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The Tiji Sector contains many notable planets that are described in detail here.

Work in progress.


Abyssius Monasturius[edit]

Planetary Class: Hive World.

Environment: Inhospitably hot, dry and barren. Most of the population lives in heat-shielded hive cities.

Leadership: The planetary governor is elected from the most respected priests of the Ministorum, to serve until his death.

Imperial Contribution: Dedicated logistics hub and manufacturer of common products.

Additional Information: One of the largest population centres in the Tiji Sector, Abyssius Monasturius shows little sign of corruption. Controlled with precision and care by the Ecclesiarchy, it is home to billions of the truly faithful who dedicate their lives to the Imperium, whether by factory work or logistical offices.


Planetary Class: Dead World. Formerly Cemetery World.

Environment: Hot and arid with a poisoned atmosphere and sparse flora. The location of the remaining heretics is unknown.

Leadership: The surviving heretics cooperate with one another in a democratic system.

Imperial Contribution: Before its damnation, this world served as the final resting place of the famous and the fanatical.

Additional Information: Once a solemn graveyard for the richest and most zealous servants of the Tiji Sector, this world is now damned. The story goes that a handful of unscrupulous undertakers were robbing the very tombs they were supposed to be protecting and in the process, they unearthed an unholy artifact that belonged to a nobleman who took his heresy with him to the grave. Unable to resist the foul object's temptations, they went about defiling and converting the rest of the planet's population only to be discovered by the Inquisition - who delivered their judgement swiftly and without mercy. On this dead planet, less than a hundred heretics survive in a close knit community, worshipping this strange idol until the day they die.


Planetary Class: Mining World.

Environment: Ocean world rife with tectonic activity and full of flora and fauna. Population lives in seafaring vessels and habitats on the ocean floor.

Leadership: Ruled over by the Regent of the Deep Ones.

Imperial Contribution: Sacred training ground for the Deep Ones and a valuable mining colony for the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Additional Information: The Space Marine Chapter known as the Deep Ones treat Aquilum as their own, although the Adeptus Mechanicus have a stronger claim over the mineral rich world. While the Cult of the Machine God plunder the depths of the planet for valuable minerals and metals, the Deep Ones traverse the darkest crevices of Aquilum's oceans for a variety of reasons. Many acolytes and battle brothers venture beneath the surface to combat and best the dangerous and savage wildlife while others of the Chapter seek to commune with them and gain the enlightenment of their Chapter Master. Dark rumours suggest that the Adeptus Astartes even copulate with the alien beasts of the depths. Such lies do not merit thinking about.


Planetary Class: Feudal World.

Environment: Warm and watery with an extremely poisonous atmosphere. The primitive Steel Age population lives in a vast, self-maintaining underground complex.

Leadership: The natives are led by a prophet who preaches native interpretations of the Imperial religion. The prophet names his successor on his deathbed.

Imperial Contribution: Very little. Adeptus Mechanicus occasionally researches the housing complex that was constructed during the Dark Ages of Technology

Additional Information: Asev contains one of many peculiar examples of pre-Imperial technology found in the Tiji Sector. Although the surface of the world is completely uninhabitable, a small population of four thousand humans live beneath it, in a vast complex that stretches across entire continent like a web. Like a living thing, the strange construct repairs any damage inflicted upon its structure with ease, removing devastating wounds in its structure in a matter of hours. For millennia the Adeptus Mechanicus have been studying this strange phenomena but to no avail. For the most part, the Imperium has no interest in this world. Sometimes mysteries aren't meant to be unravelled.


Planetary Class: Knight World

Environment: Lowlands and swamps give way to verdant equatorial jungles and mountainous poles.

Leadership: The Domineus Council of House Excelsus manage the world and surrounding space.

Imperial Contribution: House Excelsus Lances depart Audax for fame and glory in the many Imperial Crusades in the Sector.

Additional Information: Audax is the name of both the Gas Giant and the Moon. During the Great Crusade, an Expeditionary Fleet under the World Eaters had found a long abandoned Knight House, and had worked to repair it. Tragically, the events of the Horus Heresy would see the restorations lost for nearly 10,000 years, until a random mercenary team would discover the location and reawaken the waiting Knight House in the Imperium's service.

Augurus Prime[edit]

Planetary Class: Forge World.

Environment: Watery world with extreme seasons and sparse flora. The population live in enclosed forge hives.

Leadership: The Fabricator General is elected once every eight years from the ranks of the Magi of Augurus Prime and by the Magi.

Imperial Contribution: The Tiji's Sector primary manufacturer of Titans and other advanced war machines.

Additional Information: The home of the proud Augurus Titan legions, and manufacturers of the finest ships in the sector.


Planetary Class: Mining World.

Environment: Heavy gravity, roasting hot and extremely poisonous. The population lives in heat-shielded underground mining complexes.

Leadership: Each complex elects a Singer, who handles the logistics and repairs and sings Ministorum hymns to raise the spirits of his community.

Imperial Contribution: Produces a substantial amount of metal utilised by the Adeptus Mechanicus in the Sector.

Additional Information: An inhospitable mining planet known for its dense minerals and many ore-laden moons.

Scholar's Rest[edit]

Planetary Class: War World. Formerly Pleasure World.

Environment: Small but perfect garden world. The population live in temporary housing complexes.

Leadership: The expedition to this place is led by a Magos Explorator, who leads a large mercenary force.

Imperial Contribution: Prospective pleasure world. Currently being investigated by the Adeptus Mechanicus after sightings of alien technology.

Additional Information: Also known as Bennan Ainiluin. A paradise world that turned out to be an Eldar Maiden World. The Eldar want it back. Defended almost entirely by mercenaries.

Deffwotch Canon: The Imperium is currently on the ascendant thanks to the efforts of a legendary Kill Team, but the advantage is fragile, with more men required every day to hold the gains of the previous pushes.


Planetary Class: Hive World

Environment: Cold Due to Constant Smog Cover

Leadership: Hive Nobility scheme and maneuver for authority, no matter how temporary

Imperial Contribution: Anything and everything.

Additional Information: Every hive of Cassius is devoted to manufacture - from the furniture of the lowliest waiting room to the sheets of ceramite that line the hives, all can trace their origin to Cassius. As long as production continues, the ruling nobles see no reason to stop pushing the lower classes to ever more work.


Planetary Class: Forbidden World.

Environment: Garden world with extreme seasons. The population lives in a single dome-shaped and environmentally sealed hive.

Leadership: An Inquisitor of the Tiji Conclave is elected to oversee the world for an eight year term by his colleagues.

Imperial Contribution: The center of Inquisitorial activity. This is where Inquisitorial forces are trained and the darkest secrets of the Tiji Sector are kept.

