, heretics trembled. He served beneath his Inquisitor for years until a particular event - the cleansing of an infested Xomulan hive dome, overseen by the Inquisitor himself. Unfortunately, Charon's superior died to one of the bristling terrors but Charon did not - when the old man fell, his righteous rage infected his companions and even the usually solemn militia of Xomula. The Inquisitorial Conclave were so impressed with his results that they allowed him to take the place of his late master, as an Inquisitor. They regret it. He's a bombastic maniac who has no mind for subtlety or any methods that are not traditional. Inquisitor Charon almost constantly petitions for the purging of almost a dozen planets in the Tiji Sector, including Xomula, Ravenforge, Euclisine, Scholar's Rest and many, many more. He is often the butt of many jokes and his colleagues make it all too clear that he should be in the Commissariat, not the Inquisition.

Inquisitor Glokta[edit]

Used to be a dashingly handsome Inquisitorial spy - the sort of character you see on holoflicks. Of course, luck didn't last forever and after a run-in with a Slaaneshi cult, he was found gruesomely tortured when the Inquisition arrived in force to recover him. He was broken and completely useless. He couldn't even break into a brisk walk without pissing himself, his teeth were missing, every bone in an entire arm was smashed to pulp and every muscle in his legs were severed. These are only a handful of cruelties inflicted on him. Even with bionic repairs, he was still a crippled mess. However, rather than kill him out of mercy, his Inquisitor employed him as an interrogator instead of an assassin, handling prisoners and managing scenarios and investigations from off the lines. It turned out that he was in fact even more efficient off of the field than he was on it. Over a century of successful operations later and Glokta was eventually promoted to the rank of Inquisitor. His expertise lies in espionage, investigation, and torture. He is usually invisible to the public eye with one of his interrogators speaking on his behalf. He is particularly noteworthy for having a 100% success rate at getting those he tortures to confess to whatever it was he was torturing them about, which his superiors interpret as competence.

Inquisitor Maximillian Von Swartz[edit]

Born as a son of a Veskarian noble he is a arrogant bastard. Lived a wealthy life as his father traded food and lifestock. But this wonderful life was cut short after a visit too the local opera house. There, he witnessed the robbery and murder of his parents by the hands of a drugged up city scum, that day he swore to clean up the hiveworlds of the sector from thieves and other dregs. Fled offworld when the Administratum discovered that his father had been trading with crime syndicates. Became an Arbiter on Ixion II where he rose through the ranks to become a Sergeant. Had to join the Inquisition when his squad came across a pleasure cult in one of the hive-arks. He is not trusted now in the Ordo Hereticus since his father was a smuggler. Slightly mad, paranoid. Smokes lho sticks like a forgeworld.


Inquisitor-Chirurgeon Andre Romelle Dre[edit]

Inquisitor Dre does not want to be in the Tiji sector. First establishing himself as a one-man "wrecking crew" that brought ruin to Daemonic Infestations plaguing the worlds of the Imperium, the Inquisitor-Chirurgeon acquired his namesake title with a series of "surgical" lance strikes on a far away hive world. These strikes destroyed the daemonic sigils on the surface, yet spared (most of) the surrounding Imperial infrastructure. Brought in as a specialist in daemons by Lord-Inquisitor Doggfather, an old acquaintance, his concrete roots in anti-daemon efforts made him the go-to man in the sector when Daemons were afoot. Now compiling an archival report for Catalyst Station that gets longer every day, the Inquisitor-Chirrugeon wishes only to finish his report, "The Aftermath," and relax for once.


Inquisitor Lareat Tride[edit]

An Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos, he has long ago lost touch with his humanity. After hundreds of years spent researching the most dangerous forms of xenos life he has come to the conclusion that the emperor was wrong and humanity was never meant to rule the stars. As a result he has spent the later years of his life experimenting with ways of improving humanity and bringing it up to the level of its competitors (as he sees it). Several of these "improvements" have gone towards extending Tride's own lifespan. A routine geno-scan would condemn him to death a hundred times over, as his DNA has several modifications that are considered tech-heresy of the highest order, and there are elements taken from psykers and even some Orkoid species. Not all of these changes have had the intended effect, but what's certain is that Tride has become a force to be reckoned with; vicious, cunning, and dangerous. He is also very clearly inhuman; he wears a distortion hood to mask his appearance whenever he leaves his private quarters aboard the "Perfect Dawn" (his personal strike cruiser). He no longer meets other inquisitors. The risk of being discovered is too great, and so he deals with his peers through acolytes who know nothing of their master's true intentions. His experiments have already proven successful when fighting aliens, with small units of modified soldiers accomplishing impossible things in battles against the Tyranids and the Tau on the eastern fringe, and now he has come to Tiji to see how his theories stand up against the more subtle and supernatural dangers that this region of space has such an abundance of.