Additional Information: Secret Inquisitorial Headquarters. It's where the Inquisition keeps all the forbidden stuff they don't want to destroy but don't want to fall into the wrong hands. High in orbit lies Catalyst Station, the double-donut-shaped nexus point of all Inquisitorial work in the Sector. It is from here that all Acolyte Cells are dispatched, and reports from across the sector analyzed for potential heresy.


Planetary Class: Frontier World

Environment: Planetwide Jungles dotted with exposed volcanic vents, the lush foliage allows for a wide and diverse ecosystem.

Leadership: None. The world is considered a Neutral Ground for the sector's criminal elite.

Imperial Contribution: None.

Additional Information: Other than the isolated pockets of radiation and the rampant criminal element, Chernol would be a magnificent place to be. It is here, every so often, that the Stalk is organized - a hunting trip to see who can bag the biggest irradiated beast. There are far more than simple irradiated mutants in these forests, though. Chernol is home to the Star Dragons, the sentient (some would say even sapient) apex predator of Chernol. Resembling a gaunt thin dragon of Terran myth, few can survive an encounter, and fewer still can claim one's head as a trophy.


Planetary Class: Developing World.

Environment: High oxygen garden world, atmosphere is potentially harmful if subject to prolonged exposure. Population live in enclosed, dome-like habitats.

Leadership: After the death of the expedition leader, a Ministorum priest has seized control and tries to ruthlessly control the population.

Imperial Contribution: Although it is still under development, the world already exports a vast wealth of agricultural goods.

Additional Information: A grassy world dotted with enclosed hab-domes to protect against the exotic atmosphere. A handful of preachers struggle to keep the population of 4 million in line. Prone to Dark Eldar raids.


Planetary Class: Frontier World

Environment: Endless jungle spreads across the hot, steamy world.

Leadership: A grand metallic complex lies hidden in the Jungle, which serves the Inquisition as a listening outpost.

Imperial Contribution: None.

Additional Information: Cu'ba is a yet-unpopulated world, known only to the Inquisition. Its virgin jungles and plentiful wildlife would mark it as a paradise to most. But deep within the canopies, cities can be found. Cities of stone, with stepped pyramids reaching to the sky. There are rumors that these clearly ancient ruins are not abandoned, but the explorators and treasure hunters that speak of "lizard people wielding weapons of solid light" are clearly insane.


Planetary Class: Feudal World.

Environment: Icy garden planet with high gravity. The native population lives in clusters of Steel Age villages and towns.

Leadership: The world is divided into warring nations, each led by warlords and emperors - but they all bow the Imperium's might.

Imperial Contribution: Provides regiments of Deleator Clansmen. Also a source for Deep One initiates.

Additional Information: Hard winters make this a feudal world of Vikings loyal servants of the Emperor. Deleator Clansmen are known for riding into battle the deadly Snow Moose, a dangerous animal with goring antlers, a burning breath weapon, and poisonous stinging tail.


Planetary Class: Forge World.

Environment: Large, waterless world with an extremely poisonous atmosphere. The population lives in environmentally sealed forge hives.

Leadership: The Fabricator General is elected once every eight years from the ranks of the Magi of Detaniax and by the Magi.

Imperial Contribution: An excellent source of specialised armour and prosthetics.

Additional Information: Deadly Forgeworld with incredibly advanced technology, but a surprisingly small Mechanicus presence.

Easy Street[edit]

Planetary Class: Death World

Environment: Dominated by plains and wasteland, Easy Street's vast continents are host to a tainted, thin atmosphere.

Leadership: None.

Imperial Contribution: None.

Additional Information: Easy Street, sometimes called Heresyland for the xenos horrors that lurk there, is a world of varied biomes and wildlife. The Northern Plains are home to massive flying dinosaurs, while the Eastern Wastes are home to giant bears with skin of sheening metal. Kroot ruins are picked through by marauding Orks, but even they do not pick through the ruins in the plains, the identity of their makers lost to all. Rumors of an Archeotech Cache nonetheless bring visitors hoping to cash in quick.


Planetary Class: Shrine World.

Environment: Freezing, barren world with no atmosphere. The population lives in a vast, environmentally sealed cathedral-city that shares the world's name.

Leadership: Each cardinal is elected by his peers and serves until he dies.

Imperial Contribution: Houses some of the Tiji Sector's most valuable relics and attracts countless pilgrims.

Additional Information: Huge iceball. Filled with people praying to the Emperor for somewhere better to live, and to protect them from death by frostbite.


Planetary Class: Dead World/Tomb World (Previously Feral World)

Environment: Dry and cold, the poisonous atmosphere of Enigmus give way to falling toxic chem-crystals.

Leadership: None.

Imperial Contribution: None.

Additional Information: Enigmus cannot support human life - but there is evidence that it once did. Ruins of stone-age human settlements have been found by Magos Biologis Archeologists, as well as evidence of a climate shift that occurred over the process of seconds rather than the normal millennia. Explorers and learned adepts flock to the world to study the ruins, as well as to piece together what happened here. But the labyrinthine tomb complexes waiting just below the surface do not look kindly upon the interlopers...


Planetary Class: Quarantined World (Formerly Shrine World)

Environment: Green plains and rolling hills have given way to blasted warpscape and dark shrines.

Leadership: Chaos cults run rampant across the world.

Imperial Contribution: None.

Additional Information: Euclisine has turned from the Imperial Creed to the fickle whims of Chaos. None know what is occurring on the surface. The Ecclesiarchy is in the process of organizing a crusade to retake the world, but whether or not the world is worth keeping is another matter altogether.


Planetary Class: Shrine World

Environment: Cold, wet Industrial Sprawl spreads from the shrines and Frateris Militia training camps.

Leadership: The ecclesiarchy controls the incoming and outgoing crusade fleets.

Imperial Contribution: Crusade organization and outfitting.

Additional Information: Euphalion is in the perfect spot to serve as a staging ground for the Crusade efforts throughout the sector. The world is a curious mix of shrine and manufactoria, as men's souls are armored with faith and sharpened with steel. Ministorum priests are reticent to say the crusade's next destination, but many believe that Ravenforge and Euclisine have avoided the Emperor's Wrath for far too long.

Event Horizon[edit]

Planetary Class: Daemon World

Environment: A series of loosely-connected asteroids hold together only by the unreality of the warp. Arcs of unnatural lightning hop across the desolate landscape.

Leadership: None.

Imperial Contribution: None.

Additional Information: The dull, sparking, green-white core of the Event Horizon warpstorm.

Deffwotch Canon: Inquisitorial Records hold that the only ones to see this world and live are the legendary Deathwatch Kill Team. They reported a blasted hellscape of black rock, dull green skies, and a single fortress to "Chaos Gods of Logic and Reason." Since their report, and "da gud foight dat wuz dere," none of the foolhardy seeker teams have been able to find the world, but whether it is gone for good, or still lays in the core of Event Horizon, none can say.

Exterminus Cratum[edit]

Planetary Class: War World. Formerly Pleasure World.

Environment: Once a perfect garden world, now suffering from extreme axial tilt. The remaining population lives in the ruins of civilisation.

Leadership: Used to be ruled by an elected monarchy. The current form of leadership is unknown.

Imperial Contribution: Used to be both an excellent tourist attraction and an agricultural provider. Currently contributes nothing to the Imperium.

Additional Information: Once known as Serena-IV, this world was a paradise, orbited by a single moon that used as the planet's interstellar travel hub. That moon is no longer there. Heretics and cultists who would see the Imperium wither and die worked towards the demise of this world, in a conspiracy the Inquisition wouldn't discover until it was too late. When the fateful day came many plasma generators, both on the surface of the satellite and on board Imperial vessels, were sabotaged and violently exploded. The explosions ripped the moon apparent in multiple shards, one of which collided with Serena-IV in an apocalyptic event. The rest of the debris fell in to orbit the world as its civilisation fell apart, preventing easy evacuation or entry. What's worse is that the surviving population seems to believe the Inquisition is responsible, thinking the event to be a declaration of Exterminatus. Even as the authorities try to figure out how to resolve this situation, the rumour spreads across the Tiji Sector, sowing dissent and rebellion.


Planetary Class: Gas Giant (Planet) Agri-World (Moon)

Environment: Femor's moon boasts a surprisingly comfortable atmosphere, allowing for a warm world of savannahs and ravines.

Leadership: A Hereditary Dictatorship maintains the populace, but things are generally pleasant enough that only small companies of mercenaries are needed.

Imperial Contribution: Food and organic materials.

Additional Information: The people of Femor-II fulfill their duties admirably, never late with the tithes despite (or perhaps because of?) the complete lack of Administratum presence. Using bits of archeotech scavenged from ancient vaults in the ravines, the populace maintains not only enough food for itself, but plenty for its neighbors as well. Femor-II's capital city sits in the shadow of the world's tallest mountain, called Mount Oculus Aquila. The farmers have a saying - when the world is in danger and all seems lost, an Angel of the Emperor's Fury will burst forth from the eight-kilometer tall mountain, and defend the world from evil. The Ministorum priests do nothing to curb this belief, deeming it an acceptable show of piety.

Ferrum Sanctimonia[edit]

Planetary Class: Shrine World.

Environment: Warm yet pleasant garden world mostly covered in water. Beautiful cities full of religious iconography and artistic expression dot the planet's surface.

Leadership: Each cardinal is elected by his peers and serves until he dies.

Imperial Contribution: Home to the Order of the Healing Touch. In addition to its role a shrine world, it is an excellent tourist destination and an exporter of exotic agricultural goods.

Additional Information: Temperate Shrine World with beaches. Priest volleyball! Has a Hospitalier Sisters of Battle order here called Order of the Healing Touch because a Saint purged Heretics from the region. Sisters guard that coastal spot even today.

Forge World LVX, In Process of Renaming to Emperor's Holy Light[edit]

Planetary Class: Shrine World, former Forge World.

Environment: Barren highlands and plateaus, with very swampy valleys. Its atmosphere is bearable, but damp.

Leadership: Missionaries and Priests have inserted themselves into the highest echelons of planetary order to facilitate conversion.

Imperial Contribution: Industrial equipment and supplies, as forge lexicons are converted to ecclesiarch pulpits.

Additional Information: A former Forge-World turned Shrine-World by the beatification of Saint Infernus. The Ecclesiarchy now desperately struggles against the Cult of the Omnissiah for religious dominance on the planet.

Graviticus Station[edit]

Planetary Class: Deep-Space Void Station

Environment: The station is short, cramped, but nonetheless functional.

Leadership: The Squat Engineer's Guild reports directly to the Engineer Guildmaster and Squat Lord.

Imperial Contribution: Scientific research into gravity and orbital phenomena.

Additional Information: The squats are no strangers to science and research. After the system's blue giant sun was fully consumed by squattish factory ships, Graviticus Station was constructed to study the effect of the loss of the sun on the horrified planets, who drifted off into space to no great loss or care. The station provides gravimetric data to the Adeptus Mechanicus, who have sent representatives over to ensure nothing amiss takes place. Refinement of arcane weaponry such as Gravity Guns, and applications to endeavors such as mining and resource compression, have been applied as a result of squattish ingenuity.


Planetary Class: N/A.

Environment: An ever-growing collection of colony ships and space stations orbiting a white dwarf. The population that calls this fleet their home try to maintain a self-sufficient lifestyle.

Leadership: Each ship is ruled over by its admiral. Decisions that affect the entire fleet are resolved democratically by a council of admirals.

Imperial Contribution: Produces an abnormally high amount of psykers, talented engineers frequently recruited by the Machine Cult and even a regular surplus of agricultural goods.

Additional Information: Upon reaching their destination in the Tiji Sector this fleet of colony ships that discovered, to their dismay, that the planet they were sent to colonize didn't exist. Until the paperwork goes through to correct this error, the fleet pays tithes to The Imperium and does its best to survive in the void. Unfortunately, the dark truth is that this day shall never come. The fleet is far too productive and useful to the Imperium in its current position to even consider letting the "paperwork go through." So Colony Fleet Hades remains forever in orbit, occasionally sending out vessels to trade with outsiders and return with valuable metal and machinery, using it for regular maintenance of the aging vessels and the construction of new habitats.

Hesphri J62G[edit]

Planetary Class: Feudal World, former Forge World.

Environment: A hot, barren desert world of little value. Equatorial jungles provide a barely livable respite in the thin, tainted atmosphere.

Leadership: A single Dictator, the ranking Administratum agent on the shuttle, and his armed cronies keep the population in line.

Imperial Contribution: None.

Additional Information: Tiny, unremarkable planet. A small crashed ship of 56 struggles to survive until rescue. Ruins of former Mechanicus presence dot the equatorial jungles, some heraldry and ruins dating back to the Great Crusade. To date the ancient underground manufactoria and storage catacombs have yet to be fully explored.

Hetopia III[edit]

Planetary Class: Pleasure World (Technically Penal World)

Environment: Burning vapor scalds the sandy beaches, some so hot they are naught but fused glass. Broken rock formations jut out of the planet's badlands.

Leadership: A single tyrannical dictator maintains an iron grip on the world, with legions of private enforcers.

Imperial Contribution: Penal Regiments

Additional Information: Penal colony so hellish that it was designated as a Pleasure World as a joke by two yuppies in the Administratum.


Planetary Class: Feral World (In Process of becoming Agri World)

Environment: Hot and fetid swamps, with rivers that carve canyons amongst the rocky areas of the world.

Leadership: Techpriests of the Adeptus Mechanicus maintain the ancient terraforming machines.

Imperial Contribution: Food and edibles.

Additional Information: Hylios is a world in the middle of the terraforming process. Simple as that. A detachment of 47 Techpriests ensure that the entire world will become a fertile agri-world within the next few hundred years. Strange beasts and plants lurk the swamps, however, and the effort always runs into new problems.