Lord Inquisitor Calvin "The Lion" Doggfather[edit]

Lord Inquisitor Doggfather has seen a number of events rock the sector, but it all flows together like the smoke of medicinal herb. It was then-Inquisitor Doggfather that began a proactive approach of deploying Acolyte Cells and Kill Teams throughout the Sector to first-hand observe any potential problems. It was Inquisitor Doggfather that granted Provisional Sanction to the Xeno House of Korst'la in return for use of the Tau's personal spynet. It was Inquisitor Doggfather and his Kill Teams that supervised the resolution of the Faithless Incident, and as a result found himself elected to Lord Inquisitor at Catalyst Station. Now calling himself The Lion, he continued to use his networks of Acolyte Cells, and the Sector's new arrivals, the Squats, to study the increasing activity of Necrons and something else just as old during the events of the Squat Crusade.

Now spending all his time supervising the Exelion Initiative, the Xenos/Malleus joint plan to safeguard the sector, the Lord Inquisitor finds himself busier than ever.


Inquisitor Shady[edit]

The flippant and mysterious Ordo Chronos Inquisitor, most likely tasked with monitoring the various warp-space-time anomalies of the Tiji sector and working on occasion with Inquisitor Dre and Lord Inquisitor Doggfather, despite their clear dislike of him. As with its Ordo, doesn't seem to be bound by the typical rules of the materium. Is often asked to stand up, but only if he is the real one; this usually does not work. Notoriously underweight.



The House of Korst'la[edit]

The House of Korst'la has held a "privileged" position in the Sector for over a hundred and fifty years. The House of Korst'la gains its name from the family line of Tau that run it - the paternal line of Shas'o Sio't Korst'la has run unbroken for seven generations. From the bridge of the flagship Studio 69, a Custodian Battleship converted into a massive interstellar nightclub, Korst'la uses the connections this grants to line his gilded pockets, and to observe every criminal transaction in the sector. It is for this reason his family line was granted the rare (and heretical) Inquisitorial Sanction - in return for acting as a source of intelligence for the Inquisition and bankrolling the occasional Crusade, he is allowed leeway to continue making money, which suits him just fine.

The House of Korst'la would be just another minor crimelord, if not for the strange bedfellows he keeps. Always at his side is the shadowy form of a Dark Eldar Archon, Khodexus Haedros of the Kabal of the Master Spark. If Khodexus is the intelligence behind the operation, Korst'la is the charisma. Their combined arms allow them an unprecedented position in the criminal underworld. Accompanying the two Xenos is Techmarine Jamal of the Black Panthers, stationed on Studio 69 to ensure the Xeno does not get too powerful. Unfortunately, being trained wrong as a joke, Jamal forgot his mission 10 minutes in, and now maintains the superstructure of Studio 69 and its hybrid tech, his idiocy pierced by flashes of brilliance.

If there is something exotic, Korst'la will have it. If there is something out there worth knowing, Korst'la will know it. If there is a deal to be made, keeping it is the difference between untold riches and a visit to the Dark City...


Phaeron Ramsestron[edit]

Phaeron Ramsestron's legend begins 65 Million years ago, in the time of mythology known as the War In Heaven. The Phaeron was one of many who, after Biotransference, set themselves to making weapons against the Old Ones and their Slann, Eldar, and Krork allies. Though passionate in his defense of his sound-based form of attack called Sigma Harmonics, the task of winning the War fell to proven weapons such as the Aeonic Forges and Transcendent C'tan. After the War, Ramsestron and his semi-loyal Cryptek, Thutmosis2000, entered the Great Sleep, bitter and disappointed that the weapon they created would fall to waste.

Something, however, happened. Perhaps ancient engrams deteriorated over time, awakening protocols were not followed, or maybe he just REALLY needed a nap. When Phaeron Ramsestron awoke, he was...happy. The Phaeron was observed active during the events of the Squat Crusade, the mass exodus of Squats from their ruined Homeworlds to a new promised land of the Tiji Sector, and Inquisitorial Cells who met him described him as "somewhat pleasant for a horrific world-destroying Xeno, and oddly good with kids." The Inquisition continues to study his Sigma Harmonics, information gleaned from an Acolyte Cell and from the Squat Command Brotherhoods.

The motives of Phaeron Ramsestron, Tonal Architect, are completely unknown, and as such The Inquisition and has adopted the normal Shoot On Sight policy against the addled Phaeron and his exasperated Cryptek, finding a few half-hearted Macro-shells in his direction are enough to make him go away. How long he will remain mostly harmless, however, is anyone's guess.