Squat Crusade Canon: The Squats aid the Adeptus Mechanicus in producing and distributing food well ahead of schedule. A squat named Urist McShockAndSnare administers the planet's Squat Hold.

Implausibla Prime[edit]

Planetary Class: Hive World

Environment: Mangrove Swamps and Bog-infested forests under a dark sky, the sun's meager radiation does little to heat the surface or light the sky. The planet's moons, orbiting far too close, wrack the few exposed surface structures with near constant earthquakes.

Leadership: Oligarchy under Bitumen Hoarfrost

Imperial Contribution: Highly trained soldiers, armsmen, and other personnel.

Additional Information: Irradiated hive world under the oppressive regime of former Arbiter, His Most Geriatric Bitumen Hoarfrost, Planetary Governor. A true galactic rarity, Implausibla is a hive world with adequate law enforcement; the Arbites undergo the same training that most Imperial Guardsman do.


Planetary Class: Pleasure World (Gas Giant), Hive Worlds (Moons), Former World (The Tenth Moon)

Environment: Hydrogen and Helium clouds (Gas Giant), Cityscape and polluted plains (Moons)

Leadership: Organized crimelords fight over 'rulership' of the system. The current head is Genetor Boris Grishenko, run out of a small shop on the 11th moon.

Imperial Contribution: Space Marine Recruits for chapters such as the Black Panthers.

Additional Information: The Gas Giant Iniega is known to be a premier destination for the sector's nobles and administrators, where they can watch the cloud formations and hunt for rare and elusive skyfish that float amongst the clouds. What is also known is that those of "proper" countenance avoid the moons, for you'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. After the Tenth Moon was destroyed by a Necron Superweapon, business moved to the 11th moon. This moon's hive gangers provide an ample recruitment source for the Black Panthers, who often police the planet, though the effectiveness is questionable. The most significant feature is the Archeotech Caches spread around the moons, and are picked through by ganger, marine, and squat alike.


Planetary Class: Death World

Environment: A land of active volcanos and broken rocks, flowing lava replaces water as the primary force on this searing, hellish world.

Leadership: A democratic coalition of Mechanicus and Administratum mine the world and ship out the resultant resources.

Imperial Contribution: Industrial goods, raw materials, and the Inferno Titan Legion.

Additional Information: A waterless, searing Death World with a deadly atmosphere that supports 9 million people and a high tech Titan legion. Its industrial tech was once supplemented by Dark Age of Technology relics until the relics were lost, and the people fight a constant battle to maintain their habs and manufactoria against the passage of time and heat.


Planetary Class: Shrine World

Environment: A world of petrified forests and rocky savannahs, any natural life remaining has long since abandoned the surface and has taken refuge underground.

Leadership: The Ecclesiarchy appoints a dictator, who rules for life, until the next unlucky fellow is appointed.

Imperial Contribution: Religious eikons and paraphernalia.

Additional Information: After a great battle against heretical forces, Ministorum priests were dispatched to dedicate the world as a new Shrine World. However, as the bottle of amasec used to christen the shrines exploded in the lead Ecclesiarch's hand from the heat, they swiftly departed. The world has since been tended to by strings of lower-ranking priests.

Deffwotch Canon: The current priest, a dark-skinned snarky man named Dave, tends the Chapellum Primarisum to the best of his abilities.


Planetary Class: Frontier World

Environment: Bizarre floating islands of fertile rain forests float aimlessly above an all-encompassing ocean of lava. The world is bathed in a constant steam as rain falls upon the lava, and the resultant solid rock sinks into the burning core.

Leadership: None

Imperial Contribution: None

Additional Information: Isolated colonies live amongst the islands, foraging for food from the rainforest, and maintaining the net of moisture vaporators that provide the colonies with much-needed water. The world makes little of value, but its breathtaking scenery makes for good backdrop for all sorts of events, both legal and not.

Ixion II[edit]

Planetary Class: Hive World

Environment: Blazing Hot world of plateaus and ravines, where the oceans actually migrate to avoid the heat. They have their work cut out for them, the year being only 47 terran days long.

Leadership: Administratum Dictatorship

Imperial Contribution: Small consumer goods and manpower.

Additional Information: Ixion's heat and oceans presented a problem - how to establish an Emperor-fearing Imperial presence here? Luckily, the Adeptus Mechanicus provided the answer - the population of Ixion II would travel WITH the oceans aboard giant floating hive-arks, remaining one step away from the heat where nothing can survive.


Planetary Class: Knight World

Environment: A desert world, and sister planet to Shariah.

Leadership: House Askari manages the limited population of the world.

Imperial Contribution: Service of Knight House Askari.

Additional Information: Much of the population of Kalam practices the way of the mobile desert nomad. The city centers of the world otherwise follow the same interpretation of the Imperial Creed as Shariah does. Faris of House Askari can often be found amongst the services, to the surprise of visitors.


Planetary Class: Forge World

Environment: A world-spanning ocean sits below a toxic atmosphere. Its days, only one hour long, result in no permanent landmarks, and orbital debris from its moons perpetually raining down as they are torn apart from rotational speed.

Leadership: Mechanicus Fabricators struggle to hold on as they jostle for supremacy on the misbegotten world.

Imperial Contribution: Study of tidal currents and defensive technology make Koganusan the makers of the finest watercraft in the sector, if not the entire Segmentum.

Additional Information: The Steel Rains of Koganusan, dangerous as they are, are eagerly awaited - the falling debris can hold anything from raw materials to lost artifacts of humanity's supremacy. Though many are lost to orbital strikes, the recovered knowledge is often worth it.


Planetary Class: Chapter Home World

Environment: A developing garden world with heavy gravity and a warm, watery and slightly toxic atmosphere. The Adeptus Astartes live in the City Beneath the Waves while the natives enjoy a nomadic lifestyle.

Leadership: Ruled over by the Regent of the Deep Ones.

Imperial Contribution: Home World of the Deep Ones, a Space Marine Chapter. The natives are a frequent source of Deep One initiates.

Additional Information: Seething with mosses, algae, rudimentary plants and microbial life, the planet is home to natives who wander its surface and war with one another in a test constructed by the true lords of Kratos. Occasionally the greatest warriors amongst the natives are taken from their people by the Deep Ones, to a vast, sprawling complex known only as the City Beneath the Waves. Filled with artificer forges, training facilities and ancient archives, this bizarre maze of metal structures and carved caverns functions as the Chapter's Fortress Monastery. This is where initiates are transformed into true Space Marines and where the darkest secrets of the Chapter are locked away.

Mining Site 0298[edit]

Planetary Class: Industrial World (Mining Specialization)

Environment: A dreary world of dust and rock, silicate windstorms blow across the hinterlands, as more and more planetary land is subsumed by mining equipment.

Leadership: The planet is administrated by Planetary Governor Blobert F. Cankleton.

Imperial Contribution: Rare minerals and rocky compounds.

Additional Information: Almost brought to ruin by a heretical ideal, the miners of Mining Site 0298 have since dedicated themselves wholesale to physical and spiritual perfection.

Deffwotch Canon: Through veneration of the two Imperial Saints "Gorkus" and "Morkus," the miners consistently perform well above their quotas. Honored Missionaries watching the spiritual and physical health of the world insist that "dem humie boyz'll be right proppa yet," and the Planetary Governor has been known to head into the mines himself to test his limits. Additionally, Governor Blobert F. Cankleton was a formerly obese man before he turned his life (and weight) around after an encounter with a legendary Deathwatch Kill Team.


Planetary Class: Feral World

Environment: Hot damp temperate forests cover the world, with deep ravines scarring the poles.

Leadership: Iron Age tribes vie for the right to be inducted as Guard regiments.

Imperial Contribution: The Mithran Reaver Guard Regiments

Additional Information: A world filled with dank endless forests which contain fearsome beasts and even more fearsome tribes. Though many tribes exist they are united along 3 broad lines: The Venn (Woodsmen and hunters), The Kamm (Plateau dwelling farmers) and The Hokk (Raiders and cave dwellers). The Guard recruits from here for the sheer ferocity of the warriors who believe they have been chosen to fight the 'Sky Devils' beyond the Sky.


Planetary Class: Feral World

Environment: A small, calm world of sand and rock under a bright yellow star.

Leadership: Primitive tribes of nomadic stone age tribesmen travel in search of food.

Imperial Contribution: None.

Additional Information: The Cavemen of this miniscule world have all simultaneously taken up worship of the Omnissiah. Efforts of Mechanicus Explorators have determined that the natives seem to revere the "Great Big Box That Makes Animals And Stuff." The natives, however, refuse to share its location. The Explorators believe it to be anything from old cogitator banks to a Dark Age of Technology Replicator. Until a location can be ascertained, work is undertaken to guide these adherents to the Omnissiah in their faith.


Planetary Class: Forge World

Environment: Temperate forests and dormant volcanoes border calm seas.

Leadership: Mechanicus Fabricators serve life terms in a meritocracy.

Imperial Contribution: Titan Legion and armed skitarii legions.

Additional Information: Formally designated Victoria-7, Mundania gained its name from the fact that, well, nothing exciting really happens here. The weather is predictable to a fault, war materiel is processed, and life grinds on.


Planetary Class: Shrine World

Environment: Tepid beaches under the world's 12 satellites play host to continent-spanning Basilicae.

Leadership: Conclaves of Ecclesiarchs maintain relics from the Great Crusade.

Imperial Contribution: Soldiers are drafted to act as well armed militia to guard the world's many relics.

Additional Information: Ten thousand years ago, the during the Great Crusade, the Emperor's 12th Legion fought to bring the sector back to the light of the burgeoning Imperium. The World Eaters, and attendant Titans of the Legio Audax, fought bitter battles against the entrenched orks to free the oppressed humans. This planet would become a staging ground for the rest of the reclamation. It was said the Emperor himself was present, and took a rest on an unassuming metal bench. This bench would later become the relic known as the Emperor's Throne, and is guarded vigorously by the greatest warriors the Ecclesiarchy has to offer. After the Horus Heresy, the events would be sealed and purged, but minor heirophants have on occasion found relics of that ancient, triumphant time...

Squat Crusade Canon: Squat Brotherhood regiments accompanied the Imperium in the fight against Chaos.


Planetary Class: Agri-World

Environment: A slightly frosty world of ravines and moors, with light gravity, the planet nevertheless maintains enough arable land to feed much of the sector.

Leadership: An oligarchy of Farmer families maintain the fields and ensure the tithes are met.

Imperial Contribution: Food. Lots of it.

Additional Information: Nebraskus is situated close to the center of the sector, meaning it is a nexus of trade and output. This also makes it more prone than most to space hulks.

Deffwotch Canon: The debris of one Space Hulk, the Triumph of Unoriginality, remains in orbit over the world after its destruction by a legendary Deathwatch Kill Team. While a majority of the fractured remnants are quiet and dead, it is said unspeakable things still lurk amongst the smaller pieces, from lost genestealers and orks to the undead bioconstructs of the Slaught...


Planetary Class: Hive / Death World

Environment: Polluted jungles and deserts covered in hives

Leadership: Hive nobles continually play against each other as the world's ecosystem gradually collapses.

Imperial Contribution: Underhive gang warfare, encouraged by the Nobility, has ruined any potential exports beyond Imperial standard goods.

Additional Information: The Hive World of Nemi shares its system with two other worlds, also confusingly called Nemi. One is a frigid iceball, the other a verdant garden world, an Eldar Maiden World, which has seen a notable increase in activity in recent times.


Planetary Class: Forbidden World

Environment: Swamps and caves spawn horrific xenofauna touched by the warp itself

Leadership: Chaos cults (not just all 5 typical religions - there are also cults of 2 or even 3 deities at a time, and multiple cults of the same deity set that insist the others need to die, particularly among the Khornates) battle for their dark gods.

Imperial Contribution: None. Inquisitorial blockades ensure nothing gets out.

Additional Information: The Inquisition sees no use for Nephertis, as it holds no material, strategic, or spiritual value per se. However, the cults on it are small and continue to keep themselves small by making war on each other, so it is not subjected to Exterminatus so that it can provide a steady supply of Chaos worshipers for various purposes, such as target practice or ensuring your spy group is wearing "authentic" Cultist garb. The blockade fleet has detected something odd - the world's galactic orbit path has changed by almost one full degree, an extreme change, moving its orbital path ever closer to Imperial worlds. While the time scale for this to have a noticeable effect is almost negligible, the fact that SOMETHING altered this world's orbit is of great concern to the Inquisition.

Neuer Krieg[edit]

Planetary Class: Hive World

Environment: Blasted, irradiated, frozen and dry. Nuclear bombardment has rendered habitation impossible outside of environmentally sealed hive cities.

Leadership: Neuer Krieg is governed by an Overseer General, nominated from the ranks of and by the colonels of the Neuer Krieg Blackwatch.

Imperial Contribution: The primary role of Neuer Krieg is to produce regiments of its infamous Blackwatch, although it's known to also produce a surplus of arms and armour.

Additional Information: Hive world with an absolutely deadly atmosphere, little moisture and endless piles of warheads. Krieg, anyone?

Nova Prosperous[edit]

Planetary Class: Paradise World

Environment: Calm and breezy planet-wide ocean. The cities are built into lagoons and the fertile plains.

Leadership: A Planetary Governor watches the planet from the capital, Ceviv City, a collection of large mini-hive buildings called Cantons separating numerous canals.

Imperial Contribution: None.

Additional Information: Wonderful, beautiful paradise world that's just about perfect in every way imaginable - to everyone's surprise. Ever since it was named, however, the administratum has received constant astropathic messages from an unknown source, who, although stating their satisfaction for it being named after their former home, claim that the planet is rightfully theirs, and demand control of Nova Prosperous be handed over, threatening to eliminate the rest of the sector if either their 'pleas' are not met, the planet is destroyed or if it is renamed. Worse, Inquisitorial Acolyte Cells have noted increased Necron presence on the planet, with ongoing debate within the Ordo Xenos to step in further...


Planetary Class: Frontier World

Environment: Arid world of islands and cliffs.

Leadership: The world is administered by Planetary Governor Maximus Huge, an eight foot tall monster of a man who underwent surgery to fix his chronic case of shortness.

Imperial Contribution: Military soldiers and mercenaries for deployment throughout the sector.

Additional Information: Nogred's few hives are sparse and far apart, and the average citizen will rarely travel beyond one's hive. The cliffsides and beaches, however, play host to a number of roving motorized gangs, from bikes and buggies to armored makeshift tanks and technicals. Rumors that the Planetary Governor himself can be seen amongst the gangs are unfounded, but the Governor is known for taking long administrative leaves, and he always seems to have his archeotech Outrider attack bike when he does so...


Planetary Class: Hive World

Environment: Heavy gravity and hot, muggy days accentuate this world of barren wastelands and cavern systems.

Leadership: A tyrannical dictatorship maintains law and order at ALL costs.

Imperial Contribution: The Orvanian Irregular regiments are deployed throughout the sector in counter-insurgency operations.

Additional Information: A bureaucratic hell-hole, almost literally. A hive world of unbearable heat devoted almost utterly to the Administratum. Mercenary wars between varying branches and offices are encouraged by the dictatorship, which believes they help promote efficiency.


Planetary Class: Hive World

Environment: Thick, smoggy clouds block the sun from shining on the planet-wide hives and Guard centers.

Leadership: Military leaders and Inquisitorial overseers watch every citizen for heretical thoughts.

Imperial Contribution: Cheap manpower.

Additional Information: Orvana is an unlucky world - numerous rebellions in its past have doomed the present population to penance in perpetuity. Every citizen is watched, and citizens are encouraged to report any signs of heresy to their local Enforcer. Almost 180 guard regiments watch the population, and no act goes unnoticed. Pick up that can, citizen.


Planetary Class: Frontier World / Tomb World

Environment: Planetwide desert and shifting sandstorms make this hardy world of Cowboys and Florists a world where only the tough survive.

Leadership: The wild frontier of the world means a man's law is only as strong as his sidearm.

Imperial Contribution: None, planet still developing.

Additional Information: Qadesh is a desert frontier world at the Sector's edge, where a good revolver and a fast horse is all you need. Posses of bandits raid the countrysides, and supply caravans band together with mercenaries to fend them off. The people keep to themselves, but are proud of the beginnings of their first Imperial Guard Regiment, the Qadeshi Outriders. Buy enough drinks and you'll find yourself some new friends - just don't ask about the jet-black ruins in the mesas of the planet's east.


Planetary Class: Knight World

Environment: Moist tropical jungles cover the world, while exposed northern shields and mountainous valleys provide ample building materials.

Leadership: Knights of House Kshatra maintain order.

Imperial Contribution: Lances and Demi-lances of Imperial Knights.

Additional Information: The thick jungle of Paramara prevents mass deployment of heavier knights, so the locals in the hidden jungle cities are treated to the march of Cerastus Knights as they are deployed to war.


Planetary Class: Quarantined World (Formerly Forge World)

Environment: Searing waterless plains and rock columns dot the surface. The planet's forges were built into large cliff-sides.

Leadership: The cults of chaos have somehow formed a democracy, pooling their resources to break the Inquisitorial blockade.

Imperial Contribution: None.

Additional Information: Ravenforge, formerly a productive forge world, was brought low as the wildlife all caught a warp based virus and messily exploded, tainting the land with the foul corruption of the Warp. This made the people very sad, and they turned to Chaos. Now...nobody goes to Ravenforge.


Planetary Class: Hive World

Environment: Over the millennia, the world has become a true Ecumenopolis, with occasional mountains breaking through the planet-wide hive.

Leadership: The nineteen billion people of the world somehow maintain a fully functional Democracy.

Imperial Contribution: Administrative Capital of the Sector.

Additional Notes: Despite having almost nonexistent defenses and armed forces on standby, the world of Rechner acts as the center of the Tiji sector. What few defense stations it does have are overworked and isolated from each other. Nonetheless, the belief on the world is that with the REST of the sector behind them, nothing can halt Imperial Prosperity.


Planetary Class: Death World

Environment: Frozen, poisonous wasteland of Ice and Ammonia.

Leadership: None.

Imperial Contribution: Dead Guardsmen for burial.

Additional Information: Site of an ancient heresy, the planet was subject to a battle where thousands of guardsmen and heretics perished. Recovery teams and ecclesiarchy expeditions work in short periods to recover the Guardsmen, and burn the taint of the heretics away.

Squat Crusade Canon: The planet is currently playing host to adepts of the Ordo Xenos, after the discovery of an ancient ruin reported by Squat Leagues to originate with the Old Ones. The ruin, extending deep into the planet, bears the battle scars of both Necron and far more esoteric weaponry.


Planetary Class: Knight World

Environment: Dark forests hide the knights of House Pyrus amongst the endless mists.

Leadership: House Pyrus nominally holds order, though their recent actions prove otherwise...

Imperial Contribution: Technically none. House Pyrus answers the call only from the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Additional Information: With the loss of its Forge World support, order on Salix is beginning to break down. The farmers and miners amongst the mist stand no chance when the Knights of House Pyrus come to demand increasing tithes, and ever more bizarre requests that no sane mind can provide.


Planetary Class: Agri World

Environment: Waterless and toxic, the atmosphere focuses just enough light onto the surface to provide power-production and agriculture.

Leadership: Hereditary Monarchy

Imperial Contribution: Food from the Domes

Additional Information: Known for its productions of military rations, all farming is done beneath giant domes which cover most of the landscape. Crops grow basically fast enough that, somehow, actual planting is never a problem. The population is too concerned with the constant harvest, and miss enough that some domes have even become wild and jungle like.


Planetary Class:Forge World

Environment: A watery forge world with an earth-like environment capable of sustaining life.

Leadership: A tyrannical asshole dictator makes life suck for everyone.

Imperial Contribution: Processed materials and small consumer goods.

Additional Information: A world everyone would agree is great, except for its leaders. Nonetheless, the Imperium cares not about the plight of the individual, just as long as production is maintained.


Planetary Class: Feudal World

Environment: Dry sandy plains interrupted by salt-marshes and cities of mudbrick.

Leadership: A Cardinal of the Ecclesiarchy enforces a hardline view of the Imperial Creed upon the populace.

Imperial Contribution: Salt and faith.

Additional Information: The people of Shariah live hard lives, but through suffering they seek to become one with the God Emperor. Personal comforts are shunned here, and only prayer echoes from the various settlements. While the people chafe at times, they are confident that faith will carry them through.

Sors Natio[edit]

Planetary Class: Hive World

Environment: Scattered Shrubland and low mountains accentuate this arid world covered in water vapor. Large swathes of misty, lush jungle break up the dry monotony.

Leadership: Mechanicus Magi instruct the citizens in the way of the Omnissiah

Imperial Contribution: Exporting of water vapor

Additional Information: Sors Natio holds little of interest beyond a Hold of squats excavating an ancient voidship, which dates back to their Core World Exodus and retreat from the Tyranid swarm. Despite repair procedures proceeding along at a glacial pace and a majority of the voidship suffering from bulkhead breaches and floods, Squats are a stubborn lot and are loathe to abandon the works of their ancestors. Recently, Mechanicus ships bearing the heraldry of the Legio Cybernetica have been seen in local space, and the ancient voidship is believed to be used as a laboratory until its restoration.

Surat Thani[edit]

Planetary Class: Cemetery World

Environment: Dotted by rocky plateaus that go above the clouds, Surat Thani plays host to thermal storms that melt steel.

Leadership: A democratic society of pallbearers, embalmers, and Ecclesiarch cardinals are on station to commend the souls of the dead to the Emperor.

Imperial Contribution: Burial of the Dead

Additional Information: A place for the honored guardsmen to rest as they meet the God Emperor, the tombs lay below crushing thermal storms that can rip the skin off even an Ork (not that they'd notice or anything). While an act of utmost heresy, it is known that tomb robbers often risk life and soul to pillage the massive mausoleums - after all, the fortunes of a long-dead Lord General can buy worlds...


Planetary Class: Industrial World (Mining), Tomb World

Environment: Desert and exposed, wind-weathered rock.

Leadership: Coalitions of Mechanicus Techpriests and Mining Guilds

Imperial Contribution: Raw materials and metals sent out for further processing.

Additional Information: Mineral rich mining world with lots of radiation due to an enormous Red Giant sun. The red light is reflected throughout Hourglass City, the capital of the world, an oasis jewel amongst the rocks.

Squat Crusade Canon: Rumors persist of the city being built over something inhuman, with flashes of green light, jet-black artifacts, and odd sightings in the sky, but the Squats who administer the nearby Hold have oddly little to say on the matter.


Planetary Class: Frontier World

Environment: A pleasant, warm world of hills, savannah, and mountains.

Leadership: Interim democratic government of 4 billion

Imperial Contribution: None yet, world still under establishment.

Additional Information: A frontier world, that will be a paradise once it's fully colonized.

Deffwotch Canon: Defenses have been increased at the cost of civilian infrastructure, after a series of Xenos attacks were stopped by the actions of a legendary Deathwatch Kill Team.


Planetary Class: Mining World

Environment: This planet is going in a very strange orbit around its star. Summers are boiling hot, with the water on the surface being evaporated while raging volcanoes erupt everywhere, and winters are incredibly cold, where everything freezes over to deadly cold temperatures. And in between, raging storms as the water condenses or freezes up.

Leadership: A hereditary Mining Director maintains the population of nearly 3 million overworked miners.

Imperial Contribution: Raw materials

Additional Information: Life on Tempest is a constant struggle to survive, maintain the quota, and avoid the Mining Director's gaze. Great fleets of Hephaestus-class Ore Seekers sift through the minerals, attempting to stay within the eyes of the twilight storms.

Tempestus Solaris[edit]

Planetary Class: Feral World (Planet) Fleet HQ (Local Space)

Environment: A world of rolling hills and temperate rainforests, the planet is blessed with a pleasant atmosphere and low gravity.

Leadership: Tribal monarchies range across the planet, foraging for what they need.

Imperial Contribution: The planet serves as Fleet Headquarters via a network of space stations

Additional Information: Planet Tempestus Solaris occupies a large and unending expanse of space that is merely blank, for this purpose it is used as a way station between the north east and the west of sector Tiji. Huge space stations orbit over head along with long range scanner satellites and major orbital and planetary missile capabilities, it is the life line that connects the sector and has heavy Arbites and naval cover all year around. The planet is completely stationary, and only has a slight spin to it. the planet itself is worthless only housing one major imperial compound and the great many launch sites along the entire equator, to defend the stations up above indeed taking this life line would be a Pyrrhic victory.


Planetary Class: Agri-World

Environment: A bearable, if slightly hot atmosphere stands over a world of savannahs and plateaus.

Leadership: Ministorum priests preach to an enthusiastic population

Imperial Contribution: Raw foodstuffs

Additional Information: Agri-world covered in a bunch of farmers who zealously follow a religion preached to them by a handful of confused missionaries. It is defended almost entirely by an archeotech laserweb.

Unpredictibla VI[edit]

Planetary Class: Xenos World

Environment: A dwarf planet that long since lost its water, the surface is dominated by long-dried swamps and remnants of continental plates.

Leadership: None.

Imperial Contribution: None.

Additional Information: 63 xenos, descendants of a crashed ship's crew, try desperately to reclaim the knowledge to get off this miserable rock, but have so far only managed to claim back advanced space. The inquisition keeps a small frigate or two in local space to laugh at them.


Planetary Class: Forge World

Environment: Waterless, bitter grasslands and active volcanos accentuate this cold world at the sector's edge.

Leadership: A hereditary Fabricator dispatches explorator parties to the blasted wastes.

Imperial Contribution: USSR's razor sharp grasses are processed down into drinkable machine oil. The planet is almost entirely volcanic glass, which is farmed and harvested by the population.

Additional Information: Reservation of United Security of Select Republics only exists above the active volcanoes. Floating navy surfs across the waves of grasslands that is harvested for food and processed for a sludge of liquid that substitutes for water. This liquid also doubles as oiling the titans, so some people wonder at the healthiness of consuming the liquid. The grasses are incredibly sharp, and can pierce armored hulls with scary ease. Men who fall overboard, or uncautious harvesters, who live describe the experience as being sliced by papercuts. The many defense lasers are used to carve intricate sculptures in the super dense obsidian of the planet. The active volcanos and freezing climate make for super storms, so all habitable places pump magma into a dome shield (which freezes into super hard obsidian). Orbital lasers carve holes in the domes when ships need to dock or leave, but they are quickly sealed when the magma pumps are started again. Mercenaries are groups of hardened people who venture out of the safety of the domed, floating isles to try and harvest some of the obsidian outside. The years of dry cold and compaction has given the obsidian odd qualities. Using other obsidian shards, they are chipped to make armor or jewelry, and used in ventilation by the rich because it takes months for the obsidian to heat up.


Planetary Class: Death World

Environment: Crazy axial tilt creates 400 degree summers, but has swamps in the polar regions.

Leadership: None.

Imperial Contribution: None.

Additional Information: No one stays on Utopia for long, and there are few resources that merit a colony. Move along.


Planetary Class: Mining World

Environment: The atmosphere of Veresuomi contains 12% more carbon dioxide than normal, allowing for forests to surge unchecked across the world.

Leadership: 16 billion miners form a democracy with zero Imperial oversight

Imperial Contribution: Raw minerals and highly trained mercenaries.

Additional Information: A mining world notable for its heavy defenses and complete lack of Imperial presence. The planet's mining camps are protected by a small Titan Legion, its few Warhounds rushing from camp to camp, keeping the populace safe.


Planetary Class: Feudal World

Environment: Waves of savannah broken by the occasional volcano.

Leadership: A steel age democracy of 61 natives watches over the planet.

Imperial Contribution: None.

Additional Information: The small population is destined to constantly struggle to survive, with new citizens being imported when their numbers dwindle and with the strongest being escorted off-world for Deep One candidacy when their numbers surge.

Deffwotch Canon: Volcania local space plays home to the wreck of Craftworld Kionash. Stopped before they could attack Imperial citizens, the legendary Deathwatch Kill Team sent to stop them went above and beyond the call of duty when, with a single grand cruiser, destroyed the core of the Craftworld itself. Visiting the wreck, Inquisitorial teams and treasure-hunters alike have reported strange happenings - the Eldar are all psykers, and the loss of so many at one place has created a nexus of strange phenomena. Warp Ghosts of long-dead Eldar replay their last moments, and a cloud of fear and ill-feelings has settled over the cursed wreck. The dead craftworld is not empty, however. Not only have live Eldar been rumored to pick through the site, but the occasional ork as well, though when the Orks first arrived is a mystery.


Planetary Class: Forbidden world

Environment: Post-Exterminatus Wasteland

Leadership: Small city states vie for supremacy over the ruins of their world.

Imperial Contribution: None.

Additional Information: A forbidden, former-chaos planet. It's current population of 8 million seeks to eke out an existence post-Exterminatus. Of note is the Welktor Nebula, a gas formation that takes up much of the system.

Squat Crusade Canon: Deep within can be found Vectis Station, the former outpost of the Ordo Chronos, now home to the Command Brotherhood of the race of abhumans known as Squats.

Wereu IV[edit]

Planetary Class: Quarantined World

Environment: A cold, dead ball of ice hosts the occasional rock spike through the frozen sea

Leadership: Remnants of faithful to the Machine God struggle to eke out an existence.

Imperial Contribution: None.

Additional Information: A now forbidden former Mechanicus R&D world. All further information is classified as part of the condition of the planet's quarantine.


Planetary Class: Feral World

Environment: A planet that freezes solid in the winter and boils in the summer. Hordes of desperate caveman circle the globe yearly trying to stay on islands of solid ice.

Leadership: A Democracy of stone-age tribes have maintained their lifestyle for millennia.

Imperial Contribution: Cheap labor and recruits.

Additional Information: The feral nomads who call this world home have their own version of the Emperor to reflect on their world travel to stop themselves from dying. They make for fierce warriors and loyal guard recruits.


Planetary Class: Hive World

Environment: A damp planet of grasslands and light gravity, new hives and chapels are built yearly to purify the land.

Leadership: An Elected dictator maintains the hives, while the Adeptus Astra Telepathica settles their own affairs.

Imperial Contribution: Astropathic Signals

Additional Information: The Sector's communications hub by virtue of its predominately Astropathic population. Currently rebuilding from a Chaos attack that briefly caused the loss of the planet.


Planetary Class: Death World

Environment: A dark planet of murky swamps and muddy bogs. Volcanic vents dot the salty mangroves and bushes.

Leadership: Mechanicus Explorator outposts study the wildlife and use the world as remote testing.

Imperial Contribution: Training ground.

Additional Information: Hideous, Catachan-dangerous swamp world. Absolutely crazy death world where the Adeptus Mechanicus have gone to research.

Squat Crusade Canon: The world is recovering from an attack by a splinter fleet of Hive Fleet Nidhoggr, whose Synapse Creatures were hunted down and destroyed by the expert anti-tyranid tactics of the Squat Brotherhoods. The remaining tyranid organisms are hunted when possible, but without synapse creatures to guide them are considered negligible. More xenos on the world, to the Magi, is simply pissing in a sea of piss.


Planetary Class: Unknown World (Yhas) Mining World (The 50 Moons)

Environment: Yhas itself is a jet black gas giant that floats through space. Its 50 moons are hot and swampy.

Leadership: Oligarchy of mining coalitions

Imperial Contribution: Raw minerals

Additional Information: A celestial object of unknown composition and origin, but assumed by scholars to be either an extremely large gas giant, or a brown dwarf stellar remnant. The gravity and forces emanating from the bizarre substellar object create valuable minerals and materials worth mining for on the 50 satellites, valuable enough to warrant a small Titan legion. Mechanicus Magi are perplexed by the world - attempts at augury and analysis fail to pierce the acidic, poisonous haze. Probes sent into the world disappear without a trace. Yhas holds its secrets well, and the Imperium as a whole is content to leave it that way, as long as the tithes are met.


Planetary Class: Xenos World

Environment: This tiny planet's ravines and caves are buffeted by toxic windstorms and waterless storms.

Leadership: A small colony of the Imperial Creed is run by poorly-equipped missionaries.

Imperial Contribution: None.

Additional Information: This planet's native xenos inhabitants are tall, bulky multi-limbed, insectoid creatures that live underground. They are almost blind, but can spit acid from a gland in their mouths. These glands are used by the society for hunting. A Magos team was supposed to investigate the planet, but the ship got lost in a Warp Storm. Rogue Traders have claimed to have spotted Tau scouting ships in the area, as well as a Kroot warsphere coming close to the planet. It is feared that the Tau are using this as a listening post. Action is being considered by the Inquisition, who are concerned about a new Tau push as part of the Third Sphere Expansions, and the House of Korst'la, who sees it as a threat to his bottom line.

Celestial Phenomena[edit]

The Scar[edit]

Planetary Class: Sector-Wide Disaster Zone

Environment: Only wasteland and destruction.

Leadership: Scattered bands struggle for survival - there is no leadership here.

Imperial Contribution: None.

Additional Information: This string of dead stars just outside the East Tiji Sector was once a thriving sector, complete with all the comforts of Imperial civilization. Nothing lives there now. Hundreds of stars went supernova simultaneously - as if their energy was ripped away from them. The resultant shockwaves annihilated almost all life in the sector. Almost. Isolated pockets struggle to escape, but with such mass destruction, they can only hope for a quick death. Despite the quadrillions of deaths, multiple interests ranging from Mechanicus and Ecclesiarchy to Inquisition and the House of Korst'la all intend to pick through the rubble, if there's even anything left of value.